We recommend not making configuration changes to environments the week of a General Release as this can increase the downtime. With this release, the following raw objects are locked from configuration changes during the pre-upgrade week because are impacted by data model changes in the release. For information on feature functionality, see What’s New in 24R1.


  • CDMS Subject Medical History (cdms_subject_medical_history__v)
  • CDMS Subject Case Product (cdms_subject_case_product__v)
  • CDMS Subject Case Product Dosage (cdms_subject_case_product_dosage__v)
  • CDMS Subject Test Results (cdms_subject_test_results__v)
  • CDMS Subject Pregnancy Information (cdms_subject_pregnancy_information__v)
  • CDMS Subject Height History (cdms_subject_height_history__v)
  • CDMS Subject Event Product Assessment (cdms_subject_event_product_assessment__v)
  • CDMS Subject Links (cdms_subject_links__v)
  • CDMS Subject Drug History (cdms_subject_drug_history__v)