Pre-Release Date: July 15, 2024 | Release Date: August 2, 2024 & August 9, 2024

The following applications may have different release dates: RegulatoryOne and Veeva Claims.

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases.

Last Updated: July 22, 2024

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault fails to run the CTMS Transfer Standard Mapping Cleanup job.   DEV-698411
In cases where a document has already been transferred to a target Vault, the source Vault only updates the metadata of the Steady State version of the document on subsequent transfers.   DEV-699549
Vault displays the incorrect error message when attempting to run the Document Quality Control workflow action when there are no deployed models.   DEV-717685
In some cases, Vault will accept invalid entries on a Disclosure record and mark the record Complete.   DEV-725800
In some cases when navigating between sections of a Disclosure record, Vault will validate empty fields.   DEV-725869
In some cases, Vault fails to receive Subject Visits from CDMS.   DEV-727763
In some cases, CTMS Transfer marks inactive Metric lifecycles in the source Vault as active in the target Vault.   DEV-727984
Vault fails to receive transfers from CDMS when Event Groups contain special characters.   DEV-728409
Testing a Trained Model in a sandbox Vault may fail if the model contains a document type which does not exist in the sandbox Vault.   DEV-728773
Vault incorrectly allows access to the Send to Sites user action on documents associated with more than one Study or Site.   DEV-730840
In some cases, Vault opens document links within weekly summary notifications in an incorrect document viewer.   DEV-733224
Vault fails to create new Site Users.   DEV-733999
In some cases, Vault will incorrectly mark incomplete Safety Distributions as being sent, preventing future sending attempts.   DEV-735016
In some cases when the CSV file contains encoding errors, Vault fails to validate the Site Candidate CSV file.   DEV-735560
Vault fails to train models from production when the parent Vault has document types not in the child Vault.   DEV-736743
In some cases in Site Connect, Vault may incorrectly create Site Settings records as Active and Connected for Sites that have pending agreements.   DEV-738340
The lifecycle state of Site Home Access records may be incorrect when the Site Connect invitation job encounters certain scenarios that include required fields on related Person records.   DEV-738341
For connected Study Sites with "email safety when connected" enabled, Vault may display duplicate document rows in a safety distribution grid for safety documents with an email delivery method.   DEV-738592
Vault may incorrectly create study country and site performance metrics for a document type for which the classification does not contain a Study Country or Site.   DEV-738666
In certain cases in Site Connect, the Distribute to Sites action may create a distribution task for a site without a supporting document.   DEV-739219
A user may be unable to transfer documents from SiteVault to a Clinical Operations Vault if there are any custom required date fields.   DEV-739325
In some cases, Vault incorrectly changes the lifecycle state of a Safety Distribution document from In Progress to At Site when the distribution occurs.   DEV-739742
In cases where 5,000 or more users are being migrated to Veeva ID, Vault fails to complete the migration.   DEV-740000
Vault displays the incorrect error message when a user attempts to connect USNs for document exchange without the proper permissions.   DEV-740352
Vault fails to default the Sponsor Template for Site field on Informed Consent Forms to No, resulting in document versions received from Sites incorrectly creating new documents   DEV-740420
When the Site Connect User field is set to Yes via bulk action on Study Personnel records and the action is run a second time, Vault incorrectly creates duplicate records.   DEV-740505
If an active SiteVault Connection is disabled directly rather than disabling an eConsent Study Site Acceptance, non-Vault Owners will not be able to reconnect Study Sites for eConsent.   DEV-742374
In some cases, Vault resets Monitoring Events back to their initial type after the second time they are updated via TMF Transfer.   DEV-743014
In cases where the connection between Clinical Vault and SiteVault is inactivated while there are pending Study Site Acceptance Records, Vault fails to re-establish the connection.   DEV-743254


Description Issue No.
Vault may fail to translate fields and notifications for harvested Claims.   DEV-724428
Vault may fail to prevent duplicate record creation if the Claim text is a document link annotation on a harvested document.   DEV-732616

