Release Date: August 25, 2023

The following applications may have different release dates: RegulatoryOne, Safety, and Veeva Claims.

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

Last Updated: August 25, 2023

Brand & Medical Portal

Description Issue No.
Some users experience a server error when creating a new portal.   DEV-603236*
Users experience a server error when loading the portal home page if they do not have View permission on the Product field of one or more documents in the carousel.   DEV-605914*
Vault displays document thumbnails to users who do not have View Content permission on those documents.   DEV-592430*
Users may experience an "unexpected error" message when editing a portal's Display Max field.   DEV-611592*
Users may experience a "Server having problems" error on the Portal homepage if they do not have View permission for the Product field on one or more documents in the carousel.   DEV-605916*

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
In cases where there are over 500 classifications that exceed the minimum number of documents per classification, TMF bot training jobs will fail.   DEV-606111
In some cases, users receive an error message when attempting to test a Study Metadata Extraction model.   DEV-592373
When an override EDL template applies to a Study, Vault does not properly create new milestone items for EDL items if a milestone item for that EDL item already exists.   DEV-591907*
In some cases, Vault fails to update the Milestone Document when users change the EDL Item classification that the Milestone references.   DEV-608460*
In some cases, users without certain view permissions/security profiles receive a server error when creating a Study Person record, though the creation of the Study Person record is successful.   DEV-605954*
In some cases, the Rename Connection action is erroneously available on the Connection (`connection__sys`) object.   DEV-594971*
Vault fails to properly recalculate the ESL when all Subjects are removed from a date-based Study and users initiate the Recalculate Enrollment Metrics action.   DEV-485669*
In some cases, when attempting to insert Metrics Over Time records via API, users encounter an "Operation Failed" error message and the records are not inserted.   DEV-586583
When users attempt to complete a Trip Report with unresolved Review Comments, Vault displays an error message without any details about the error.   DEV-604364*
When users attempt to Generate Risk Assessment for a Study using an existing Study as the source, Vault displays an error and does not copy the Study risks.   DEV-613793*
In certain cases, Vault fails to correctly generate Payable Items for a Study with a Fee Schedule Template applied.   DEV-593106*
Users may receive an error when trying to add Document Types to Site Packages.   DEV-606178
In cases where there is no user action configured on a study's country-level lifecycle, the study site lifecycle user action will fail.   DEV-607955
When running Document Reconciliation for a Sites monitoring event, it may delete all related Site Document Check records.   DEV-592217
Users may receive a server error on the TMF Homepage after an envelope task is added to the My Tasks page.   DEV-610607
In certain cases, when you archive a document in your Source Vault, it is not properly moved to the archived state in the Source Vault when it is transferred to the Source Vault.   DEV-585922*
In certain cases, an unexpected error during agreement message processing for TMF transfer can result in duplicate documents.   DEV-602647*
Users may encounter a CDX issue when attempting to transfer a placeholder document with a simple ruleset.   DEV-594619*
In some cases, when users attempt to download ePro report files, Vault does not download the ZIP file and instead displays a text file in the browser window.   DEV-592667*


Description Issue No.
Vaults using non-standard Material Type fields and picklists do not populate the Material Type on 2253 Forms while generating eCTD compliance packages.   DEV-608532
In some cases, Vault incorrectly orders Content Module Assets on generated Approval Documents.   DEV-592154
Under certain circumstances, the Clear filter option does not appear in the filter menu on the Modular Content document panel.   DEV-591084*
In some cases, inbound RIM Application Integration jobs fail with an "Http response status code is not 200" error.   DEV-608371
In Vaults using the Enhanced Suggest Links functionality, Vault may fail to suggest links.   DEV-588437

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
Users receive a METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED error when using the Create Multiple Documents endpoint in API v19.3.   DEV-600610
Users may receive a METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED error when upserting object records using the idParam.   DEV-590722

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
The RENAME command may not function as expected on an object lifecycle after the "Check sibling records before updating related record" entry action is added to the lifecycle.   DEV-592270*
Users experience an error when creating Multipass reports that join views on an aggregate field.   DEV-588485
The Help Content field is not cleared after package deployment according to the RECREATE command.   DEV-598411

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
Custom Vault Java SDK code using the deprecated method newLocalHttpRequest() may fail.   DEV-588174*
Custom code using ObjectLifecycleStateUserActionMetadataService#getRecordLifecycleUserActions() incorrectly returns a "User does not have read permission for the record" error.   DEV-601625*

