Release Date: June 7, 2024

The following applications may have different release dates: RegulatoryOne, Safety, and Veeva Claims.

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

Last Updated: June 12, 2024

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users are unable to reactivate integration rules that were previously deactivated for the CDMS-CTMS Connection.   DEV-641964*
If users attempt to run the Send Document Exchange Email job and there is one or more Distribution Task missing a Sponsor or CRO Document Version, the entire job fails.   DEV-685199*
When users take the Send to Site action, Vault fails to update the document's Lifecycle State, Site to Site, Initial Sent to Site Date, and Last Sent to Site fields.   DEV-690980*
In some cases, the Site User Homepage Document Exchange Grid does not accurately reflect the time zone of the end user.   DEV-691665*
In some cases, Vault fails to display Sponsor/CRO document numbers for newly created documents.   DEV-692573*
The Site Connect and Safety Distribution tabs remain inactive, even after the Enable Site Connect Site Experience flag is set.   DEV-698337*
In some cases, Site users are unable to view documents from the Document Viewer and receive an error when attempting to do so.   DEV-698371*
Users may experience an unexpected error when attempting to send a document to a Site.   DEV-699044*
Vault erroneously requires users to add a value to the Conditions and Focus of Study fields for expanded access studies for individual patients.   DEV-702258*
Vault fails to display several required fields (Device Product Not Approved or Cleared by US FDA, Pediatric Postmarket Surveillance of a Device) for Studies that are marked as Studies a US FDA-regulated device product.   DEV-702633*
Vault erroneously requires users to add a value to the Collaborator text field on Disclosure records.   DEV-702791*
In some cases, Vault fails to display document version information for SiteVault documents in the Upload dialogue window.   DEV-703459*
In some cases, Vault does not update safety documents statuses to read when users view them in email or from the Site Home grid.   DEV-704082*
Vault fails to correctly update related SHA and Study Invitation records when users register a new VeevaID.   DEV-705162*
When users attempt to add Site Staff records, they receive an error and are unable to do so.   DEV-705746*
Vault does not continue to update Distribution Task Recipients once the parent Distribution Task is completed.   DEV-705944*
The Test from Production feature does not function properly for users with documents that have predicted study sites in currently inactive study countries.   DEV-706294
In some cases, when Site users attempt to upload a new document using the Upload actions, Vault opens the SiteVault Documents section with the Upload section disabled.   DEV-706573*
Vault erroneously requires users to add a value to the Expanded Access Type field even when the Disclosure Study Type is non-expanded access.   DEV-707530*
In some cases, Site users encounter an error when attempting to access the Study Admin tab.   DEV-707615*
When Site users transfer a document from a Site to a Sponsor Vault using the Send Additional action, the delivery method is recorded as "null".   DEV-707716*
When users attempt to enable the Standard Clinical Survey Questions flag, an error occurs.   DEV-707778*
When users create a new Study Personnel record for a person with an existing VeevaID, Vault fails to associate the new user to the person record.   DEV-708075*
When users train a Document Classification Trained Model Type, Vault does not populate the Training Summary Results.   DEV-708116*
When users train a Trained Model, Vault incorrectly displays the Document ID instead of the Document Classification in the Metric Subtype field of the model's Model Performance Metrics section.   DEV-708379*
In some Clinical Operations Vaults, users attempting to enable the Disclosure feature flag encounter an error and are unable to do so.   DEV-708715*
Vault fails to display performance metrics in the OTHERS UNKNOWN category.   DEV-709035*
Under certain circumstances, non-Admin users with custom sharing rules set cannot generate Clinical Trial Notifications.   DEV-709802
In some cases, the Refresh Study Connected Data job does not result in data transfer and Vault does not display an error, with the only indication of the job not working being the Job Status of Errors Encountered.   DEV-710450*
Users may receive a server error when attempting to select certain USNs when configuring organization records.   DEV-711335
In some cases, running the Update Metrics job results in an error and the job does not complete successfully.   DEV-712208*
If users attempt to sort documents using the Last File to SiteVault Column on the Document Exchange > Documents > Received grid, Vault does not display any documents.   DEV-714980*
Users receive an error when attempting to transfer files larger than 2 GB via TMF Transfer.   DEV-716592