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
Users with the View Document and Annotate permissions are unable to update the linked_records__sys field on Claim link annotations using the Vault REST API or Vault Java SDK when they are not the annotation owner.   DEV-708552

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
Vault does not accept inactive picklist entry values when creating or modifying Typefield subcomponents.   DEV-716243
Vault does not block RECREATE commands for Reports with null values for filters on object references.   DEV-727757

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
When using the Vault Java SDK to obtain the lifecycles for an object, the ObjectLifecycleMetadataService.getLifecycle("object_name") method may return all of the object lifecycles for the object rather than only the lifecycles where requesting user has READ access.   DEV-729421


Description Issue No.
When a site user runs an FTP export, the Study ID is missing and are also not included in the audit trail.   MYVC-20636
Sponsor Staff are unable to save an eConsent form when it includes a URL that has an ampersand (&) in it. As a workaround, in the URL, replace any ampersand with the following text: &   MYVC-23284
When a sponsor staff member ends UAT in Studio, the status of the ePRO Collection in the sandbox is changed to Deleted and can no longer be used for testing.   MYVC-24256
When a sponsor/CRO staff member upversions an existing collection that has a library survey and then changes the schedule on that survey, the survey is unlocked and becomes study-specific.   MYVC-24258
When a sponsor/CRO staff member creates or updates a study site in the ePRO Vault and the timezone is set to (GMT+00:00) UTC, errors are displayed for site staff and MyVeeva users.   MYVC-24553
When multiple studies are created in quick succession from a ClinOps Connection, sponsor/CRO staff are unable to access Studio. As a workaround, wait a few minutes between updating the Connect to ePRO Vault field on multiple studies.   MYVC-24731


Description Issue No.
Vault fails to delete join records after users delete the matching Medical Inquiry Keyword Variations.   DEV-714760
When viewing Medical Inquiry Keywords and selecting "Case Requests" to view all matched case requests, Vault has decreased performance when displaying the list of case requests.   DEV-726971
In some cases, Vault fails to translate Medical Inquiry Keyword Messages.   DEV-731445

MyVeeva for Patients

Description Issue No.
If two Guardians/Witnesses are in an eConsent at the same time and answer the same question, the second user to submit is not notified that their answer was trumped by the first user to submit. This priority for data capture is as intended, the issue is the lack of error notification on submission for the second user.   MYVC-22749
When a MyVeeva user submits an as-needed survey, it is not assigned an instance.   MYVC-24269
The Submit Survey button may not be displayed when a MyVeeva user resumes a survey that uses Overt Navigation.   MYVC-24372

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
When running the Download Log action for a Date Based Document Operation, the log doesn't contain the VQL query for the job.   DEV-718900

Platform: Checklists

Description Issue No.
Users may observe visual discrepancies in the top margin of Checklist Pages when viewed as an external user versus an internal user.   DEV-718350
Users may receive a page no longer available error when attempting to click a checklist reference document link after the first attempt.   DEV-720592

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
Vault may fail to show an error message when a user attempts to create multiple unclassified documents in a binder with a node limit.   DEV-719385
The entry to create a document from a template may fail to show in the document's audit trail.   DEV-723809
Users may encounter an error when PDF with Annotations is used to download a document with page-level line annotations.   DEV-730853
Vault may fail to export PDFs with page-level line annotations.   DEV-732045

Platform: Email & Notifications

Description Issue No.
Users with an automatic https setting enabled on their browsers are unable to access Feasibility Surveys via the survey link in their email.   DEV-706867

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
A multi-record workflow with no controls in the start step may fail when started on a single record with an object type.   DEV-718265
In some non-Site Connect Vaults, the Site Connect Site eSignature workflow displays as a selection in the Start Workflow dialog.   DEV-731579

Platform: Localization

Description Issue No.
Some Translated Label Update Date field values may be missing from exported bulk translation files.   DEV-724792