Developer Features: VQL

Description Issue No.
For documents that have multiple steady state versions, criteria VQL expressions using status_v = STEADYSTATE() or minor_version_number_v = 0 return all steady state versions of the document instead of just the latest version.   DEV-609717*


Description Issue No.
Vault does not translate Medical Inquiry Push/Pull job names exceeding 60 characters.   DEV-576275*
Under certain circumstances, users searching for Case Contact records using the MedComms OpenData connection may experience a server error.   DEV-606190*
While using the Vault Medical OpenData connection, Vault may display an invalid query error when users search for Case Contacts.   DEV-604372
Executing a Recurring Account Pull job for one CRM Org may update the last successful run time for other CRM Orgs, causing CRM sync to fail for some records.   DEV-565368
Vault continues to pull Inquiry records after their fulfillment status in CRM changes to Complete.   DEV-600815*

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
Certain circumstances may cause the Vault Comparison Report to appear to be missing differences which are visible in Vault.   DEV-607928
The Package Component Comparison report may still display differences between package and Vault components following repeated successful deployments.   DEV-599657
The Vault Loader Command Line Tool does not abort upload sessions after an error occurs.   DEV-609999*
Users may receive a Server having problems error when attempting to save changes to a Login Message.   DEV-592273

Platform: Checklists

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault may show inactive fields when respondents complete checklists.   DEV-604400*
The entry action to generate checklists may fail in Pre-Release Vaults.   DEV-608902

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
Users are unable to access Link to Content mode directly from View mode on a document in the Library.   DEV-607455*
Vault may fail to regenerate a document's name after document type reclassification.   DEV-610078
Following bulk deletion of documents, Vault does not update the total count of documents in the Cart.   DEV-502500*
The navigation arrows within the Document Inbox may disappear once the document has reached a steady state.   DEV-582734
Users may experience a rendering delay when migrating large batches of customs renditions.   DEV-602603
Vault is unable to render documents with a .xlsx file extension.   DEV-612125*
PDF/A conversion fails if a document contains multiple fonts with the same names and subtypes.   DEV-599882*
In some cases, Vault fails to render PDF source files with PDF/A-1b selected in the File Rendition Settings.   DEV-589612
In some cases, Vault fails to update the File Created By and File Last Modified By fields in the Document Properties on uploaded PDFs with the user’s current date and timezone.   DEV-592464
When the Rendition Profile is set to Generate compliant Viewable Rendition for Source PDFs, any bookmarks in the PDF disappear after the re-rendering process. The Navigation Tab field in the PDF’s properties will still show Bookmarks Panel and Page despite the missing bookmarks   DEV-590862
When a document with link annotations is re-rendered with the Preserve Annotations setting enabled, the annotation remains visible but the link becomes missing.   DEV-574422*
The Edit Bookmarks button is available on unlocked Protected PDFs.   DEV-592679*
f a user re-renders an encrypted PDF, the I want a rendition in PDF/A format option is available for selection in the Re-render Document dialog.   DEV-559831*
If a secured PDF is re-rendered in PDF/A format, any security on the document is removed.   DEV-558124
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render large Excel files.   DEV-595836
In some cases, users encounter an unexpected error when downloading Formatted Output documents.   DEV-578834
If a currency formula field on an object record is set to use Local Currency, and the object record is downloaded as a formatted output, the resulting document displays the Corporate Currency instead of the Local Currency.   DEV-591916
The Title field in the Doc Info panel does not update to the latest title when a merged document is used as the source with an event action.   DEV-587162*
In some instances, generating a viewable rendition from a workflow causes a timeout with the error message: "Rendition generation is taking a while. Please refresh your page or try again later" or "Vault is unable to render this file".   DEV-602589
Merge Field tokens fail to merge if the token includes a special character, such as /, @, [, ], and #.   DEV-596823
If a Rendition Status log with over 65,536 rows of data is exported to CSV, the resulting file will truncate the rows down to 65,536.   DEV-555301
When Vault renders a document with table of contents titles longer than one line, text wrapping on the titles is lost in the viewable rendition.   DEV-595615
When Vault renders a document with the Blue Link option selected, the sub-headings in the viewable rendition’s table of contents do not render as blue.   DEV-605629
Vault Owners receive a permissions error when attempting to download a Large Size Asset Rendition that is over 4GB.   DEV-594832

