Release Date: April 12, 2024 & April 19, 2024

The following applications may have different release dates: QualityOne client applications, RegulatoryOne, Safety, and Veeva Claims.

The issues listed below are fixed in the 24R1 release.

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Brand & Medical Portal

Description Issue No.
Vault does not open Portal components in a new tab when users press CTRL + Click on Windows or CMD + click on Mac® OS.   DEV-653314
Users may experience a server error when creating a Portal.   DEV-669434
Under certain circumstances, Portal users can view content from Portals that they are not assigned to.   DEV-675707
Users with the Portal Experience User Actions permission set are unable to see content in the Additional Content 5 - 9 and Related Portals widgets.   DEV-680720
Vault incorrectly adds a "download" entry to the audit trail when users view a document with a custom or panoramic thumbnail from the Portal homepage.   DEV-693596

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
In some cases, when users perform the "Create Site Budget Records" action, Vault fails to create Country Budget records when Site Budgets already exist.   DEV-520267
When users close or cancel the Site Candidate Loader dialog, Vault fails to delete the file.   DEV-562483
In some cases, even when an email has been configured, Vault sends reminder notification emails from a generic Vault email address.   DEV-623128
In rare cases, Vault incorrectly displays a document's lifecycle state in the Milestone workspace.   DEV-628355
In some cases, Vault displays an error when users attempt to bulk update Study Team Roles of Study Persons.   DEV-629765
When users download the full document audit trail for a Study, the User column is blank for system-initiated actions.   DEV-629806
If the Product field is set to required on a base document and is left blank, Vault displays an "Unexpected Error" message when users attempt to run the Create Document from Template action.   DEV-629970
When users attempt to update the Principal Investigator field for an archived Site, Vault displays an error that the field cannot be updated, but continues to successfully update the field.   DEV-630693
In some cases, Vault fails to create URS records for Study Person records that share Role Dependencies.   DEV-632118
When the Enable Recurring Milestone setting is enabled, users with read and edit permissions for the Template Milestone App Control but without read and edit permissions for the VOF Template Milestone field encounter a server error when attempting to create or access the RMST record.   DEV-632139
The Site Candidate Loader job notification does not contain accurate information about the success (or failure) of the job.   DEV-632656
If the CRA person has no User ID value, Vault fails to create or send notifications when a milestone's Actual Finish Date is updated.   DEV-633056
In some cases, Vault counts models in the Refreshed state against the Trained Model Limit and does not allow new models to be trained.   DEV-633187
In cases where a user attempts to send a document to SiteVault via both CDX and email, if the CDX transfer fails but the document is successfully delivered via email, the user is unable to reattempt the CDX transfer because the successful Email Distribution Task is seen by the system.   DEV-634627
Users without edit permission for Document Criteria - VQL are able to edit the Document Criteria - VQL field without an error or warning, though Vault does not save the changes.   DEV-634751
Users without edit permission for Document Criteria - VQL are unable to create a Train Model record.   DEV-634764
SiteVault invites may fail if line breaks are included in the email message field.   DEV-635312
When training a model, in some cases the status may unexpectedly change from In Training to Draft.   DEV-641506
When users move a Study in migration mode, Vault does not update the cycle time records correctly and displays an error.   DEV-642341
In some cases, Vault incorrectly displays a "Max # of Study Team Roles" setting in the Clinical Security section of the Application Settings admin page.   DEV-643097
In some cases, running the Generate Payable Items and Generate Payments Request jobs at the same time can result in incorrect information being recorded.   DEV-646280
When the RIM to Clinical Operations Vault Connection has an inactive integration in the source Vault, but an active corresponding integration in the target Vault, the connection transfers relevant records.   DEV-646832
In some cases, Vault displays a batch error when users attempt to update document dates while using Vault Loader, though the job logs report success.   DEV-647619
In cases where additional filters are selected in the Study Sites panel, selecting Clear all filters may not remove the filters.   DEV-649353
Users are incorrectly able to delete system trained model records.   DEV-650105
In some cases, TMF Transfer fails to transfer documents with an asterisk (*) in their names.   DEV-652003
If only one model is selected, the TMF Viewer does not display correctly.   DEV-657756
In some cases, users encounter a server error when attempting to run the Mark Recalled from Sites (Rescind Document) action.   DEV-660241
In some cases, when users attempt a TMF Transfer of an Archived Study, they encounter a large number of errors and duplicate documents.   DEV-660639
When users run a report using a prompt with a value selected in the Study Selector, the report displays results based on the Study Selector value even if the user changes the prompt before running the report.   DEV-661638
In certain cases, CDX creates multiple documents in the target Vault for one document in the source Vault.   DEV-661822
In some cases, users attempting TMF Transfer that archives a document with multiple versions results in an unexpected error.   DEV-662933
In some cases, the Transferred Items report includes transferred items that have been deleted and does not include transferred items that were Approved.   DEV-665121
In some cases, the CTMS Object Content Blinding feature does not work as expected.   DEV-666549
If users attempt to create an Organization record with a USN Name that includes a backslash, Vault displays an error.   DEV-667824
In some cases, Unblinded Follow-Up items may incorrectly remain linked to Blinded Monitoring Events.   DEV-668244
In some cases, users encounter errors when attempting to transfer Protocol Deviations between their CDMS and Clinical Operations Vaults.   DEV-673038
In some cases, Vault displays an SDK error message when users attempt to run the Recalculate Enrollment Metrics action.   DEV-673182
In some cases, users encounter errors when attempting to write Monitoring Event Reports.   DEV-673331
In some cases, Vault displays an error message with incorrect information when users attempt to create or update records via FTP.   DEV-674111
In some cases, TMF Transfer results in abnormally high numbers of API calls.   DEV-674892
If there are different documents with the same CDX ID and Version CDX ID, they cause the TMF Transfer to fail.   DEV-677030
In some cases, running the Recalculate Enrollment Actuals action results in errors.   DEV-678849
In some cases, when users attempt to train a Metadata Extraction model using production data, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-679992
In some cases, Subjects fail to transfer via the CDMS to CTMS connection.   DEV-681596
When a document is created through email ingestion, the TMF Bot applies a Study value for the document without evaluating whether the user who sent the email has View permission for that Study.   DEV-684391
The Metric Type field of the Global Metric Enablement object is editable.   DEV-684425
Users are unable to transfer documents from RIM to Clinical when the clinical_study_site_subquery__v field is set to inactive on the Clinical side.   DEV-685480
If users attempt to run the Send Site Survey Reminder Bulk action for more than 500 records at once, the job fails with an unexpected error.   DEV-687914
Site Persons with certain study team role configurations are unable to resend Safety Distributions to specific recipients.   DEV-688783
In order for Study, Country, and Site metadata extraction to work properly, users must enable both the "Enable Study Metadata Extraction" and the "Enable Country and Site Metadata Extraction" settings.   DEV-690467
Users without permission for the Prediction record are unable to complete the Document.   DEV-695081


Description Issue No.
Downloading Content Modules may take longer than expected.   DEV-639391
In some cases, users see a File not found error when attempting to download Content Modules.   DEV-640432
When generating an eCTD compliance package for materials containing claims pointing to multiple references and where Bring Forward Annotations has been used, PDF links may point to the incorrect reference location.   DEV-646164
After performing the Download Content Modules action, users may be unable to edit the Content Module manifest.   DEV-647163
Users are unable to delete or edit Suggest Link annotations when Enhanced Suggest Links is enabled.   DEV-649640
Vault may display an error and fail to add documents after users perform the Add Material to Compliance Package action if a document had a blank and required title__v field.   DEV-652758
In some cases, users are unable to set field dependencies for Rights Managed document fields.   DEV-663714
In some cases, Annotated Version document links do not navigate to the target link if the links were brought forward from a previous version.   DEV-664323
When Enhanced Suggest Links is re-run on a document it no longer produces duplicate suggest links for manual accept/reject.   DEV-665452
After removing a lifecycle from the Content Module Asset object, users see a Page Not Found error on Content Modules.   DEV-670591
In some cases, Vault fails to suggest links if multilingual document handling is disabled.   DEV-686527
Users cannot add CJK language match text with less than five (5) characters.   DEV-690972

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users receive an Unexpected Error message in response to calls to the Replace Document Version Rendition API.   DEV-556447
Vault does not populate values in the api_response_status column of the API usage log for Retrieve Component Record (XML/JSON) requests.   DEV-634178
The Create Binder Section endpoint escapes certain special characters, such as the ampersand ('&'), in the section name.   DEV-643758
The Retrieve Job Histories endpoint returns incorrect 'run_start_date` values.   DEV-659693
Responses from the Download Object Record Attachment Version File endpoint do not include Content-Type and Content-Disposition headers.   DEV-677407
Users may encounter a batch error when using the Create Object Record API call to load Text Asset Targets (annotation_keyword_targets__sys).   DEV-679368
The "Retrieve User Metadata" Vault REST API endpoint (/metadata/objects/users) returns the user ID field twice.   DEV-679769
Users may experience an unexpected error when using the Retrieve Document Version Notes as CSV API call.   DEV-680230
Fields may be missing from the document version extract of both Full and Incremental files.   DEV-686417
Direct Data files may include empty CSV files with a header and no records.   DEV-688701
Versions of the API prior to v23.3 do not skip event actions for records created with Record Migration Mode.   DEV-691871

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
When altering document types through MDL, users are able to add shared fields to classifications that already exist on the base document type, resulting in duplicate fields.   DEV-644413
Object lifecycle states are not displayed in a consistent order in the Vault UI, Vault compare report, or when retrieving Objectlifecycle component records as MDL.   DEV-649967
The Retrieve Component Record (MDL) endpoint includes the `localized_data` attribute for `Layoutrule` components.   DEV-650182
When a user retrieves Layoutrule component type metadata or component records as MDL, the response includes the following attributes that cannot be used: parent_layout, name, and id.   DEV-651858

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
Vault returns null values instead of throwing an error when a user attempts to retrieve values for fields that don't exist or that they do not have permission to read using Record#setValue().   DEV-630618
When the Vault Java SDK Debugger is running, Vault throws an error when executing custom SDK code that uses the EmailService class.   DEV-634523
Using Java SDK services to start a workflow may fail if the Automatically name envelope records setting is enabled.   DEV-641471
For objects without object types enabled, ObjectMetadataService#getObjectTypes returns an instance of ObjectTypeMetadata for the `base__v` object type when a user does not have Read permission for the object.   DEV-652309
The Vault Java SDK Debugger may fail when used with VaultInformationService.   DEV-661924
After a user updates an anchor annotation name via the UI, an Annotations SDK read operation on the anchor_name__sys field provides the previous value of the anchor name instead of the updated value.   DEV-664946
If Annotation SDK services are used to save or delete an annotation on a document, Vault ignores the user's permission to access the document and applies the annotation.   DEV-673339
`ObjectMetadataService#getObjectTypeFields()` does not return results for users who are not Vault owners.   DEV-680497
Spark message's "send_message_timestamp" appears in a new different format. To fix this issue, we've stnadardized this format to yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' which is similar to our existing VQL format.   DEV-698642

