Release Date: March 10, 2023

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Last Updated: March 10, 2023


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault Compare incorrectly includes system-managed Doctypes and Docfields in the list of components missing in the source Vault.   DEV-549935
In some cases, tracked email statuses may not update properly.   DEV-550853*
Admins experience an error when editing rendition profiles with names containing leading or trailing spaces.   DEV-553667*
Under certain conditions, users cannot select "today" when assigning delegate access through a user record.   DEV-555430

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
In Vaults using the Study Training to Clinical Operations Connection, CrossLinks may not render as expected if the document undergoes state changes in quick succession.   DEV-544944*
The YUZU version of the J-CTN Word document that Vault generates does not include empty fields.   DEV-548728
When running the Retry Failures or Run Associated Rule action, Vault does not update the Finish Time on the Agreement Transfer record.   DEV-549065*
The Trained Model Type field remains editable when the record is in states other than Create.    DEV-550235*
When metadata extraction and document classification models are deployed and an Admin uploads an unclassified document, Vault does not generate prediction records for the document even though it does auto-classify it.   DEV-550638*
In Vaults using the Study Training to Clinical Operations Connection, updates to previous versions of a document in the Clinical Operations Vault may incorrectly be applied to the latest version in the Study Training Vault.   DEV-551620*
When attempting to edit Field Rules for the Study Person Integration Rule, Vault may display a blank page.   DEV-551830*
In some cases, running the document extraction job results in an error, and the job fails.   DEV-551863*
In Vaults using the Study Training to Clinical Operations Connection, failed Field Rule evaluations may not result in User Exception Messages as expected.   DEV-551905*
When running the Load Candidate Sites action, if the CSV file name contains a space, parentheses, and/or underscores, Vault fails to upload the file.   DEV-552564*
If users make changes to the Study field on a document but not the document classification, Vault does not update the study feedback appropriately.   DEV-553339*
If users remove a Milestone from an EDL Item after Vault has already stamped the Milestone onto a document, Vault does not remove the Milestone from the document.   DEV-553404*
In some cases, users are unable to delete Study records in ClinOps Vaults.   DEV-554100
When transferring a document from Clinical Operations to RIM, the document maybe incorrectly associated with all Products associated with its Study rather than the single Product (or no Product) with which it should be associated.   DEV-555420
In Vaults using the Study Training to Clinical Operations Connection, User Exception Messages may not be created if an unexpected error occurred after Vault identifies records or documents to sync.   DEV-555998*


Description Issue No.
After a user manually creates a Claim Link, up-versions the document, and performs the Bring Forward Annotations action, attempting to move the manual Claim Link changes it to a note annotation.   DEV-552877

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
The Vault API returns an UNEXPECTED_ERROR when deleting an object record with the maximum number of outbound relationships.   DEV-550651*
The legacy users API allows creation of users with the VeevaID security policy.   DEV-555562*
In some cases, users are unable to replace asset__v renditions via the Replace Rendition API.   DEV-556140

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
For integrations using older API versions, record triggers are unable to access some fields returned by RecordChange responses.   DEV-556220*


Description Issue No.
In rare cases, Vault may show previous viewable renditions in the Document Viewer after a new rendition has been uploaded.   DEV-531901
In the Advanced section of the Bring Forward Annotations dialog, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean error messages use full-width (non-English) instead of half-width (English) punctuation marks.   DEV-544554
In some cases, Vault will lag in retrieving the viewable rendition of a CrossLink document if the version is changed while the rendition is being generated.   DEV-545748*
Vault may fail to properly render a document in a multi-document workflow if a user upversions it.   DEV-547438
Under certain circumstances, uploading and rendering documents with custom templates results in corrupted modified source files are corrupted.   DEV-548417
Vault displays an unhelpful error message when a document comment contains certain special characters.   DEV-549770
Users may encounter an unexpected error when attempting to check out a document for collaborative authoring in Microsoft Office.   DEV-550678
When naming binder sections, Vault incorrectly escapes special characters, such as ampersands.   DEV-550839
The "Delete minor versions" entry action does not delete binder nodes, and attempting to delete a document referenced by a deleted binder version results in a "Server having problems" error.   DEV-551025*
When attempting to merge documents with a total number of pages greater than the page limit, Vault does not display the correct error message.   DEV-551528*
When a user attempts to upload a source document to a placeholder with a filename longer than 218 bytes, Vault displays a "Server having problems" error instead of the expected error message.   DEV-552307
in some cases, users are unable to download a viewable rendition of a document without an overlay even when Allow download without overlay is selected.   DEV-552394*
The font subsetting process fails for all fonts when at least one font in a PDF is corrupted.   DEV-552587*
In some cases, Vault displays a server error when users attempt to navigate to the Library.   DEV-552630*
In some cases, document attachments are not rendering in the external viewer and Vault displays an error.   DEV-553203
Under certain circumstances, users may be unable to see document annotations in Document View.   DEV-553850
If a user accesses a document while a manual rendition is still processing, the manual rendition may be lost.   DEV-555858
In some cases, comments made on one page of a downloaded viewable rendition are replicated across all pages of the PDF except for the first page and the signature manifestation page.   DEV-557107
In some cases, pages in downloaded viewable renditions appear stretched and display incorrectly.   DEV-558773

Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
Vault may display incorrect lifecycle stages on documents.   DEV-527318
Vault may fail to log multi-record workflow actions performed by delegate users in record audit trails.   DEV-550931*
In rare cases, the workflow version is not visible in the Workflow Timeline.   DEV-554079*
In rare cases, a user may experience a server error when viewing an object lifecycle state.   DEV-558312


Description Issue No.
On the Learner Homepage, the "Due Later" UI label has an incorrect Chinese translation.   DEV-547744


Description Issue No.
Vault displays an incomplete error message when Admins attempt to delete the OpenData Connection record.   DEV-551952*
Under certain circumstances, Vault does not notify the Job Owner if a Medical Inquiry Push job fails to start.   DEV-553055*
After exceeding the Body field character limit while creating a Case Response Email Template record, performing the Compose Email action results in an error.   DEV-554165*
After Admins select a user group as the Job Owner and the job fails to run, Vault displays an unhelpful error message.   DEV-555424*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault fails to create Video CLM Distribution Packages.   DEV-530731


Description Issue No.
Deployment fails for inbound packages containing multiple high volume objects.   DEV-545492
When viewing an object record list page, users experience a server error when clicking the Actions icon on an object that has the maximum number of outbound relationships configured.   DEV-550641*
After object configuration updates, Vault stops applying object page layout rules using the NetWorkdays function.   DEV-552289
Users are unable to change the status of an object record that has 1000 child records.   DEV-552557*

Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users are able to use the back button in their browser after deploying configuration migration packages, resulting in duplicate deployments.   DEV-466815*
The layout shown in a checklist design preview does not match the layout as it appears to users.   DEV-481245*
In some instances, file names with special characters may be corrupted when uploaded to a Vault's file staging server.   DEV-550256
Users may experience a network issue when attempting to save email bodies.   DEV-550394
Labels on the Standard Metrics State Mappings page are incorrect.   DEV-552144*
In some cases, users may observe that the Notifications panel loads slowly.   DEV-552560
In rare cases, Vault Compare reports may show differences in language translations of workflow steps.   DEV-552777
When a user navigates to the Admin tab collection from a document or object record page without saving changes, Vault displays a blank page.   DEV-553443*
In some cases, when selecting links in Annotation Reply notifications, users may encounter a Network Issue error banner.   DEV-554215*
Firefox users briefly see a red error banner when navigating from an Admin page to a non-Admin page.   DEV-554739*
When configuring tab collections, if a user removes an inactive tab from the Selected column and then enters its name in the Search Available bar, Vault displays a blank screen.   DEV-554842*
In some cases, Vault shows jobs in the system audit trails that are not visible in the UI.   DEV-556508


Description Issue No.
In som cases, Vault may display an error when attempting to save a Generate Document from Document Template action configuration which includes certain Application Roles.   DEV-537061*
When using the Surveillance application, on generated eMDR forms, the Age value may not display as expected if no Date of Birth field value was entered.   DEV-538199*
In Vault LIMS, in cases where test results have been modified, duplicate specification evaluation records may incorrectly appear on the Certificate of Analysis.   DEV-548845*
In the Risk Builder, behavior when pressing the Enter key may be inconsistent.   DEV-551827*
Users experience a network error message when expanding the associated change request section in a document change control record on a Quality Vault.   DEV-555235
Evaluated results may display with incorrect notation.   DEV-556240*
E-learning or external training assignments may not open as expected from mobile web or mobile application interfaces.   DEV-556457*
The "Enable Validation Inventory Application Security" Admin option may incorrectly appear in Validation Management Vaults.   DEV-557395*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault displays a server error when the Add User to Role entry action is triggered in the Controlled Copy Trace lifecycle.   DEV-545624*
In some cases, Admins can create related child record components past the configured maximum limit through MDL.   DEV-547297*
In some cases, Vault does not autosave a 5 Why node after cancelling a node deletion.   DEV-550597*
In some cases, Vault displays an unexpected User Exception Message detail when changing a QualityOne training material document to an Obsolete state.   DEV-552406*
In some cases, the Type and Product filters on the Documents section of the Visual Hierarchy Process Details page do not work properly.   DEV-556212*
In some cases, Vault lags in retrieving the viewable rendition of a CrossLink document if the version is changed while the rendition is being generated.   DEV-556969*
In some cases, users cannot select picklist options containing special characters when configuring the Populate HACCP Plan user or entry action.   DEV-557994*