Description Issue No.
Vault does not display an error message when it fails to change the state of an eCTD source document using the Update eCTD Source Document State entry action.   DEV-702379*
In Vaults with Add Annotations from Vault Links enabled, Vault may fail to up-version and render Supporting Annotated Labeling and Annotated Reference documents in Compliance Packages.   DEV-708079*
In some cases, moving Claim records from the Approved state to the Withdrawn state results in an error.   DEV-708923
Users may experience an error when attempting to add and save Claim or Text Assets on Content Modules if there are custom inactive required fields.   DEV-712798

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
Users without Read permission on the Permalink object are unable to create permalink annotations via the Vault REST API.   DEV-702835*
Authorized users on Align Vaults are unable to access the Direct Data API and receive an INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS error.   DEV-710050
Users are unable to move and update links for annotations via API when a document is in legal hold.   DEV-710092*
Vault does not update the Where Used count of Claim records created, updated, or removed via API.   DEV-710264*
Any API Usage logs containing double quotes are incorrectly formatted and users are unable to download the LOGFILE format.   DEV-712750
Calling the Retrieve User Actions endpoint on the steady state version of a document returns an INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS error when the authenticated user does not have View access on the latest version of the document.   DEV-716067
Using the Vault REST API to create a record with an empty or null value in the Attachment field returns an error response.   DEV-720085*

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
The internal component types Componentadminuiaction and Componentdirectoryeventhandler are not hidden and appear in Vault Configuration Report and Vault Comparisons.   DEV-713125*

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
When an UPDATE record operation accesses a non-existent object field on a record, and a user action on the record uses the ObjectLifecycleStateUserActionService, the error message does not mention the invalid field.   DEV-718266


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vaults using Medical Inquiry CRM Data Sharing may fail to push mapped fields to CRM.   DEV-706959
When the Notepad field in the Medical Inquiry UI is a Long Text field, it may not appear correctly.   DEV-711782
The Binoculars icon on the Browse more Frequently Asked Questions option in the Frequently Asked Question drop-down may overlap the text.   DEV-716360*


Description Issue No.
Vault may fail to create a new draft version for an Approved Email Template if the document includes an empty asset ZIP file.   DEV-707113
Users receive a server error when attempting to reclassify documents from a type with use_China_CDN to another type without use_China_CDN.   DEV-713043
Users may experience performance issues when performing a Submit to Gateway action.   DEV-714467

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
Vault Loader does not support double quotes around field names in the header row of CSV input files when loading document attachments.   DEV-668488
When exporting the Login Audit Trail, the cover page's Vault ID token may not render properly.   DEV-700708
Users may encounter blank username values in the document audit trail for external event entries such as Viewed Sent Document.   DEV-702621
Under certain conditions, users receive a server error when attempting to add a CD user.   DEV-707175*
Under certain conditions, users cannot create new users if their language is not English.   DEV-707900
Under certain conditions when updating a permission, the Create, Edit, Read, and Delete permissions which did not change during the update may appear in the audit log as updated. For example, editing a permission with Create, Edit, Read, and Delete permissions to remove the Create permission may show an audit log entry that the Create permission was removed, and the Edit, Read, and Delete permissions were added (even though the Edit, Read, and Delete permissions already existed on the record and did not change).   DEV-708924
After adding an object reference field to a custom object that references the same object, Vault incorrectly adds the reference field to any newly created page layouts by default.   DEV-709023*
In the audit trail, entries which were previously listed as "System on behalf of Application Owner" are now correctly audited as only "System."   DEV-709292*
Users are unable to access Vaults with invalid Tab references.   DEV-710857*
Under certain conditions, the Full Name displays incorrectly in the System Audit History CSV file if it is downloaded when logged in as delegate user.   DEV-710940*
Scheduled Data Export runs on the latest version of the Vault API. This means that in some cases, the behavior of the latest version of the API may be different than the previous version. In API v24.1, we changed the behavior of some audit trail fields ( which caused undesired behavior for integrations using Scheduled Data Export. With this fix, Veeva can now choose to exclude this particular audit trail change from all API versions for specific customers.   DEV-716829
Restoring default column values in RSA incorrectly displays Rendition Status instead of Viewable Rendition Type.   DEV-718626*
When multiselecting items in RSA, the dropdown icon moves down in the filter rather than correctly remaining in place.   DEV-718685*
In some cases, users are only able to add 3 filters to an RSA search rather than all available filters.   DEV-719078*
When multiple RSA filters have empty values, users may only see a required field error message for one instead of all of them.   DEV-719446*
RSA dropdown menus may have inconsistent behavior.   DEV-719447*
RSA dropdown menus that should only show 5 values actually show more.   DEV-719461*
When filtering documents in RSA by any value other than timestamp, the UI may say that is showing events from 1/1/1970 to the most recent document date rather than correctly saying that it is showing events from the oldest document date to the most recent.   DEV-719918*