Developer Features: VQL

Description Issue No.
In Vaults with target-specific attachment relationships, subqueries on Vault object attachments may return additional unexpected results.   DEV-643762
When querying the `active_workflow_task__sys` query target, VQL does not decode XML-encoded characters in the response.   DEV-673791
Under certain circumstances, VQL queries with no matching values in an inner join do not short-circuit as they should, which may cause slow performance.   DEV-696806
VQL document queries do not return records that match on content when the FIND clause is both scoped by content and ordered by rank.   DEV-697702


Description Issue No.
Sponsor/CRO Staff | When a user upversions study events, study details, or study groups, new translations are only created the item types that were updated. Previously, translations were created for all three item types, even if not all of them were updated.   MYVC-21086
Site Staff | When a study has multiple sites, site users only receive notifications about participants in the sites they are assigned to. Previously, they received ntofications about all participants, even those at sites they were not assigned to.   MYVC-21846


Description Issue No.
The Medical Inquiry Pull Job may fail to complete, becoming stuck in the Running status.   DEV-620702
While CJK Optimized Object Search is enabled, Vault fails to return CJK language FAQs in the Browse Frequently Asked Questions dialog.   DEV-653336
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to save Case Contact records when Atomic Security is configured on Case Contacts.   DEV-654690
The Vault Medical logo appears bold and pixelated.   DEV-655704
While using the OpenData connection, users are unable edit the Case Contact label on the Case Intake form.   DEV-662069
Vault incorrectly checks inactive records when searching for Case Contacts.   DEV-668721
Under certain circumstances, users may receive errors when searching using specific filters.   DEV-669554
After automatically ingesting an email, Vault may fail to populate the From field.   DEV-670991
If object types are enabled on the Case Request object, Admins cannot add the Auto-Suggest FAQs checkbox while configuring the Medical Inquiry User Interface.   DEV-678810
Under some circumstances, the recurring inquiry pull job for CRM Data Sharing may be marked as successful even though the pull actually failed with an error.   DEV-684430
Vault may fail to suggest links if multilingual document handling is disabled.   DEV-686402


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault does not include distribution packages when exporting binders.   DEV-620526
In some cases, Vault fails to bulk re-render automated image renditions.   DEV-623595
Vault may fail to generate automated image renditions for large .TIFF files.   DEV-643427
Users may see a server error when copying a Multichannel Slide.   DEV-680671
The Create Related Document or Binder user action may fail when the document version no longer exists, and this may prevent the action from being used for any documents.   DEV-691870

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, Vault creates audit trail entries for records saved with no changes.   DEV-615765
When importing migration packages, Vault deploys reports and report tags in the incorrect order, causing tags to be missing from reports.   DEV-616512
In some cases, users may not be able to view records despite having the correct permissions.   DEV-632747
Deploying VPKs in a target Vault may result in unexpected dependencies that did not exist in the source Vault.   DEV-633148
When creating test data and migration packages, Vault does not provide a useful error message for invalid WHERE filters.   DEV-636860
When using the Vault Loader File Staging CLI, Move Files jobs fail.   DEV-639716
In some cases, Vault Configuration Reports show incorrect Session Duration values.   DEV-641139
When an Admin attempts to delete a menu tab from a tab collection, Vault deletes all tabs within the menu.   DEV-642667
Vault Loader may fail to update picklist values that contain commas.   DEV-644095
Users are unable to reorder tabs within a tab collection if the collection includes a menu tab   DEV-644767
Users encounter a server error when trying to reorder tabs after deleting a tab.   DEV-645247
Application names may not be shown in the Application Settings.   DEV-646583
When a Tab has been reordered to become a Subtab, Vault may show the Subtab as missing in a Vault Comparison Report.   DEV-649970
In some cases, logging in to VeevaID results in an "Unexpected Error".   DEV-651478
VPK deployment may result in an error when attempting to update relationship criteria on objects.   DEV-653352
When a Job fails due to a message processor reaching the maximum number of retries, the job remains in the queue until it reaches timeout instead of completing with a status of Failed to run.   DEV-662387
Under certain circumstances, exporting a VPK shows a "Success" message even if the package did not export successfully.   DEV-675985
Under certain conditions, Admins see a server error when clicking into a permission set from Admin > Users & Groups > Permission Sets.   DEV-685063
Vault displays Add and Remove buttons in the User section of inactive Layout Profiles, but clicking the buttons does not perform an action or generate an error message.   DEV-685089
When removing a field from an object type, Vault removes it from the standard page layout without an audit log entry. In addition, adding the field back to the object type adds it back to the page layout.   DEV-685506
The individual object record audit trail by default filters results to "Last Month," but the default results displayed use the "All Time" filter instead.   DEV-686449
When accessing the layout rules list view, users experience an error if any layout rule on the page hides a workflow timeline section.   DEV-692849
When a user attempts to add Job components to an outbound package, Vault may claim the component is missing from the source Vault.   DEV-697982

Platform: Authentication

Description Issue No.
Recently migrated users without phone numbers may receive an unexpected error when logging into VeevaID.   DEV-632783
Users may encounter an error when attempting to reset their VeevaID password.   DEV-633678
Study Portal users who log into VeevaID may not be redirected back to Study Portal.   DEV-651290

Platform: Checklists

Description Issue No.
The Workflow Cancellation Comment dialog does not populate correctly for some checklist workflows that require it.   DEV-527662
In some cases, checklist responses are not properly disabled, which can prevent users from being able to complete the affected checklists.   DEV-639497
Users receive a server error when attempting to create an Available Answer Design record with an empty Question Design field.   DEV-663912
When a user tries to create a Checklist Field Translation record with no language, on Save the user receives a Server Error rather than the correct error message "This field is required."   DEV-686453

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
Vault reports canceled renditions as Failures on the Rendition Status page.   DEV-564227
In rare cases, users experience a server error when uploading attachments.   DEV-581986
Under certain circumstances, the downloaded PDF rendition of a document with an overlay may not appear as expected.   DEV-612164
In some cases, Vault incorrectly updates sharing settings on documents when reclassification fails.   DEV-612487
When "Enable Create & Import Document Links" is disabled and a document contains multiple annotation links to the same target, deleting one annotation removes the relationship in Linked Documents until the user refreshes the page.   DEV-614483
Users encounter an unexpected error message when manually moving a document to the Obsolete state.   DEV-614809
In some cases, Vault reports renditions in Pending status as Success on the Rendition Status page.   DEV-617088
Vault may fail to render attachments to EML files when there is a combination of inline and non-inline attachments.   DEV-624590
The Submission Details section in the Doc Info panel fails to populate information when users click embedded links on Published documents.   DEV-624698
If a rerender request is submitted while one is in progress, the renditions become stuck in the Pending state.   DEV-626751
In some cases, documents with large amounts of markup fail to render.   DEV-626901
When using non-Latin characters such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean within a RichText field that is used as a Merge Fields token, the data may be merged into the document as random characters.   DEV-627077
Some special characters do not appear in formatted output reports.   DEV-627740
Vault may fail to render email templates with invalid image sources.   DEV-627808
Vault adds an incorrect sender and sent date to the header in the viewable rendition of email documents when the source file is missing a sender.   DEV-628520
Some HTML files may have single lines of text split across two pages.   DEV-629310
In some cases, Vault incorrectly updates sharing settings on documents when reclassification fails.   DEV-630342
In some cases, Vault may fail to render non-latin characters including CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and Arabic characters in Microsoft Excel comments and notes.   DEV-630715
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to generate PDF/A viewable renditions.   DEV-630794
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to generate PDF/A viewable renditions.   DEV-630795
Applying an overlay to a PDF document removes the document's XML metadata.   DEV-631917
When users create a permalink annotation, the Select Permalink mini-browser window does not display bookmarks as expected.   DEV-632732
In some cases, certain document text is no longer searchable and cannot be copied after overlays are applied.   DEV-632881
Uploading Rich Text Format emails with inline attachments may not render attachments correctly   DEV-635304
If a document's Table of Contents contains links to tables, Vault may fail to render the links and tables correctly in the viewable rendition.   DEV-636572
In some cases, an expiration job may not expire documents in the latest steady state.   DEV-639304
Under certain circumstances, users are unable to download some viewable renditions, and Vault displays an unexpected error.   DEV-639309
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render merge fields documents with tracked changes.   DEV-641307
Large video files uploaded via Vault Loader or VFM may show an error message before rendering in Vault.   DEV-641496
Under certain circumstances, users cannot delete a Claim record.   DEV-643893
In some cases, Vault fails to extract named destinations while rendering documents.   DEV-644174
Users encounter a Server Having Problems error when using the Copy Section Structure action while editing a binder.   DEV-645478
Users without their language set to Japanese who use bold or italic formatting on CJK characters within RichText fields in a Formatted Output report will not see those characters in the generated report.   DEV-645490
In document renditions, links to files are not clickable when the filenames have no extension.   DEV-645759
In some cases, Vault fails to render XFA-based PDF documents.   DEV-645897
When a page link in a standardized PDF is broken, the link properties in Adobe Acrobat show a destination of Page 0 instead of nothing.   DEV-646201
Vault fails to generate PDF/A viewable renditions when the document contains certain control characters and the font does not have the associated glyphs.   DEV-647634
Users may experience performance issues when migrating a large number of documents.   DEV-647640
When there are multiple XML files in a zip file for SPL import, the rendition will appear the same for all documents.   DEV-647971
In some cases, the default value of some standard Document Fields may be removed if a user edits the field from UI.   DEV-648244
Vault may incorrectly update Tracked Changes on merge fields documents.   DEV-648266
Attachment documents may appear blank when attempting to view them on mobile devices.   DEV-648429
Users may receive a network error when attempting to save anchor annotations in some documents.   DEV-650614
In some cases, Vault may fail to populate document properties in PDF renditions of documents with custom xmp metadata properties.   DEV-651738
In some cases, Vault displays incorrect values in the Last Modified By field.   DEV-652464
In some cases, Controlled Document Templates will not up-version after a change is made to a document.   DEV-653030
In some cases, Vault calculates video lengths as 0:00 instead of the video's actual duration.   DEV-653161
Users experience an error when attempting to update a deleted annotation field using the Annotation SDK.   DEV-653286
Users may encounter a "Page not found" error when attempting to create a document change request or document change control record.   DEV-653387
Large video files uploaded via Vault File Manager may show an error message before rendering in Vault.   DEV-654460
In the Bookmarks and Destinations panels, searches for special characters return matches to HTML content containing the special characters.   DEV-656662
The Match EDL Items to Documents job running daily is logged every other day in a given EDL Item record’s audit trail (Last Matched Time).   DEV-657002
In some cases, overlays are included unexpectedly for some station documents when users view them in Station Manager.   DEV-657651
Users with certain permission sets are unable to download renditions including overlays.   DEV-659155
Under certain circumstances, renditions for Microsoft Word documents may fail to render.   DEV-659177
In some cases, Documents that were using Merge Fields prior to the 23R3.0 release may have unexpected formatting changes on Merge Fields values after 23R3.0.   DEV-659374
When using the Select tool in read-only document viewers such as the attachment viewer, resizing the document viewer does not resize the highlighting on the selected text.   DEV-659636
Under certain conditions, users may see "Unknown(.doc)" as the value for the Format document field in the File Info document section.   DEV-660417
In some cases, renditions with syntax errors may render incorrectly rather than failing and giving the user an error.   DEV-660455
Under certain conditions, the Edit button may still appear for Approved binders.   DEV-661030
The Document Type field does not update in the Doc Info panel when a document is reclassified to a Subtype with inactive Classifications.   DEV-661181
In some cases, documents may fail to render and become stuck in the rendering process.   DEV-662734
When users create line annotations, the infocard appears at the top of the page rather than aligned with the positioning of the pagemark.   DEV-662775
Tooltips on embedded links do not appear when Grab and Pan mode is disabled.   DEV-663380
In some cases, HTML document uploads may time out while generating renditions.   DEV-663901
If a new binder section is created with a name containing special characters such as single quotes (') or right angle brackets (>), the section name may appear with extraneous HTML content.   DEV-664511
The Firefox browser does not render info cards for document annotations with user mentions.   DEV-665285
Users may receive an error on eSignature pages in downloaded renditions.   DEV-665453
In some cases, large XML and HTML files fail to render.   DEV-665783
Bulk re-renders executed from the Bulk Re-Render API and Loader encounter performance issues when a large number of documents are rendered at one time.   DEV-666622
Under certain conditions, users recieve a "server having problems" error when creating a new draft document.   DEV-668165
In some cases, merge fields fail to update correctly before documents go into the Steady State.   DEV-669051
Users may receive an error message when attempting to download a viewable rendition with an eSignature page.   DEV-669359
In some cases, if a required field dependency is created with a controlling CrossLink field, Vault fails to update the dependent field as required.   DEV-670969
IF fields may render incorrectly if the content controls are empty or have multiple words.   DEV-672149
Under certain circumstances, all superseded document versions may become stuck rendering and require manual re-rendering.   DEV-673520
When hovering over an embedded link in a document with the Select cursor mode enabled, there is a delay before the link's URL displays.   DEV-673946
The Today button on document Date fields may not populate the current date if the timezone on the user's computer is different from their Vault's timezone.   DEV-675433
In some cases, updates to a document lifecycle can result in erroneous data on the associated document type.   DEV-678981
In some cases, the Bulk Reclassify API encounters performance issues.   DEV-682611
In some cases, rendition uploads may fail for PDF documents and users will need to manually re-render them.   DEV-682973
Document content in the RIM Submissions Archive viewer becomes obstructed if the browser window is resized.   DEV-686676
Bulk Reclassify renditions may take longer than expected to render.   DEV-689123
In some cases, users may encounter a server error when deleting sub-binders from a parent binder.   DEV-689748
When selecting text on a document in the RIM Submissions Archive viewer, the cursor highlights the left side of the document instead of the intended text.   DEV-691118
Under some circumstances, the Table of Contents for a document may not generate correctly.   DEV-691233
In some cases, Table of Contents fail to render on documents.   DEV-691988

