Maintenance releases fix issues that affect customers in production environments. We typically document the release at least twenty-four hours before the deployment. This list documents only fixes to general releases, and the list of fixed issues is not finalized until just before the deployment.

The issues below are now fixed. See the ePRO section on the Known Issues page for page for additional issues that staff and MyVeeva users may encounter.

Last Updated: May 2, 2024

May 3, 2024

Release Number: 24R1.0.3

Category Description Issue No.
ePRO - MyVeeva Users MyVeeva Users, Site Users | In the Web app, the Submit button is always disabled after a user submits the survey. Previously, the Submit button sometimes remained enabled.   MYVC-22681
ePRO - Patient Surveys MyVeeva Users, Site Users | In the iOS app, if the user selects an optional answer for a text entry question, their response can be submitted successfully. Previously, if the user selected an optional answer choice and submitted the survey, the optional answer would sometimes become deselected.   MYVC-22462
ePRO - Patient Surveys Site Users | When viewing a completed survey, any placeholders in text or number entry questions are displayed with the placeholder formatting. Previously, the placeholder text was displayed with incorrect formatting.   MYVC-22459
eConsent - PDF Generation Site Users, MyVeeva Users | If no time zone is configured for a site when a consent form is sent, the signed time is displayed in the expected format in the default UTC timezone. Previously, the raw UTC datetime value was displayed.   MYVC-22082
ePRO - SiteVault Integration Sponsor/CRO Users | During a UAT cycle, when a user removes a schedule from a survey and starts UAT again, the schedule is no longer triggered. Previously, surveys were sometimes triggered by a schedule that was removed.   MYVC-16387

April 26, 2024

Release Number: 24R1.0.2

Category Description Issue No.
ePRO - Site Site Staff | A site user can now see all of a participant's surveys that are associated with an event when they view the event. Previously, that information was sometimes not loaded, causing a page load error to display.   MYVC-22895
ePRO - Site Site Staff | For studies in Veeva ePRO, surveys are scheduled for availability based on the respondent's time zone. Previously, availability was based on UTC time.   MYVC-22723

April 22, 2024

Release Number: 24R1.0.1

Category Description Issue No.
ePRO - Reporting Sponsor/CRO Staff, Site Staff | When a MyVeeva user submits a survey offline, the survey submission time is recorded as expected when the app reconnects to the Internet. Previously, the time when the survey was successfully submitted to the server was recorded as the submission time.   MYVC-22623