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
Document reference fields with a "specific" document version reference require component security on the unbound field.   DEV-697563
In some cases, when a user changes the value of a document reference field, Vault may not immediately update the Version field selector with the new document versions.   DEV-707923
Under certain conditions, viewing an object reference field causes a server error.   DEV-714046
In some cases. users may receive a server error when using 4-byte characters in an object field Description or Help Content or in an object record Name.   DEV-717308
In some cases, Vault may erase label values for help controls.   DEV-722825
Under certain conditions, when attempting to create a related record record fails due to missing required fields, users receive a server error rather than an error message that required fields are missing.   DEV-723602
In certain cases, when a user uses the Set Default action to make a different layout than the current one default, both layouts end up marked as the default_layout true instead of just one. This may cause unexpected behavior when viewing a record detail view.   DEV-724991
In some cases, field labels may display split across page breaks in Print Record outputs.   DEV-726561
In some cases, when creating a new object record with a document field, the record may be created with an invalid value in that field.   DEV-727083
In some cases, users may be unable to remove custom lookup fields from a layout rule if a standard controlling field is used as part of a standard or custom layout rule.   DEV-728406
In some cases, on the Details page for an object with grandparent, parent, and child object fields, the display label for the child object shows the grandparent label where the parent label should be.   DEV-730641
Fields configured with field-level security may not display as expected in Print Record outputs.   DEV-735803
From the Validation Rules tab on an object, selecting "Edit" from the Actions menu for a validation rule takes the user to the validation rule detail page instead of the edit page.   DEV-736168
When printing records which contain icons, icon formulas which resolve to null cause an unexpected error.   DEV-738549

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, users receive a server error when trying to save changes on a user profile page.   DEV-698870
User layouts may not display the "Domain User" section.   DEV-722213
When modifying user layouts, Vault may not properly display Pages in the left navigation.   DEV-722248
When viewing user records, the "Application Licensing" section may not appear.   DEV-722848
Users may encounter a server error when copying a page layout and saving it with the same name as the original page layout.   DEV-737307
Vault may fail to show the read-only value of an attachment field after the field has been populated and made inactive.   DEV-737852
The Edit Mode keyboard shortcut may not result in editing the first edible field of a record.   DEV-738977

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
When a user adds a new field to an object data grid and then also adds a column header filter to the same grid, the newly added field may be removed.   DEV-701999
If a user searches for just a comma, they will receive a server error.   DEV-713553
In some cases, Vault does not clear the search bar when a user navigates from an object record list page in Business Admin to Admin, and clicking the search bar results in a server error.   DEV-718588


Description Issue No.
Vault may fail to make Display Fields and Filter Fields in the Record Check Interface non-editable and hidden.   DEV-702857
Users may encounter a server error when they attempt to access the `owner_v` field on a Risk Assessment object record.   DEV-714144
Vault may display a banner for an outdated test step when the Executor is updated for multiple steps.   DEV-721518
When all records of the same Study Person or Study Person Responsibility objects fail to transfer via the Study Training-Clinical Operations Connection, Vault produces a generic error insufficient for troubleshooting.   DEV-726010
When a Classroom Training Assignment does not have any active workflows and is accessed from a mobile device, Vault displays the desktop task page to Learners.   DEV-726658
Admins may be unable to modify the status of the `internalexternal__v` field on the CAPA Action object.   DEV-728806
There may be fields missing from the Risk Builder interface or users may encounter an unexpected error.   DEV-730929
Test step cards may blink repeatedly if a user saves a test step or reloads the page.   DEV-731299
In rare cases, Vault may fail to load the Record Check Interface after a user runs a recurrence check.   DEV-731892
Vault displays an unhelpful error message when a user without the proper object permissions attempts to access the the Learner Homepage.   DEV-732106
Vault may fail to yield search results on the Visual Navigator landing page.   DEV-732355
Translations may not be available on the Process Navigator interface.   DEV-732837
Vault may fail to automatically update the navigation panel when a user saves a test script and its state transitions from In Authoring to other states.   DEV-737923