Platform: Email & Notifications

Description Issue No.
Standard notification templates that should not be deleted can be deleted.   DEV-539989
Users may receive an error when attempting to extract the downloaded email zip file from an email with duplicate attachments.   DEV-639421
In some cases, users are unable to view videos in Vault if they have been embedded in an email template.   DEV-660471
Emails from users with certain special characters in their email addresses may not be properly ingested into the study communication inbox.   DEV-673404
In some cases, email notifications are unexpectedly skipped.   DEV-673806
In some cases, users may receive a server error after attempting to reprocess an Email record that failed to send.   DEV-682124

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
Canceling a workflow may unexpectedly clear document fields.   DEV-585670
Users are unable to view videos within a legacy Read and Understood workflow.   DEV-627288
In some cases, Vault legacy workflow incorrectly updates the state for previous version instead of latest version   DEV-629532
Updates to the Display Section of the Lifecycle Stage field on the Lifecycle Stage object causes unintended updates to additional fields on the object.   DEV-633602
Translated workflow task labels and instructions are removed and replaced in English when a workflow is up-versioned.   DEV-640407
In rare cases, Vault sends additional tasks to assigned users after the completion of a controlled copy workflow.   DEV-641353
If Check In from Microsoft and Set new major version entry actions are configured on the same workflow state, Check In from Microsoft fails when executed.   DEV-644611
In some cases, when entry criteria fail as expected, Vault displays a "Server Having Problems" error instead of a more helpful message.   DEV-651589
After cancelling a multi-document workflow, users may experience a server error when manually changing the document's state in the multi-document viewer.   DEV-656162
In rare cases, users experience a server error when attempting to complete a task.   DEV-657015
Vault may fail to display available user actions for specific records in the appropriate lifecycle state.   DEV-658058
The Update Sharing Settings action for the task completion event in an optional task step resolves groups in addition to individual users, which may cause roles to be added to an entire group rather than only individual users.   DEV-659011
Under certain circumstances, workflows with specific configurations may not execute correctly at join and decision steps.   DEV-659320
Under certain conditions, users may incorrectly receive an error that they do not have permission to check-in a document with Collaborative Authoring when the do actually have permission.   DEV-664085
In some cases, Vault shows a Server having problems error when users attempt to access the Timeline View.   DEV-665397
When a lifecycle is deleted and re-created with the same name, users receive an SDK error when attempting to access the lifecycle’s Active state.   DEV-667375
When users select a multi-item workflow task from a Tab Collection’s Home tab, verdicts are not visible in the workflow timeline view.   DEV-668757
Users may be unable to save their settings for document workflow cancel states.   DEV-670046
When an Admin configures and saves a Create Record lifecycle event action with a formula to update a field with a related object’s field value, Vault behaves according to the configuration but overwrites the configuration in the Admin UI.   DEV-673037
The error message displayed when a document fails an entry criteria does not include the document ID and document major and minor version.   DEV-674227
Users may encounter a server error when they attempt to cancel a workflow with cancellation comments enabled.   DEV-686987
Lifecycles and workflows migrated via VPK may prepend formulas with "Object."   DEV-687210
Selecting Finish + Start Next for an Advanced Start Workflow may result in a server error.   DEV-691635
Vault may fail to sync a workflow task due date if a user updates the date field used to calculate the task due date.   DEV-695728
"Any Document" lifecycle workflows are selectable when starting a workflow on 100+ documents.   DEV-697001

Platform: Localization

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault fails to populate some translations.   DEV-615767
When the Vault Language is set to French, Vault may not correctly display Document States.   DEV-663420
When using the bulk translation tool, Base Language Labels sometimes default to incorrect languages.   DEV-667525

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
When a document reference field is assigned to an object type, the object type's layout has both the document reference field and the corresponding unbound field.   DEV-610237
After a user opens the same user record in two different tabs, then sets the status to inactive in one tab and does the same in the other, an error dialog appears but is blank.   DEV-630050
In some cases, all versions of an attached document are deleted when a user deletes one version from an object record.   DEV-630423
When populating a document field, users encounter a server error when entering a number value as a filter in the Select Document dialog.   DEV-653276
Vault does not update object reference field values on the source object record when the target object record name is edited.   DEV-653510
When creating a record from a document through a document action, latest version document reference field values are not successfully defaulted if the field is not configured in the page layout.   DEV-654553
When a user changes language, favoriting an object that does not have localized data results in a server error.   DEV-656873
In some cases, when deleting an object record fails, Vault still deletes the record's attachments, but the attachment count on the record shows the original number of attachments.   DEV-660517
In rare cases, Vault becomes unavailable after an Admin deletes an object that is referenced in a Tab that is referenced in a Tab collection.   DEV-660977
Users may encounter a server error if they attempt to view or delete duplicate layout records.   DEV-661889
In rare cases, users with certain security profiles may encounter a system error when saving an object record.   DEV-663207
If an Admin renames an object record, and another record references the renamed record and has a document reference field, the document reference field does not remain updated with the latest document version.   DEV-667891
When a user without Admin permissions inline edits a field in a related object section, and then clicks the link in the Name column, Vault displays a "Page Not Found" error.   DEV-668185
When viewing search results in the Related Documents section of an object record detail page, the sort order applied to the first page reverts when moving between pages of documents.   DEV-672736
When LongText or RichText fields are edited in migration mode, they do not have "in migration mode" appended at the end of their audit trail entries.   DEV-680151
When deploying raw objects using asynchronous MDL and a configuration migration package, deployment fails if the `name__v` field has a default value that references another field.   DEV-680614
Admins are unable to set the date__c or datetime__c fields on an object record using URL query parameters.   DEV-683547
The Create Record dialog for an object with only one visible section in its layout loads with the left navigation panel expanded.   DEV-686922
Users may be unable to see the Connection Stats object or the Connection Stats section.   DEV-693520
Users are unable to view the full content of a Long Text field on a text section without clicking "Show more..." and are unable to resize the field when in edit mode.   DEV-693684
When viewing an object record list page, users see an "Object Not Found" hovercard when hovering over a link to a related user object.   DEV-693884

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
For individual record audit exports from the UI, Vault does not use the cache after the first page of results causing poor load performance.   DEV-614179
When delegating access to a user, users who were previously inactive may not appear in the list of available delegates.   DEV-615796
Under certain conditions, users visiting the Vault home page receive a server error.   DEV-629805
When a user enters invalid input for a field in a related object section and then collapses the section, the error message appears outside of the section.   DEV-630939
Users may encounter discrepancies in Vault Comparison Reports where entry criteria have been configured with operators including or excluding lifecycle states.   DEV-646629
When expanding the Vault Membership section on the Domain Users page, the section loads slowly.   DEV-648225
Sorting multi-select field values in alphabetical order displays different results in Grid view vs Document view.   DEV-649698
Vault fails to log legacy workflow changes in the System Audit Log.   DEV-650361
Pressing the space key to enter a space in the Vault selector search bar closes the Vault selector.   DEV-664371
Under certain conditions, attempting to download audit log history times out.   DEV-665857
The Admin Groups page may display incorrect pagination numbers. For example, a search for Groups which yield no results may display "16-11 of 11" pages of results when there are 0 results and 0 pages.   DEV-673808
Under certain circumstances, certain users may not appear in the list for user delegations.   DEV-680672
In Firefox version 123, when a user enters a VeevaID verification code, the digits appear outside of the input fields.   DEV-685589
In Text layout sections on the record details page, Vault truncates long text fields to 245 characters and displays a "Show more" link.   DEV-694202
The task bar may not appear for task assignees of a single record workflow assigned to 500 users.   DEV-696279
When viewing Object records in Chrome or Edge, Long Text fields may not be properly aligned.   DEV-699030

