Release Date: February 9, 2024

The following applications may have different release dates: RegulatoryOne, Safety, and Veeva Claims.

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

Last Updated: February 20, 2024

Brand & Medical Portal

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users with the correct permissions are unable to save changes to document widgets.  Internal issue published in error. DEV-663726*
Users may experience a server error when creating a Portal.   DEV-669434

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
When users close or cancel the Site Candidate Loader dialog, Vault fails to delete the file.   DEV-562483*
When the RIM to Clinical Operations Vault Connection has an inactive integration in the source Vault, but an active corresponding integration in the target Vault, the connection transfers relevant records.   DEV-646832*
The Disclosure Page remains accessible even when the Disclosures application has been disabled in Clinical VMC.   DEV-651013*
In some cases, TMF Transfer fails to transfer documents with an asterisk (*) in their names.   DEV-652003
When users update an object type in the source Vault to a custom type (custom__c), Vault does not correctly update the object type in the target Vault.   DEV-652160*
In some cases, when Enable Site Connect is enabled, users are unable to disable the Site Connect application.   DEV-653104*
In some cases, there are missing records on the Target Vault when transferring data over the query limit with the RIM to Clinical Operations Vault Connection.   DEV-655924*
In some cases, the Site Candidate Loader job status displays Errors Encountered despite the job running successfully.   DEV-657198*
If only one model is selected, the TMF Viewer does not display correctly.   DEV-657756
In some cases, users encounter a server error when attempting to run the Mark Recalled from Sites (Rescind Document) action.   DEV-660241*
In some cases, when users attempt a TMF Transfer of an Archived Study, they encounter a large number of errors and duplicate documents.   DEV-660639
When users run a report using a prompt with a value selected in the Study Selector, the report displays results based on the Study Selector value even if the user changes the prompt before running the report.   DEV-661638
In certain cases, CDX creates multiple documents in the target Vault for one document in the source Vault.   DEV-661822*
In some cases, users attempting TMF Transfer that archives a document with multiple versions results in an unexpected error.   DEV-662933*
In some cases, the Transferred Items report includes transferred items that have been deleted and does not include transferred items that were Approved.   DEV-665121
In some cases, the CTMS Object Content Blinding feature does not work as expected.   DEV-666549
In some cases, Unblinded Follow-Up items may incorrectly remain linked to Blinded Monitoring Events.   DEV-668244


Description Issue No.
Downloading Content Modules may take longer than expected.   DEV-639391*
After performing the Download Content Modules action, users may be unable to edit the Content Module manifest.   DEV-647163*
Vault may display an error and fail to add documents after users perform the Add Material to Compliance Package action if a document had a blank and required title__v field.   DEV-652758
In some cases, users are unable to set field dependencies for Rights Managed document fields.   DEV-663714*
In some cases, Annotated Version document links do not navigate to the target link if the links were brought forward from a previous version.   DEV-664323*
When Enhanced Suggest Links is re-run on a document it no longer produces duplicate suggest links for manual accept/reject.   DEV-665452

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
The Create Binder Section endpoint escapes certain special characters, such as the ampersand ('&'), in the section name.   DEV-643758
Under certain conditions, updating a record with no changes produces multiple NO_DATA_CHANGES errors rather than one.   DEV-654131*
The Retrieve Job Histories endpoint returns incorrect 'run_start_date` values.   DEV-659693*

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
Object lifecycle states are not displayed in a consistent order in the Vault UI, Vault compare report, or when retrieving Objectlifecycle component records as MDL.   DEV-649967

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
For objects without object types enabled, ObjectMetadataService#getObjectTypes returns an instance of ObjectTypeMetadata for the `base__v` object type when a user does not have Read permission for the object.   DEV-652309*
The Vault Java SDK Debugger may fail when used with VaultInformationService.   DEV-661924*
After a user updates an anchor annotation name via the UI, an Annotations SDK read operation on the anchor_name__sys field provides the previous value of the anchor name instead of the updated value.   DEV-664946*


Description Issue No.
While CJK Optimized Object Search is enabled, Vault fails to return CJK language FAQs in the Browse Frequently Asked Questions dialog.   DEV-653336
The Vault Medical logo appears bold and pixelated.   DEV-655704
While using the OpenData connection, users are unable edit the Case Contact label on the Case Intake form.   DEV-662069
Vault incorrectly checks inactive records when searching for Case Contacts.   DEV-668721*
Under certain circumstances, users may receive errors when searching using specific filters.   DEV-669554


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault fails to bulk re-render automated image renditions.   DEV-623595
Vault may not generate high quality automated image renditions for TIFF files.   DEV-654773*

