Pre-Release Date: March 25, 2024 | Release Date: April 12, 2024 & April 19, 2024

The following applications may have different release dates: RegulatoryOne and Veeva Claims.

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases.

Last Updated: April 15, 2024

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
Users may encounter errors when entering special characters in the Site Connect Document Exchange and Site Home grids.   DEV-662953
When users attempt to copy an existing Metric. Metric Over Time, or Monitored Metric, Vault displays an unexpected error.   DEV-664820
When users update a Holdback Item from Yes to No, Vault fails to update the Adjustment Reason of the Payable Item accordingly.   DEV-669426
Entry Criteria for object lifecycle states may cause updates made by CTMS Transfer to fail.   DEV-671371
Vault fails to validate input in number fields on Disclosure records, allowing users to enter numbers that are negative or otherwise outside of the field range.   DEV-680479
Vault fails to correctly save information in number fields in the Study Design section of Disclosure records.   DEV-680505
When EDL item creation fails because of an inactive classification, the notification details is unclear about the reason for failure   DEV-680850
In some cases, users are unable to open a Disclosure record once information has been entered in the References section of the record.   DEV-681738
In some cases, the radio buttons for Officials Roles in the Overall Study Official Data Table Grid are not responsive.   DEV-682964
If users change the Site Connect User setting for a Study Person from True to False, Vault incorrectly populates the Access End Date of the SHA record.   DEV-684761
If users attempt to run the Send Document Exchange Email job and there is one or more Distribution Task missing a Sponsor or CRO Document Version, the entire job fails.   DEV-685199
If users attempt to run the Send Site Survey Reminder Bulk action for more than 500 records at once, the job fails with an unexpected error.   DEV-687914
In order for Study, Country, and Site metadata extraction to work properly, users must enable both the "Enable Study Metadata Extraction" and the "Enable Country and Site Metadata Extraction" settings.   DEV-690467
The error message for sending Safety Distribution GAP Pack erroneously contains the word "Optional".   DEV-690846
In some cases, users encounter a server error when attempting to complete and approve a Monitoring Event.   DEV-691311
If the "Connect to CTMS" setting is enabled in the CDMS Vault, but not in the CTMS Vault, Study Data is not successfully transferred from the CDMS Vault to the CTMS Vault.   DEV-691660
If users attempt to initiate Study Archival a second time (after first initiating the action and receiving no notification), Vault displays a server error.   DEV-692530
If the Severity picklist for the Issue object contains custom values, those values cannot be mapped to standard values for the purpose of CTMS Transfer.   DEV-695068
Users without permission for the Prediction record are unable to complete the Document.   DEV-695081


Description Issue No.
When suggesting links, Vault may only create links on part of the claim text.   DEV-670651
In some cases, Vault fails to suggest links if multilingual document handling is disabled.   DEV-686527
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to perform Auto-Linking and displays an error if the Language field value is invalid.   DEV-704378

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
In some cases, the List Items at a Path endpoint returns an "invalid cursor" error when a large multi-file load is in progress.   DEV-640912
Using the API to initiate a workflow configured with a default formula date control on the start step may result in a malformed URL error.   DEV-672930
The Job Status page may inaccurately show a completed incremental job before the Direct Data API makes the corresponding incremental file available for download.   DEV-678495
Updating fields on a document using the API may result in an error but not in the UI.   DEV-685192
Fields may be missing from the document version extract of both Full and Incremental files.   DEV-686417
The Vault REST API Multi-File Load endpoints have poor performance.   DEV-688602

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
Components may have duplicate inbound names.   DEV-675234

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
If you modify a pre-existing trigger which was already deployed to your Vault by setting the trigger's annotation to point to an invalid object, the trigger will return SUCCESS even though no updates were made.   DEV-657675
When running a multi-record transaction to execute a user action through ObjectLifecycleStateUserActionService#executeUserAction(), Vault only applies the run-as user ID to the first record in the transaction, and applies the System user ID to all subsequent records.   DEV-674174

Developer Features: VQL

Description Issue No.
The new VQL TOLABEL function throws an error lifecycle state(state__v) if atomic security is applied on the lifecycle state.   DEV-675297