Platform: Email & Notifications

Description Issue No.
Some special characters do not render when sending an email in via Email Ingestion.   DEV-595191
In some cases, tracked emails that are bounced do not have their status updated from Sent to Failed in the UI.   DEV-583483*
In some cases, non-deliverable emails have their status incorrectly updated to Sent.   DEV-545347*
When reassigning a document workflow task, the new assignee may not receive a push notification.   DEV-610354*

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
Certain circumstances may incorrectly allow a checked out document to have its state changed.   DEV-571636
In rare cases, the Active Workflows screen may not show all active tasks, and the Show More link may not function as expected.   DEV-599362
In certain cases, Vault may display a server error when attempting to make edits to Atomic Security on fields.   DEV-602267
Vault may display an incorrectly-populated error message when a user attempts to complete a task in a workflow if the workflow owner was made inactive after the workflow started.   DEV-605380
In some cases, Vault may display a server error when checking object lifecycle state entry criteria configured to validate related record states, with the Conditions on Related Records checkbox selected, and no records are found.   DEV-593589*
Users may encounter an error when activating a workflow referenced by an entry action and without auto start enabled.   DEV-605959*

Platform: Localization

Description Issue No.
In some cases, imported label translations may not be applied on new states, roles, and user actions.   DEV-592847*

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users experience a server error when opening an object record audit trail.   DEV-608130*
When editing a record from the More Actions menu in list view, the fields on the record may have incorrect values when compared with editing a record from the record details page.   DEV-581198
When checking the syntax of a formula expression for a formula mask, Vault may not display accurate number padding.   DEV-590544*
Admins may encounter two error messages instead of one when checking the syntax of an invalid validation expression.   DEV-607685*
When entering a formula field on objects, formulas that reference another formula field pass the "Syntax Check" button but error when clicking the "Save" button.   DEV-598565*
When entering a formula field on objects, if you've navigated to that formula field from a parent field, the formula passes the "Syntax Check" button but errors when clicking the "Save" button.   DEV-589989*
Under certain conditions, Vault throws a server error when trying to save a field default value that includes a space character.   DEV-592788*
The "Allow create new reference record" setting may be incorrectly enabled for document reference fields on objects.   DEV-593467
Users encounter an error when attempting to enable the previously disabled "Values must be unique" setting on a simple join object field.   DEV-596584
Using the navigation page to view related records may result in a page not found error.   DEV-600026

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
When a user switches between two saved views that have different filters, Vault sometimes applies the previous view's filters to the current view's data.   DEV-585719*
Under certain conditions, the sharing settings for a User object appears as a blank page.   DEV-594697
When creating new user tasks, the attachments section is not automatically added to the page layout. This may cause the user task to appear as though it does not support attachments, even when attachments are configured as supported for this object.   DEV-593125
In cases where an object records detail page has multiple sections, Vault may compress the section names in the left Navigation Panel.   DEV-591693
The Save button is unavailable when saving new picklist values that were copied and pasted.   DEV-592537
Users may encounter a server error instead of an error message when attempting to reorder picklist values.   DEV-567977*
Vault may fail to accurately display an object record's hovercard depending on a user's browser or the hovercard size.   DEV-590833

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
Vault may fail to display the correct value if the same report but different aggregate fields are used in multiple charts in a dashboard.   DEV-593750*
Dashboards secondly grouped by Number may incorrectly sort results in alphabetical order.   DEV-599857
Users cannot click the Apply button when configuring optional run-time filter prompts on a dashboard.   DEV-595006*
In rare cases, conditional field logic in multipass reporting may not function as expected.   DEV-573960
In some cases, users may receive a Server having problems error when attempting to export a report to Excel.   DEV-593542
Users may receive a server having problems error when attempting to view a dashboard for a report with a blank Secondary grouping for the Date field.   DEV-595577*

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Enhanced Suggest Links may fail to find statements and highlighted search text may include extra words at the beginning of the phrase.   DEV-598189*
Enhanced Suggested Links may match single words and return too many/unhelpful results.   DEV-592501
In some cases, users are unnecessarily prompted to accept or reject suggested links for exact matches.   DEV-598177
Users may experience performance issues when running the Suggested Links job for phrases longer than 40 terms.   DEV-605716*
In some cases, when migrating views, Shared Views are not properly migrated.   DEV-578749*
In some cases, users are unable to create or update tabs with object reference filters.   DEV-593501*
When multiple search filters are applied, they do not appear in a predictable order.   DEV-600600