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
When importing migration packages, Vault deploys reports and report tags in the incorrect order, causing tags to be missing from reports.   DEV-616512
Deploying VPKs in a target Vault may result in unexpected dependencies that did not exist in the source Vault.   DEV-633148
When using the Vault Loader File Staging CLI, Move Files jobs fail.   DEV-639716
Vault Loader may fail to update picklist values that contain commas.   DEV-644095
Previously migrated dashboards are duplicated in the Component Selection dialog when Admins create a VPK package.   DEV-646225*
VPK deployment may result in an error when attempting to update relationship criteria on objects.   DEV-653352

Platform: Checklists

Description Issue No.
The Workflow Cancellation Comment dialog does not populate correctly for some checklist workflows that require it.   DEV-527662*

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
In rare cases, users experience a server error when uploading attachments.   DEV-581986*
When "Enable Create & Import Document Links" is disabled and a document contains multiple annotation links to the same target, deleting one annotation removes the relationship in Linked Documents until the user refreshes the page.   DEV-614483*
In some cases, documents with large amounts of markup fail to render.   DEV-626901
If a document's Table of Contents contains links to tables, Vault may fail to render the links and tables correctly in the viewable rendition.   DEV-636572
EDL document counts may not immediately reflect changes caused by manual matching and unmatching.   DEV-651093*
In some cases, Vault may fail to populate document properties in PDF renditions of documents with custom xmp metadata properties.   DEV-651738
In some cases, Controlled Document Templates will not up-version after a change is made to a document.   DEV-653030
Users may encounter a "Page not found" error when attempting to create a document change request or document change control record.   DEV-653387
When there are multiple rendition requests processing, the status of pre-existing rendition requests will overwrite the status of the first rendition request in line once it completes.   DEV-653481*
Large video files uploaded via Vault File Manager may show an error message before rendering in Vault.   DEV-654460*
While generating renditions of very large source files in token-based viewers such as the Send as Link viewer, non-Vault users see a message that the session has expired.   DEV-654923*
In the Bookmarks and Destinations panels, searches for special characters return matches to HTML content containing the special characters.   DEV-656662
The Match EDL Items to Documents job running daily is logged every other day in a given EDL Item record’s audit trail (Last Matched Time).   DEV-657002
In some cases, overlays are included unexpectedly for some station documents when users view them in Station Manager.   DEV-657651
Users with certain permission sets are unable to download renditions including overlays.   DEV-659155
Under certain circumstances, renditions for Microsoft Word documents may fail to render.   DEV-659177
In some cases, Documents that were using Merge Fields prior to the 23R3.0 release may have unexpected formatting changes on Merge Fields values after 23R3.0.   DEV-659374
When using the Select tool in read-only document viewers such as the attachment viewer, resizing the document viewer does not resize the highlighting on the selected text.   DEV-659636*
Under certain conditions, users may see "Unknown(.doc)" as the value for the Format document field in the File Info document section.   DEV-660417
Under certain conditions, the Edit button may still appear for Approved binders.   DEV-661030
The Document Type field does not update in the Doc Info panel when a document is reclassified to a Subtype with inactive Classifications.   DEV-661181
When users create line annotations, the infocard appears at the top of the page rather than aligned with the positioning of the pagemark.   DEV-662775
Tooltips on embedded links do not appear when Grab and Pan mode is disabled.   DEV-663380*
Under certain conditions, Vault does not audit changes to document lifecycle entry action configuration.   DEV-664322
If a new binder section is created with a name containing special characters such as single quotes (') or right angle brackets (>), the section name may appear with extraneous HTML content.   DEV-664511*
The Firefox browser does not render info cards for document annotations with user mentions.   DEV-665285*
Users may receive an error on eSignature pages in downloaded renditions.   DEV-665453*
Users receive a "Document not Found" error for crosslink documents where source Vault has been deleted.   DEV-667521*
Under certain conditions, users recieve a "server having problems" error when creating a new draft document.   DEV-668165
In some cases, merge fields fail to update correctly before documents go into the Steady State.   DEV-669051
Users may receive an error message when attempting to download a viewable rendition with an eSignature page.   DEV-669359

Platform: Email & Notifications

Description Issue No.
Users may receive an error when attempting to extract the downloaded email zip file from an email with duplicate attachments.   DEV-639421*
Email addresses with the maximum allowed characters when creating a root domain for Outbound Email Domain are not saved correctly on the first attempt.   DEV-653682*
In some cases, users are unable to view videos in Vault if they have been embedded in an email template.   DEV-660471
Emails from users with certain special characters in their email addresses may not be properly ingested into the study communication inbox.   DEV-673404