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
In some cases, documents with Track Changes enabled display inaccurate deletion revisions after the Merge Fields process is complete.   DEV-649367*
In some cases, the Merge Fields process fails for Word documents containing ORDER BY clauses.   DEV-679774
PDF documents with article boxes copied and pasted across different pages appear incorrectly after FSR.   DEV-689079*
Under certain circumstances, when attempting to create a viewable rendition, the process becomes stuck.   DEV-700766
In some cases, fields in Library's Grid view show more characters than the max character length for that field.   DEV-701679
Vault incorrectly brings forward coordinate-based annotations as page-level annotations.   DEV-706482*
Users may receive an unhelpful error message when attempting to check out a placeholder document.   DEV-708455*
In some cases, Vault fails to render .txt files.   DEV-709789
In some cases, special characters in email message files (.msg) fail to render properly.   DEV-709866
Vault fails to present users assigned proper permissions with the Undo Brought Forward Annotation action unless they are the document owner.   DEV-710370*
Viewable renditions encounter a merge fields error if the rendered document contains an Effective Date field in the Document Type.   DEV-710394
Tokens introduced in 23R3 or later fail to merge if they are copy/pasted from one document to another.   DEV-710494
Vault does not display annotation placemarks in documents where text extraction failed.   DEV-710657
FSR may fail on secured files if the document structure is deep enough.   DEV-710675*
When a user clicks an attachment link from a document that was opened in a mini-browser, the home page opens instead of the desired attachment.   DEV-711593
Bookmark settings may not be retrieved correctly when the default rendition profile is used.   DEV-712186
In some cases, Vault fails to render PDF documents that use a Rendition Profile with PDF Standardization enabled.   DEV-712835
In some cases, viewable renditions may display as blank pages instead of the actual content.   DEV-713054
In some cases, Vault fails to display embedded links in SPL renditions.   DEV-713659
In some cases, document bookmarks in viewable renditions do not retain the zoom level set on the source document.   DEV-713901
Admins are unable to create Signature Type picklist items for new objects with signatures enabled.   DEV-714396*
In some cases, Vault fails to render eSignature pages on PDF documents.   DEV-714563*
When a user starts an annotation and then changes annotation tools without saving, Vault incorrectly saves the annotation placemark.   DEV-716049*
In some cases, unexpected and invisible link annotations are created in viewable renditions for PDF documents.   DEV-716561
When exporting a CSV from RSA, the values in the Rendition Profile and Viewable Rendition Type columns may be missing or incorrect.   DEV-718099*
Users may be unable to apply e-signatures, merge, protect, convert to PDF/A, validate, and process documents with objects streams that have some additional characters or comments.   DEV-718206*
When a user uploads a document with a ’ in the file name, Vault replaces it with ' which may cause problems for some users.   DEV-718657
Users are unable to add up to 1000 documents to a binder at one time using bulk actions in the UI.   DEV-718679

Platform: Expressions

Description Issue No.
Users may see unexpected results when evaluating expression functions with datetime input arguments.   DEV-715917

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
When a configuration migration package creates an object lifecycle and lifecycle state type association, and a lifecycle with that label has never existed in the target Vault, importing the VPK results in an error that the state type association cannot be deployed.   DEV-540737*
In some cases, when a user's language is different from their Vault's base language, saving a user action changes the translated label for the user action to the Vault's base language.   DEV-657952
In some cases, when a user has a large number of available tasks, the number of tasks shown on the My Vault page for a Vault is different from the number shown on the My Tasks page for the Vault.   DEV-694364
If an object in a source Vault has object types but the same object in a target Vault does not, Vault does not block the import of a VPK for an object lifecycle that has entry criteria on the missing object types.   DEV-701950*
Bulk document changes via the UI incorrectly limit users to only changing 100 documents at a time.   DEV-709842
In certain rare cases, users may receive a server error when attempting to open the Timeline View for a document workflow.   DEV-710157
Entry actions that set fields using Document Status may set the incorrect status.   DEV-711366
Users are unable to start advanced start workflows from any custom tab that contains only a single object type.   DEV-712170
In some cases, when completing a verdict in which all capacities appear to match, users encounter an error that the "task step verdict capacity must all match for multiple verdicts."   DEV-712207
Under some circumstances, users may be able to see Read and Understand workflows, but not start them.   DEV-713111*
When translated object workflow task instructions exceed 500 characters, Vault may not display the full text.   DEV-715827
When the start step or task step of an object workflow prompts the user for a Text or Number field that has a format mask, and a user starts the workflow on multiple records, the user's input for the field is not formatted.   DEV-716119*
The Refine Selection page of Advanced Start Workflow disables documents that are in an active Read & Understood workflow.   DEV-720251*
Under certain circumstances, users are unable to update some workflow states.   DEV-721969