Description Issue No.
MyVeeva Users | During a UAT cycle, when a study builder removes a survey from an event, the removed surveys may still be displayed when the initial event is triggered, even on new participants. As a workaround, spronsor/CRO staff should ensure that UAT is performed in the same SBX region as the production region.   MYVC-16387
Site Staff, MyVeeva Users | When a site staff member using Study Connect quickly disables and reenables ePRO for a participant which has recently had group changes, multiple instances of the same survey may be available to the participant. If a site staff member experiences this issue, they should wait a few minutes between disabling and enabling ePRO for a participant.   MYVC-18462
Sponsor/CRO Staff | When a user upversions study events, study details, or study groups, new translations are created for all three item types, even if not all of them were updated.   MYVC-21086
Sponsor/CRO Staff | When a study name includes special characters and a windows user downloads a collection using Studio, the .ZIP file may not contain any files. As a workaround, use a different program, such as 7-Zip, to open the file.   MYVC-21195
Site Staff | When a study has multiple sites, site users will receive notifications about participants in all other sites even though they are not assigned to those sites.   MYVC-21846
Sponsor/CRO Staff | When a sponsor staff user runs the UAT data exports from Studio, the reports are empty. As a workaround, the sponsor staff user can download the UAT data exports using Study Home in the sandbox/UAT environment.   MYVC-22024


Description Issue No.
After Vault automatically creates Medical Inquiries from emails, Vault may incorrectly perform Product matching.   DEV-684081
Vault may fail to suggest links if multilingual document handling is disabled.   DEV-686402

MyVeeva for Patients

Description Issue No.
MyVeeva Users | When a MyVeeva user is using the iOS app for registration, the Date of Birth heading may be displayed with incorrect formatting on the pages where they need to create a username and password.   MYVC-19795
MyVeeva User | A notification intended for site staff is being sent to participants.   MYVC-22023

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
Importing a VPK may fail if the VPK contains an Appsecurityrule.   DEV-675475
Vault displays Add and Remove buttons in the User section of inactive Layout Profiles, but clicking the buttons does not perform an action or generate an error message.   DEV-685089
When removing a field from an object type, Vault removes it from the standard page layout without an audit log entry. In addition, adding the field back to the object type adds it back to the page layout.   DEV-685506
The individual object record audit trail by default filters results to "Last Month," but the default results displayed use the "All Time" filter instead.   DEV-686449
When accessing the layout rules list view, users experience an error if any layout rule on the page hides a workflow timeline section.   DEV-692849
In rare cases, Vault displays the Vault Users tab inside of the Layout Profiles tab.   DEV-693171

Platform: Checklists

Description Issue No.
When a user tries to create a Checklist Field Translation record with no language, on Save the user receives a Server Error rather than the correct error message "This field is required."   DEV-686453
Users receive a Server Error when adding a question from the Library to Visual Checklist Designer (and vice versa) if the user has no FLS permissions for the Library object.   DEV-691591

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
Vault renders back-to-back tables in XML documents on separate pages with a maximum length of 200 inches per page.   DEV-653224
When a document is rendered with Optical Character Recognition (OCD) enabled, metadata becomes missing on the viewable rendition.   DEV-662107
Password protected PDFs with images fail the rendition process when Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is enabled.   DEV-664543
Bulk re-renders executed from the Bulk Re-Render API and Loader encounter performance issues when a large number of documents are rendered at one time.   DEV-666622
The date fields on the Rendition Status page shift by one day if the is in the range filter is used.   DEV-671096
Users can merge document fields with rich text tokens, which causes the field to display incorrectly in the document.   DEV-679513
In some cases, uploading a password protected PDF as a manual rendition results in a blank viewable rendition and a missing Re-render Document button under the Actions menu.   DEV-684904
Document content in the RIM Submissions Archive viewer becomes obstructed if the browser window is resized.   DEV-686676
In some cases, users may encounter a server error when deleting sub-binders from a parent binder.   DEV-689748
When selecting text on a document in the RIM Submissions Archive viewer, the cursor highlights the left side of the document instead of the intended text.   DEV-691118
When using the select tool, the context menu may appear in the wrong location if the user attempts to select more than the word limit.   DEV-695049

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
Users may encounter a server error when auto-starting a document workflow from a state change.   DEV-645940
Lifecycles and workflows migrated via VPK may prepend formulas with "Object."   DEV-687210
Selecting Finish + Start Next for an Advanced Start Workflow may result in a server error.   DEV-691635
"Any Document" lifecycle workflows are selectable when starting a workflow on 100+ documents.   DEV-697001