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
Updates to the Display Section of the Lifecycle Stage field on the Lifecycle Stage object causes unintended updates to additional fields on the object.   DEV-633602
Translated workflow task labels and instructions are removed and replaced in English when a workflow is up-versioned.   DEV-640407
In rare cases, Vault sends additional tasks to assigned users after the completion of a controlled copy workflow.   DEV-641353
If Check In from Microsoft and Set new major version entry actions are configured on the same workflow state, Check In from Microsoft fails when executed.   DEV-644611
When creating a raw data store object and an associated lifecycle from the object configuration page, Vault does not save the lifecycle on the page, and subsequent attempts to update it result in an error.   DEV-651188
Values for Task Type and Task Items for legacy workflows may not be visible on the Home page.   DEV-653102*
After cancelling a multi-document workflow, users may experience a server error when manually changing the document's state in the multi-document viewer.   DEV-656162*
In rare cases, users experience a server error when attempting to complete a task.   DEV-657015
Vault may fail to display available user actions for specific records in the appropriate lifecycle state.   DEV-658058*
The Update Sharing Settings action for the task completion event in an optional task step resolves groups in addition to individual users, which may cause roles to be added to an entire group rather than only individual users.   DEV-659011
Under certain circumstances, workflows with specific configurations may not execute correctly at join and decision steps.   DEV-659320
Under certain conditions, users may incorrectly receive an error that they do not have permission to check-in a document with Collaborative Authoring when the do actually have permission.   DEV-664085
In some cases, Vault shows a Server having problems error when users attempt to access the Timeline View.   DEV-665397
When a lifecycle is deleted and re-created with the same name, users receive an SDK error when attempting to access the lifecycle’s Active state.   DEV-667375
When users select a multi-item workflow task from a Tab Collection’s Home tab, verdicts are not visible in the workflow timeline view.   DEV-668757
Users may be unable to view all available system actions when configuring a workflow step.   DEV-669071*
Users may be unable to save their settings for document workflow cancel states.   DEV-670046*

Platform: Localization

Description Issue No.
When the Vault Language is set to French, Vault may not correctly display Document States.   DEV-663420
When using the bulk translation tool, Base Language Labels sometimes default to incorrect languages.   DEV-667525

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
When an object record detail page reloads after a state change, Vault does not execute Focus On layout rules.   DEV-644608*
In rare cases, users will encounter a server error when copying object records.   DEV-649750*
In some cases, Admins cannot save when adding a layout to an inactive object in a layout profile.   DEV-652638*
In some cases, users cannot filter by "Created By" when searching for object reference field values on the Doc Info page.   DEV-652941*
For objects that allow duplicate records and have only one editable field, users may inadvertently create duplicate records if they hit ENTER while creating a record.   DEV-653125*
Vault may display an inaccurate error message when a user attempts to save an inactive layout.   DEV-653135*
When populating a document field, users encounter a server error when entering a number value as a filter in the Select Document dialog.   DEV-653276*
Vault does not update object reference field values on the source object record when the target object record name is edited.   DEV-653510
When a user collapses a Help Section while creating an object record, Vault expands the section when reloading the page, clicking links in the Pavigation Panel, or navigating back to the page from elsewhere in Vault.   DEV-653879*
Vault scrolls past Help Sections that are placed before the first Details section when loading the Create Object Record page.   DEV-653883*
When creating a record from a document through a document action, latest version document reference field values are not successfully defaulted if the field is not configured in the page layout.   DEV-654553*
Vault may display an incorrect error when a user attempts to edit an object record during its conversion to a raw object.   DEV-655249*
When a user changes language, favoriting an object that does not have localized data results in a server error.   DEV-656873*
In some cases, users experience a blank screen after executing an object record state change action.   DEV-659021*
In rare cases, Vault becomes unavailable after an Admin deletes an object that is referenced in a Tab that is referenced in a Tab collection.   DEV-660977
Users may encounter a server error if they attempt to view or delete duplicate layout records.   DEV-661889
Users may be unable to populate required object reference fields when creating a related record.   DEV-662406
Vault may populate picklists with invalid default values upon record creation.   DEV-662940*
In rare cases, users with certain security profiles may encounter a system error when saving an object record.   DEV-663207

