Use this page to learn about the following items for the upcoming release:

  • The release schedule for RegulatoryOne & Veeva Claims and QualityOne client applications
  • The Consumer Products Release Impact Assessment
  • Consumer Products Communities on Veeva Connect

For the release schedule for QualityOne, RIM, and Clinical Operations, see About the 24R1 Release.

RegulatoryOne & Veeva Claims

Use this section to learn about the 24R1 general release for RegulatoryOne and Veeva Claims. Upcoming dates are subject to change. Dates apply to customers who adopted RegulatoryOne for 21R1 or later.

Important Dates

The following dates apply to RegulatoryOne and Veeva Claims:

  • April 4: Pre-release Vaults available
  • April 8 10: Validation package available on VeevaDocs
    • April 8 10: System Release Memo
    • April 8 10: Compliance Documents
    • April 8 10: Executed OQs
  • April 29: Release to limited release POD VV1-1078 and VV2-2133, and pre-release POD VV1-1137
  • April 30: Release to general release PODs VV1-1061 and VV2-2121

QualityOne Client Applications

Use this section to learn about the 24R1 general release for QualityOne Mobile, QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile, and QualityOne Station Manager. Upcoming dates are subject to change.

Important Dates

The following QualityOne client applications are targeted for release on April 30:

  • Apple® App Store® release: QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile, QualityOne Station Manager
  • Google Play™ release: QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile

Release Information

Includes QualityOne, QualityOne client applications, RegulatoryOne, and Veeva Claims:

Veeva Connect Communities

Release-related updates will be posted to Veeva Connect, a central hub for product information and a place to ask questions and share knowledge. Product information includes general release communications, release highlights, and key feature demos. Once registered, in addition to browsing the communities relevant to your role, you can click the Releases icon at the top-right of Veeva Connect to view all release-related content.

The list of Vault product communities below will take you to the community and automatically add you to it. If you are not already a member of Veeva Connect, you can register using your company email address.

General Information