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
When a user deletes an object record referenced by another object record, the audit trail may show the action on performed by the user instead of the system on behalf of the user.   DEV-673716
Vault attempts to create a join object even if the related object does not appear in the selection dialog, resulting in an error.   DEV-678686
Admins are unable to set the date__c or datetime__c fields on an object record using URL query parameters.   DEV-683547
Users may encounter an error when attempting to edit an inbound document related to a duplicate object record in the process of being merged.   DEV-684698
The Create Record dialog for an object with only one visible section in its layout loads with the left navigation panel expanded.   DEV-686922
Users may be unable to see the Connection Stats object or the Connection Stats section.   DEV-693520
Users are unable to view the full content of a Long Text field on a text section without clicking "Show more..." and are unable to resize the field when in edit mode.   DEV-693684
When viewing an object record list page, users see an "Object Not Found" hovercard when hovering over a link to a related user object.   DEV-693884
When manually changing the state of a record, if that state change triggers a Cancel Workflow Entry Action which reverts the record back to the previous state, Vault records the audit entry for the reverted state change as initiated by 'System on behalf of {username}' instead of 'System'.   DEV-695300

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
On the Create Layout Profile page, the Label field does not have an asterisk (*) to indicate it is required.   DEV-647470
The Delete button is missing from the Details page of custom layout profiles.   DEV-668279
The Vault UI may incorrectly show all available values when a user attempts to select a value to configure a user action on an object lifecycle.   DEV-670678
When a page layout description contains an unsupported character such as an emoji, Vault displays a server error instead of a helpful error message.   DEV-676289
When there is a layout rule on the Help Control field in a page layout Details section, the field is missing the "Fx" icon.   DEV-683143
In some cases, tooltips block users from selecting checkboxes and radio buttons.   DEV-689551
When users create an anchor annotation in the Select Permalink window, the window attempts to close itself.   DEV-691048
In Text layout sections on the record details page, Vault truncates long text fields to 245 characters and displays a "Show more" link.   DEV-694202

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
Table charts fail to show data for the first column after a grouped column field in a report. This error occurs when the dashboard's underlying report contains grouped columns with aggregate functions.   DEV-683223
In some cases, users may run into an error when configuring and editing table charts in a dashboard.   DEV-684357
Table charts fail to display results if a Number or Gauge chart is included in the dashboard and a prompt exists on the underlying report.   DEV-685637
Under certain conditions, the Generate Document from Report action fails.   DEV-694460

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
The Show in Tab filter may behave unexpectedly when using a related object section based on a simple join relationship.   DEV-653853
Under certain circumstances, the search bar fails to refresh when navigating to the Business Admin Main Objects page, which may result in the incorrect search bar being displayed.   DEV-661492
In cases where no searchable tabs are active, the Business Admin search bar watermark may persist, even after navigating away from a Business Admin object list.   DEV-661938
Under certain circumstances, users without permission to view documents may still be able to see them via sorting and filtering.   DEV-663490
Task Name appears in the incorrect position in the Edit Columns dialog.   DEV-668526
Users may receive a server error when performing a Global Search including the ß character.   DEV-677496
Vault does not return search results for synonyms if no results are found for the exact search term.   DEV-680149
In some cases, sorting documents by name may show them in the incorrect order.   DEV-687556
Users may receive a Server having problems error when entering an invalid search in a tab with facets.   DEV-693259

Platform: VeevaID

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, users receive the error "An Unexpected error Occurred during login."   DEV-657729
Under certain conditions, users cannot authenticate to VeevaID.   DEV-693891


Description Issue No.
In Validation Management, workflow tasks may not be updated after updating Validation Team assignments when the workflow is configured with the "Use Role as participant" option, and the workflow task has "Assign to all users in participant group" checked.   DEV-598508
In certain cases, deleting a Related Objects to Secure configuration from a Quality Team configuration on a custom object may fail to delete all associated components.   DEV-683470
After clicking Create in an Audit Checklist with Findings, the + Section and + Question option labels may not display as expected.   DEV-686387
After adding VQL criteria to the Mitigation Action field on the Assessment Risk Mitigation object, Vault may display an error when the Mitigation Action dialog is displayed in the Risk Builder.   DEV-686623
In Validation Management, if there is an object that has more than 500 records associated with the same inventory item, the asynchronous process started by enabling the Tag Security Migration setting may fail.   DEV-687393
In some cases, Vault incorrectly calculates Curriculum Prerequisites and the Learner Homepage does not load.   DEV-689157
After making edits to columns in the Risk Builder, users may need to refresh their browser in order to see the changes.   DEV-689369
Following performance improvements, the Learner Homepage's Explore tab now displays up to 1,000 self-enrollment Training Requirements, and Learners can use search or filter to browse the full catalog.   DEV-691707
In the Validation Management test authoring interface, when a user makes an update in the execution step, discards the changes, and selects the setup step from the navigation panel, the "Add instruction" add "Add Response" buttons may be incorrectly disabled. The user can reload the page to enable them.   DEV-692569
In Vault Product Surveillance, a validation icon may incorrectly be displayed for the "1.3.2 c-d Manufacturer Contact Name" field when the validation error actually exists in the "1.3.2 e-m Manufacturer Contact Information" field.   DEV-695434
In Vaults with certain country settings, the Quality-RIM Connection may fail to create CrossLinks and fail to provide a User Exception Message or Item for the failure.   DEV-696233


