General Issues

  • In some situations, the push notification setting in the app may default to Off on all Vaults or show an error message when a user tries to update a Vault’s push notification setting. To remedy this, manually log out (tap the Sign Out button) and log back into the app.
  • If a user tries to access a recently refreshed sandbox Vault, they may see an error message when accessing that Vault in the app. To remedy this, restart the app (quit and re-launch).
  • The user may see an error message on the Library page if there is a security override of Hidden set for that user on any of the following fields: format__v, crosslink__v.

iOS Issues

  • Document metadata fields that are of type Lookup Field, such as the Lifecycle Stage field, show an ID instead of a text value.
  • Document metadata fields that are of type Object show an ID instead of a text value if the user does not have access to that object record.
  • The domain name listed for a Vault in the Vault Selector may be incorrect if the Vault name contains parentheses.
  • If the user doesn’t have permissions to view the version creator, the app does not display a version creator name on the document’s Version History page.

Android Issues

  • If document subtypes have been added to the configuration after a document was already created and classified in a Vault, the user may not be able to view that document’s metadata fields in the app.
  • Occasionally, a user may not be able to see any of their Vaults listed in the Vault Selector side menu. This happens rarely, and sometimes can be fixed by restarting the app (quit and re-launch).