A maintenance release contains fixes for issues that are affecting customers in production environments. We communicate 24 hours prior to a maintenance release. There may be a short service disruption during deployment. The Veeva Trust Site provides the most up-to-date information on Vault’s service status. Check this site to view the current status of Vault PODs and upcoming scheduled system maintenance.

This list only covers fixes for issues that impact 21R3 General Release versions of QualityOne client applications. The list of fixed issues is subject to change until the release occurs. When we identify issues to fix in a maintenance release, we attempt to get them into the earliest release possible. Sometimes, we target a specific release but are not able to deliver a fix early enough for full testing. In situations like this, we postpone the fix for a later release and strike out the description in this list.

We number maintenance releases for QualityOne client applications by appending the number of the QualityOne client application-specific maintenance release to the General Release number. The most recent Vault General Release is 21R3.0, so our maintenance releases for this version are 21R3.0.1, 21R3.0.2, and so on.

QualityOne client applications includes the following:

Last Updated: March 4, 2022

February 9, 2022

Release Number: 21R3.0.1 | Build Number: 213.0.1 (3)

This release affects only QualityOne Mobile for iOS.

Description Issue No.
While viewing a read-only field on an Incident or NCR record, the title bar of the record is not displayed and the fields are overlapping the record type.   OLS-9068
Azure users cannot log into QualityOne Mobile for iOS.   OLS-8984