Release Date: May 5, 2023

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Last Updated: May 5, 2023


Description Issue No.
If a user deletes a document while it is queued for rendition, the document will remain visible with a status of Queued on the Rendition Status page in the Vault Admin UI.   DEV-535722
In some cases, when full data exports are enabled, Vault may perform an iterative scheduled data export after a full data export on the same day.   DEV-539486
Deployment fails for inbound packages containing reports configured with object type filters.   DEV-542916
In Vaults with more than 50 custom tabs, users experience a server error when trying to reorder tabs.   DEV-553375*
Under certain conditions, system-owned users appear in the group membership edit page.   DEV-556329*
Under certain conditions, users cannot delete Network Access Rules.   DEV-559367
Under certain conditions, Vault Loader Jobs fail when adding users with a 'username already exists' error, even when the username does not exist.   DEV-563237
In some cases, users receive an error and are unable to migrate configuration for custom tabs.   DEV-569230
Users experience a "Server having problems" error when saving edits to Vault Token records   DEV-570720*
Vault may fail to generate configuration reports with atomic security components.   DEV-572419
In some cases, non-Vault Owners may be able to enable “Audit data changes” in an object that contains records.   DEV-573738*

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
The Response picklist field on Trip Reports is shorter/smaller than other picklist fields on the Trip Report.   DEV-507680*
In some cases, when users bulk upload documents, Vault does not correctly default the Product field.   DEV-544607
Transfer failure records are not created when referencing a country__v record that only exists in the source Vault but not the target Vault.   DEV-552650*
Users with documents that reference deleted milestone records receive an error and are unable to modify those documents.   DEV-558603
In some cases, when Payable Items generated for a single Fee with a Holdback are modified and the Generate Payable Items action is re-run, Vault fails to correctly update the Payable Items and their Related Holdback Items.   DEV-560951*
In some cases, when users update the Study Hierarchy Fields on a document with tasks and navigate back to the document's tasks, the filters for Study Hierarchy are not updated accordingly.   DEV-561150*
Documents created during email ingestion may fail to render if the TMF Bot is in use.   DEV-563719
Vault does not display the expected error message when a user attempts to create a new draft and the product linked to the document's study is no longer valid.   DEV-570869*
Under certain circumstances, site users may experience server errors after selecting a Study from the Tasks widget on the Site User homepage.   DEV-573882*


Description Issue No.
Under certain circumstances, configuration related to standard metrics document fields prevents workflows from starting.   DEV-559156
In some cases, Vault incorrectly populates Text Assets' (Claims and Reusable Text) Lifecycle Status fields on Approval Documents with the API name.   DEV-561131
In the new Portal UI, when editing a Portal Document widget, if the "+ Add Document" button is selected before all document cards load, only the newly selected documents persist.   DEV-575941*
In rare cases, users experience a server error when navigating to the Modular Content document panel on documents with data and image modules.   DEV-576417*

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
Vault does not enforce limits on the number of decimal places allowed when a user updates a number field via API.   DEV-530603*
Under certain conditions, some Vault API sessions may expire early.   DEV-540438
Using the API to match documents to EDL Items fails unexpectedly with a message that the resource is inactive or does not exist.   DEV-572105

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
When the Vault Java SDK Debugger is running, Vault throws an error when executing custom SDK code that uses the RecordService interface.   DEV-544018*
When the Spark message URL is null, the message stays in the queue and retries. Instead, null messages should be removed without retry.   DEV-560744*