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
If a user selects an action from the Actions menu in the report viewer, Vault performs the action each time the user sorts the report columns or refreshes the page.   DEV-565084
In some cases, report results are inconsistent between English language and other language Vaults.   DEV-586584
Users may be unable to select the desired color to represent a lifecycle state.   DEV-612112
Vault may show an incorrect error when validating the size of an uploaded Excel template.   DEV-625108
When a Multi-Pass report with a Union-All report view includes formula fields on a multi-value picklist, the formula field column may be empty.   DEV-628476
Vault may fail to generate results for a Workflow with Document Multi-Pass report.   DEV-629268
Multi-Pass reports with a Union-All report view that include document reference fields may not show results or may time out or take a long time to complete.   DEV-635518
Users may encounter a console error when Vault attempts to generate a Person with User Multi-Pass report.   DEV-636499
Users may encounter an error when sorting a number field from high to low.   DEV-640712
Document reference fields on Union-All reports may fail to return data when users run the report.   DEV-641418
Users may receive a server error when attempting to add filters to a dashboard.   DEV-642679
Vault allows users to select Auto-Managed Groups in report prompts for user roles. Selecting the Auto-Managed Group prevents users from running the report.   DEV-644720
When a conditional field is created on a workflow user field in a Multi-Pass Workflow with Object report, and the field is added as a column in the report, the column displays incorrect data at runtime.   DEV-649194
Users may experience a "Server having problems" error when attempting to run a report.   DEV-650304
In some cases, users encounter duplicate values when entering single values in report filter prompts.   DEV-651510
Users may receive a server error when attempting to create a report that includes the Workflow Due Date field.   DEV-656419
In some cases, users may not receive flash report notification emails for reports scheduled to send to a group by users under certain report configurations.   DEV-656972
In some cases, users may receive no results after running Multi-Pass Workflow reports.   DEV-659595
When users export a report to an Excel - Formatted file, the first column heading and second column values may become missing in the file.   DEV-659801
In some cases, filters that use formula fields on Multi-Pass reports return incorrect results when users run the report.   DEV-665419
Under certain circumstances, users are unable to generate configuration reports because they become stuck in the queue due to component updates still being processed.   DEV-670671
Users may experience a server error when attempting to download reports as CSV or Excel.   DEV-671242
In some cases, reports may fail due to timeout errors, but continue to run in the background.   DEV-672820
The Delete Record dialog displays twice when users click Dashboards > [Dashboard Name] > Actions menu > Delete.   DEV-677252
In some cases, Flash reports fail to run when scheduled for a Multi-Pass report that uses a formula field on a picklist.   DEV-678320
Dashboard Prompt filters that use the in operator are not displaying when the users run the dashboard.   DEV-679067

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
Users are able to apply more Document Numbers than the intended maximum to an Advanced Search, which may cause errors.   DEV-576348
In some cases, users may observe duplicate records in search record exports.   DEV-599840
When a user visits a custom tab, Vault may open the Recents view instead of the All view.   DEV-602089
Date and Number search filters always appear above other filters in Pill Section when they should appear in alphabetical order.   DEV-605618
Formula fields may incorrectly appear as selectable search modifiers.   DEV-616240
In some cases, views fail to update when new filters are applied.   DEV-618165
In some cases, Advanced Searches do not return the expected results.   DEV-630209
When advanced search triggers the no results redirect, both updated and non-updated filters selected in the advanced search dialog should be included in the redirect search, but only updated filters are included.   DEV-632367
In some cases, users are unable to view certain tabs due to related objects for which they do not have view permissions.   DEV-638435
Search filters may not return the correct results if the search terms contain an umlaut.   DEV-640682
In some cases, Suggest Links may match twice, with one match containing a second sentence.   DEV-642699
When a user begins to add a related object record and adds a filter to narrow down the records based on Lifecycle States and using the includes operator, the first selected value is taken into account and all the others are disregarded.   DEV-643965
In some cases, users may see inconsistent results when using Expanded Search.   DEV-644773
User fields and values may incorrectly appear in Object tab search modifier suggestions for users without View User Information access.   DEV-645354
In some cases, Smart Filtering does not work as expected.   DEV-646688
The UI does not make it clear to users who need to search all languages that their search is being limited by language preference.   DEV-651659
In some cases, the expand and collapse button for search filter pill text on the Home tab does not work.   DEV-651946
When a user adds a filter to the left navigation, the newly added filter do not appear until after a refresh.   DEV-652111
Column header filter facets are not filtered correctly when the filter for that field is not included in the left navigation.   DEV-655787
In some cases, when an admin attempts to change another user's search language settings, the changes are not saved.   DEV-656514
In some cases, some filters do not appear on Vault Mobile.   DEV-666595
In some cases, claims incorrectly separate into fuzzy matches with individual words when users introduce a thesaurus into their Vault.   DEV-668242
Users may receive a Server Having Problem Error when attempting to search for documents inside the Select anchors window to link a document.   DEV-669247
In some cases, users receive a server error when attempting to export search collections to Excel.   DEV-670011
Document exports with relationship-type filters may include duplicate results.   DEV-673303
In some cases, when using the Retrieve Component Record Collection API call for the Savedview component, the user unexpectedly receives an error.   DEV-674865
In some cases, jobs involving VQL queries may unexpectedly fail.   DEV-681386
When searching child object records and filtering by parent object records in the Advanced Search dialog, Vault sometimes displays the parent object record ID instead of the parent object record name.   DEV-681750
In some cases, if a claim starts with a stop word, it will not be highlighted in stemming results.   DEV-687186

Platform: Security

Description Issue No.
Dynamic Access Control (DAC) may not recalculate permissions on a document if a version of that document is deleted during DAC calculation.   DEV-569187
Users with only Admin: Document Type: Read permission can edit the options under Binder Display Options: Unbound Documents.   DEV-668051

Platform: Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, Vault File Manager fails to upload very large files.   DEV-617335
In some cases, users receive an error message when logging into Vault File Manager after checking out a document.   DEV-649880

Platform: Vault Mobile

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions when attempting to complete a training task on Vault Mobile, tapping the "COMPLETE" button does not work and displays a red error message.   DEV-700939

Platform: VeevaID

Description Issue No.
If the user's language is in Spanish, the "VeevaID Registration Instructions" email displays in the Vault Admin's language, rather than the user's language.   DEV-633236
The Spanish language VeevaID registration form correctly displays the form in Spanish, but error messages appear in English.   DEV-633363
Under certain conditions, users cannot authenticate to VeevaID.   DEV-693891
Vault may fail to create a user account in SiteVault when creating a User record.   DEV-702699


Description Issue No.
In the QMS Risk Builder, if an edit box is open when saving the assessment risks, any changes to content within that edit box may not be saved.   DEV-585304
In some cases, when a user views assignments on page 2 or later in the My Learning tab and adjusts their browser window size, Vault redirects them to the first page.   DEV-624220
Users without permission to reassign workflows are able to view the Reassign option for Training Assignment workflows.   DEV-630772
In some cases, users may observe that tests incorrectly move to the Reviewed lifecycle state after marking Testing Complete.   DEV-632535
Under certain circumstances in Validation Management, the Executor field may not be visible in the authoring review interface.   DEV-633485
When updating a Study Team Role to use VeevaID and the role has 15,000 associated Study Persons, users receive a Server Having Problems error message.   DEV-635964
In some cases, the QMS the Relationship field on the record check interface may not display all expected values for selection.   DEV-637159
Inactive fields may incorrectly be available for selection in the Fields to Display section of a Visual Hierarchy Configuration.   DEV-637956
When configuring entry actions, entry criteria, or user actions on a lifecycle state, the Quality Event Type selection may disappear upon saving.   DEV-639238
In Vaults using the Quality to Clinical Operations connection, attempting to transfer a large number of protocol deviations from the Clinical Operations Vault to the Quality Vault may result in the job being unable to complete.   DEV-639886
Users receive a network error when attempting to add more than 340 Training Assignments to a Facilitated Training Request.   DEV-641147
Under certain circumstances in Vault LIMS, when viewing a result's changes, the time may incorrectly be displayed in the Vault's timezone.   DEV-644575
Automated creation of Supplier Change Notification records may not function as expected if the sender's email address contains more than one period.   DEV-646122
In some cases in Vault LIMS, a calculated lab result may incorrectly be able to updated via its record details page or via the API.   DEV-647166
In Vault LIMS, when Vault Loader is used to create new Spec Data records, Change Analysis records are only created for the first single record out of the number included.   DEV-647342
In Vault LIMS, in some cases the Create New Versions for Change Analysis Items action may fail on a Change Analysis may fail if it contains a resolved Change Analysis Item without a new version.   DEV-647675
In Vault LIMS, in some cases a version check on a Change Analysis may fail if it contains a resolved Change Analysis Item without a new version.   DEV-647676
In Vault LIMS, the editability of the Name field on the Sample object may incorrectly be unchangeable.   DEV-648213
Under certain circumstances in Vault LIMS, a version check on a Change Analysis may result in incorrect validation errors.   DEV-648383
In some cases in the QMS Record Check interface, Vault displays an incorrect creation date on records for users in certain time zones.   DEV-649935
Vault may fail to export some column values when extracting Quality Event records.   DEV-651514
Users are unable to create or update ILT classes if there are custom lookup fields configured on the class schedule.   DEV-652486
In some cases in Validation Management, a user clicking on a filter on a test script review page may see a blank page instead of the filtered results.   DEV-652549
In Validation Management, the review interface content panel may not show the latest change on a new test step after a user clicks on the back button to add a new revision on a new test step, then navigates back to the review interface.   DEV-653022
When Manager Groups are enabled, Vault prevents users from updating a class to the Class Scheduled state.   DEV-653386
Persons without Vault user accounts do not appear in direct assignment.   DEV-659683
When attempting to generate a heat map, users may become stuck on a blank screen.   DEV-660061
In rare cases, users experience a server error when creating Quality Teams.   DEV-662213
In cases where external Training Assignment verification is set up to potentially include blank users in Tasks, learners may be blocked from re-completing that Training Assignment.   DEV-666164
Vault Configuration Reports may be missing a sub-section label for the "Only display steady state documents when viewed in Process Navigator" setting.   DEV-666689
In some cases, when a manager and their direct report’s Person records are to be created in the same Auto Manage Persons job run, Vault does not set the Manager field on the direct report’s record.   DEV-667688
Depending on browser zoom settings, some Learners are unable to select the Take Quiz button from the Class Details page if the session name length exceeds approximately 90 characters.   DEV-671656
Users who are not registered for a Class are able to see and receive an error when using the Add to Calendar dropdown in the Session Details.   DEV-673203
In Validation Management, field labels in the Test Script Authoring interface may not reflect changes made to field labels in configuration by Admins.   DEV-673411
In certain cases when cloning a Vault, Root Cause records may be cloned even though the Cloning Rule of the Root Cause object is set to False.   DEV-677685
In some cases, plaintext emails sent via Supplier Change Notifications functionality may appear with a blank body.   DEV-682253
After clicking Create in an Audit Checklist with Findings, the + Section and + Question option labels may not display as expected.   DEV-686387
In Validation Management, if there is an object that has more than 500 records associated with the same inventory item, the asynchronous process started by enabling the Tag Security Migration setting may fail.   DEV-687393
In some cases, Vault incorrectly calculates Curriculum Prerequisites and the Learner Homepage does not load.   DEV-689157
After making edits to columns in the Risk Builder, users may need to refresh their browser in order to see the changes.   DEV-689369
In some cases, Classroom Training Assignment links do not display in Apple and Outlook calendar users’ invitations.   DEV-691228
Following performance improvements, the Learner Homepage's Explore tab now displays up to 1,000 self-enrollment Training Requirements, and Learners can use search or filter to browse the full catalog.   DEV-691707
In the Validation Management test authoring interface, when a user makes an update in the execution step, discards the changes, and selects the setup step from the navigation panel, the "Add instruction" add "Add Response" buttons may be incorrectly disabled. The user can reload the page to enable them.   DEV-692569
In Vault Product Surveillance, a validation icon may incorrectly be displayed for the "1.3.2 c-d Manufacturer Contact Name" field when the validation error actually exists in the "1.3.2 e-m Manufacturer Contact Information" field.   DEV-695434
In Vaults with certain country settings, the Quality-RIM Connection may fail to create CrossLinks and fail to provide a User Exception Message or Item for the failure.   DEV-696233
In some cases, Vault may display an error when a system Admin changes object types while creating or editing Visual Hierarchy Configurations.   DEV-700089