Description Issue No.
In some cases in Vault LIMS, the system may display a server error when the Generate Lab Tests action executes as a user or event action.   DEV-591636*
In Vault LIMS, when a user attempts to hierarchical copy a test definition record, the copy may not contain child records as expected.   DEV-590345*
In some cases in Vault LIMS, the system may display an error when a user attempts to create a new version of a sample plan or specification record.   DEV-591244*
In Vault LIMS test execution, the Actual amount field may be incorrectly required for Consumable inputs which don't specify an amount.   DEV-609720
In some cases in Vault QMS, scrolling within the Risk Builder interface may cause the interface to shift up and down unexpectedly.   DEV-594302*
Vault may display an incomplete error message when the Activate External Collaborators action executes and detects a duplicate external username.   DEV-594107*
Vault may display an error when attempting to execute the Activate External Collaborators document lifecycle entry action when the Quality External User Template includes certain token combinations including the ${PersonEmailPrefix} token.   DEV-594566*
Vault may display an error while transferring data from a Clinical Operations Vault to a Study Training Vault if an object reference field rule is inactive.   DEV-579343*
In some cases, the Study Training to Clinical Operations Vault Connection job transfers object records which do not fulfill the conditions for transfer.   DEV-590630*
In Validation Management, when a user navigates to a requirement record detail page from the Requirements Burndown View, Vault may not display a navigation breadcrumb in the top left of the detail page.   DEV-594833*
In some cases in Training, Vault may display an error when a user attempts to click the Filter icon on the Learner homepage.   DEV-614904*


Description Issue No.
Tapping the "ESC" key while displaying the "Manage Team" dialog returns a blank page.  
In some cases, COA Inspection files submitted externally through email intake display unexpected information in the Created By field.  
In some cases, generating a document from a formatted output may return an inaccurate error message.  


Description Issue No.
When users drag and drop Active Dossier records into the viewer and do not populate the Product field with the Inactive Ingredient field, Vault does not display the created records in the viewer.   DEV-544331*
When an Active Dossier Item Detail record references a common country (EU, GCC), users attempting to clear the Active Dossier Status receive an error.   DEV-600775
Hovercards in the Active Dossier Viewer display an error for Common (GCC) Active Dossier Item Detail records.   DEV-602299*
The Active Dossier Viewer does not display the submitted icon and hovercard for Common (EU) Active Dossier Item Detail records.   DEV-602304*
Vault does not update the Published by Vault field when publishing a reference leaf via continuous publishing.   DEV-589751*
Users cannot lock a Content Plan (perform a hierarchical state change) when the plan contains a Content Plan Item without a published document and its XML Operation field set to “Delete”.   DEV-589325
When a matched source document includes Vault annotations to permalinks to multiple targets, on-demand publishing does not up-version source documents and resolve the link if a target document is updated.   DEV-552009*
Permalinks to named destinations within a target document published as a viewable rendition resolve to the first page of the document rather than the named destination.   DEV-577927*
Vault link annotations to multiple lines of target document resolve incorrectly during publishing.   DEV-594956
During continuous publishing triggered by updating the Source for Published Document or Published Output Location, Vault up-versions matched documents which are not Ready for Publishing.   DEV-598716
When a user sets a reference leaf and clicks Save, they must refresh the page in order to view the updated Published Output Location and Node Type.   DEV-605064*
When a Submission has multiple Clinical Study or Nonclinical Study relationship records, the Set Leaf Operation dialog does not auto-expand to the section containing both records.   DEV-592800*
When setting a leaf operation for multiple Submissions, users must apply filters for a specific Submission in order to view STF XML files in the dialog.   DEV-603493*
Depending on a user’s browser zoom level, longer leaf and section titles overlap and are not readable within the Set Reference Leaf dialog.   DEV-603244
Vault incorrectly reports GCC Rule 12.9 as passed when a Labeling or Cover Letter Content Plan Item contains an incorrect xlink:href value.   DEV-613762*
Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 1085 as passed when an Content Plan Item's full source file path is greater than 230 characters.   DEV-598738*
Vault executes (instead of skips) validation checks of FDA Forms against US Rules 5005, 5020, and 5040.   DEV-605047
Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 1255 as failed for ANDA submissions when items in sections M1-14 and M1-16 are Microsoft Word documents, reflected in the Published Output Location as .doc.   DEV-613765
In some cases, when a Content Plan Item’s XML Operation is set to Delete, the item is not updated accordingly in the Submissions Archive Viewer during publishing.   DEV-602154
When managing registered details, the Summary page “Finish” button is disabled when the request exceeds the number of records allowed for creation or update.   DEV-595772*
When a user splitting Activities navigates back from the Summary page to the Define Relationships page and de-selects a record, Vault directs them to a blank Define Relationships page instead of the Summary page.   DEV-608164*
Users without Read permission for the Application object are able to view but not execute the Create Registrations action.   DEV-610772*
When a user clicks the Apply button in the Managing Registered Details wizard, the lifecycle state is not applied for the Registration.   DEV-593089*
Vault may fail to populate Acknowledgements on the Product Data Message for Investigational Medicinal Products.   DEV-601805
In some cases, filtering for Matched Documents within the Content Plan Viewer may return incomplete data.   DEV-593171
When a user expands a content plan section at the bottom of the tree within the Active Dossier and Content Plan viewers, the view jumps back to the first expanded section in the tree.   DEV-598627*
In some cases, the Create from Document user action fails to generate a matched document for the related Report-type Content Plan Item.   DEV-602341
When copying into a Content Plan, the success and failure counts in the resulting notification do not include the total number of matched documents.   DEV-596193*
The Copied From field value is not set on inactive Content Plan records created from the Dispatch/Copy and From/Into Content Plan Actions.   DEV-580578*
Leaf source file path correction is incorrectly skipped on submissions missing a value on the dossier status field.   DEV-609283
In some cases, users may see an empty section warning in the Submissions Archive Viewer when it does not apply.   DEV-601177
When a user without Read permission for the Submission Metadata object selects Where Used in Archive, the Submissions Archive Viewer does not load. For users with Read permission, the viewer loads but does not automatically expand to the selected location.   DEV-601968*
For China (CN) eCTD submission records, there are typographical errors in the labels of sections 1.4, 1.4.6, and 1.8.1.   DEV-606182
Vault does not apply overlays to viewable renditions downloaded from the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-604498
Users without Read permission on the Submission object and object types are able to view them in the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-602110*
In some cases, when a user attempts to access the Viewer tab, it appears blank.   DEV-603271
Under certain circumstances, users receive a Page Not Found error when accessing the Viewer tab.   DEV-608234
Admins may encounter a deployment failure when migrating Impact Assessment Report records.   DEV-595936
RIM submissions encounter an error where the output generates a PDF all pages are missing after the first page. The second page includes an error: ERROR: syntaxerror OFFENDING COMMAND: –nostringval–.   DEV-589023