Quality: Station Manager

Description Issue No.
On Station Manager for iOS, users may be unable to read document QR codes.   DEV-734810


Description Issue No.
In some cases, error messages that display while using the Auditor Profile & Qualification Management feature are only partially translated into the user's language.   DEV-696739
When the Process Hazard Analysis section in the Information panel of the HACCP Flow Diagram refreshes, the Information panel's scrollbar resets to the top regardless of its previous position.   DEV-707954
If multiple PRP records join the same Process Hazard Analysis record with the same CCP Library record, the PRP subsection of the Information panel on the HACCP Flow Diagram does not display all duplicate PRP records.   DEV-708228
If a user loses Read permission for the Hazard Analysis Complete (hazard_analysis_complete__v) field on the HACCP Plan Process Step Group (haccp_plan_process_step_group__v) object while viewing the HACCP Flow Diagram, refreshes the Information panel, and clicks the Hazard Analysis Completeness Check icon, an icon indicating an incomplete hazard analysis status displays on applicable Process Step Groups.   DEV-708405
The question and justification fields in the Categorization of Control Measures subsection of the Information panel on the HACCP Flow Diagram are not spaced appropriately.   DEV-708649
If a user attempts to run the Create HACCP Plan Design from Design action on a HACCP Plan after losing Edit permission for the Language (language__v) or Translation Source (translation_source__v) fields on the HACCP Plan (haccp_plan__v) object, the action fails and Vault displays an error message.   DEV-717682
When selecting CCP Library records to create PRPs or Control Measures for a Process Step on the HACCP Flow Diagram, users see an unexpected error message upon clicking Save in the selection dialog if any of the selected CCP Library records were subsequently deleted after selection.   DEV-720089
In some cases, there are color and color contrast inconsistencies between icons and their backgrounds in the section headers of the Information panel on the HACCP Flow Diagram.   DEV-723219
When an update to field values on a Process Hazard Analysis record triggers a bulk action to delete more than 1,000 associated Process Hazard Analysis - Hazard join records, the CSV file included with the resulting notification contains an unexpected error instead of a message explaining why the bulk deletion failed.   DEV-723985
If a user saves edits to a Process Step directly on the HACCP Flow Diagram while the Information panel is also in Edit mode and then clicks the Edit icon in the General section header of the Information panel, Vault displays a "Section may have unsaved changes" dialog.   DEV-725623
In some cases when a Process Step associated with more than 15 Process Hazard Analyses is selected on the HACCP Flow Diagram and a user then clicks on a Process Step associated with 15 or less Process Hazard Analyses, the “Showing 15/N” indicator text for the previously selected Process Step briefly persists in the Process Hazard Analyses section of the Information panel while the details load for the newly selected Process Step.   DEV-726647
The Categorization of Control Measures subsection of the Information panel displays “All fields are required to be filled in.” helper text when the subsection is in not in Edit mode.   DEV-728019
The Create HACCP Plan Design from Design action fails on HACCP Plans that have at least one (1) Process Hazard Analysis associated with a HACCP Plan Process Step Group.   DEV-730191
Error messages and configuration fields for the Create Proposed Audits user action are not translated into the user’s preferred language.   DEV-731419
If users click on a Control Measure or PRP record in the Process Hazard Analysis section of the Information panel on the HACCP Flow Diagram, the record opens in a new tab instead of a new browser window.   DEV-742651