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
When a user enters invalid input for a field in a related object section and then collapses the section, the error message appears outside of the section.   DEV-630939*
Sorting multi-select field values in alphabetical order displays different results in Grid view vs Document view.   DEV-649698
Vault fails to log legacy workflow changes in the System Audit Log.   DEV-650361
The icon named "adjust" does not appear on the object record detail page when used in a formula field.   DEV-653391*
The System Vault History may incorrectly reference the previous term for raw objects.   DEV-653595*
Vault may display markups on a Long Text field configured with a formula expression using Rich Text.   DEV-655538*
Left() functions in Long Text formula fields may not return a value.   DEV-655542*
In read-only document viewers such as the attachment viewer, the Select tool highlights text in a delayed and uneven manner.   DEV-656722*
Pressing the space key to enter a space in the Vault selector search bar closes the Vault selector.   DEV-664371
Under certain conditions, attempting to download audit log history times out.   DEV-665857

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
In some cases, report results are inconsistent between English language and other language Vaults.   DEV-586584
Users may receive a server error when attempting to add filters to a dashboard.   DEV-642679
Vault allows users to select Auto-Managed Groups in report prompts for user roles. Selecting the Auto-Managed Group prevents users from running the report.   DEV-644720*
Users may experience a "Server having problems" error when attempting to run a report.   DEV-650304
In some cases, users encounter duplicate values when entering single values in report filter prompts.   DEV-651510
Users may receive a server error when attempting to create a report that includes the Workflow Due Date field.   DEV-656419
When users export a report to an Excel - Formatted file, the first column heading and second column values may become missing in the file.   DEV-659801
In some cases, reports may fail due to timeout errors, but continue to run in the background.   DEV-672820

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
Users are able to apply more Document Numbers than the intended maximum to an Advanced Search, which may cause errors.   DEV-576348*
When a user visits a custom tab, Vault may open the Recents view instead of the All view.   DEV-602089*
Date and Number search filters always appear above other filters in Pill Section when they should appear in alphabetical order.   DEV-605618*
In some cases, views fail to update when new filters are applied.   DEV-618165*
In some cases, users are unable to view certain tabs due to related objects for which they do not have view permissions.   DEV-638435
Search filters may not return the correct results if the search terms contain an umlaut.   DEV-640682
In some cases, Suggest Links may match twice, with one match containing a second sentence.   DEV-642699*
In some cases, Smart Filtering does not work as expected.   DEV-646688
In cases where the Library tab is not available, the Search Tab Selector may default to a non-searchable tab.   DEV-649492*
When a user adds a filter to the left navigation, the newly added filter do not appear until after a refresh.   DEV-652111
Search Limit Language hover text is not correctly translated.   DEV-652622*
In some cases, attempting to expand a hierarchical column header filter without a left navigation filter added results in a server error.   DEV-655781*
Column header filter facets are not filtered correctly when the filter for that field is not included in the left navigation.   DEV-655787*
In some cases, users are unable to remove filters from the left navigation.   DEV-655879*
In some cases, when an admin attempts to change another user's search language settings, the changes are not saved.   DEV-656514*
In some cases, users may receive a server error when clearing a subtype filter from a column header if an advanced filter has been applied from the left navigation.   DEV-659603*
When a user sets a grid to Truncate Cells, the filter icon and sort arrows may appear out of alignment.   DEV-661318*
No data is available in the downloaded Excel/CSV file when a user attempts to download custom tab views with filters.   DEV-661640
Cross Vault search does not work as expected on Microsoft Edge.   DEV-662952*
In some cases, some filters do not appear on Vault Mobile.   DEV-666595
In some cases, claims incorrectly separate into fuzzy matches with individual words when users introduce a thesaurus into their Vault.   DEV-668242
In some cases, users receive a server error when attempting to export search collections to Excel.   DEV-670011
In some cases, the Recent view for object tabs may only show recently viewed records that the user owns.   DEV-671342

Platform: Security

Description Issue No.
Users with only Admin: Document Type: Read permission can edit the options under Binder Display Options: Unbound Documents.   DEV-668051

Platform: Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, Vault File Manager fails to upload very large files.   DEV-617335*
In some cases, users receive an error message when logging into Vault File Manager after checking out a document.   DEV-649880*