The Safety release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on August 31, 2023.

Description Issue No.
The audit trail on inbox items created from E2B files displays picklist names instead of labels.   SAF-42631*
For unblinded Cases, changing the Study Report Type to a custom value breaks the blind on Product Names.   SAF-42695*
Users with the Case Processing security profile are unable to view data in the Medical Review Timeline of an inbox item that has been promoted to a Case.   SAF-42713*
When Study Cases have postmarketing PMDA Reporting Categories, Localized Study Names are not exported to the C.5.2 Study Name data element on PMDA E2B(R3) reports.   SAF-43653
In some instances, the system times out when running Multi-Pass Reports for Non-Vault Owners.   SAF-44044
Reporting Rules are not evaluated correctly for Reporting Families with Product Registrations.   SAF-44332
In some instances, a server error occurs when Non-Vault Owner users try to view the Medical Review Timeline section of Cases.   SAF-44404
The system automatically voids Cases when they have no Primary Products or the "Generate Assessments for both Serious and Non-Serious Adverse Events" setting is turned off.   SAF-44406*
In some instances, WHODrug-coded Substance Names for External Products are missing parentheses, leading to incorrect population in the B.4.k.2.2 Substance / Specified Substance Name data element of E2B(R2) reports.   SAF-44531
When a PMDA Case has multiple LRDs, the values entered in some J2 fields and Localized Case Comments are mapped from the wrong LRD upon export.   SAF-44906
Warnings don't appear when the Case Product Dosage Frequency field is missing either a unit or number value.   SAF-45081*
When generating E2B files, Dose Forms from the Controlled Vocabulary are not truncated to 50 characters.   SAF-45515
When the Generate Assessments user action completes, system notifications do not appear.   SAF-45796*
The system automatically voids Cases when there are no Primary Products or Assessments in their source E2B files, and the resulting error message does not reflect the real issue.   SAF-46260
The Due Date field on Localized Cases is not set to the earliest due date from their Localized Case Assessments.   SAF-46301*

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on September 5, 2023.

Description Issue No.
Notifications sent to users tagged in a Project Comment include HTML code.   OLS-21377*