Description Issue No.
The submission metadata of invalid content plan items have eCTD4 fields populated and picked up as a reuse target by other content plan items.   DEV-700575
In some cases, publishing logs for CA Submissions include unexpected exceptions related to RIM102.   DEV-703766
Users without object permissions are able to view records in the IDMP Viewer.   DEV-715600
The advance search does not filter out correctly.   DEV-715648
In some cases, the drag and drop popup does not open with all related fields where user doesn't have view permission for the event and activity object.   DEV-720042
When an additional column filter is applied, the Save View As button displays in stead of Save View.   DEV-720122
When a global filter is changed on a saved view, the Save View As button displays in stead of Save View.   DEV-720214
In some cases Active Dossier Items and Active Dossier Item Details are missing in the Active Dossier viewer after collapsing or expanding the section.   DEV-721006
A Content Plan Item with delete operation is shown as replaced in the binder and submission metadata.   DEV-721469
When users select and subsequently update selections for a large number (~500) of Drug Packaging or Product Variant records, the Create and Manage Event Details wizard does not properly filter related Packaging details for selection.   DEV-721756
Publishing fails with an internal error when Vault attempts to merge Submission Content Plan sections for Bosnia submissions.   DEV-721937
FHIR documents display in the IDMP Viewer for users without appropriate permissions, and an attempt to select one results in a blank page.   DEV-722035
Users receive an error when attempting to save a view of extracted Health Authority Question records.   DEV-724024
In some cases, users receive error when running content plan creation and all content plan items are not created.   DEV-725625
When the global filter is changed, the country columns are not refreshed.   DEV-727348
A search is performed when the user refreshes the page without clicking apply.   DEV-727580
When a user creates a multi-sectioned Active Dossier hierarchy and attempts to expand the sections, the page goes blank.   DEV-727626
When a user selects the parent secion from a breadcrumb, the global filter is not refreshed.   DEV-727658
When grab and pan mode is enabled on a Submissions Archive document rendition in the embedded document viewer, scrolling downward on the main body of the page causes the document viewer header to overlap the tab bar.   DEV-729918
When an Active Dossier document’s Language field is blank, the Active Dossier Viewer does not display the Language column in the item’s hovercard.   DEV-730724
When the RIM-PromoMats Vault Connection fails to cascade Content Plan Item activation, Vault produces a User Exception Item with insufficient information for troubleshooting.   DEV-731373
In some cases, users are incorrectly able to advance in the global to local flow of the Create Related Records wizard without populating the Submission Type field.   DEV-732301
Publishing fails for Report Level Content Plan Items where the Report Level Content Plan field is blank. Vault also merges and publishes previously-published documents, even if the document’s Ready for Publishing field is No.   DEV-733049
During on-demand publishing, Vault executes fewer validation rules for index and regional Content Plan Items than for the parent/root Content Plan record.   DEV-734084
In some cases if a Table of Contents of a Content Plan Item does not have the correct Page Number values set on a Publishing Element, the SCP Publish and Merge user action will fail.   DEV-734732
Users without Application > Vault Owner Actions > All Object Record Read in their permission set are unable to generate UDI data.   DEV-735521
In some cases, Active Dossier Item Details fail to create for the same source document in multiple different content plan sections.   DEV-738459
In some cases, Vault displays a Page Not Found error to users attempting to complete the Verify Registration Data workflow task.   DEV-740716


The RegulatoryOne pre-release, including all Platform known issues, is targeted for tentative availability on July 25, 2024.

Description Issue No.
Vault loader allows the creation of multiple EDL Items linked to the same Requirement record.   OLS-30394


Description Issue No.
Users receive an error to refresh the page when initiating Case workflows.   SAF-56246
When the Product Type field is edited on a Drug History record, Age at Vaccination is not auto-calculated or cleared as expected.   SAF-58910
Frequency values entered in decimals on Inbox Items are rounded off to the nearest whole number upon Case promotion.   SAF-59830


Description Issue No.
If an eSignature page placeholder is located between two root sections in a binder, it moves to the end of the binder upon approval.   SAF-57273
Users receive a server error when navigating to the PSMF Logbook Panel from a PSMF Core Document.   SAF-57638

Vault Connections

Description Issue No.
In Vaults using the PromoMats - Medical connection, Vault may fail to populate default field values when users add both query field mapping and default value mapping in field rules for the Product or Country fields.   DEV-723234

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims pre-release, including all Platform known issues, is targeted for tentative availability on July 25, 2024.

Description Issue No.
Search results on the Remove Statement and Related Records from Project and Clone Project pages consider asterisks (*) as trailing wildcards rather than characters.   OLS-30059