Platform: Localization

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users are unable to import bulk translation files due to invalid properties, but Vault does not provide a helpful error message.   DEV-716325

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
When layout rules hide all content for a layout, Vault displays a blank page instead of a message stating users should contact their administrator.   DEV-698062*
When editing EDL Items, including or excluding a document version that is no longer available dur to upversioning results in a server error.   DEV-698877*
Vault displays incorrect abbreviations for some currencies.   DEV-707075
When a document's deletion is blocked by a specific version or latest steady state version document reference field's value in a record, that record does not show up in the CSV file of blocking references in the document deletion dialog.   DEV-710390
Users may receive a network error when attempting to view or create records if the URL exceeds a certain length.   DEV-713959
Object reference lookup fields fail to display a value on the record details page if the field has _dv or _fm in its name.   DEV-714001
After an Admin clicks Edit from the inline Actions menu for a validation rule on the Validation Rules tab, and then edits the rule and clicks Save or Cancel, the Validation Rules breadcrumb link on the Details page does not work.   DEV-714506
In workflow task dialogs, text and number fields with format masks are not displayed as expected.   DEV-714801
When attempting to save a record with a lookup field when the source field is an object with object types and the lookup field is not set because the source field is blank, Vault may display a "Server having problems" error.   DEV-715992*
Users who have requested an increase in the max number of layout sections may still be unable to create more than 30 sections.   DEV-716963
In some cases, users are unable to delete Content Plan records.   DEV-719420

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
Object List Views have decreased performance.   DEV-706579*
Under certain conditions, changing permissions on an object may display the object record ID rather than the label. For example, "Permission {Object_ID}~~{Object_Type_ID} > Read".   DEV-713457

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
Under certain circumstances, users see a validation error while adding a filter on a lookup field.   DEV-622423*
Users may encounter performance issues with reports and dashboards when using the equals or is not equal to operators as prompt filters on Union Lifecycle or Union Lifecycle State fields in Multi-pass reports.   DEV-684162*
Users encounter a server error when they sort the Document ID column on document reports with up or down objects.   DEV-705504*
In some cases, users may encounter a server error when attempting to run a report that groups rows and sorts columns by the Owner field.   DEV-705556
When users add a formula field to a Multi-pass report that uses the secondary report view and a field from the primary report view, a server error occurs.   DEV-709038*
Users may experience performance issues when running a Workflow with Object Report where there are no Workflow entries associated with the object records.   DEV-714139*
Users may experience performance issues when running a workflow report that includes a filter on Workflow Name.   DEV-715065*
In some cases, when the "Include HTML tags" export option is disabled, the exported report still contains HTML tags.   DEV-715934

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
In some cases, sorting documents by name may show them in the incorrect order.   DEV-687556*
Users may receive a Server having problems error when entering an invalid search in a tab with facets.   DEV-693259*
Users who previously had their facet filters removed may experience server errors on the Home tasks page.   DEV-709827*
In some cases, Text Locator may incorrectly identify matches during Auto-Linking and Suggest Linking.   DEV-710710*
Global and Any of words searchs in conjunction with All of words do not function correctly on object tabs, returning only results of global/Any of words.   DEV-711213
In some cases, Auto Claims jobs may take a long time to run.   DEV-713468*
Under certain circumstances, users may receive server errors when adding filters to a Library search.   DEV-714649
Admins should be able to see all Saved Views in a Vault if they have the Read View admin permission, but in some situations, they are unable to do so.   DEV-723162*
Exports of Excel documents from Vault do not correctly recognize date fields.   DEV-723165*

Platform: Security

Description Issue No.
When updating user permissions with Vault Loader, if the input CSV contains rows for system-owned users (such as the Java SDK Service Account), the CSV may allow users with lower permissions to update Vault Owner security profiles.   DEV-711025

