Release Date: May 3, 2024 Postponed to May 9, 2024

The following applications may have different release dates: RegulatoryOne, Safety, and Veeva Claims.

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

Last Updated: May 17, 2024

Brand & Medical Portal

Description Issue No.
Vault may fail to display the PromoMats logo on the Brand Portal homepage.   DEV-695462*

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
Users may encounter errors when entering special characters in the Site Connect Document Exchange and Site Home grids.   DEV-662953*
When users attempt to copy an existing Metric, Metric Over Time, or Monitored Metric, Vault displays an unexpected error.   DEV-664820*
If users have not configured a complete lifecycle state for a Milestone, updating the dates on that Milestone can cause the related Update Dependencies job to fail and users are unable to view the job record in their Vault.   DEV-667731
In some cases, when users send a document to Site Vault, Vault fails to populate the SiteVault Document Type on related Distribution Tasks.   DEV-669226*
When users update a Holdback Item from Yes to No, Vault fails to update the Adjustment Reason of the Payable Item accordingly.   DEV-669426*
In certain cases, Vault fails to roll up arm and no arm metrics consistently.   DEV-672727*
In some cases, Vault fails to update Milestones' % Complete fields to 100% even when the Actual Finish Date is populated.   DEV-678251
Vault fails to validate input in number fields on Disclosure records, allowing users to enter numbers that are negative or otherwise outside of the field range.   DEV-680479*
Vault fails to correctly save information in number fields in the Study Design section of Disclosure records.   DEV-680505*
In some cases, the Create Milestones from Template job can result in Vault creating duplicate EDLs from the same template.   DEV-680641
In some cases, users are unable to open a Disclosure record once information has been entered in the References section of the record.   DEV-681738*
In some cases, the radio buttons for Officials Roles in the Overall Study Official Data Table Grid are not responsive.   DEV-682964*
If users change the Site Connect User setting for a Study Person from True to False, Vault incorrectly populates the Access End Date of the SHA record.   DEV-684761*
Users receive an error when attempting to start a Trip Report that references an inactive monitoring event type.   DEV-684858
In some cases, inserting rows in the Milestone Workspace table takes much longer than expected.   DEV-690642
If the "Connect to CTMS" setting is enabled in the CDMS Vault, but not in the CTMS Vault, Study Data is not successfully transferred from the CDMS Vault to the CTMS Vault.   DEV-691660*
When a user clears the Country field of a Document in their RIM Vault, Vault fails to remove the Country field of the Crosslinked Document in their Clinical Vault.   DEV-695017
In some cases, Vault fails to create the Global CTN Data Change logs when users make changes to CTN data.   DEV-697292*
Users may be unable to approve documents with multiple versions.   DEV-709644


Description Issue No.
Vault partially highlights claim annotations if the claim text includes more than 40 words and is repeated in the document and if one instance of the claim text is a Suggested Link.   DEV-670651*
Vault may display incorrect link colors for Claims, Text, Data, and Image assets in the Modular Content document panel.   DEV-706999*
Users may see a blank screen when they create multiple object types on a Content Module and switch between modules after clicking into one of the asset cards.   DEV-710913*

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, attempting to retrieve a high_volume object record without the proper permissions returns a MALFORMED_URL error type instead of the correct INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS response.   DEV-547005*
Configuration reports may fail to list jobs that exist in the source Vault.   DEV-654413
Responses from the Retrieve Workflow Task Action Details endpoint do not include the current value for document fields when the action is mdwcomplete.   DEV-678645*
Saving a Claim Link annotation using the Vault Java SDK or the REST API does not update the Where Used table of the affected Claim records.   DEV-702244*

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
Vault throws an IndexOutOfBoundsException when modifying a Record that is being used in a Trigger.   DEV-638396*
RecordRoleService may throw a NumberFormatException instead of the correct IllegalArgumentException.   DEV-664259*
When running a multi-record transaction to execute a user action through ObjectLifecycleStateUserActionService#executeUserAction(), Vault only applies the run-as user ID to the first record in the transaction, and applies the System user ID to all subsequent records.   DEV-674174*