Platform: VeevaID

Description Issue No.
When registering for VeevaID, clicking the browser back button on the Set Your Password page does not return the user to the registration page.   DEV-655153*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, the QMS the Relationship field on the record check interface may not display all expected values for selection.   DEV-637159
The Recurrence Check interface may incorrectly allow users that lack the View permission for a field to see that field's label in the interface.   DEV-637241*
The Duplicate Check interface may incorrectly allow users that lack the View permission for a field to see that field's label in the interface.   DEV-638427*
Automated creation of Supplier Change Notification records may not function as expected if the sender's email address contains more than one period.   DEV-646122
The verdict section of a record check configuration may not display all configuration field labels.   DEV-648411*
Vault may fail to export some column values when extracting Quality Event records.   DEV-651514
On Validation Management's Test Authoring Review UI, the additional prompts do not show up for the Setup Steps upon initial load of the UI. They only show when the user navigates away and then come back to the Setup Steps.   DEV-652537*
Users receive an SDK error when attempting to set a Class record’s Instructor field.   DEV-652538*
In some cases in Validation Management, a user clicking on a filter on a test script review page may see a blank page instead of the filtered results.   DEV-652549*
In Validation Management, the review interface content panel may not show the latest change on a new test step after a user clicks on the back button to add a new revision on a new test step, then navigates back to the review interface.   DEV-653022*
When Manager Groups are enabled, Vault prevents users from updating a class to the Class Scheduled state.   DEV-653386
Vault may display an error message with an unresolved token when a user attempts to change the data entry method on a Lab Test Result.   DEV-655272*
In some cases, the QRM Heatmap visualization's Final Risk Score tab may not function as expected.   DEV-658055*
Persons without Vault user accounts do not appear in direct assignment.   DEV-659683
When attempting to generate a heat map, users may become stuck on a blank screen.   DEV-660061*
In rare cases, users experience a server error when creating Quality Teams.   DEV-662213
In some cases in Vault LIMS, system actions may incorrectly be unable to affect records which are locked.   DEV-664581*
In cases where external Training Assignment verification is set up to potentially include blank users in Tasks, learners may be blocked from re-completing that Training Assignment.   DEV-666164
Users who are not registered for a Class are able to see and receive an error when using the Add to Calendar dropdown in the Session Details.   DEV-673203