Platform: VeevaID

Description Issue No.
Due to differences in General Release and Limited Release, if a user is registered from a General Release Vault using a timezone that was updated to a new label in a newer Limited Release, the corresponding timezone in VeevaID will be blank.   DEV-703473*
In the VeevaID User Dialog, Vault incorrectly displays the Application Licensing Field instead of the License Type field.   DEV-712278*


Description Issue No.
During test script execution, users are able to click the Save button more than once when uploading discrepancy files.   DEV-688555*
In some cases in Vault QMS, the Activate External Collaborator action may not execute as expected.   DEV-691606*
The Auto Manage Persons job runs but does not create Person records in cloned Vaults until the job runs a second time.   DEV-700690*
In some cases, when deploying a VPK which includes QMS User Template components, the deployment may result in an error.   DEV-704668*
When displaying search results on the Class Roster page for Learners who have passed the Quiz and Class Results = Complete, Vault displays inconsistent values (for example, Quiz = Not Started).   DEV-706278
In some cases, Vault displays broken images instead of default images on the My Team Page.   DEV-707008
The VPK deployment error log may not display a clear error message in cases when the VPK includes Quality Team components with cascade behavior configured.   DEV-708418*
Scrolling in the Assessment Risk section of an Assessment record may cause the page to refresh.   DEV-709385*
In certain cases, Vault may start an additional instance of the Quality-RIM connection job for processing inbound Change Controls.   DEV-710048
Users are unable to add additional documents to a Document Change Control record if there are already 100 document versions.   DEV-710527
Vault may display an error when a user without Vault Owner permissions makes changes to column sizes in the QRM Risk Builder.   DEV-713630*
Rich text fields may be truncated when transferred from RIM to Quality.   DEV-714029
Vault does not copy test steps with additional prompts with the same prompt order.   DEV-716565*
Users are able to add more than 14 additional prompts to test steps without encountering a limit error.   DEV-716632*
When executed from an APQR Item, the Generate Document from Report action may result in a document with an unexpected order of entries.   DEV-716828
Managers without Read access to the Nudge Detail object are able to send a nudge, however the Learner does not receive it, and Vault does not create a Nudge Detail record.   DEV-717760
When attempting to load the My Team page, managers without appropriate Person object field permissions receive a generic error (Page Not Found) instead of a permissions error page.   DEV-718246
In Vault QMS, in some cases a newly created Audit record may not inherit an Owning Organization value from its originating Proposed Audit.   DEV-719052
After running the Capture Risk History action in QRM, the Risk Score may not be be copied from Assessment Risk to Assessment Risk History.   DEV-722034*

Quality: Station Manager

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, users receive a server error when attempting to add a Station Manager user with no license type.   DEV-708098*


Description Issue No.
When Process Step Groups on the HACCP Flow Diagram display within the borders of larger and more recently created Process Step Groups, users cannot select the inner Process Step Groups.   DEV-670158*
Vault does not translate the Welcome, Welcome Back, and Goodbye email messages sent when activating or deactivating a new or existing External Collaborator user account into the External Collaborator's preferred language.   DEV-677853*
In some cases when users edit the name of a Connector Step on the HACCP Flow Diagram, the text overflows beyond the text input field.   DEV-697936*
If a user clicks the Review section from an Audit Checklist record, they may receive a blank page even though all the answers on the checklist are completed.   DEV-701240
When users run the Analyze COA action on an Inspection record and later update the Attribute Verdict field value on an associated Inspection Sample Test Result record, the Analysis Source field value on the Inspection Sample Test Result does not update from "Automatic" to "Manual."   DEV-707982*