Description Issue No.
After Vault automatically creates Medical Inquiries from emails, Vault may incorrectly perform Product matching.   DEV-684081


Description Issue No.
The Create Related Document or Binder user action may fail when the document version no longer exists, and this may prevent the action from being used for any documents.   DEV-682879
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to distribute videos created using the Make a Copy action.   DEV-692452
In some cases, Vault fails to sync Multichannel Slides with CRM and does not update the distribution package name and status.   DEV-694556

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
Users experience an error when configuring lifecycle role permissions when there are roles with similar names.   DEV-550271*
In some cases, if an Admin downloads success or failure logs for a Vault Loader job while the job has been running for longer than 10 minutes, some records may be missing from the logs when the job completes.   DEV-587153*
In some cases, data may differ between Scheduled Data Exports and the object audit trail.   DEV-643892
Users may receive a server error when querying an individual record audit trail with the "Include related objects" and "timestamp" filters.   DEV-650125*
When an object label contains a forward slash ('/') or backslash ('\'), Admins are unable to download the Vault Loader success and failure logs associated with that object.   DEV-662385
Importing a VPK may fail if the VPK contains an Appsecurityrule.   DEV-675475*
Vault Configuration Reports may fail when they include two objects with the same label but different letter cases.   DEV-678115*
Vault may delete additional conditions from a job's configuration when reactivating an existing job.   DEV-682320
Picklist value labels in a Scheduled Data Export may have multiple pairs of double quotes.   DEV-686813
When reordering application-specific Tabs, sub-tabs cannot be re-added to an application-specific menu after being removed.   DEV-687060
In Vault Configuration Reports with the "Inherit from {...}: Regenerate document name on save" option enabled, the "regen_doc_name_on_save" option appears to be false since it is blank before it has a value.   DEV-689694
In some cases, in Vault Loader document exports, the sort order may be inconsistent between the ID and name columns of multi-value object reference fields.   DEV-691983
In some cases, the total number of Atomicsecurity records on the Table of Contents page for a Vault Configuration Report does not match the number of Atomicsecurity records in the Vault.   DEV-694646*
In some cases, when user provisioning is performed for a PROD vault, a user import error is encountered that incorrectly shows some users as inactive.   DEV-698527
When retrieving audit trail entries, the message "Some results may be hidden by Field Level Security" may appear in cases where none of the entries are hidden by Field Level Security.   DEV-699781*

Platform: Checklists

Description Issue No.
When a user updates a checklist in the Visual Checklist Designer, Vault incorrectly auto-numbers dependent questions.   DEV-705521