Description Issue No.
The option to reassign is available in the Actions menu for workflow tasks in the Workflow Timeline section of a Training Assignment record, even if users do not have the required permissions.   DEV-631970
When users attempt to add additional users to a comment that exceeds the character limit, an incorrect error message displays.   DEV-631977
When users edit the Name of a Connector type HACCP Plan Process Step on the HACCP Flow Diagram, pressing the Enter key does not save their edits.   DEV-632311
In some cases when users select a deleted Cause Category while editing the 5 Whys Analysis diagram, Cause Sub-Categories that are not associated with the Cause Category are available to select.   DEV-633689
The confirmation message that displays when attempting to delete a CCP-Hazard Analysis record is not translated from English into the user’s specified local language, when applicable.   DEV-635137
When users rerun the Generate Merged PDF action on an APQR Final Report's corresponding APQR binder, the Final Report is not upversioned.   DEV-636114
When the hourly job to sync E-Learning documents from a QualityOne Vault to a connected Training Vault runs without certain parameters set up or if there is nothing for the job to do, the job log does not explain why the job encountered errors.   DEV-641533
When users run the Sync Documents to Training action and the QualityOne to Training Connection is later inactivated before the associated sync job completes, Vault does not create a user exception message and an unexpected error message displays in the job log.   DEV-643678
In some cases after users delete a shape in a HACCP Flow Diagram, Vault displays an error that the record does not exist but the edge remains in the diagram.   DEV-646168
In some cases, users with special characters in their username do not receive a notification when tagged in a comment.   DEV-649433
When users attempt to add documents to a Training Requirement record's In Use Documents section, the documents do not upload and the section appears to load indefinitely.   DEV-653018
Admins can configure and save the Generate Document from Report user action without entering a value for the Report Export Type field.   DEV-654226
While viewing the HACCP Flow Diagram, if users do not have Read permission for the Display Label field on the HACCP Plan Process Step object, the Name field for the HACCP Plan Process Step does not display.   DEV-654885
When users try to save a HPPS - PHA record without populating values on the Process Hazard Analysis or HACCP Plan Process Step required fields, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-660725
If a user does not have permission to view the Visual Hierarchy object and navigates to a Visual Hierarchy's Process Details page, Vault displays a generic error banner at the top of the page.   DEV-661487
In some cases when users create a HACCP Plan Process Step by dragging and dropping a shape from the Diagram Symbols panel onto the HACCP Flow Diagram, the shape displays in the middle of the diagram instead of where the user placed it.   DEV-662858
Vault does not display content of files attached to NCR records when users attempt to open them from Related Object List View sections.   DEV-664475
In some cases, when users attempt to change the state on a record that does not meet the entry criteria for Team Role Membership, the error message is not translated.   DEV-665012
When a user tries to open a Hierarchy record, Vault displays an error if they do not have Read permission on the Visual Hierarchy field.   DEV-667156
In some cases when users launch the HACCP Flow Diagram for a HACCP Plan that includes a HACCP Plan Process Step record for a custom object type, the diagram does not load and Vault displays an error message.   DEV-667193
Vault automatically updates Optional HACCP Plan Process Step Connections to Required when users reposition them on the HACCP Flow Diagram.   DEV-672896
In some cases, the Label field value does not transfer over when users reposition a HACCP Plan Process Step Connection on the HACCP Flow Diagram.   DEV-674600
The arrows next to list items do not align with the record names in the Related Object List View section of NCR object records.   DEV-676956
Users are unable to set up or manage picklist dependencies between the Hazard Classification and Hazard Classification Group picklist fields on the Process Hazard Analysis and Hazard objects.   DEV-682061

QualityOne Client Applications

The QualityOne Client Applications release is targeted for tentative availability on April 30, 2024.

Description Issue No.
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile: When editing a question or a section, the Save button is incorrectly labeled as Add.   OLS-24439
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile iOS: In some cases, upload and download indicators do not update as expected.   OLS-25288
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile for iOS: In some cases when a checklist download fails, an error icon does not display next to the checklist on the home screen.   OLS-25677
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile for Android: When users create a new Audit Finding section on an audit checklist, custom Audit Finding object types without the Audit Checklist and Audit Response fields enabled are available to select from the Finding Type dropdown.   OLS-26635
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile for iOS: While entering text input into fields in the Audit Finding section of a checklist, the in-screen keyboard intermittently blocks the lower fields.   OLS-26641