Description Issue No.
When a user attempts to view an Auditor Profile record but is missing Read permissions for fields on the Role Qualification Status object, a server error message displays.   DEV-660220
When custom sharing rules are enabled on the Inspection object, in rare cases users receive an inaccurate error summary email after submitting multiple COA files via email intake for the same Inspection record.   DEV-663306
If a user refreshes the Information panel while viewing details for a selected HACCP Plan Process Step that no longer exists, a server error message displays.   DEV-664928
In some cases when a user encounters an error while attempting to edit a HACCP Flow Diagram and then immediately opens a different HACCP Flow Diagram in the same tab, Vault displays the error message from the previous diagram on the newly opened diagram.   DEV-676781
When a user with a preferred language other than English receives an error message upon attempting to enter Edit mode on a HACCP Flow Diagram, the error message is not translated into the user's preferred language.   DEV-677406
If users attempt to remove the value for the Step Connection Type field on the HACCP Plan Process Step Connection object while using the Information panel to edit a HACCP Flow Diagram, Vault displays both an inline and dialog error message.   DEV-677560
Vault does not translate the Welcome, Welcome Back, and Goodbye email messages sent when activating or deactivating a new or existing External Collaborator user account into the External Collaborator's preferred language.   DEV-677853
In rare cases and if the total number of records exceeds the display limit, the total number of records indicated in the CCP-Hazard Analysis section of a HACCP Flow Diagram’s Information panel is inaccurate.   DEV-678965
When users click and drag while holding down the Shift key to select multiple elements on a HACCP Flow Diagram immediately after creating or repositioning a HACCP Plan Process Step, the newly created or repositioned process step remains selected.   DEV-679050
While editing a HACCP Flow Diagram, users can have the Actions menus for two (2) distinct HACCP Flow Diagram elements open simultaneously.   DEV-679829
In some cases, Vault displays an inaccurate error message when a user attempts to reposition a HACCP Plan Process Step Connection after losing Read permission for the Label (label__v) field on the HACCP Plan Process Step Connection object while editing a HACCP Flow Diagram.   DEV-680540
Optional HACCP Plan Process Steps do not display properly on the HACCP Flow Diagram in version 15 of the Safari® browser.   DEV-681588
In some cases, selecting Edit twice rapidly from a Material HACCP Plan Process Step’s Actions menu opens two (2) ingredient selection dialogs.   DEV-681679
When a user selects multiple HACCP Plan Process Step Connections on a HACCP Flow Diagram and then opens the Actions menu on one (1) of the selected connections, all connections remain selected.   DEV-681702
In some cases when users hover over a Material HACCP Plan Process Step on a HACCP Flow Diagram, the HACCP Plan Ingredients associated with the process step do not display.   DEV-681886
When users select Edit from a HACCP Plan Process Step’s Actions menu while multiple elements are selected on a HACCP Flow Diagram in Edit mode, the Actions menu disappears and all elements remain selected.   DEV-681975
When a user selects multiple HACCP Plan Process Steps on a HACCP Flow Diagram in Edit mode and then hovers over a related HACCP Plan Process Step Connection, the Actions menu icon displays behind the connection.   DEV-682330
If a user’s preferred language is set to Spanish, French, or German, the text truncates on the Edit mode and View mode buttons of HACCP Flow Diagrams.   DEV-682813
The APQR Create New Draft record action may take up to 20 seconds to complete.   DEV-684664
When users click the Tab key to open the Actions menu on a selected HACCP Flow Diagram element, “No actions available” text displays instead of the expected menu items.   DEV-686149
In some cases, a loading spinner icon does not display under the HACCP Plan Process Step Group section when users refresh the Information panel while an element is selected on a HACCP Flow Diagram.   DEV-686477
In some cases when users launch or refresh a HACCP Flow Diagram, the diagram does not adjust to display within the canvas.   DEV-686525
In some cases, Reference Documents for audit checklist questions do not display on assigned audit checklists.   DEV-693854
Users see an error message when they click on the canvas of a HACCP Flow Diagram immediately after closing a Material HACCP Plan Process Step’s ingredient selection dialog.   DEV-695396