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
Vault automatically clears the seconds value in a DateTime field upon save unless a user directly edits the field.   DEV-651838
In some cases, rendition generation may become stuck loading indefinitely.   DEV-654707
In some cases, bulk imported documents and animated gifs uploaded to Vault fail to render.   DEV-662269*
In some cases, users are unable to render Word documents.   DEV-667651
In some cases, users may encounter an error when attempting to update crosslink documents.   DEV-668779*
The date fields on the Rendition Status page shift by one day if the is in the range filter is used.   DEV-671096*
Users can merge document fields with rich text tokens, which causes the field to display incorrectly in the document.   DEV-679513*
Under some circumstances, when a user uploads a PPT file, the file's footer may not render correctly.   DEV-680226
Audio and Video documents in the suppressed state may fail to rerender.   DEV-680520*
Users may receive an error when attempting to change the state of a Content Plan with all documents matched due to duplicate rendition profiles.   DEV-682240
Users may encounter an error when attempting to merge and publish a Report Level Content Plan.   DEV-682707
Under certain circumstances, users may receive a "This file can not be rendered within the allotted time frame" error when attempting to render a .docx file.   DEV-683270
In some cases, users may see "Vault was unable to render this file." instead of "Generating viewable rendition…" for a document that still eventually renders properly.   DEV-683521
Rendition generation may fail for documents that contain a merge field token inside of a merge field token.   DEV-683802
In some cases, users may encounter a "Selected values no longer applicable for [field name]" error message when attempting to save a field with a dependency on another field.   DEV-683951
When uploading Word documents with merge tokens, users may receive the following error: "The attempt to merge fields for this document has failed. Please contact your system administrator or Vault Support."   DEV-684346
When uploading Excel documents with merge tokens, users may recieve the following error: "The attempt to merge fields for this document has failed. Please contact your system administrator or Vault Support."   DEV-684348
In some cases, uploading a password protected PDF is uploaded as a manual rendition results in a blank viewable rendition and a missing Re-render Document button under the Actions menu.   DEV-684904*
In some cases, binders fail to merge with PDFs.   DEV-685061
In some cases, the document export bulk action does not export all documents submitted for export.   DEV-688761
Users may receive an unexpected error when attempting to download Formatted Output.   DEV-690525
When users download documents to their computer, they may encounter longer than normal wait times when waiting for the download to start.   DEV-691309
Users are not receiving notifications when Send Notification upon Cancel Edit Completion? is set to Always in the Cancel Editing in Microsoft Office entry action.   DEV-694613
In some cases, when users download PDF documents, the PDF's metadata shows incorrect information.   DEV-694997*
When a user attempts to rerender a document that failed to render, the error message does not change to a loading spinner as expected.   DEV-695644*
In some cases, merged bookmarks open the incorrect page in documents.   DEV-698324
In some cases, when PDFs with Annotations are included in a Document Export, Vault runs into performance issues.   DEV-698733*
Users are unable to copy text by holding down the C key and selecting the desired text in the attachment viewer.   DEV-702714*
In some cases, when users add a line annotation to a document, the Line annotation info card displays at the top of the page.   DEV-702731
In some cases, users may encounter a "Document Not Found" error message when attempting to delete a document from the Library.   DEV-704030

Platform: Email & Notifications

Description Issue No.
Users may receive an error when confirming an Outbound Email Address from the Vault UI.   DEV-672997*
In some cases, full notification exports do not contain all notifications as expected.   DEV-681212*
Emails from February 29 may be stuck in the Sent state.   DEV-691631

Platform: Expressions

Description Issue No.
Users will receive a server error when creating records if there is an expression in an enabled layout rule that directly references certain picklist values.   DEV-708019

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
When users change the lifecycle state from Planned to Completed on a Qualification to Complete record that has blank custom fields, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-661597*
Vault does not display the correct lifecycle state for object records in a single record workflow.   DEV-663341
In some cases, when an Admin attempts to open the formula editor when configuring a Create Record event action for the Vault Membership lifecycle, Vault displays a "Server having problems" error.   DEV-686853
When a workflow has a large number of tasks and a user attempts to complete a task or cancel the workflow, Vault displays a "Server having problems" error instead of a helpful error message.   DEV-692025
Users may encounter an error when attempting to save a workflow Cancellation Action configured with a system application role.   DEV-692132*
If a user's Vault password or keyboard language contains non-ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) characters, and the user attempts to complete a workflow task, Vault displays a "Server having problems" error instead of a helpful error message.   DEV-695849
In some cases, a document workflow task may continue to appear in My Tasks after completion. If a user clicks "Show more" on the task, Vault displays a "Server having problems" error instead of an error message stating the task does not exist.   DEV-701619
When using Advanced Start Workflow, if a user selects a workflow with a start step field prompt but does not have Edit permission on the fields, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-708402*