Description Issue No.
When a user runs on-demand publishing on a single document within an STF, Vault up-versions all documents within the STF.   DEV-326667*
Vault incorrectly reports CN rule 6.26 as passed in Content Plan sections 2.7.4, 3.2, 4.2, and 5.3 when a matched PDF document contains unembedded non-standard fonts.   DEV-477350*
When a grouped Submission is created in PromoMats and the xml_ich_dtd_xsd_version__v field rule is inactive in RIM, the connection does not populate the XML Sequence ID field in the related submission records.   DEV-530176*
In some cases, when permalinks target a document matched to a Content Plan Item that is locked to a previous version, the permalinks are removed during continuous publishing.   DEV-536633*
Submission Wizard users are able to create Submission Active Substance and Regulatory Objective Active Substance records, even if a user does not have read access to fields on the Application source record.   DEV-540440*
When Vault sends a compliance package from PromoMats to RIM, the RIM CrossLinks Post Processing job fails if the package contains approximately 10 or more CrossLink documents.   DEV-541697*
When managing registered details, users cannot update Formatted Number field values.   DEV-547778*
Users receive a “Page Not Found” error when attempting to access a Submissions Archive export from the notification.   DEV-548163*
In some cases, the RMS Integration and Synchronization job creates duplicate Controlled Vocabulary records with the same SPOR IDs.   DEV-550815
When the Published Output Location of an STF XML Content Plan Item is updated, Vault does not up-version the STF XML during continuous publishing.   DEV-551332*
When a document targeted in a Vault link annotation changes state, Vault displays a document placeholder instead of the published document version.   DEV-551382*
When validating AU 4.3.2 and 4.3.3, Vault returns ambiguous error details when elements are missing.   DEV-552047*
Vault may fail to send a notification after completing the Dispatch Global Content Plan action.   DEV-552898*
When a published STF document is unmatched, Vault displays the document in the incorrect location in the legacy Submissions Archive Viewer after continuous publishing.   DEV-552925*
If a Correspondence document is tagged for the application only, it does not display in the new Submissions Archive Viewer when the current view includes the Submission column.   DEV-554183*
In some cases, the Delete Inactive Content Plans SDK job may fail.   DEV-554413
When users apply a Submission filter, the new Submissions Archive Viewer displays the Save View (instead of Save View As) button.   DEV-554554*
When Vault imports a submission, the import notification includes a false warning message if the submission’s index-md5.txt file contains a checksum value with a trailing new line character.   DEV-554719
The new Submissions Archive Viewer does not sort Correspondence documents when users Sort A-Z.   DEV-554730*
When displaying inactive Submissions and Applications in the new Submissions Archive Viewer, the Lifecycle State filter includes all lifecycle states (instead of just those applicable to the inactive records).   DEV-555197*
When users click a document’s “Where used in archive” link, Vault opens the new Submissions Archive Viewer to the default view instead of the document’s section.   DEV-555445*
Users who have unchecked the requiredness on Administered Products and then attempt to load them into a Vault may experience errors that prevent the SDK from triggering and the expected joins from being created.   DEV-555466
Users are unable to Favorite documents within the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-555644*
The new Submissions Archive Viewer displays rows referencing deleted Submissions Archive documents.   DEV-555934*
The new Submissions Archive Viewer displays the latest version for all submissions containing the same document.   DEV-555937*
Vault incorrectly fails CA rule F05 when an M1 reference leaf Content Plan Item’s xlink_href__v field is a relative path.   DEV-556051
The new Submissions Archive Viewer displays duplicate eCTD sections for US region v3.3 and 2.01.   DEV-556523*
When applying a Product Family filter in the Active Dossier Viewer and Editor, Vault allows users to select inactive records.   DEV-557603*
When using the Export Tree with All Descendants action in the Content Plan, Active Dossier, and Submissions Archive viewers, users without Business Admin access cannot view links from the resulting Excel file.   DEV-558157
For Japanese submissions, the new Submissions Archive Viewer incorrectly displays the operation name.   DEV-558594*


RegulatoryOne fixed issues are targeted for tentative availability on March 21.