Description Issue No.
When users attempt to add additional users to a comment that exceeds the character limit, an incorrect error message displays.   DEV-631977*
In some cases after users delete a shape in a HACCP Flow Diagram, Vault displays an error that the record does not exist but the edge remains in the diagram.   DEV-646168*
In some cases, users with special characters in their username do not receive a notification when tagged in a comment.   DEV-649433*
Admins can configure and save the Generate Document from Report user action without entering a value for the Report Export Type field.   DEV-654226*
While viewing the HACCP Flow Diagram, if users do not have Read permission for the Display Label field on the HACCP Plan Process Step object, the Name field for the HACCP Plan Process Step does not display.   DEV-654885*
When users try to save a HPPS - PHA record without populating values on the Process Hazard Analysis or HACCP Plan Process Step required fields, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-660725*
Vault does not display content of files attached to NCR records when users attempt to open them from Related Object List View sections.   DEV-664475*
In some cases, when users attempt to change the state on a record that does not meet the entry criteria for Team Role Membership, the error message is not translated.   DEV-665012
When a user tries to open a Hierarchy record, Vault displays an error if they do not have Read permission on the Visual Hierarchy field.   DEV-667156*
In some cases when users launch the HACCP Flow Diagram for a HACCP Plan that includes a HACCP Plan Process Step record for a custom object type, the diagram does not load and Vault displays an error message.   DEV-667193*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault does not properly refresh the Content Plan viewer grid while in match document mode.   DEV-629020*
Correspondence document sections in the Submissions Archive Viewer are not translated. Additionally, the section’s title is [No title] and appears empty for users who do not have Read permission for the Document Type Detail object.   DEV-631894*
In some cases, when users access a dispatch comparison via URL and select an action (e.g., Accept, Reject), Vault navigates back to the blank browser tab.   DEV-632832*
In some cases, Vault fails to report EU 11.02.   DEV-645439
Migrating large quantities of Application records using Loader may result in multiple records failing with a batch error.   DEV-647208
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports CA B48.   DEV-647237
The file name for submissionunit.xml is displaying incorrectly.   DEV-647612*
When a Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer mini-browser window is open behind a user’s main browser window and the user opens a second document, the mini-browser window remains hidden.   DEV-648253*
In some cases, Vault fails to report US 1734.   DEV-648489
When an Active Dossier Item is dispatched, Vault does not set the record’s Dispatch Status, nor display the corresponding icon for the related country in the Active Dossier Viewer.   DEV-648753*
In some cases, a hierarchy state change conflicts with continuous publishing if continuous publishing finishes before the end of the job.   DEV-649148
In some cases, on-demand publishing creates Content Plan Items as placeholders and does not populate eCTD 4.0-specific Submission Metadata fields.   DEV-650137*
In some cases, file extensions are incorrectly applied to the Published Output Location.   DEV-650317
When a Vault annotation link and another link type target a reference leaf within the same Submission and the annotation link is retargeted, Vault does not resolve the annotation link during publishing and on-demand publishing fails.   DEV-650940*
In some caes, Vault incorrectly reports US 1736.   DEV-651134
In some cases, documents do not merge for report level content plans if the Content Plan Item node type is blank.   DEV-651389*
In some cases, Vault does not attach the merged PDF to the Submission Ready Binder when using the Report Level Content Plan Publish and Merge action.   DEV-651541
In some cases, users receive an error when creating a binder when a “Read Only Text Field" custom text field is created.   DEV-651909*
The Content Plan Viewer incorrectly renders some special characters.   DEV-652184*
In some cases, Vault fails to report US 1276.   DEV-652293
Vault fails to report US 5200.   DEV-652320
When the Active Dossier checkbox is enabled, Vault displays inactive picklist values in the picklist fields.   DEV-652640*
Links in the Table of Contents for a merged section are not navigating to the published merged document.   DEV-653048*
When the Active Dossier status is Pending Current/Pending Superseded/Pending Deprecated, the status is updated to Submitted.   DEV-653091*
When section merge published output location or xml title are not populated in the merged section, Section Merge jobs fail.   DEV-653103*
The Submissions Archive Document field does not populate in Active Dossier Item Detail.   DEV-653158*
Users without Read permission for the Activity object’s Impacted Market field receive a server error when attempting to dispatch Global Content Plans.   DEV-653212*
The Content Plan Viewer displays the incorrect error message when users without appropriate permissions attempt to reorder matched documents.   DEV-653216*
When a document contains two hyperlinks (A and B) to the same location and one (A) is retargeted, Vault successfully retargets link A and publishes both A and B accordingly, however it does not allow retargeting of link B.   DEV-653223*
In some cases, Vault allows Submission imports for scenarios which should be blocked from import.   DEV-653480*