Description Issue No.
Content Plan Items with filenames over 100 characters do not publish.   DEV-564344
Vault cannot automatically create Labeling Deviations when there are more than ten (10) related Country Dependency records.   DEV-576899
In some cases, users may receive a server error using drag and drop without a value on the application field.   DEV-597005
In some cases, the No Files shown in the Export dialog displays when using the export option on the Submission record.   DEV-615304
In some cases, the Set Reference Leaf dialog automatically expands to folders which do not exist in a Submission.   DEV-615760
When the Quality-RIM Vault Connection attempts to process Quality updates made in quick succession in RIM, it generates duplicate RIM records and User Exception Messages in some cases.   DEV-616009
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 5100 when attempting to on-demand publish and merge PDFs with external bookmarks.   DEV-619956
Vault does not display Study Tagging Files in the Submissions Archive Viewer when there are multiple submissions.   DEV-620620
When the Enable Application Relationships setting is enabled, Vault does not populate the Product field on Regulatory Inactive Ingredient records created in bulk for preview.   DEV-625202
In some cases, Vault does not properly refresh the Content Plan viewer grid while in match document mode.   DEV-629020
In some cases, the Split Content Plan Item action counts excluded matched documents in the All Document Count value.   DEV-629814
Vault incorrectly displays the Submission Archive section name “1.15 Promotional material - Consumer."   DEV-629842
When a user opens the Active Dossier Editor from an Event and adds a document via drag and drop, Vault creates the related Active Dossier Item Detail record with the custom (__c) Country value from the document.   DEV-629847
Items with duplicate validation criteria cause publishing job errors which are not reflected in the Publishing Progress Indicator.   DEV-630267
In some cases, publishing jobs error when a matched document includes a broken embedded relative link targeting a matched document in a different Submission.   DEV-630317
When generating two or more IDMP Manufactured item records for the same Packaging record, Vault does not successfully generate the related FHIR message.   DEV-631156
In PromoMats-connected RIM Vaults where a CrossLink has never been matched to a content plan, the connection errors and the resulting User Exception Message does not specify Enable Continuous Publishing as the field causing the error.   DEV-631420
Users cannot add the Regulatory Objective column in the Active Dossier Editor.   DEV-631828
Reference leafs within the same submission are not updated with overrides when a link retarget is applied.   DEV-631836
Correspondence document sections in the Submissions Archive Viewer are not translated. Additionally, the section’s title is [No title] and appears empty for users who do not have Read permission for the Document Type Detail object.   DEV-631894
In some cases, updates to an item’s Published Output Location or rendition do not trigger continuous publishing.   DEV-632111
When creating only Activity records in bulk, the wizard creates but does not allow users to preview records if multiple countries are selected.   DEV-632534
The XML Application Number is mapped incorrectly for Jordan (JO).   DEV-632810
In some cases, when users access a dispatch comparison via URL and select an action (e.g., Accept, Reject), Vault navigates back to the blank browser tab.   DEV-632832
Vault displays an error when users create link retargets in the Link Evaluator.   DEV-633442
When users filter a dossier by a Submission related object, the Submissions Archive Viewer calculates the current view by including all Submissions, including those outside the range of the Submission related object grouping.   DEV-634561
Users may receive an error when creating the Active Dossier Item Detail.   DEV-634563
Vault displays the 3.2.P sections in the Submissions Archive Viewer in the incorrect order.   DEV-634819
When updating the MRP-DCP-EMEA Number via bulk xEVMPD update, Vault only references the Application Name field on related Registrations and does not consider the IDMP Procedure Name field.   DEV-635661
When generating IDMP elements, Vault produces a false error indicating the Registration’s completed Registration Holder field is blank.   DEV-636494
On-demand publishing fails when a Vault permalink targets a named destination in a corrupted document for which Vault cannot generate a rendition.   DEV-636624
In some cases, the Generate XEVPRM Job generates Product Data Messages with a null Message Number/Date, and the results file indicates viewable renditions cannot be retrieved.   DEV-636927
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 3.13 for leaves set with Leaf Operation as delete when the regional.xml checksum is “ “.   DEV-636964
Users cannot filter by the Country column in the Active Dossier Editor.   DEV-638241
Publishing fails with a nonspecific internal error when a STF section is missing a Submission Clinical Study or Submission Nonclinical Study join.   DEV-638443
When creating Registrations in bulk, the "Create separate Registrations for any selected Complex Products and their selected component Products" checkbox is not visible on the Product Details page.   DEV-638696
Grids within the Activity bundling and registered details wizards do not respect the list layout configuration for the Registration object.   DEV-638888
In some cases, the Submissions Archive Viewer displays an incorrect banner message for JP submissions in an application.   DEV-639216
The Submissions Archive Viewer’s Submission filter dialog displays with the incorrect size for JP submissions.   DEV-639878
In some cases, Vault fails to report US Validation Results 1306 and 1323.   DEV-640545
In some cases, validation fails when deleting an SVR that had just been deleted from inactivating an EDL item.   DEV-640957
In some cases, published documents are not rendering and Rendition Diagnostic is missing options to re-render.   DEV-641305
Vault incorrectly passes Rule 2025 when Submission ID and Sequence Number values are identical, but Submission Type and Subtype values are an invalid combination.   DEV-641547
Vault does not initiate continuous publishing when users update the Regulatory Activity Lead field.   DEV-641548
In some cases, the delete operation is not reflected in the XML after Continuous Publishing unless On-Demand publishing is ran.   DEV-641846
Vault incorrectly passes Rule 1734 when a ts.xpt file with errors is appended or replaces a previous ts.xpt file.   DEV-642130
In some cases, Rule EU: 9.7 fails and Vault displays the error “This criterion will test whether the UUID is well-formed.”   DEV-642373
In some cases, Vault fails to render XFA PDF files in the Submissions Archive viewer.   DEV-642862
When a published document matched to two reference leaf Content Plan Items is up-versioned, continuous publishing up-versions only one instance of the matched document.   DEV-643908
Users receive a server error and are unable to View/Edit Active Dossier.   DEV-645146
In some cases, Vault fails to report EU 11.02.   DEV-645439
When creating Application relationship records via RIM Maintenance, the job encounters a runtime error and fails if record Names contain special characters.   DEV-646779
When the XML Manufacturer field includes a value with two blank spaces (e.g., 'All_ _Manufacturers', where underscores are spaces), the Submissions Archive Viewer grid displays the value with one space ('All Manufacturers').   DEV-647016
Migrating large quantities of Application records using Loader may result in multiple records failing with a batch error.   DEV-647208
Vault incorrectly passes Rule 5045 for matched PDF documents with invalid opening settings.   DEV-647219
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports CA B48.   DEV-647237
Vault incorrectly creates IDMP Manufactured Item records when a Registered Device Product record's Co-packaged or Integral Device field is set to Yes.   DEV-647359
When splitting or copying Content Plan Items via drag & drop, the system incorrectly removes document metadata from the new Content Plan Items.   DEV-647591
PDF validation occurs for all published documents instead of only the current linking batch, which causes performance issues.   DEV-647616
When splitting Activities, Vault does not apply the Activity naming pattern configured in Application Settings.   DEV-648212
Continuous publishing fails with a nonspecific internal error when the Submission’s XML Sequence ID field is blank.   DEV-648229
When a Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer mini-browser window is open behind a user’s main browser window and the user opens a second document, the mini-browser window remains hidden.   DEV-648253
In some cases, Vault fails to report US 1734.   DEV-648489
When an Active Dossier Item is dispatched, Vault does not set the record’s Dispatch Status, nor display the corresponding icon for the related country in the Active Dossier Viewer.   DEV-648753
When continuous publishing is triggered via Published Output Location update and on-demand publishing is subsequently triggered in quick succession, links are not properly resolved.   DEV-648971
When a user opens the Active Dossier Editor from an Event and adds a document via drag and drop, the Add to Active Dossier dialog pre-populates the Country field, hiding the Event and Activity fields.   DEV-649115
In some cases, a hierarchy state change conflicts with continuous publishing if continuous publishing finishes before the end of the job.   DEV-649148
In some cases, Vault displays an internal error when users initiate a Submissions Archive import.   DEV-649931
In some cases, file extensions are incorrectly applied to the Published Output Location.   DEV-650317
When a Vault annotation link and another link type target a reference leaf within the same Submission and the annotation link is retargeted, Vault does not resolve the annotation link during publishing and on-demand publishing fails.   DEV-650940
In some caes, Vault incorrectly reports US 1736.   DEV-651134
In some cases, Vault does not attach the merged PDF to the Submission Ready Binder when using the Report Level Content Plan Publish and Merge action.   DEV-651541
Vault incorrectly creates Registered Product records during bulk registration creation when a Product join record (e.g., Event Product, plus Application, Submission, and Regulatory Objective joins) is indicated as a Co-Packaged or Integral device.   DEV-651896
The Content Plan Viewer incorrectly renders some special characters.   DEV-652184
In some cases, Vault fails to report US 1276.   DEV-652293
Vault fails to report US 5200.   DEV-652320
When a document contains two hyperlinks (A and B) to the same location and one (A) is retargeted, Vault successfully retargets link A and publishes both A and B accordingly, however it does not allow retargeting of link B.   DEV-653223
In some cases, state transition fails if the lifecycle name has been modified.   DEV-657213
When a user removes an embedded link to replace it with a Vault permalink, the link is not resolved in the published document.   DEV-657277
The Product Code field does not populate properly into product reports.   DEV-657712
When a field is configured with EmailFormat, if a user enters a field value with HTML formatting, it appears incorrectly.   DEV-658034
In some cases, Vault fails to report CN 4.2.3.   DEV-658547
When filtering content plans, users may observe that the filtered text includes visible format tags and incorrect special character formatting, rather than properly formatted text.   DEV-658945
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports EU Rules 11.2 and 15.8.   DEV-659129
When managing registered details, Vault does not create Registered details records if source record Names contain 120 or more characters, and system-managed naming is not enabled for the target object.   DEV-659544
When an Active Dossier Item is dispatched, Vault does not set the record’s Dispatch Status, nor display the corresponding icon for the related country in the Active Dossier Viewer.   DEV-660126
In some cases, jobs processing imports or removals in Submissions Archive continue to run and do not finish.   DEV-660207
Users matching documents in Match Document Mode may experience performance issues.   DEV-660452
When a user applies filters on the Submission Wizard, they may see strong HTML tags rather than bold formatting in the resulting rows.   DEV-660475
In some cases, users receive an error when setting a reference leaf on a draft Content Plan Item.   DEV-661680
In some cases, when a user has EDL Items with identical POL and matched documents, then quickly unmatches and matches a new document to one of the EDL Items, the published document ID may be reused incorrectly.   DEV-661891
In some cases, submissions took longer than expected to begin publishing.   DEV-661893
In some cases, the Index.xml is not publishing as expected.   DEV-661934
In some cases, the Vault link annotation to permalink does not work after updating the published output location.   DEV-662131
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports US 1737.   DEV-662149
When the Enable Application Relationships setting is enabled, users cannot edit the Use for Registrations field on Regulatory and Submission relationship records.   DEV-662307
When users search for records with special characters, the Submission Wizard does not highlight the search term.   DEV-662827
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports US 1789.   DEV-663716
In the Create Relate Record and bundling wizards, the creation of target join records for Application, Submission, or Regulatory Objective may fail if their corresponding source records have text fields with values containing special characters, such as \ " ' ( ) * %.   DEV-663872
In some cases, the Create Related Records wizard creates records but does not include them in the results CSV file.   DEV-664284
When a user attempts to clear the picklist field value on the Registration or Registered Join pop-up on the Edit & Verify page, the page may go blank.   DEV-664983
In some cases, the continuous publishing event is not triggered when the document is matched to the Content Plan Item.   DEV-665570
When the target document is upversioned with RFP=No, the broken link resolution doesn't work correctly.   DEV-666584
Users attempting to reimport a Submission from the same Application receive an error if the Application references an earlier version of the same document.   DEV-667080
In some cases, email notifications are not sent for submissions.   DEV-667340
When using the {samefolder}, links to the target are not working correctly.   DEV-667341
When an embedded permalink is linked to a target that is part of a merged document, the link status is validated against the source document instead of the merged document, and Vault incorrectly reports 5202.   DEV-668753
When a user inline edits a rich text field to add a space, the Content Plan Viewer displays the HTML entity for non-breaking spaces.   DEV-669258
When a user adds or removes columns in the Content Plan Viewer, previously-hidden matched documents are duplicated in the viewer.   DEV-669357
Some users may experience an error on renditions when PDF Standardization is enabled.   DEV-669492
In some cases, the empty section indicator is shown when sub join filter is applied.   DEV-671259
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports EU 16.BP7.   DEV-671403
The 'publishing_metadata__v' field fails to deploy as a standard source type.   DEV-671664
When a document becomes ineligible for matching (e.g., it is up-versioned) while match document mode is active, then a user attempts to match it, Vault displays the incorrect error banner.   DEV-672397
In some cases, Vault does not synchronize the Submission Import Status and Dossier Status fields on Submissions imported via Vault File Manager, preventing subsequent import attempts.   DEV-672694
Users assigned to a security profile with one of the following permission sets may not be able to add filters in match document mode: Submission Content Planning - Contributor, Submission Planning and Tracking - Contributor, Document User - Read.   DEV-674466
In some cases, users receive an error when using drag and drop in the Active Dossier editor if they don’t have permission to the Event and Activity object.   DEV-675036
When non-Vault owners use report level content plan publish and merge functionality with a Default Overlay, they receive the error message "PDF merge process encountered an error creating the merged PDF. You do not have sufficient permissions for the Merged PDF Document Number field on the Report Level Content Plan object".     DEV-675097
In some cases, the UDI data generation algorithm does not separately assess certain values on related Regulatory Objective and Registered Nomenclature Code records.   DEV-675345
During Activity bundling, users without Create permission for the Submission Authorization and Regulatory Objective Authorization objects receive misleading warnings and errors in the CSV results file, even if those objects were not selected for bundling.   DEV-675359
When a user updates the expected steady state, the EDL item does not update.   DEV-676090
When a document becomes ineligible for matching (e.g., it is up-versioned), then a user attempts to match it via drag and drop, Vault displays the incorrect error banner.   DEV-676877
In some cases, users receive a header validation error.   DEV-678311
In some cases, users receive an error when using special characters in the application folder name.   DEV-678439
When processing regional XML for related Submission records, Vault extracts the Application Contains Files value from the base related Submission instead of the current Submission.   DEV-679320
When a document becomes ineligible for matching (e.g., it is up-versioned), then a user attempts to reorder it via drag and drop, Vault displays the incorrect error banner.   DEV-679324
When a document becomes ineligible for matching (e.g., it is up-versioned) while match document mode is active, then a user attempts to unmatch it, Vault does not allow unmatching and displays the incorrect error banner.   DEV-679329
When users add text over the 500-character limit to a rich text field in the Content Plan Viewer, the resulting error message overlaps with the cell below it and is not easily readable.   DEV-680388
When a Submission relationship object is not configured to use object types, users without Create permission for that object are able to create records using the bundling wizard.   DEV-680841
Incorrect Registered Clinical Study records may be created through the Create Bulk Registrations wizard when the Registration scope is any of the Marketed Scopes.   DEV-680852
When EU Rules 11.10 and 11.BP2 fail for different section XML attributes, the corresponding validation error message does not include the attributes.   DEV-681652
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports EU 16BP.4.   DEV-681897
After publishing, the cross reference leaf of section 1.3.1 does not appear in the archive viewer.   DEV-682775
Users can receive an error when attempting to replace a reference leaf within Set Leaf Operation where the target leaf has a valid lifecycle view.   DEV-682833
Vault does not continuously publish Content Plan Item records if a user manually creates the record while the content plan is in a non-Draft state.   DEV-683900
Vault displays two warning headings in the submission export result file.   DEV-684535
When managing Submission Administrative Information, users with a slower network connection are able to click Save multiple times, sometimes resulting in duplicate records.   DEV-685651
When merging Report Level Content Plans, Vault populates the System user instead of the Published Content Owner or Initiator as the document Owner.   DEV-686530
Users without permissions for the Metadata API object cannot create and manage Event details in bulk.   DEV-686647
Imports to Submissions Archive Viewer with 30 or more form-type sections that use the same country code value may fail.   DEV-689771
When an object lifecycle state change fails for a record which was not edited in the Manage Registered Details wizard, Vault does not include the result in the CSV file.   DEV-691336
When selecting verification workflow participants in the Manage Registered Details wizard, the drop-down search is case-sensitive for verification groups (user groups).   DEV-691765
Vault creates duplicate records during bundling and splitting when the Use for Registrations field on Regulatory Objective relationship records is populated.   DEV-695168
When a user attempts to clear any date field in the MRD Wizard, the Wizard screen also clears the Registration record being updated in the Registration Details Tab.   DEV-696770