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
Under certain circumstances, when an Admin edits a non-matching field value on an EDL Item record, Vault does not skip continuous matching and instead deletes existing automatic matches and then adds them back.   DEV-670844*
When a user deletes an object record referenced by another object record, the audit trail may show the action on performed by the user instead of the system on behalf of the user.   DEV-673716*
In some cases, SDK jobs that delete inactive EDL and EDL Item records complete with unexpected errors.   DEV-676798
Users may encounter an error when loading VPKs that include objects with a parent-child relationship.   DEV-677883
When there is a layout rule on the Help Control field in a page layout Details section, the field is missing the "Fx" icon.   DEV-683143*
Users may encounter an error when attempting to edit an inbound document related to a duplicate object record in the process of being merged.   DEV-684698*
Users may encounter a server error when attempting to view the Person Detail Page Layout.   DEV-686319
Users may encounter a server error when attempting to view the Person Detail Page Layout.   DEV-686319
When manually changing the state of a record, if that state change triggers a Cancel Workflow Entry Action which reverts the record back to the previous state, Vault records the audit entry for the reverted state change as initiated by 'System on behalf of {username}' instead of 'System'.   DEV-695300*
Users may experience a server error when saving changes to page layouts for object types with system-managed record names.   DEV-699394
When saving a record after removing a required field value, Vault does not indicate that the action failed.   DEV-703679
If a user clears values from a multi-value picklist field that is the controlling field of a dynamic reference constraint, the controlled field is not grayed out and shows "No matches found."   DEV-707790*
When creating an object record with multiple pages in its layout, clicking a link in the navigation panel results in a blank screen.   DEV-708932*

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
The Vault UI may incorrectly show all available values when a user attempts to select a value to configure a user action on an object lifecycle.   DEV-670678*
Vault may fail to navigate to the next page after a user uploads a document to an EDL Item on a Milestone record.   DEV-683888
In some cases, tooltips block users from selecting checkboxes and radio buttons.   DEV-689551*
When users create an anchor annotation in the Select Permalink window, the window attempts to close itself.   DEV-691048*
In rare cases, Vault displays the Vault Users tab inside of the Layout Profiles tab.   DEV-693171*
Vault does not properly align long text fields in two-column sections when the browser is maximized.   DEV-700814*

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault fails to apply format masks to fields in EDL reports.   DEV-588295*
The Not Equal filter in reports does not work as expected when the user's language is Japanese.   DEV-610616
Vault displays a server error when users run a Multipass report with a display format on the formula fields in the report's secondary object.   DEV-630055*
In some cases, reporting filters based on roles may fail to pull all expected results.   DEV-660044
In some cases, users may encounter duplicate Document Report Type filters on the Reports page.   DEV-666561
When a user selects Current Study as a filter or prompt value in Reports/Dashboards, the value from the study selector is not honored in the results.   DEV-673343*
Object reports with up-down object relationships display the incorrect record count in the report's results.   DEV-676423
The is after filter shows results for the date submitted and dates after the submitted date when used on reports.   DEV-680062
Table charts fail to show data for the first column after a grouped column field in a report. This error occurs when the dashboard's underlying report contains grouped columns with aggregate functions.   DEV-683223*
In some cases, users may run into an error when configuring and editing table charts in a dashboard.   DEV-684357*
Table charts fail to display results if a Number or Gauge chart is included in the dashboard and a prompt exists on the underlying report.   DEV-685637*
Users encounter a server error if a User with Group report type contains a Group > Public Key filter that uses the in operator.   DEV-687635
In some cases, the scheduled run time for flash reports displays inconsistently throughout Vault.   DEV-689394
Users can modify standard reports and standard dashboards through MDL without providing an application or system owner key.   DEV-689418*
Including full text for Rich Text fields causes a server error when running a Multi-Pass report.   DEV-696171
When attempting to drop a report referenced by dashboards through MDL, the resulting error message fails to list the referenced dashboards.   DEV-698353*
After refreshing the Reports or Dashboards Sharing Settings page, the Sharing Settings breadcrumb does not display on the page as expected.   DEV-700514*