The Submissions Archive Document field does not populate in Active Dossier Item Detail.   DEV-653518*
In some cases, the Server Having Problems banner displays when saving a record after drag & drop.   DEV-653603*
In some cases, publishing fails for Content Plan Item merge when the same document is matched to two different Expected Document List items.   DEV-654402*
Vault generates new UUIDs and does not populate Submission Metadata fields during publishing when Content Plan Items are matched to documents from a different Submission.   DEV-654538*
When metadata is udpated, the outbound job is not triggered.   DEV-654545*
Vault displays the incorrect error message when users attempt to remove an Extended Metadata record from an Application.   DEV-654768*
Vault prevents users from removing Extended Metadata records from an Application when the related Submission’s current lifecycle state is not configured in the Exclude Submission Lifecycle States application setting.   DEV-654774*
Users receive a Server having problems error when attempting to restore default columns in the Submission Wizard.   DEV-654803*
While splitting Activities, the Summary page incorrectly displays information for new records when the Relate Bundled and Split Regulatory Objectives and Submissions to Events setting is enabled.   DEV-655382*
In some cases, state transition fails if the lifecycle name has been modified.   DEV-657213*
The Product Code field does not populate properly into product reports.   DEV-657712
When a field is configured with EmailFormat, if a user enters a field value with HTML formatting, it appears incorrectly.   DEV-658034*
In some cases, Vault fails to report CN 4.2.3.   DEV-658547
When filtering content plans, users may observe that the filtered text includes visible format tags and incorrect special character formatting, rather than properly formatted text.   DEV-658945
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports EU Rules 11.2 and 15.8.   DEV-659129
When managing registered details, Vault does not create Registered details records if source record Names contain 120 or more characters, and system-managed naming is not enabled for the target object.   DEV-659544*
When an Active Dossier Item is dispatched, Vault does not set the record’s Dispatch Status, nor display the corresponding icon for the related country in the Active Dossier Viewer.   DEV-660126*
In some cases, jobs processing imports or removals in Submissions Archive continue to run and do not finish.   DEV-660207*
Users matching documents in Match Document Mode may experience performance issues.   DEV-660452
When a user applies filters on the Submission Wizard, they may see strong HTML tags rather than bold formatting in the resulting rows.   DEV-660475*
When creating records in bulk or during bundling, Vault does not create Application Inactive Ingredient relationship records when there is an existing Application Product record.   DEV-661043*
In some cases, users receive an error when setting a reference leaf on a draft Content Plan Item.   DEV-661680
In some cases, when a user has EDL Items with identical POL and matched documents, then quickly unmatches and matches a new document to one of the EDL Items, the published document ID may be reused incorrectly.   DEV-661891*
In some cases, submissions took longer than expected to begin publishing.   DEV-661893
In some cases, the Index.xml is not publishing as expected.   DEV-661934
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports US 1737.   DEV-662149
When users search for records with special characters, the Submission Wizard does not highlight the search term.   DEV-662827*
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports US 1789.   DEV-663716
In the Create Relate Record and bundling wizards, the creation of target join records for Application, Submission, or Regulatory Objective may fail if their corresponding source records have text fields with values containing special characters, such as \ " ' ( ) * %.   DEV-663872*
In some cases, the Create Related Records wizard creates records but does not include them in the results CSV file.   DEV-664284
When a user attempts to clear the picklist field value on the Registration or Registered Join pop-up on the Edit & Verify page, the page may go blank.   DEV-664983*
In some cases, the continuous publishing event is not triggered when the document is matched to the Content Plan Item.   DEV-665570
When the target document is upversioned with RFP=No, the broken link resolution doesn't work correctly.   DEV-666584*
Users attempting to reimport a Submission from the same Application receive an error if the Application references an earlier version of the same document.   DEV-667080
In some cases, email notifications are not sent for submissions.   DEV-667340
When using the {samefolder}, links to the target are not working correctly.   DEV-667341*
When an embedded permalink is linked to a target that is part of a merged document, the link status is validated against the source document instead of the merged document, and Vault incorrectly reports 5202.   DEV-668753
Some users may experience an error on renditions when PDF Standardization is enabled.   DEV-669492*
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports EU 16.BP7.   DEV-671403
The 'publishing_metadata__v' field fails to deploy as a standard source type.   DEV-671664
In some cases, the UDI data generation algorithm does not separately assess certain values on related Regulatory Objective and Registered Nomenclature Code records.   DEV-675345*
During Activity bundling, users without Create permission for the Submission Authorization and Regulatory Objective Authorization objects receive misleading warnings and errors in the CSV results file, even if those objects were not selected for bundling.   DEV-675359


