Release Date: October 14, 2022

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Last Updated: October 17, 2022


Description Issue No.
Vault does not throw an invalid token error when users create tokens starting with numbers in notification templates.   DEV-498093*
When an integration rule has more than 25 field rules, users are unable to navigate beyond the first page of field rules from the integration rule detail page.   DEV-500578
Vault Owners are unable to edit Connection Authorization records.   DEV-500896*
In rare cases, Vault may fail to export a VPK containing the user__sys object.   DEV-516337*
In some cases, when setting formula expressions, standard user fields may be available but are not supported.   DEV-518632*
When used within a Create Record action, Vault may fail to set custom fields using the RecordByLabel function.   DEV-519084
Vault does not fully translate Email Notification Status Export notification templates for users who view Vault in langages other than English.   DEV-520528*

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
Running the Send Document Package action can result in slow load times when large numbers of users have access to the selected documents.   DEV-471877
TMF documents that use a custom name format do not transfer correctly.   DEV-488070*
Users may encounter a server error when attempting to access the Study Site page if the Site Document Exchange section is configured on the Study Site page or if the user attempting to access the Study Site page does not have Read permission for the Distribution Task.   DEV-509554*
For some Studies, the Actual Values for Metrics Over Time are not correctly updated at the Study and Study Country levels.   DEV-511054
Users are unable to create milestones using the Apply Milestone to Template user action when there is a large number of template milestones to be created/applied.   DEV-512059
In some cases, users are unable to transfer Studies and Sites from ClinOps to RIM Vaults using the RIM-Clinical connector.   DEV-516145
Budget creation may fail when the name field is system-managed.   DEV-516925
When running the Generate Subsequent CTN action and selecting the Dev Termination type, users receive a server error.   DEV-517098*
In some cases, Vault does not create/update payable items correctly when the payable item's lifecycle state is changed to Inactive.   DEV-518575*
When users update a payable event date to match a different Fee Schedule, Vault does not update the existing payable item and instead creates two new payable item records.   DEV-518891*
In some cases, Milestone Dates roll up to a Study even when Previous Milestones are not populated.   DEV-518903*
When deleting a Subject record in CDMS for a connected Study, the Subject status is not correctly updated to "Deleted in CDMS" in the Clinical Vault.   DEV-518917*
Vault does not correctly update the LRST in the connection page when Enable Study Level Last Successful Run is not enabled.   DEV-518985*
When Enable Restricted Data Transfer is enabled, running the Refresh Study Connected Data action results in an error.   DEV-519710*
In certain cases, Vault displays "Server Having Problems" when running the Review Outcome action on Monitoring Events.   DEV-520133
In some cases, document transfer fails without generating user exception messages.   DEV-520714
Vault allows users to remove the Connection Value from a Study object despite a connection being in place and continues to transfer the Study object even after removing the Connection Value.   DEV-521881*


Description Issue No.
Users experience a server error when editing or inactivating Event Reporter Qualification records.   DEV-516660
Under certain circumstances, Vault duplicates the Material document section while regenerating an eCTD Compliance Package.   DEV-517383*
In some cases, users are unable to activate or inactivate the Reusable Text Type field on the Text Asset object.   DEV-519833*
When a user creates a Case Intake record with fields that are not properly mapped to matching fields on a Case Request, Vault displays a generic server error rather than a more helpful mapping error message.   DEV-519861

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
An unexpected error may occur when a user attempts to update a domain user using the Vault REST API.   DEV-513393

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
Vault throws an incorrect error message when a non-unique field is added in a RecordBatchSaveRequest's withUniqueField() method.   DEV-513631*
If a record trigger sets a field that is referenced by a formula field within the same trigger, Vault does not set the formula field with the updated value of the referenced field on save.   DEV-516341*
SDK users are unable to retrieve correct values for link-type formula fields   DEV-518568*

Developer Features: VQL

Description Issue No.
The ORDER BY, FIND, and WHERE clauses allow alias names even if they don't support the aliased function.   DEV-520345*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users receive a server error when Vault generates a Formatted Output with long text fields.   DEV-450060
Token merge failures for the document_number__v field are incorrectly reported in rendition status logs.   DEV-486230
Vault incorrectly reports validation errors for published documents when a source PDF contains certain zoom settings.   DEV-489797
The rupee symbol does not display in PDFs downloaded using the PDF with Annotations action.   DEV-497078
When uploading minor versions of a document in different batches, Vault may repeat migrations and slow the migration process.   DEV-513467*
In some cases, documents using Rendition Profiles are not rendered.   DEV-514174*
Document signatory titles are applied when the signature page is first generated, rather than at the time of signature.  Internal fix published in error. DEV-514556
When setting filing rules for a binder section using the "Selected document type" option, users are able to select document types that are missing associated filing fields.   DEV-515497
After creating a document from a related documents section on a User record, Vault displays a server error, and the page URL may be invalid.   DEV-515525
Vault incorrectly reports validation errors for published PDFs when PDF Standardization cannot process certain zoom settings.   DEV-516124
Users are unable to view attachments in the mobile document viewer.   DEV-520516*
Users are unable to edit CrossLink documents if the source Vault is deleted.   DEV-522363

Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
The public API for workflow tasks may show incorrect verdicts and comments in responses when the workflow has a looping task with different verdicts.   DEV-509801
In rare cases, users with the correct permissions are unable to see tasks or options from a document's Lifecycle Stages Chevron panel.   DEV-514913
System user actions in the Glossary Definition Lifecycle are unavailable for configuration in some lifecycle states.   DEV-518771*
The document timeline incorrecfly shows that a document has been removed from a completed workflow after a user upversions it.   DEV-521077*
In rare cases, Vault resets relationship atomic security on objects that have actions defaulted to Hide.   DEV-522226


Description Issue No.
Field labels related to the Exclude Quiz for Document Revision feature may not be translated in non-English Vaults.   DEV-519876*


Description Issue No.
After setting an email fragment to the Deleted state and creating a new fragment using the Auto Publish to CRM Email Fragment feature, Vault may incorrectly set both the deleted and new draft fragment to Approved.   DEV-517437


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault returns an incorrect error message when a record fails validation rule evaluation.   DEV-498278*
After creating a related object record and then returning to the previous page to create a new related object record, Admins are able to click the Save button more than once, which produces duplicate records.   DEV-502053
When a picklist field has a dependency such that only one option exists, Vault does not autopopulate the controlled field.   DEV-505576*
Vault fails to detect duplicate Person records when they are created using object types with custom page layouts.   DEV-510924*
Users experience a server error when viewing object records immediately after a change to the name of the object.   DEV-513151*
Users experience a server error when creating a Person record with whitespace in the Mobile field.   DEV-513786*
When validating a Criteria VQL query with a non-searchable lookup field on a high volume object, the error message is generic and does not mention the non-searchable attribute.   DEV-515856*
When a custom field is selected in the Enable duplicate detection in an additional field Match Rule on the Person Settings page, Vault does not prevent users from removing this field from the Person object.   DEV-518080*
List views display empty square brackets when a high volume object lookup to a lifecycle does not define a source record.   DEV-519545*

Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
In rare cases, users with delegated access are able to edit the user profile of the account they are accessing.   DEV-506098*
In rare cases, cross-domain users may be unable to view the My Vaults header.   DEV-508338
In some cases, Layout Rules do not apply correctly after saving a record.   DEV-513663
In some cases, if a controlled section comes before its controlling section in a checklist design, the Export Checklist Design action fails with no results.   DEV-515620
Matrix reports visualized as a control chart plot two separate data points instead of one.   DEV-516231*
In rare cases, a user's membership status may be inconsistent between what is displayed on the Vault Users page and the Domain Users page.   DEV-516545
After editing and then deleting an ad hoc checklist question, the next section fails to load.   DEV-517243*
The Start Checklist action does not populate the Ad Hoc Sections Allowed field value from the checklist design.   DEV-519396*
Users may experience performance issues on pages with many object controls.   DEV-520953*
Users may experience performance issues when accessing the record action menu and action bar.   DEV-521493
In cases involving certain VQL queries, users may experience slow performance.   DEV-521587*
Users may see very high page counts when attempting to print certain pages.   DEV-521963
In some cases, Vault runs redundant queries on records, which may cause performance issues for users.   DEV-522122*


Description Issue No.
Vault may add incorrect system audit history entries upon an Admin changing entry criteria or event action configurations on an object lifecycle.   DEV-513760
In some cases, in the Process Navigator's Documents section, filter drop-down menus may not correctly display filtering options.   DEV-514410*
Vault may display an error when executing a Sibling Check Related Record State Change action which targets a Yes/No field on a high volume object.   DEV-514525*
The Cancel Training Assignments job may display with its API name instead of its label.   DEV-515356
In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to remove documents from a DCC.   DEV-516117
Vault may display an error when a user attempts to remove a document from a Document Change Control, if a prior document version that is still linked to the DCC is missing the required "Document Link Category" field.   DEV-516451
Vault fails to return an error when creating quality record checks via MDL for the Quality Event: Complaints object type in a Vault with the standalone Complaints object enabled.   DEV-517781*
Vault Validation Management may incorrectly display a server error when a user attempts to save a test step without filling in any values.   DEV-518178*
Vault displays an error when an Admin attempts to make Test Step fields read-only via atomic security in the Completed (completed_state__v) lifecycle state.   DEV-518223*
In some cases in Vault Validation Management, Vault may display the test execution page instead of the test review page after a user performs the Review Test action.   DEV-518227*
In some cases, assets served from e-learning courses are not cached which can cause some courses to appear choppy or load slowly.   DEV-518581
When submitting XML to the health authority's gateway with Vault Product Surveillance, Vault may receive an ACK3 Rejected response with a "Health Effect Clinical Code is missing or invalid" message.   DEV-523503*


