A “maintenance release” is a release that contains fixes for issues that are affecting customers in production environments.

This list documents Maintenance Releases for Vault Basics. Maintenance Release notes for full Vault can be found here.

Last Updated: May 17, 2024

May 16, 2024

Release Number: 24R1.0.26 | Build Number: 11191

Vault Basics: Quality Change security for document lifecycles to allow the Administrator role to edit fields in all used document states. Currently, document fields are not editable in all states. To support migrations, renditions should be allowed to be uploaded on all document states. This ability is controlled through the ability to edit fields.   DEV-714947

May 8, 2024

Release Number: 24R1.0.20 | Build Number: 11086

Vault Basics: Quality Training Admins may receive a large number of notifications for every LearnGXP document reaching the Approved state. This fix updates the notification settings to only send a daily summary.   DEV-714047