Description Issue No.
When creating and managing Event details in bulk, Vault displays date fields in the user’s timezone instead of the Vault’s timezone.   DEV-684799*
Vault incorrectly reports Rule H20 as failed for published STFs where XML Node Type = Leaf, XML Leaf Attribute Type = STF File Tag, and XML Leaf Attribute set is not blank.   DEV-698954
Users may see empty correspondence folders in the Submissions Archive Viewer and when exporting submissions even when correspondence folders should not be visible.   DEV-702672
Users may receive a false positive on Rule 11.6 if the application folder name contains 4 consecutive digits.   DEV-702727
After merging sections in a Report Level Content Plan (RLCP), any subsequent section-level merges do not update the title of the published document if the title is updated on the RLCP.   DEV-704086*
TItle updates based on initial eCTD 40 metadata created instead of imported submission.   DEV-705100*
In some cases, NULL Active Dossier Item Detail status does not push to its parent Active Dossier Item.   DEV-706346*
Non-eCTD08 submissions may receive inconsistent validation results on published .docx files.   DEV-706930
Users may receive a false positive on CA Rule F07 if module 1 is not the first module in the content plan.   DEV-707508
In some cases, an error message is displayed twice and users are unable navigate to other document panels.   DEV-708101*
The order of questions in Health Authority Question panel does not align with the order of the annotations in the document viewer.   DEV-708156*
During Global Content Plan dispatch, Vault does not create Active Dossier Item Detail records for an Activity’s Regulatory Objective where Local Disposition = Implement then File.   DEV-708278*
The twizzle icon is not correct for the record in-context when the Content Plan Viewer is opened in a duplicate tab.   DEV-708381*
Open Source Document user action is erroneously displayed for CPI merged document.   DEV-708656*
The in-focus Content Plan Item is not expanded automatically when the user launches matched document mode with having the same Content Plan Item in-context.   DEV-708675*
Expected Document Counts are not showing in the matched document mode banner when the Content Plan Item is collapsed and put in-context.   DEV-709046*
The first Content Plan Item is put in-context with an error banner upon refreshing the browser tab if the previously selected Content Plan Item is deleted.   DEV-709077*
When users match documents with the same Document ID but different versions to Content Plan Items with the same SOPD, they are incorrectly published as the same document and updated to have the same POL when they should be published separately.   DEV-709094
When the read permission on "All Objects" is revoked on the system Admin security profile, users are unable to access US UDI viewer.   DEV-709217*
In some cases, Vault does not compare the Date and Date Time fields correctly and a duplicate record is created.   DEV-709241*
In some cases, Vault displays an incorrect Date field value under the Regulatory Objective and Submission steps of the Split Activities wizard.   DEV-709327*
In some cases, Vault displays a blank Edit & Verify screen when users edit field values while verifying Registered Details.   DEV-709387*
In some cases, users receive an internal system error when a bulk eCTD import has an invalid XML file.   DEV-709496*
Users with a large number of Content Plan Items in a Content Plan may experience publishing failures or long publishing times.   DEV-709856
Under certain circumstances, the lifecycle state of a Registered Device Identifier record may be changed for an unintended Registration.   DEV-709940*
Users may receive false positives on EU rule 15.BP3.   DEV-710090
If any RLCP EDL Items are found when performing incoming link publishing, publishing may fail.   DEV-710609
Vault does not clear previous merging and publishing failure results during publishing unless items are subsequently merged and published.   DEV-710625
Vault does not return the expected error message when a user attempts to edit the QMS-RIM Transaction Status.   DEV-710756*
Vault references Submission Administrative Information for Submission Countries which are not used in content planning, resulting in incorrect regional XML envelope information.   DEV-711647
In some cases, Vault up-versions published and submitted Submissions Archive documents.   DEV-712466
In some cases, invalid combinations are included in the max record limit and preview generation fails.   DEV-712817*
Vault does not clear previous merging and publishing failure results during on-demand publishing.   DEV-713029
In some cases, a submission's Transmission Status may become stuck in Transmission In Queue despite the submission being successfully transmitted.   DEV-713135
Publishing may fail when validating a broken embedded link during incoming link publishing.   DEV-713316
The Create and Manage Event Details preview does not save when the boolean field is set to null.   DEV-714599*
Users may receive false positives on submissions for Rule C03.   DEV-714645
Context is not applied to a row when the user inline edits and populates the value in any cell by pressing Enter.   DEV-714961*
When the browser zoom size is changed, the document tool bar options do not work properly in the viewer.   DEV-715881*
A translation plugin is not included in the regulatory gradle build.   DEV-716272*
When a Content Plan Item’s Published Output Location is updated after merging, Vault adds unexpected links to matched documents with embedded permalinks upon publishing.   DEV-716458
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 1255 as failed.   DEV-716493
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports EU 15.10 as failed.   DEV-716656
In some cases, documents may fail to transfer from PromoMats to RIM.   DEV-717386
Users are unable to view Submission Administrative Information for US 3.3 Submissions.   DEV-717441
The Gateway Submission summary dialog displays incorrect counts for Files and Expected Files when the submitting user does not have permissions to the included documents.   DEV-717713


The RegulatoryOne release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on June 18, 2024.