Description Issue No.
Vault does not prevent Admins from configuring the Registration Item Viewer to include Document object reference fields as grid columns.   OLS-17592*
Vault does not prevent Admins from configuring the Formulation Composition Viewer to include Document object reference fields as grid columns.   OLS-17631*
Vault does not prevent Admins from creating object Field Mappings for Document object reference fields.   OLS-17658*
Vault does not prevent Admins from configuring the Matching Registration field to include Document object reference fields as grid columns.   OLS-17662*
Vault does not prevent Admins from creating Registration Attributes for Document object reference fields on the Registration Item object.   OLS-17663*
The Create Registration and Objective action fails when users run it on a Registration Item that was matched to an inactive Registration record by the Local Impact Assessment action.   OLS-17882


Description Issue No.
Executing reports in different languages produces inconsistent results.   DEV-513646
When a multi-pass report with types Document and EDL Item with Matched Document enables the "Include full text for long text fields" option, and an EDL Item has a rich text field, running the report results in an unexpected error.   DEV-527249
Users may experience a 'Server having problems' error when attempting to expand filters in the UI for ad-hoc reports that were run in the background.   DEV-528397
When a user does not have permission to view a hidden long text object field, running a report on the object with the "Include full text for long text fields" option results in a "Server having problems" error.   DEV-541445
Attempting to remove duplicate documents from a report filter and then viewing the report causes Vault to display a "Server having problems" error.   DEV-546206
Under certain circumstances, executing a Multi-Pass report with advanced filter logic results in a server error.   DEV-548668*
In some cases, matched document reports with advanced filter logic display the wrong number of documents or placeholders.   DEV-549076
Multi-Pass reports with the Document with Document Role view that filter on Document Role > Role Name include incorrect information.   DEV-551056*
Some users may experience validation errors when skipping report filters with advanced logic.   DEV-559876*

Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
When an HVO Object is used for a related object section and a VQL filter is applied to that section, selecting Show in Tab for that section will show all related records rather than the filter.   DEV-441776*
In some cases, the Where Used page is not exported properly for exported documents.   DEV-545755
In some cases, users searching for text values may see unexpected characters in text fields in the results.   DEV-547371
Users may be unable to perform a bulk action on an object after searching for a matching record ID. Additionally, they may notice special characters when viewing the audit trail for a matching document number.   DEV-548525
In some cases, when a user uploads an unclassified document with study metadata extraction and document classification configured, the document is autoclassified, but the Study field is not autopopulated.   DEV-550302*
In cases where users search for specific record IDs, they may be unable to inline edit objects with atomic field security.   DEV-551521
When navigating to a tab with a default view to which they do not have access, users may receive a 'Server having problems' error.   DEV-551870
In some cases, users are unable to filter tasks by Document Type.   DEV-552029*
In some cases, when a user refreshes the page after removing a filter from a document search, the latest version icon may disappear.   DEV-552454*
In some cases, after freezing a column in a search grid, the drag line and cursor do not disappear.   DEV-553399*
In some cases, when a user with no group-roles attempts to view the responsible roles for a prior document that was shared with them, they may receive a server error.   DEV-554081*
In some cases, Advanced Search does not work as expected when Include attachments is selected.   DEV-555075
When attempting to perform an inline edit after searching for a matching record ID, users may receive a server error.   DEV-555425
In some cases, hidden fields show up in Excel reports.   DEV-556043*
Users are unable to complete other actions on the same page after performing an inline edit.   DEV-556589*

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
In some cases, when attempting to create a site package with multiple sites, users encounter an error and/or Vault does not create distribution packages as expected.   DEV-536006*
Vault continues to display the Send to Site action even after users have deactivated or paused an agreement.   DEV-554496*

Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
Users are unable to check documents in using Vault File Manager while the Enable check out to File Manager setting is disabled.   DEV-551675*
Vault File Manager fails to remove document rows after users perform the Undo Checkout and Remove action.   DEV-553918*