Description Issue No.
Vault fails to populate metadata for PDF/A renditions while metadata population is enabled.   DEV-451606*
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render Microsoft Excel files.   DEV-515238
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to properly render and merge fields on documents.   DEV-542038
Users cannot upload a document to the Library from the Google Drive Integration if a “/” exists in the file name.   DEV-545307*
In some cases, Vault does not send PDF documents to the standardization queue.   DEV-547432
When viewing a Binder with sections of multiple unbound and bound documents, clicking Expand All displays the incorrect document version. This error also occurs when switching between Bound Documents, Unbound Documents, and All Documents views. This error only occurs if one document is displayed multiple times within the Binder.   DEV-547745
Vault fails to maintain references added to document link annotations before the OCR process is complete.   DEV-549298*
When naming binder sections, Vault incorrectly escapes special characters, such as ampersands.   DEV-550839
If Prevent Merge Fields on Steady State is enabled, Vault does not update document version number merge tokens when moving a document to the Steady state.   DEV-553231
In some cases, using the Google Drive integration results in server errors if the Vault's name includes special characters.   DEV-560171
In some cases, users are unable to open an embedded link when the URL ends in a comma.   DEV-563706
In cases where an unexpected error occurs while saving a Viewable Rendition, users are unable to view their annotations.   DEV-571486*
In some cases, users are unable to create a presentation on an uploaded document in the Library.   DEV-574298*
In cases where the 'model_v' and 'hierarchy_v' fields are the only values in a document approval, users may receive a server error when attempting to approve the document.   DEV-578120

Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
In some cases, certain users may not appear in the list of approvers in the Start Workflow dialog.   DEV-515313
The workflow name and Workflow Owner's username may overlap in the Timeline View of a legacy document workflow.   DEV-547545*
Vault does not display an error message for tasks that do not meet field validation when the validation expression applies to an object reference field.   DEV-553013
Available tasks for a multi-document workflow may not be displayed in the Show More section on the All Tasks view.   DEV-566874*
In some cases, users may receive a validation error when starting a single-object workflow and see a misleading error message.   DEV-575971
Users may encounter a validation error when attempting to start a workflow when participants aren't automatically added based on their role.   DEV-577160
Users may encounter a validation error when attempting to start a workflow with an allowed participant that isn't a member of a group.   DEV-577886*


Description Issue No.
In some instances, Vault fails to properly translate portions of error messages into the user's language.   DEV-557995


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault fails to bulk delete Person object records.   DEV-558752
In the new Portal UI, when editing a Portal Document widget, if the "+ Add Document" button is selected before all document cards load, only the newly selected documents persist.   DEV-576603*


Description Issue No.
In certain scenarios, results do not match filters in the advanced search dialog.   DEV-513244*
When a user updates object records in bulk, Vault does not notify the user when the update fails because another transaction is already updating one or more records in the batch.   DEV-536380
If a custom record action is only available for certain states, Vault only blocks the page briefly as it executes the action and interrupts any subsequent user activity when the action completes.   DEV-540597*
On documents with multi-value parent and child object reference fields, if there are two records in the parent field and a user creates a child record from the document, the child field label does not show the path from the parent. If a user adds a third parent record, Vault displays an error that the child's selected values are no longer applicable.   DEV-540723
When a rich text field on an object enables Contains Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), users are unable to create new records with a value in the rich text field.   DEV-545732*
In some cases, expanding a User Tasks related object section results in a server error.   DEV-557109
Users experience a server error when saving a read-only, system-managed field that references the User object on a custom object type.   DEV-566244*
When records exist for a deleted User Task object, Vault displays a server error on the My Tasks and All Tasks pages.   DEV-570036
Vault may send emails to addresses on the Email Suppression List if the addresses are entered in a different case.   DEV-571250
Vault clears default values for multi-value picklist object reference type fields if the field is updated in any way on the parent object.   DEV-574139

Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
When adding a user to a role, the audit trail entry for Vault Mobile states the user was added to the "field" rather than the "role".   DEV-449090*
If a Tab Collection is deleted while a user is viewing it, Vault displays a "Server having problems" message.   DEV-516080*
Signature pages may fail to display signature descriptions.   DEV-528080
In some instances, users may experience a server error when opening user audit trails.   DEV-534978
Vault may fail to process all rows in a CSV file in the Vault Loader job.   DEV-547403
In rare instances, Vault may add an extra character to the label of components within outbound configuration packages.   DEV-549429
In some cases, Vault Loader does not log errors or display a failure notification when a CSV file is malformed.   DEV-553879
In rare cases, there may be incorrect event actions in an object's audit history.   DEV-554070
Extracting the full list of Vault Domain Users has decreased performance.   DEV-554379
In some cases, the document navigation arrows do not appear for archived documents in the Vault Clinical Archive Library.   DEV-555576
Users are able to input more than the maximum 750 characters into the search bar when adding object references.   DEV-556180*
Under certain conditions, the Last Login field for a user does not update.   DEV-556776
Audit trails may not accurately display delegate actions performed within multi-record workflows.   DEV-559983*
Deleting document lifecycles may take longer than expected.   DEV-561002*
Certain components present in the target Vault may be displayed as missing when deploying migration packages, resulting in blocked steps.   DEV-564567
Vault may fail to populate document subtype values after a successful VPK deployment.   DEV-564589
On the My Vaults page, if the list of Vaults is on page 2 or greater and a user applies a filter resulting in only one page, Vault shows "No items found."   DEV-565083*
In some cases, users may experience performance issues when generating Narrative documents.   DEV-566588
In rare cases, Vault Loader jobs may be delayed or processed for more than 24 hours.   DEV-566815
In some cases, Vault does not display the correct Status and Error Message on the Email Notification Status page for bounced emails.   DEV-572150
Vault prevents users from deleting a nested binder if duplicate documents exist in the binder. The following error message displays: “Server having problems.”   DEV-572428
Binders created from a Content Plan are not searchable in the Document Library   DEV-574089
The Business Admin > Picklists drop-down menu does not include a tooltip with the picklist name (e.g., activity_type__c).   DEV-574393*
Vault fails to resolve numeric field tokens in notification templates.   DEV-576070*
Only users with Full User licenses can see custom tab collections.   DEV-577965*


Description Issue No.
When a user starts or resumes a test in Vault LIMS, the system may not properly display a loading page before displaying the test execution page.   DEV-532606*
In Vault LIMS, inputs may incorrectly be cleared when adding a sample to a test.   DEV-556479*
Some state types may incorrectly be duplicated or share the same label.   DEV-556664*
In some cases, the Application Role or Security Profile field may incorrectly display as required but incomplete when attempting to save a QMS User Template.   DEV-557037*
Users are able to generate multiple training assignments by clicking the Begin Training button multiple times in quick succession.   DEV-557400*
In some cases, when a Learner attempts to self-register for a class which has already closed, Vault incorrectly creates a Class Roster record.   DEV-557769
In some cases, Vault incorrectly displays the loading animation when no records are present in the Assessment Risk section of an FMEA Risk Assessment Record.   DEV-558650*
In some cases in the Risk Builder, navigating to All in the Process Step selector does not correctly switch the interface to View mode.   DEV-559177*
Notifications sent using the External Notifications feature using large Text or Long text fields may be formatted incorrectly.   DEV-563459
The Related Root Cause Analysis Item field may incorrectly be editable on manually-created Root Cause records.   DEV-564495*
In cases where a Learner has failed a class, then been added to a new class, the Learner Homepage may fail to display properly.   DEV-566744*
Under certain configurations on custom Risk object types, Vault may incorrectly display an error when a user populates the Severity, Occurrence, and Detectability values.   DEV-576377

Quality & QualityOne

Description Issue No.
Some users experience an error when attempting to create a related Sample record on a Batch record.   DEV-553133


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault displays an unclear error when attempting to create an Ad Hoc question.   DEV-558867*
In some cases, Vault displays a server error when attempting to create a checklist assignment.   DEV-559138
In some cases, users receive an unclear error message when triggering the "Delete Finding for Disabled Response" entry action on the Audit Checklist record   DEV-565290*
In some cases, users receive an inaccurate error message when attempting to create a HACCP Plan Process Step Connection object record with an empty Input Step or Output Step field.   DEV-565488*
In some cases, Vault displays a server error when attempting to run the "Delete Inspection" action on an Inspection record with no related child records.   DEV-566722*
In some cases, Vault displays the Control Chart briefly before displaying a blank page when attempting to view a Control Chart from a Material record.   DEV-574456*
In some cases, the display on the Create HACCP Plan Design from Design action dialog does not update properly if a user’s permissions change while they are entering information into the dialog.   DEV-574599*