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
When global search integration is enabled for a tab, that tab should appear as an option in the global dropdown. However, after reordering the tabs, the tab option disappears.   DEV-624682*
The Show in Tab filter may behave unexpectedly when using a related object section based on a simple join relationship.   DEV-653853*
Users may receive a server error when performing a Global Search including the ß character.   DEV-677496*
Vault does not return search results for synonyms if no results are found for the exact search term.   DEV-680149*
"Any of these words" searches with commas may return inconsistent results.   DEV-697250

Platform: VeevaID

Description Issue No.
When searching User emails in Vault, VeevaID users with a single quote (') in their email are not included in search.   DEV-705375


Description Issue No.
When an instructor-led training’s Class Overview is updated after publication, Vault does not update the related Session Details.   DEV-674912
Instructors are able to set Class Schedules to the Class Completed state prior to confirming a Learner’s attendance.   DEV-677268
In certain cases, deleting a Related Objects to Secure configuration from a Quality Team configuration on a custom object may fail to delete all associated components.   DEV-683470*
Users without the necessary delete permissions may encounter an error when attempting to remove a Requirement from a Test Step in the test authoring UI.   DEV-697753


Description Issue No.
When a user attempts to view an Auditor Profile record but is missing Read permissions for fields on the Role Qualification Status object, a server error message displays.   DEV-660220*
When users attempt to create MV Response-Hazard or Material Verification-Material records with blank required fields, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-660752*
Records do not display properly in the Process Hierarchy Viewer when users do not have Read permission on the Parent field of the Visual Hierarchy object.   DEV-667934*
If users attempt to remove the value for the Step Connection Type field on the HACCP Plan Process Step Connection object while using the Information panel to edit a HACCP Flow Diagram, Vault displays both an inline and dialog error message.   DEV-677560*
The Edit Mode button displays on HACCP Flow Diagrams that exceed the limit of items that can be displayed.   DEV-677642*
When users click and drag while holding down the Shift key to select multiple elements on a HACCP Flow Diagram immediately after creating or repositioning a HACCP Plan Process Step, the newly created or repositioned process step remains selected.   DEV-679050*
When all standard HACCP Plan Process Step object types are inactive and users launch a HACCP Flow Diagram, Vault displays an unexpected error.   DEV-679375*
When a user selects multiple HACCP Plan Process Step Connections on a HACCP Flow Diagram and then opens the Actions menu on one (1) of the selected connections, all connections remain selected.   DEV-681702*
When a user selects multiple HACCP Plan Process Steps on a HACCP Flow Diagram in Edit mode and then hovers over a related HACCP Plan Process Step Connection, the Actions menu icon displays behind the connection.   DEV-682330*
If a user’s preferred language is set to Spanish, French, or German, the text truncates on the Edit mode and View mode buttons of HACCP Flow Diagrams.   DEV-682813*
The APQR Create New Draft record action may take up to 20 seconds to complete.   DEV-684664*
In some cases, Reference Documents for audit checklist questions do not display on assigned audit checklists.   DEV-693854
Users see an error message when they click on the canvas of a HACCP Flow Diagram immediately after closing a Material HACCP Plan Process Step’s ingredient selection dialog.   DEV-695396*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, cells are missing content when scrolling down while using a Safari browser.   DEV-576361*
When a published Content Plan Item’s Published Output Location is updated, Vault does not update permalinks during subsequent on-demand publishing from the parent Content Plan record.   DEV-655799*
In some cases, document links in the Submission Archive Viewer result in a "Document Not Found" error.   DEV-677115
Vault incorrectly reports rule 16.BP3 as failed during continuous publishing when a single link targets multiple documents.   DEV-678354
When inline editing a rich text field on the Content Plan Viewer, the cell does not automatically have the focus.   DEV-681478*
When users view a Global Content Plan from an Activity and apply a filter to any Matched Document column, Vault overrides default Activity filters for impacted markets and displays Content Plan Item Document Sets for all markets.   DEV-681878
In some cases, splitting working documents from a published Content Plan Item results in hyperlink validation errors.   DEV-683162
In some cases, validation results incorrectly report Content Plan Item submissions as failures.   DEV-683267