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users see a server error when trying to view Matching Registrations in the Search Registration dialog if they do not have Read permission on the Registration object.   OLS-29118*
The Generate Requirements action takes longer to generate records than expected.   OLS-29386*
In some cases, the Generate Requirements action creates records that reuse shared requirements when token resolution does not match the source root Requirement.   OLS-29470
In some cases, the Generate Requirements job fails due to unresolved VQL Criteria but does not contain relevant details in the job log.   OLS-29696*
When a user runs the Export Binder as Merged PDF action and does not have View Content permission or if the relevant documents do not contain renditions, the job log contains an inaccurate detail.   OLS-29858*


The Safety release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on June 13, 2024.

Description Issue No.
Vault does not assign Watchlist tags to Case Products that are constituents of Combination Products.   SAF-44133
When generating a PSMF PDF, the included logbook is renamed.   SAF-53115*
Users who have been assigned the Lock Manager permission set receive an error when editing the Locked By field.   SAF-54400
When Automated Case Promotion is configured with the Override merge method, if an Inbox Item has a matching MRN with a Case, but the Worldwide UID does not match, Vault creates a new Case and changes the Worldwide UID on the original Case.   SAF-56018,
When non-Vault Owner users run reports for a high volume of records, in some instances, Vault times out or takes longer than expected to generate the report.   SAF-56139*
The MedDRA browser shows no results when searching for a non-LLT term ending with a right parenthesis.   SAF-56427*
If Smart MedDRA Coding is enabled, in some instances importing a high volume of Inbox Items causes the Number of Requests in Current Month counter on the MedDRA Coding Settings record to lock and E2B import fails. The Number of Requests in Current Month counter has been turned off and will be fixed in a future release.   SAF-56801
Non-Vault Owner users cannot manually create Medical History and Drug History records on Domestic Localized Cases.   SAF-57312*
During E2B import in Vaults with the Localization-based Mapping on Import setting turned on, after Case promotion, local values are not mapped to the localized text fields on Domestic Parent Information Cases.   SAF-57315*
If a user promotes the same Inbox Item to a Case multiple times in quick succession, Vault creates multiple versions of the Case.   SAF-57657
Localized Follow-up Cases have duplicated Case Product Substance records if the initial Case and Follow-up Case have a record for the same Substance.   SAF-57784*
On Domestic Cases where Localization has a scope, users without access to the Localized Medical History Text field can't see the Medical History Text box on the global Case, although the Medical History Text Reason Omitted field is displayed.   SAF-58366
When Suppress Submission is selected on a Case, Vault still generates One Last Time reports.   SAF-58368
For E2B data imported from email attachments, Vault does not complete Automated Case Promotion.   SAF-58489*
For custom Case Identifier Types set to Re-Transmittable, when generating PMDA E2B(R3) Transmissions, validation for the C.1.9.1.r.1 Source(s) of the Case Identifier data element passes when the Case Identifier Source field is blank.   SAF-58791
When duplicate search finds matching Patient MRN values, Vault tags the search result with "Likely match" instead of "Possible Match" and, when using Automated Case Promotion, Vault marks Inbox Items as Follow-up instead of creating new Cases.   SAF-59041
When Automated Case Promotion is configured with the Manual merge method, Vault marks Inbox Items as Follow-ups for Cases in prohibited states.   SAF-59510,

Vault Connections

Description Issue No.
While using the RIM to PromoMats Vault connection, Vault may fail to transfer Labeling type documents.   DEV-703871*
When using a Connection Field Rule with a default value in a RIM - PromoMats Connection, the transfer may fail.   DEV-716954
When using a Connection Field Rule with a default value in a PromoMats - Medical Connection, the transfer may fail.   DEV-718241*
In Vaults using the PromoMats - Medical connection, Vault fails to transfer field rules on CrossLinks. Vault may fail to transfer CrossLinks if the field rules are required.   DEV-719169*

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on June 18, 2024.

Description Issue No.
When a user receives a notification about a comment they've been tagged on, clicking on the link in the notification may not take them directly to that comment if an Admin has configured comments on an object layout with multiple pages.   OLS-24432*
When a user searches for a Product in the dialog for a word exceeding 250 characters after running the Create Claims Run as System action, Vault shows a server error.   OLS-27694*
When a user enters "@%" when creating a comment, Vault returns a server error.   OLS-29241*