This page can help you understand the schedule for the coming release and the list of features included. All dates are relative to Pacific Standard Time and are subject to change.

Important Dates

The following dates apply to Vault Platform, Quality, QualityOne, Clinical Operations, PromoMats, MedComms, and RIM suite applications:

  • July 1: (PODs VV1-2, VV1-8, VV1-12, VV1-1051, VV1-1149, and VV1-1164 only) Pre-release Vaults available
  • July 15: (all PODs) Pre-release Vaults available
  • July 15 - 19: Validation package available on VeevaDocs
    • July 15: System Release Memo
    • July 16: Compliance Documents
    • July 19: Executed OQs
  • August 2: Release to all limited release PODs and POD VV1-8
    • Release to sandbox PODs: VV1-1068
    • Release to Agency PODs: VV1-1065, VV1-1088, and VV1-1146
    • Release to internal Veeva PODs: VV1-1054, VV1-1140, and VV2-2122
    • Vault File Manager does not release at this time, and instead releases with the general release PODs
  • August 9: Release to all general release PODs

The following applications may have different release dates: Safety, CDMS, RegulatoryOne, Veeva Claims, QualityOne client applications, Align, Vault Mobile, Sites & Patients, Vault LIMS. Please see your application’s respective help or contact support for release information.

We recommend not making configuration changes to environments the week of a General Release as this can increase the downtime. Of note, raw objects may be locked from configuration changes during this week if they are impacted by data model changes in the release.

Feature Information

Data Model Changes

Pre-Release Information

Demo: Self-Serve Pre-Release Sandbox Vaults provides a demonstration of the pre-release process.

Release Information

See About the 24R2 Consumer Products Release for the Consumer Products Release Impact Assessment.

See Vault Release Management Best Practices for an explanation of Vault release timing, and recommendations to prepare for a release.

Veeva Connect Communities

Release-related updates will be posted to Veeva Connect, a central hub for product information and a place to ask questions and share knowledge. Product information includes general release communications, release highlights, and key feature demos.

The links in the list of Vault product communities below will take you to the community and automatically add you to it. If you are not already a member of Veeva Connect, you can register using your company email address. Once registered, in addition to browsing the communities relevant to your role below, click Releases at the top-right of Veeva Connect to view all release-related content.

Audience Connect Community
All Vault Platform | Vault for Developers
R&D and Quality (All) Development Cloud | EU CTR
R&D and Quality (Clinical Suite) Vault CTMS | Vault eTMF | Veeva Site Connect | Vault Study Startup | Vault Study Training | Veeva CDB | Vault CDMS: EDC & Coder
R&D and Quality (Quality Suite) Vault QMS | Vault QualityDocs | Vault Training | Vault LIMS | Validation Management
R&D and Quality (RIM Suite) Vault RIM Registrations | Vault RIM Submissions, Publishing and Archive
R&D and Quality (Safety Suite) Vault Safety | Vault SafetyDocs
Commercial Vault PromoMats
Medical Content & Medical Inquiry Management Vault MedComms | Vault MedInquiry
MedTech MedTech Clinical | MedTech Quality | MedTech Commercial | MedTech Regulatory

See About the 24R2 Consumer Products Release for details about Vault product communities for RegulatoryOne, Veeva Claims, and QualityOne client applications.

Notifications Opt-In

As a valued member of our community, providing you with control over the communications you receive from Veeva is important to us. Please allow us to send you information on upcoming Product Releases and other industry related information. From your user profile within Vault, verify that the Product Announcements checkbox is selected.


Vault LIMS 24R2 Release Dates

  • August 9, 2024: Release to limited release and pre-release Vaults
  • August 16, 2024: Release to general release Vaults

Important 24R3 Dates

For planning purposes, here is the proposed schedule for 24R3. The following dates apply to Vault Platform, Quality, QualityOne, Clinical Operations, PromoMats, Medical, and RIM suite applications:

  • November 4: Pre-release Vaults available
  • November 22: Release to:
    • All limited release PODs
    • All Agency and internal Veeva PODs
    • Sandbox PODs: VV1-1069 & VV1-1144
    • Production PODs VV1-12, VV1-1149, VV1-1164
  • December 6: Release to all general release PODs


This is a three- or four-week period prior to the general availability of the next major release (24R2, 24R3, etc.). During this period, customers can explore the new features in a Vault based on their production Vault configurations.
POD stands for “point of delivery”. In simple terms, think of them as the Vault application servers where each Vault is hosted. To confirm your POD, you can log into your Vault as an administrator and navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings and look at the POD field.

General Release Information

You can find general information on how Vault releases work in About Vault Releases.