Vault incorrectly reports Rules 5, 5030, and 7 as failed when a Content Plan includes Content Plan Items with fillable and non-fillable FDA 356h forms.   DEV-683378
Dragging and dropping a document from the Library into a specific position in a Content Plan Item results in a "Server having problems" error, and after a browser refresh, the document shows as matched but appears at the bottom of the list.   DEV-684836*
Imports to Submissions Archive Viewer with 30 or more form-type sections that use the same country code value may fail.   DEV-686056
The Update Submission Administrative Information screen does not display Agency picklist values for Countries without related Health Authority records.   DEV-687714
Index XML links to stale regional XML when an eCTD 3.2 Submission’s Sequence ID field is cleared and continuous publishing is enabled.   DEV-689105
In some cases, the jobs to generate a Table of Contents and publish and merge fail for larger Report Level Content Plans (~1300 Content Plan Items with matched documents).   DEV-689176
When users include non-numeric characters while filtering on a column for a number field, the Content Plan Viewer displays a server error.   DEV-689281*
In some cases, Submission XML is generated in the incorrect order, causing imports to fail.   DEV-690115*
In some cases, Vault does not automatically populate a Submission’s Sequence ID when creating related records in bulk.   DEV-690539
Users receive an error when empty spaces are added to dropdown filters.   DEV-691964*
Vault fails initial publishing for non-eCTD Submissions without a Sequence ID, which is required for eCTD Submissions only.   DEV-692271*
When using the Dispatch Global Content Plan dialog box, the tooltip hides the radio button and the user must perform a second click to select the radio button.   DEV-692720*
When empty spaces are added to dropdown filters on the Active Dossier Viewer, users receive a server error.   DEV-693318*
When submitting to CBER with a Study Start Date defined in a simplified TS.XPT file which is not required, Vault may incorrectly flag validation rule 1736.   DEV-693379
In some cases, Vault displays record IDs instead of record names when users manage Event details in bulk and make updates in Advanced mode.   DEV-695458*
For documents imported prior to 24R1.2, unexpected results for links in the rendition can be addressed using the "Re-render Document" action from the All Actions menu on the Submissions Archive document.    DEV-696001
In some cases, the sub sections under country section in the Submissions Archive Viewer are not merged.   DEV-696759*
When a South Africa (ZA) submission has multiple related submissions, Vault includes only the most recent related submission in the regional XML file.   DEV-697952
The Create Related Records wizard fails to create the expected object records when the user does not have Create permission for an inactive field on that object.   DEV-706322*


The RegulatoryOne release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on May 14, 2024 (postponed) May 21, 2024.

Description Issue No.
The "Auto create document from template" action fails if the Create Document from Template Failed notification is inactive.   OLS-26886*
If the Create Dossier Binder Specific Error notification is in inactive status, Vault shows a server error when a user runs the Create Binder action.   OLS-26887*
The Import Questionnaire action fails if the Import Questionnaire Job Success notification is inactive.   OLS-27005*
The Create Quantitative Assessments action fails if the Create Quant Assess Job Success notification is inactive.   OLS-27006*
If the Customize Action Completed, Customize Action Failed, or Customize Action Warning notifications are in inactive status, Vault shows a server error when a user runs the Customize action and the job is unsuccessful.   OLS-27020*
If the Export Dossier Binder General Error, Export Dossier Binder Specific Error, or Export Dossier Binder Success notifications are in inactive status, Vault shows a server error when a user runs the Export Dossier action and the job is unsuccessful.   OLS-27021*
If the Global Impact Assessment, Global Impact Assessment General Error, Global Impact Assessment Partial Success, or Global Impact Assessment Success notifications are in inactive status, Vault shows a server error when a user runs the Global Impact Assessment action.   OLS-27022*
If the R1: RDM Deep Delete RIs Action Failure or R1: RDM Deep Delete RIs Action Success notifications are in inactive status, Vault shows a server error when a user runs the Deep Delete Split Registration Items action and the job is unsuccessful.   OLS-27023*
Vault displays a server error when a user runs the Generate Requirements action on a Registration Item with a Generate Requirements Job Status value of In Progress and they do not have Read permission on the Requirement object.   OLS-28679*
In some cases, Relational Tokens resolved by running the Generate Requirements action on a Requirement record resolve unrelated records that share the same ancestor Relational Token.   OLS-29327*