The RegulatoryOne release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on April 30, 2024.

Description Issue No.
Users can run the Reorder action on the Requirement Hierarchy Viewer after an Admin removes that user's Execute permission.   OLS-23022
Users encounter an error when trying to reorder requirements in the Requirement Hierarchy Viewer when those requirements have siblings belonging to another parent record.   OLS-24247
When users run the Generate Requirements action on a Requirement with a child Requirement with the same Relational Token as the parent record, Vault creates some unexpected records.   OLS-24441
If an Admin removes a user's Edit permission on the Requirement object while the user is viewing the Requirement Hierarchy Viewer, the user can still execute the Reorder actions on the record they are viewing.   OLS-25316
In some cases after clicking Actions for a record in the Requirement Hierarchy Viewer, the menu options display outside the viewer section.   OLS-25803
In some cases when a user runs the Create Registration and Objective action and the associated notification is inactive, Vault displays a server error and does not complete the action.   OLS-26890
In some cases when a user runs the Generate Registration Data action and the associated notification is inactive, Vault displays a server error and does not complete the action.   OLS-26895
In some cases when a user runs the Generate Requirements action and the associated notification is inactive, Vault displays a server error and does not complete the action.   OLS-26896
In some cases when a user runs the Local Impact Assessment action and the associated notification is inactive, Vault displays a server error and does not complete the action.   OLS-26898
In some cases when a user runs the Populate Registration Record action and the associated notification is inactive, Vault displays a server error and does not complete the action.   OLS-26903
In some cases when a user runs the Split Registration Item action and the associated notification is inactive, Vault displays a server error and does not complete the action.   OLS-26908
When a user without Read permission on the Formulation Composition object accesses the Formulation Composition Viewer, Vault displays a server error instead of the expected error message.   OLS-27131


The Safety release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on April 18, 2024 & April 26, 2024.