Description Issue No.
During continuous publishing, Vault incorrectly reports Rule B35 as failed on source documents when a target document linked within is up-versioned.   DEV-264058*
In some cases, Vault is unable to resolve links in STF XML during initial and continuous publishing.   DEV-481557*
When users quickly expand and collapse (double-click) a node in the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer, the node enters inline editing mode.   DEV-530789*
When a user selects a cross-application Reference Leaf, Vault does not include the Application folder name in the Published Output Location.   DEV-548109*
Embedded permalinks with broken links may cause publishing to fail.   DEV-550569
When a leaf fails validation for EU Rules 11.9 and 11.BP1 and a user subsequently updates its XML Operation field to New, Vault does not clear the previous validation results and incorrectly fails the rules again.   DEV-550873
The Submission Archive Viewer displays leaves and empty section styling for sections which should be empty.   DEV-552778*
Vault incorrectly orders Content Plan Items in the new Submissions Archive Viewer after on-demand or continuous publishing.   DEV-553061*
Some RIM Submissions Application Settings appear in RIM Vaults where the Submissions application is not enabled.   DEV-554190*
Users with incomplete permissions receive a nonspecific error message when setting a Reference Leaf.   DEV-554282
In some cases, RIM Admins receive a nonspecific job error message when a connected Clinical Operations Vault is not responsive.   DEV-555139*
When users apply a saved view in the Active Dossier viewer, Vault does not populate the Product Family filter, and the Product Family picklist is blank.   DEV-555308*
Publishing jobs fail when a published placeholder contains a source reference.   DEV-556461
When users expand a section in the new Submissions Archive Viewer, Vault does not display the loading icon.   DEV-556946*
Vault may report false validation results against US Rule 1519.   DEV-558050
In Vaults with the QMS to RIM connection, under certain conditions the data update action may fail to create Impacted Countries as expected.   DEV-559004*
When a Submission Metadata record references a document that does not exist, Rule 1697 fails with a nonspecific error message.   DEV-559259
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports Rules 16.BP2, 16.BP3, 20.BP2, 20.BP3, and 19.1 as failed.   DEV-560135
When a user with insufficient permissions generates a Table of Contents, the related job encounters errors but does not notify the user or include error details in the log.   DEV-560456
Users are unable to view some older submissions in the new Submission Archive viewer.   DEV-562151
When an Admin re-labels any field appearing in the Submissions Archive Viewer, the Submission column disappears from the grid, and users cannot select it to display in the viewer.   DEV-562317*
Vault incorrectly reports validation results for Rule AP.APFs.BR.2 (for the Authorised Pharmaceutical Form) when a submission includes a co-packaged medicinal product.   DEV-562372
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1323 as failed when a previously-published Reference Leaf Content Plan Item’s Enable Continuous Publishing field is disabled and re-enabled.   DEV-562945
Vault inconsistently displays section labels in the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-564494*
When splitting Activities, Vault does not Regulatory Objective Product Characteristic and Regulatory Objective Packaging Characteristic records if the Enable Application Relationships and Exclude Submission Lifecycle States application settings are enabled.   DEV-564870*
After creating an Application record with the Medicinal Application type, users may see a notification that Vault failed to create an Application Country join record, even though the record was created successfully.   DEV-565359
When the Active Dossier Viewer grid is not displaying any records, users cannot export the Excel tree.   DEV-565509*
When Vault is processing a large volume of transactions, updates to the Published Document Reference field can be delayed, resulting in Rule 1425 validation failure.   DEV-565590
When pulling Regulatory Objective data to a Submission, Vault does not create Product Characteristic join records.   DEV-566421*
Within the M5 STF section, running On-Demand Publishing can result in binder leafs in a different order than the Content Plan Items are displayed.   DEV-566749*
After selecting and clearing an application in the Submissions Archive Viewer and then opening and closing the advanced search dialog, the previously selected application appears in the selector.   DEV-566787*
Users without read access to the Submission Metadata object are unable to apply filters in the new Submissions Archive Viewer, and the viewer displays but does not allow users to select Submission related objects in the Submission filter.   DEV-567129
Vault displays lists of related objects to users without Read permission on the object.   DEV-568273*
Users cannot drag and drop to match documents from a document tab within a Tab Collection into the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer.   DEV-568477*
When creating Submission records in bulk from an Event, Vault does not create records if there are Constraints configured for the selected Submission Type.   DEV-568536*
Users cannot navigate the UDI Submission Viewer using the Next button.   DEV-572142*
On-demand publishing fails with a nonspecific error when a Table of Contents is edited after publishing and merging.   DEV-572311
Document and leaf hovercards may show incorrect results when users scroll up and down in the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-573866
Vault does not execute Rule 1734 on content plans missing the ts.xpt file.   DEV-574973
When dragging and dropping documents to the Active Dossier Editor, the Add to Active Dossier dialog’s Save button is disabled if the user selects a different Section from the drop-down.   DEV-575350*
Users cannot create Registered Regulatory Text records using the Manage Registered Details wizard.   DEV-575732
The Generate UDI Submission job confirmation CSV file incorrectly counts the number of UDI Submission DI records Vault created during the job run.   DEV-575981*
UDI Submission XSD validation results are not logged correctly when the UDI Submission Viewer setting is disabled.   DEV-575988*
Under certain circumstances, users may experience errors while migrating Activity Registration records.   DEV-575990
Users receive a Page Not Found error when attempting to view FHIR messages in the IDMP Viewer if the XML does not include an <id value="mpid"/> tag under <MedicinalProductDefinition>.   DEV-576250*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, exporting a report as a Formatted Excel file results in a server error.   DEV-554539
Under certain conditions, reports for Document Owners throw a server error.   DEV-556867
Some users may experience validation errors when skipping report filters with advanced logic.   DEV-559876*
An error message does not display when the maximum number of characters allowed in the Advanced Logic field is exceeded. This error causes confusion for customers when they can't save or run a report after exceeding the maximum allowed characters.   DEV-563232
In some cases, Vault fails to populate document reference fields for related objects in reports.   DEV-568235
Under certain circumstances, users may receive a 'Server having problems' error when attempting to run a report with a formula field as a column and filter.   DEV-571156
Users with a RIM Business Admin security profile receive a “Server having problems” error instead of a syntax error when checking the syntax on a report’s Formula Expression field. This error occurs only if the syntax is already invalid.   DEV-576225

Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
In some cases, when navigating from a dynamic tab to an object record detail page, Vault may show a 'Page not found' error.   DEV-556917
When Users select (Undefined) as a search filter, no results are displayed.   DEV-557567*
When performing a bulk action from grid view with Study, Study Country, or Site as column, users may receive a server error.   DEV-558581*
When deleting a single favorited document on grid layout, users may receive a server error.   DEV-560022*
In some cases, users who have Study filters on their Home tab may be unable to remove them.   DEV-560194*
If a user exports a saved view that has Study, Study Country, or Site columns, those columns may appear empty.   DEV-560228*
Users may receive a server error when changing a Saved View Task Type filter from Document to All, when a sort on document field is saved and Envelope tasks are included.   DEV-561400*
In some cases, users are able to create saved views that include outdated study field names.   DEV-562239*
In some cases, document placeholder tasks are included in filtered results and result counts when they should not be.   DEV-566219*
After navigating to a saved view from a saved or bookmarked URL, users are unable to update or remove Study filters from the view.   DEV-566229*
In some cases, users may see highlight symbols in search results on old data grids.   DEV-568260
Vault displays unexpected characters in the long and rich text fields of objects which are part of an expanded search collection.   DEV-574332*
When clicking "Show in Tab" on a related list for a High Volume Object, some filter types will remove all results until the filters are cleared on the Tab.   DEV-576387*