The RegulatoryOne release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on February 20, 2024.

Description Issue No.
Users encounter an error when trying to reorder requirements in the Requirement Hierarchy Viewer when those requirements have siblings belonging to another parent record.   OLS-24247*
If an Admin removes a user's Edit permission on the equirement object while the user is viewing the Requirement Hierarchy Viewer, the user can still execute the Reorder actions on the record they are viewing.   OLS-25316*
In some cases after clicking Actions for a record in the Requirement Hierarchy Viewer, the menu options display outside the viewer section.   OLS-25803


The Safety release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on February 15, 2024.

Description Issue No.
When promoting an Inbox Item with an Open Label Study Arm Product within a blinded Study, the Product (Reported) field on the Case is not populated for the Open Label Study Product.   SAF-46882
When importing an E2B(R2) file for a blinded Study, if no match is found for the Study Product, Study Product masking is set to blank instead of Blinded.   SAF-48878*
When an Inbox Item Products section includes unsaved changes, if Study Products are added through the Specify Study Product dialog, the unsaved changes are cleared.   SAF-49739
In Vaults with a default value configured for the Blinded field on Study records, when a different value is entered when adding a record, the system applies the default value upon record creation.   SAF-49782*
In some instances, merging Inbox Items to In-flight Cases is prevented and this error message appears: "Case creation is already in progress. Please wait for it to complete."   SAF-50474
If a migrated Case does not include an Organization value and then is updated manually to include an Organization, during Case promotion, Cases with a UID that match the migrated Case are not returned as a likely match.   SAF-50482
When saving an Inbox Item created from an email source, users receive an error message stating that they must select a Study Product even when one is already selected.   SAF-50500
When Strict Case Locking is enabled on a Case, users cannot create a Child Information Case from it even if the Case is locked to them.   SAF-50525
The G.k.2.3.r.1 (Substance / Specified Substance Name) Validation Criteria for the PMDA fails for Cases with Device Products that are not expected to have substances.   SAF-50538
For Localized Cases, E2B(R3) generation fails when a localized narrative document template does not exist.   SAF-50612
Group Rows By selections are not applied to Excel files generated from documents with the PSMF Generated Report document classification.   SAF-50671
When the Mask Reporter for PM Non-Literature Case setting is enabled, FDA VAERS E2B(R3) reports with the Reporter Country set to USA end up in the Validation Error state.   SAF-50674
The J2.15.r (Country of publication) and J2.17.r (Classification of trial/research) values of a PMDA E2B(R3) file are not exported when the Retransmit field is set to No or Literature Documents are set to be excluded from the Transmission.   SAF-50676
When creating a Follow-up Study Case with no change to Relatedness from the initial Case, in some instances the Case Tag is incorrectly updated.   SAF-50805
When users configured with a Case Access Group Override create Follow-up Cases, the system doesn't assign the expected Case Access Group.   SAF-50840*
When exporting custom E2B formats, the system runs Case-level validations for the custom format but not for the standard format that is the basis for the custom format.   SAF-50989
When a Transmission from an earlier Case version includes an inactive user in the Sender (User) field, newer Case versions cannot be approved.   SAF-51006
On PMDA E2B(R3) reports, the D.7.3 Concomitant Therapies data element is set to False when the Concomitant Therapies field is set to No on the Case, resulting in Negative Acknowledgement (NACK) messages because True is the only accepted value for this data element.   SAF-51374
When importing custom E2B file formats, the G.k.4.r.10.1 Route of Administration (free text) data element is not mapped to the Patient RoA Text field on the Case Product Dosage.   SAF-51476
In some instances, system performance is slower than expected when generating PSMF PDFs.   SAF-51658*
The C.1.9.1 Other Case Identifiers in Previous Transmissions data element is populated as True when there are no E2B-transmittable Case Identifier objects associated with the Case, resulting in Negative Acknowledgement (NACK) messages.   SAF-51661
On E2B(R2) reports, the A.1.11 Other Case Identifiers in Previous Transmissions data element is populated as True when the Case includes only non-transmittable Case Identifiers.   SAF-51737*
When importing Cases through Safety Inbox Loader, the Action Taken field on Case Products is not populated.   SAF-51739
When editing a Localized Case Product on a Case for Japan, if a change is entered but then cancelled instead of saved, the change is still applied to values coded with the JDrug Browser.   SAF-51859*
In Vaults licensed for only Vault SafetyDocs, the Auto-Translation Framework cannot be configured.   SAF-51922*
When importing multi-Case CSV files through the Safety Inbox Loader and using automated Case promotion, some Inbox Items are left in a Processing state.   SAF-51928
Combination Product device constituents are exported to CIOMS I forms.   SAF-51938
For Vaults without PT Aggregation enabled, when generating a PBRER, the Summary Tabulation of Adverse Drug Reactions from Postmarketing Sources counts the same Adverse Event multiple times, once for each Product on a Case, instead of counting each Adverse Event only once.   SAF-52034
The system imports E2B files without Case Identifier names to Inbox Items, resulting in errors during Case promotion.   SAF-52055
Watchlist questionnaires are not generated for matching MedDRA Preferred Terms (PTs).   SAF-52124
For domestic Cases, the system prevents creating Follow-up Cases or merging to In-flight Cases from the Case Compare page in Vaults with a configured entry action that moves Narrative documents to the In Review state .   SAF-52154
If Dose information is blank on both a Case Product and the associated Product Registration record, when running the Retrieve Reportable Case Product Registrations action, the system does not prioritize the Product Registration designated as the Default Registration.   SAF-52164
When an Inbox Item has more than 500 Assessments, the system prevents merge to In-flight Case and promote to Follow-up Case.   SAF-52180
If Smart MedDRA Coding is enabled, in rare cases, importing a high volume of Inbox Items causes the "Number of Requests in Current Month" counter on the MedDRA Coding Settings record to lock and the associated files to enter the Import Error state.   SAF-52189
When Localization is added to a Case that was initially promoted as Global, the system prevents Follow-up Case creation from a Localized Inbox Item.   SAF-52271
When importing Inbox Items through the Safety Inbox Loader, import fails if the Tabular Data Format does not include field mapping to Worldwide UID (WWUID), even when it does contain mapping to External System UID.   SAF-52279
When a Localized Case Assessment Event (LLT) is blank, Case Product Registrations cannot be created or updated.   SAF-52310
When merging an Inbox Item with a Reporter Country value to an In-flight Case with no Reporter Country value, the Case-level Reporter Country field is not updated.   SAF-52444
In rare cases, when importing an E2B file during intake, the system displays a "Message cannot be parsed" error message.   SAF-52523
During E2B import, custom E2B tags mapped using SDK are not imported to the Case Assessment Result object.   SAF-52613
When sending an ACK2 message from an AS2 Connection, the system sends the original E2B back to the destination.   SAF-52928

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
When using the Site Selector in Site Vault, users sometimes receive a server error.   DEV-649363

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on February 20, 2024.

Description Issue No.
When a user runs the Remove Statement and Related Records action, the dialog does not display related Claims if a lifecycle is configured on the Claim Project Join object and does not display related Local Adaptation if a lifecycle is configured on the Project Local Adaptation object.   OLS-25082*
Vault does not send comment notification emails if their email address contains special characters.   OLS-25101*
When a user runs the Localize Pack Copy, Create Selective Claims, or Create Selective Local Adaptations actions but does not select a Location filter in the dialog, Vault does not return any results or display an error message.   OLS-25865*
When a user runs the Remove Statement and Related Records action and selects a Local Adaptation to remove, the job fails if the Project Local Adaptation object is a complex join.   OLS-25940*