Description Issue No.
After successfully merging content plans on demand, Vault does not update the Dossier Status from Merge in Progress to Publishing Inactive.   DEV-635566
In some cases, resolved automated links do not navigate to the latest document version.   DEV-638252
In some cases, an Active Dossier Item Detail is created when a Content Plan Item is inactive.   DEV-675425
When creating and managing Event details in bulk, Vault does not create an Event relationship record if the user does not have Edit permission for a field with a default value.   DEV-679522
When editing the last cell visible on the Content Plan Viewer, the user is not able to the entire inline editing box.    DEV-680867
When users view a Global Content Plan from an Activity and apply a filter to any Matched Document column, Vault overrides default Activity filters for impacted markets and displays Content Plan Item Document Sets for all markets.   DEV-681878
When creating and managing Event details in bulk, picklist values which should be hidden via override are displayed for inline editing.   DEV-682549
When creating and managing Event details in bulk, Vault displays date fields in the user’s timezone instead of the Vault’s timezone.   DEV-684799
When merging Report Level Content Plans, Vault populates the System user instead of the Published Content Owner or Initiator as the document Owner.   DEV-686530
Users without permissions for the Metadata API object cannot create and manage Event details in bulk.   DEV-686647
When using deselect all, an error message is displayed that contains the document version that a user does not have access to view.   DEV-688887
When users include non-numeric characters while filtering on a column for a number field, the Content Plan Viewer displays a server error.   DEV-689281
In some cases, Submission XML is generated in the incorrect order, causing imports to fail   DEV-690115
When using the Dispatch Global Content Plan dialog box, the tooltip hides the radio button and the user must perform a second click to select the radio button.   DEV-692720
When empty spaces are added to dropdown filters on the Active Dossier Viewer, users receive a server error.   DEV-693318
When submitting to CBER with a Study Start Date defined in a simplified TS.XPT file which is not required, Vault may incorrectly flag validation rule 1736.   DEV-693379
Vault creates duplicate records during bundling and splitting when the Use for Registrations field on Regulatory Objective relationship records is populated.   DEV-695168
In some cases, Vault displays record IDs instead of record names when users manage Event details in bulk and make updates in Advanced mode.   DEV-695458
In some cases, the sub sections under country section in the Submissions Archive Viewer are not merged.   DEV-696759


The RegulatoryOne pre-release, including all Platform known issues, is targeted for tentative availability on April 4, 2024.

Description Issue No.
The "Auto create document from template" action fails if the Create Document from Template Failed notification is inactive.   OLS-26886
The Import Questionnaire action fails if the Import Questionnaire Job Success notification is inactive.   OLS-27005
The Create Quantitative Assessments action fails if the Create Quant Assess Job Success notification is inactive.   OLS-27006


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users with the Case Processing security profile encounter a server error when creating an Inbox Item.   SAF-51937
For PMDA Cases, users receive an error when creating a Follow-up Case where multiple localized Case Assessments are linked to a single global Case Assessment.   SAF-52027
For a Study with Arms, when a Product is added to the Inbox Item and the Inbox Item is promoted to a Case, the resulting Case has one blinded Product Indication record rather than one blinded and one unblinded record.   SAF-52686
Some UI labels related to the Safety-EDC Connection do not appear in English.   SAF-53973
Users who have been assigned the Lock Manager permission set receive an error when editing the Locked By field.   SAF-54400
For PMDA Cases, when a new Product Registration is added to a Case Product that is already associated with a Product Registration, an extra Localized Case Assessment Result record is generated.   SAF-56144
When two (2) linked SAEs are created in a CDMS Vault, the resulting Inbox Items in Vault Safety are auto-promoted to two (2) new Cases rather than one new Case and the other one linked to it in the Marked as Follow-up state.   SAF-56386


Description Issue No.
Users who run the Import Articles from File action are not set as the owners of the resulting Literature Article records.   SAF-52531

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Site Vault fails to identify the email of an existing Site Vault account.   DEV-692407

Vault Connections

Description Issue No.
In Vaults using the PromoMats - Medical Connection, Inbound Documents jobs fail to run if there are more than 10,000 User Exception Item records   DEV-692105
In Vaults using the PromoMats - Medical Connection, Inbound Documents jobs initiated via the Vault REST API may fail to run.   DEV-693469
In Vaults using the PromoMats - Medical Connection, Vault may inactivate User Exception Message records created by the Inbound Documents job once the job runs again.   DEV-695056

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims pre-release, including all Platform known issues, is targeted for tentative availability on April 4, 2024.

Description Issue No.
When a user receives a notification about a comment they've been tagged on, clicking on the link in the notification may not take them directly to that comment if an Admin has configured comments on an object layout with multiple pages.   OLS-24432
In some cases after a user runs the Clone Project icon and searches for specific records in the dialog, the icons to select or unselect all records on all pages does not update as expected.   OLS-27482