Description Issue No.
When a suspect Product includes multiple Product Dosage records and Batch/Lot Numbers, only the first Batch/Lot Number is included on CIOMS I and FDA MedWatch 3500A forms.   SAF-45985
When promoting an Inbox Item with an Open Label Study Arm Product within a blinded Study, the Product (Reported) field on the Case is not populated for the Open Label Study Product.   SAF-46882
When deleting Product Dosage and Indication records from Domestic Cases, users receive an incorrect error message that their unsaved changes will be lost even when the changes have been previously saved.   SAF-48420
Strength + Unit values that include a forward slash (/) do not appear correctly in the Product Coding browser.   SAF-48499
On newly created Vaults, MedDRA dictionary version 26.0 is not available.   SAF-48767
On Follow-up Cases created from Inbox Items, Case Relatedness field values are missing.   SAF-48776
When importing an E2B(R2) file for a blinded Study, if no match is found for the Study Product, Study Product masking is set to blank instead of Blinded.   SAF-48878
Manual Correspondence records are not generated for Follow-up Rule and Watchlist questionnaire templates on certain Cases even when the Reporter Country matches the Country field on the configured template.   SAF-49024
When an Inbox Item Products section includes unsaved changes, if Study Products are added through the Specify Study Product dialog, the unsaved changes are cleared.   SAF-49739
In Vaults with a default value configured for the Blinded field on Study records, when a different value is entered when adding a record, the system applies the default value upon record creation.   SAF-49782
In some cases, the Vault Section field on Validation Results does not contain a hyperlink to the affected record.   SAF-49802
When Follow-up Cases that are reportable to the PMDA do not have Localized Case Assessments, the system prevents Case voiding.   SAF-49855, SAF-50468
After importing an E2B(R3) file, the system-generated CSV rendition is missing information in the Assessment Results section.   SAF-49958
When bulk unblinding Cases under a Study, Imported Cases are not included.   SAF-50172
When using an AS2 Connection with certain certificates, E2B files are not successfully received in Vault Safety.   SAF-50267
When multiple languages are enabled in the MedDRA dictionary, the incorrect language sometimes appears in the hovercard of MedDRA fields for Cases with non-English Localization.   SAF-50268
When the Localization value is defined, the Comments field on Case Medical History records and the Comments and Result (Text) fields on Case Test Result records are cleared upon saving.   SAF-50288
When generated from a Child Rule Set, Safety Rule Set Configuration reports do not include Rule Set Parameters for inherited Child Rules.   SAF-50349
In some instances, system performance is slower than expected when generating CSV renditions of imported E2B files, blocking subsequent E2B intake.   SAF-50360
In some instances, merging Inbox Items to In-flight Cases is prevented and this error message appears: "Case creation is already in progress. Please wait for it to complete."   SAF-50474
If a migrated Case does not include an Organization value and then is updated manually to include an Organization, during Case promotion, Cases with a UID that match the migrated Case are not returned as a likely match.   SAF-50482
When saving an Inbox Item created from an email source, users receive an error message stating that they must select a Study Product even when one is already selected.   SAF-50500
When Strict Case Locking is enabled on a Case, users cannot create a Child Information Case from it even if the Case is locked to them.   SAF-50525
The G.k.2.3.r.1 (Substance / Specified Substance Name) Validation Criteria for the PMDA fails for Cases with Device Products that are not expected to have substances.   SAF-50538
For Localized Cases, E2B(R3) generation fails when a localized narrative document template does not exist.   SAF-50612
Group Rows By selections are not applied to Excel files generated from documents with the PSMF Generated Report document classification.   SAF-50671
When the Mask Reporter for PM Non-Literature Case setting is enabled, FDA VAERS E2B(R3) reports with the Reporter Country set to USA end up in the Validation Error state.   SAF-50674
The J2.15.r (Country of publication) and J2.17.r (Classification of trial/research) values of a PMDA E2B(R3) file are not exported when the Retransmit field is set to No or Literature Documents are set to be excluded from the Transmission.   SAF-50676
When creating a Follow-up Study Case with no change to Relatedness from the initial Case, in some instances the Case Tag is incorrectly updated.   SAF-50805
When creating an aggregate report, if the Aggregate Report Template field is left blank, tasks are created for all aggregate report templates.   SAF-50823
When users configured with a Case Access Group Override create Follow-up Cases, the system doesn't assign the expected Case Access Group.   SAF-50840
When exporting custom E2B formats, the system runs Case-level validations for the custom format but not for the standard format that is the basis for the custom format.   SAF-50989
When a Transmission from an earlier Case version includes an inactive user in the Sender (User) field, newer Case versions cannot be approved.   SAF-51006
After upgrading the MedDRA dictionary to the latest version, Business Admins are unable to update the Active MedDRA Version field to the latest version.   SAF-51034
On PMDA E2B(R3) reports, the D.7.3 Concomitant Therapies data element is set to False when the Concomitant Therapies field is set to No on the Case, resulting in Negative Acknowledgement (NACK) messages because True is the only accepted value for this data element.   SAF-51374
When importing custom E2B file formats, the G.k.4.r.10.1 Route of Administration (free text) data element is not mapped to the Patient RoA Text field on the Case Product Dosage.   SAF-51476
E2B import fails if the file includes a data element with more than 1,500 characters and the Case is Localized.   SAF-51519
For JSON-imported Cases, Vault does not validate the date fields for the Medical Drug History object.   SAF-51617
In some instances, system performance is slower than expected when generating PSMF PDFs.   SAF-51658
The C.1.9.1 Other Case Identifiers in Previous Transmissions data element is populated as True when there are no E2B-transmittable Case Identifier objects associated with the Case, resulting in Negative Acknowledgement (NACK) messages.   SAF-51661
When creating Follow-up Cases through a user action, in some instances, multiple versions of the same Case appear in the Interval Line Listings of Serious Adverse Reactions (from Clinical Trials) for PBRERs.   SAF-51727
On E2B(R2) reports, the A.1.11 Other Case Identifiers in Previous Transmissions data element is populated as True when the Case includes only non-transmittable Case Identifiers.   SAF-51737
When importing Cases through Safety Inbox Loader, the Action Taken field on Case Products is not populated.   SAF-51739
In Vaults licensed for only Vault SafetyDocs, the Auto-Translation Framework cannot be configured.   SAF-51922
When importing multi-Case CSV files through the Safety Inbox Loader and using automated Case promotion, some Inbox Items are left in a Processing state.   SAF-51928
Combination Product device constituents are exported to CIOMS I forms.   SAF-51938
On foreign Localized Cases, when a new version of the Narrative document is uploaded, the content in the Narrative Preview does not update.   SAF-51988
For Vaults without PT Aggregation enabled, when generating a PBRER, the Summary Tabulation of Adverse Drug Reactions from Postmarketing Sources counts the same Adverse Event multiple times, once for each Product on a Case, instead of counting each Adverse Event only once.   SAF-52034
In Vaults with strict Case Locking enabled and some Case Unlocking workflow configurations, when a Study Case Product is unblinded and the related blinded Study includes Study Arms, the Case Product lifecycle does not transition from Unblinding to Unblinded.   SAF-52035
The system imports E2B files without Case Identifier names to Inbox Items, resulting in errors during Case promotion.   SAF-52055
After updating the Origin value on an Inbox Item Inbound Transmission record and then running the Calculate Inbox Item Access Group action, Vault does not recalculate the Case Access Group on the Inbound Transmission.   SAF-52099
Watchlist questionnaires are not generated for matching MedDRA Preferred Terms (PTs).   SAF-52124
For domestic Cases, the system prevents creating Follow-up Cases or merging to In-flight Cases from the Case Compare page in Vaults with a configured entry action that moves Narrative documents to the In Review state .   SAF-52154
If Dose information is blank on both a Case Product and the associated Product Registration record, when running the Retrieve Reportable Case Product Registrations action, the system does not prioritize the Product Registration designated as the Default Registration.   SAF-52164
When a Localized Case does not have a Narrative document, Vault Safety prevents completion of the Revision / Follow-up task on Domestic Cases.   SAF-52175
When an Inbox Item has more than 500 Assessments, the system prevents merge to In-flight Case and promote to Follow-up Case.   SAF-52180
If Smart MedDRA Coding is enabled, in rare cases, importing a high volume of Inbox Items causes the "Number of Requests in Current Month" counter on the MedDRA Coding Settings record to lock and the associated files to enter the Import Error state.   SAF-52189
When merging an Inbox Item into an In-flight Case through the Case Compare page, custom records from the matched Case are duplicated.   SAF-52233
When a Follow-up Case is created for a Japanese Localized Case, Vault does not generate the expected Localized Case Assessment Result records.   SAF-52259
When Localization is added to a Case that was initially promoted as Global, the system prevents Follow-up Case creation from a Localized Inbox Item.   SAF-52271
If an Adverse Event is deleted immediately after it is added to a Case, in some instances, related Case Assessment Results cannot be edited or deleted.   SAF-52274
When a Localized Case Assessment Event (LLT) is blank, Case Product Registrations cannot be created or updated.   SAF-52310
After creating a Follow-up Case for a Clinical Trial Case for a blinded Study, the lifecycle state of open-label Case Products updates to Blinded.   SAF-52311
During import of custom E2B formats using SDK, in some instances, Assessment Results are not created for Follow-up Cases.   SAF-52433
When merging an Inbox Item with a Reporter Country value to an In-flight Case with no Reporter Country value, the Case-level Reporter Country field is not updated.   SAF-52444
When importing an E2B file, when matching Study Products, the Company Product field is left blank if the Study Product Registration is not mapped.   SAF-52477
In rare cases, when importing an E2B file during intake, the system displays a "Message cannot be parsed" error message.   SAF-52523
During E2B import, custom E2B tags mapped using SDK are not imported to the Case Assessment Result object.   SAF-52613
After merging an Inbox Item to an In-flight Japan Domestic Case, Vault does not generate Localized Case Assessments for new Adverse Events from the Inbox Item.   SAF-52774
When sending an ACK2 message from an AS2 Connection, the system sends the original E2B back to the destination.   SAF-52928
When a Product is added to a Case and Assessments are generated, although Case-level Expectedness is auto-calculated, Vault Safety sets the Expected (Status) field to Overridden.   SAF-53111
When Inbox Items with blinded Products are merged to In-flight Cases or promoted to Follow-up Cases through the Case Compare page, if the matched Case is unblinded, the Case-level Product field is set to the primary Case Product.   SAF-53191
When generating PMDA E2B(R3) files for Cases with Combination Products that include a Device constituent, the Device is exported to the G.k Drug(s) Information section of the report.   SAF-53401
If two (2) Country records are set up with the same 2-letter code and one (1) record is inactive, during E2B import, the Reporter's Country Code is not mapped to the active record.   SAF-53449
When E2B(R3) ACKs are generated on the Inbound Transmission record, Vault maps the ACK.B.r.3 ICSR Message ACK Receiver data element to the Destination ID field and the ACK.B.r.4 ICSR Message ACK Sender data element to the Origin ID field, instead of the reverse.   SAF-53624
When a Localized Transmission does not include a destination, after running the Evaluate Regulatory Conformance action, the Validation Status on the Case is set to Error.   SAF-53651
When a non-migration user creates Case Assessments through Vault Loader, Vault Safety generates duplicate Case Assessment Results.   SAF-53702
When promoting an Inbox Item with a blank Product (Reported) field, Vault maps the Blinded Name (Placeholder) field value, if it exists, from the Inbox Item to the Product (Reported) field on the Case.   SAF-53810
When evaluating regulatory conformance on PMDA E2B(R3) reports, Validation Criteria PMDA.D.9.4.r.1b-2 fails when the Cause of Death type is "Reported Cause of Death" and the Autopsy field is set to "No".   SAF-53872
During import of custom E2B formats using SDK, some Parent Information is not imported.   SAF-53882
After importing Inbox Items with custom E2B file format and promoting to Case, Vault designates Patient-type Case Contacts as Base-type Case Contacts.   SAF-53899
When generating FDA MedWatch 3500A forms, Vault maps Company Product type products registered as a device in the country of its destination to section C. Suspect Products, instead of D. Suspect Medical Device and H. Device Manufacturers Only.   SAF-54000
After Gateway or manual E2B import, Case Access Groups are not populated on Inbound Transmissions.   SAF-54132
When exporting PMDA E2B(R3) reports, Vault Safety does not correctly validate nullFlavors in the following data elements: D.7.1.r.3 Continuing, D.7.1.r.4 End Date, D.9.1 Date of Death, D.9.3 Was Autopsy Done?, F.r.1 Test Date.   SAF-54179
When a Custom MedDRA Query (CMQ) uses the same name as a Standard MedDRA Query (SMQ) and the Import SMQ action is run, in some instances, terms are duplicated.   SAF-54185
For Localized Cases, when Local Case Processors code External Products with the JDrug Browser, the manufacturer and Local MPID details remain blank and the record cannot be saved.   SAF-54363
During import of custom E2B formats using SDK, some Case Product Dosage information is not imported.   SAF-54560
When exporting PMDA E2B(R3) reports, the D.8.r.2a and b and D.8.r.3a and b data elements are populated when the PMDA Reporting Category is "AA", "AB", "DA", or "DB".   SAF-54609
When generating PBRERs that include Cases with Study Products that have some blank Product (Coded) fields, the Cumulative Tabulation of Serious Adverse Events (from Clinical Trials) report enters an Error state.   SAF-54736
Inbox items cannot be created through the Intake JSON API if the resolved_idate_v field is blank.   SAF-55080
When reporting to the PMDA for a Case where the Product being evaluated is a component of a Combination Product, the Registration Type reporting rule parameter evaluates the registration of the Combination Product instead of a Constituent Product, and the rule fails.   SAF-55097
When the Suppress File Generation reporting rule parameter is set to Yes, after running the Evaluate Reporting Obligations action, in some instances Transmission Creation Messages are appended to the incorrect Transmission.   SAF-55303
When a Localized Case includes a Special Adverse Event of the Non-reportable Event type that is linked to a Case Assessment with a Reaction Recurrence, Vault Safety exports an invalid PMDA E2B(R3) file.   SAF-55442
When a Case Medical History record does not have a start or end date and the Continuing field is set to Yes, after running the Evaluate Regulatory Conformance action, validation fails for rule PMDA.D.7.1.r.3-2.   SAF-55443
After setting a Transmission to the Ready for Submission state, the AS2 Connection to a Health Authority or Partner does not send the file.   SAF-55736
When the Suppress File Generation reporting rules parameter is set to Yes, after running the Async Submit to Gateway action on Cases that should receive validation errors, in some instances, Transmissions are generated and remain in the Sending ICSR state.   SAF-56033
After importing Inbox Items through the Safety Inbox Loader, if the text is not an exact match, the Highlighted Term field is blank although Import Code Mapping exists for the Controlled Vocabulary type and for the Case Adverse Event object.   SAF-56131
During high-volume activity in a Vault, in some instances, Product Registration records cannot be created or edited.   SAF-56194, SAF-56972
When Submission files are greater than 5 MB, the AS2 Connection does not send the file.   SAF-56606
When evaluating reporting rules on a Case that is reportable to Japan through a cross-reportable product, the due date calculation fails.   SAF-58034

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
When using the Site Selector in Site Vault, users sometimes receive a server error.   DEV-649363
In some cases, Site Vault fails to identify the email of an existing Site Vault account.   DEV-692407

Vault Connections

Description Issue No.
In Vaults using the PromoMats - Medical Connection, Inbound Documents jobs fail to run if there are more than 10,000 User Exception Item records   DEV-692105
In Vaults using the PromoMats - Medical Connection, Inbound Documents jobs initiated via the Vault REST API may fail to run.   DEV-693469
In Vaults using the PromoMats - Medical Connection, Vault may inactivate User Exception Message records created by the Inbound Documents job once the job runs again.   DEV-695056

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on April 30, 2024.

Description Issue No.
After a user uploads a document in the Related Reference field to a Substantiation record, the Create Substantiation dialog layout does not appear as expected.   OLS-23656
When a user runs the Localize Pack Copy, Create Selective Claims, or Create Selective Local Adaptations actions but does not select a Location filter in the dialog, Vault does not return any results or display an error message.   OLS-25865
When a user runs the Remove Statement and Related Records action and selects a Local Adaptation to remove, the job fails if the Project Local Adaptation object is a complex join.   OLS-25940
Searching for "not" in the Selectively Create Claims dialog results in a server error.   OLS-26543
When an Admin inactivates the C1: Product Claims Copy Complete (product_claims_copy_complete__v) notification, users still receive the notification after running the Copy Claims to Another Product action.   OLS-26569
Searching for a space (" ") in the Selectively Create Claims or Generate Local Adaptations dialog results in a server error.   OLS-26629
When a user tries to save a new Panel Element Join record without populating all required fields, Vault displays a server error.   OLS-27629