A “maintenance release” is a release that contains fixes for issues that are affecting customers in production environments. We typically communicate 24 hours prior to the release that we will be applying a maintenance release and that there will be a short service disruption. This list only covers fixes to General Release versions.

The list of fixed issues is not finalized until just before the release occurs. When we identify issues to fix in a maintenance release, we attempt to get them into the earliest release possible. Sometimes, we target a specific release but are not able to deliver a fix early enough for full testing. In situations like this, we postpone the fix for a later release and strike out the description in this list.

We number maintenance releases by appending the number of the maintenance release to the General Release number. Vault uses even-numbered releases, while CDMS uses odd-numbered releases. The most recent Vault General Release is 24R1.0, so our maintenance releases for this version are 24R1.0.2, 24R1.0.4, and so on.

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2024

April 18, 2024

Release Number: 24R1.0.6 | Build Number: TBD

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations The EDL Auto Update feature may cause performance issues when updating large batches of EDLs.   DEV-700715
Clinical Operations In some cases, Vault fails to correctly link EDL items to the relevant Override Milestone type and instead links only to the generic Milestone Type as specified in the Milestone Template.   DEV-702843
Clinical Operations Vault fails to create and link new Milestone Events for Unblinded Monitoring Visits and Unblinded Site Close Out Visits even if users have correctly configured the relevant Milestone Types and Monitoring Event object types.   DEV-703497
Clinical Operations Join records are not created for Global CTN Data Change logs in cases where there are more than 500 CTN records.   DEV-704616
Clinical Operations Triggers are present that prevent inactive Study Countries from having non-inactive Study Sites.   DEV-704847
Commercial Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to perform Auto-Linking and displays an error if the Language field value is invalid.   DEV-704378
Platform: Admin Comparison reports may fail between Vaults where one has new settings that the other does not.   DEV-661907
Platform: Documents Enhanced Suggest Links is unable to place suggested links on text in documents with bullet and bullet-like characters such as asterisks immediately before the phrase being matched.   DEV-700730
Platform: Documents Under certain circumstance, documents may incorrectly appear as if they are checked out.   DEV-701301
Platform: Email & Notifications Content is truncated to 1500 characters in emails and notifications created from templates that contain plain text or long text.   DEV-701192
Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow When using the Advanced Start Workflow options, if some documents do not meet user action conditions for the selected workflow, the error message that appears is unhelpful.   DEV-699270
Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow When using Advanced Start Workflow, when the workflow has multiple conditional rules and the first rule fails, users are unable to proceed past the Edit Workflow Details page.   DEV-705617
Platform: Localization The warning banner message for exceeding binder limits may display in English even in Vaults with non-English translations.   DEV-703680
Platform: Objects Users may encounter a server error when attempting to delete a custom layout for an object type with a required field.   DEV-701436
Platform: Objects Direct Data Export jobs may fail on Vaults that have objects with Merge enabled.   DEV-706409
Platform: Performance & UI The Find in Document search field disappears when the width of the document viewer toolbar is set to 1,000 pixels or less.   DEV-705622
Platform: Reporting In some cases, when a screen's resolution is lower than 800px or when the browser zoom is set below 100%, the OK button on the Edit Columns to Display window becomes missing. This error occurs when editing columns on a report.   DEV-702129
Platform: Vault Mobile: Android When uploading a document to a placeholder in a task, the task does not properly refresh to show the document details.   DEV-700780
Platform: Vault Mobile: iOS The camera does not open when a user selects Scan on Vault Mobile for iOS.   DEV-701242
Platform: VeevaID Users who have deprecated timezones in VeevaID cannot be added to any Vaults.   DEV-703494
Regulatory Users are unable to create RIM documents from emails with long subject lines.   DEV-697728
Regulatory Under certain circumstances, SPL renditions may appear incorrect.   DEV-699609
Regulatory In some cases, Submissions Archive Viewer displays more than one section with the same Name under a Country section, which should display as one merged section.   DEV-699610
Regulatory Users may incorrectly receive a failure on Rules 1736 and 1735.   DEV-702106
Regulatory Under some circumstances, users are unable to create valid ZA envelopes from within Vault. They must leave Vault to create them and import them into Vault.   DEV-702124

April 17, 2024

Release Number: 24R1.0.4 | Build Number: 10778

Category Description Issue No.
Platform: Documents In some cases, RIM Validation fails to validate PDF documents and encounters an "out of memory" error.   DEV-702579
Platform: Documents Users may encounter an "Out of memory" error when rendering Microsoft Word documents with over 15,000 pages.   DEV-703833