The Safety release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on May 9, 2024 (postponed) May 17, 2024.

Description Issue No.
After updating to the GLOBALC3Mar23 release of the WhoDrug Dictionary, filtering the WhoDrug search by "country:n/a" no longer returns the expected results.   SAF-44417
For PMDA Cases, users receive an error when creating a Follow-up Case where multiple Localized Case Assessments are linked to a single global Case Assessment.   SAF-52027
Users who run the Import Articles from File action are not set as owners of the resulting Literature Article records.   SAF-52531*
After promoting an Inbox Item for a blinded Study and creating a Follow-up Case or merging to an In-flight Case, if the matched Case and Study are unblinded, Vault does not map the Study Product to the Study Product field in the Case Details section.   SAF-53604*
Some UI labels related to the Safety-EDC Connection do not appear in English.   SAF-53973*
After promoting an Inbox Item to multiple Cases, Vault does not populate Case Access Groups on Inbound Transmissions.   SAF-54890
During E2B import, when executing custom SDK code, Vault does not capture user exception messages in the job log.   SAF-55439
On the Case Volume Metrics page, the data visualization for the Best Day chart is incorrect.   SAF-55548
The Product Dose Unit field includes the Unit of Measurement code "U", resulting in Negative Acknowledgement (NACK) messages when populated on Transmissions.   SAF-55591
For Study Cases with non-Study Products, when the Case enters the Revision state, Vault clears the value in the Case Blinded field of the Details section.   SAF-55749
When a Case Reporter Qualification is Unknown, Vault exports the UNK nullFlavor to the C.2.r.4 Qualification data element of E2B(R3) reports incorrectly.   SAF-55986
For PMDA Cases, when a new Product Registration is added to a Case Product that is already associated with a Product Registration, an extra Localized Case Assessment Result record is generated.   SAF-56144*
When generating FDA MedWatch 3500A forms, if the Rank 1 Case Product is a Device and the Product Registration field of the highest ranked non-Device Product is blank, Vault does not populate the NDA # field in Section G of the form.   SAF-56220
When creating a Follow-up Case for a Study Case that was kept blinded through the Case workflow, Vault sets the Case Blinded field to No on the Follow-up Case.   SAF-56783*
When importing multiple Cases through the Safety Inbox Loader, if a required file for the Tabular Data Format is missing, the error message does not specify which file is missing.   SAF-57275
After Submissions receive Acknowledgement (ACK) messages and move to the Completed state, in some instances, Vault later moves them to the MDN Received state.   SAF-57508
Vault does not run Validation Criteria with a Rule Formula Format of Case Data or Case Data - Expression when the Agency field is blank.   SAF-57779*

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on May 14, 2024 (postponed) May 21, 2024.

Description Issue No.
If the C1: Comment Notification is in inactive status, Vault shows a server error and does not create the new record when a user clicks Save when creating a Project Comment.   OLS-26812*
In some cases after a user runs the Clone Project icon and searches for specific records in the dialog, the icons to select or unselect all records on all pages does not update as expected.   OLS-27482*
In some cases when a user runs the Generate Claims Run As System or Create Local Adaptations Run As System action, Vault does not assign that user as the owner of the generated records.   OLS-27520*