Description Issue No.
When Test Result (Variable Data) is set to a number value and Test Result Variable Data Symbol is set to "Not Detected", Vault displays an incomplete translation of the error message according to the user's non-English profile language.   DEV-510172*


Description Issue No.
When generating or exporting FHIR messages, the Lifecycle State column is missing a filter selection for undefined/blank values.   DEV-438190*
The compliance_package_v and compliance_package_documents_v integration rules do not support query object relationships.   DEV-496887*
Continuous publishing does not publish permalinks to Approved matched documents which were previously marked as not Ready for Publishing.   DEV-499306*
Vault displays documents and the empty submission folder structure in Submissions Archive Viewer, even if all documents are merged.   DEV-507706*
Users may experience performance issues when executing Set Leaf Operation on an EDL item whose corresponding application has a large sequence of submissions.   DEV-510599
Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 1500 as passed when a Content Plan Item’s Title contains a line break.   DEV-511403
In some cases, users may experience false positive validation failures on Submissions.   DEV-511442
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1734 as failed due to a missing ts.xpt file.   DEV-511924
In some cases, Content Plan record Names are vertically misaligned in the Content Plan Viewer.   DEV-512472*
In some cases, users encounter errors during bulk record creation when the Regulatory Objective field within the Activity object is required.   DEV-513709*
In some cases, Vault publishes documents with an uppercase file extension (e.g., testfile.XPT), resulting in Rule 1255 failure.   DEV-514032
When Rule 1306 fails, error detail messages do not include the invalid path.   DEV-514197*
When a document with an uppercase file extension (e.g., testFile.XPT) and submission’s Published Output Location is set to include a lowercase file extension, Vault publishes the document with the uppercase extension, resulting in Rule 1255 failure.   DEV-514886
Vault incorrectly reports Rules 1306 and 1323 as passed when a Content Plan Item’s Published Output Location (xml_xlinkhref__v) begins with “/”.   DEV-514929
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1737 as failed during continuous publishing when a published Content Plan Item’s Title (xml_title__v) is updated.   DEV-515205*
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1737 as failed during continuous publishing when a published Content Plan Item’s Published Output Location (xml_xlinkhref__v) is updated.   DEV-515210*
In some cases, Vault cannot publish and merge Report Level Content Plans if the related Publishing Element Page Numbering field is set to “Overall Page Number”.   DEV-515523
Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 7 as passed when Form 1571 is missing.   DEV-515616
Vault incorrectly reports Rule F07 as failed when a Content Plan’s m1 section is not the first child in the tree.   DEV-515973
In some cases, applications with a lot of submissions take a long time to validate XMLs.   DEV-516105
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 1119 as passed when the STF DTD is missing.   DEV-516507
In some cases, Vault does not clear previous validation results for EU Rule 11.10 during publishing.   DEV-516651
The Submission Archive Viewer's migration jobs incorrectly skip inactive submissions.   DEV-516863*
When a document is matched to two or more Content Plan Items, Vault inconsistently reports validation results.   DEV-516983*
When the Enable Application Relationships setting is enabled, Vault does not copy custom fields from Event relationship records to Application and Submission relationship records.   DEV-517843*
In some cases, Vault does not activate Application Inactive Ingredient records when dispatching global content plans.   DEV-517906*
Vault incorrectly reports validation results for EUDAMED rules BR-UDID-113a and BR-UDID-113b.   DEV-518481*
The Application Packaging object is missing the Shelf Life field.   DEV-519202
Vault incorrectly reports Rule C06 as passed when an item’s Published Output Location begins with a space (e.g., “ m1-leaf.pdf”).   DEV-520112
In some cases, during bulk publishing, overlays may show incorrect values in some fields.   DEV-520367
In some cases, users are unable to execute the Calculate Status Workflow action on Regulatory Objective records if the prefix doesn't start with the previously hardcoded value.   DEV-521661
In rare cases, Vault may experience a server error when a user attempts to create a new regulatory objective.   DEV-522169*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault copies inactive EDL Items when users run the Customize action.   OLS-14623*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, certain document reference field values from Regulatory Objective records do not appear in reports.   DEV-477539
In multi-pass document reports with a multi-value down object, document formula fields do not execute correctly in filters, columns, or groupings.   DEV-518130*
When a report contains an OR filter, Vault shows a warning as expected, but the user is unable to save the report.   DEV-518155*
A server error occurs when adding a document count field to a column in a multi-pass document report with a multi-value down object.   DEV-518234*
Multi-pass document reports with a multi-value down object fail when the report view groupings contain document formula fields.   DEV-518759*
Multi-pass document reports fail when there is a multi-value join on a document count.   DEV-518889*

Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
In some cases, field values containing special characters may not display properly.   DEV-502938*
In some cases, users receive a "These search results were truncated because there were too many matches" message when it does not apply.   DEV-506389
In some cases, when trying to configure a Custom Tab, the Lifecycle State filter does not have any values as options in the dropdown despite applicable values existing.   DEV-511505
In some cases, users are unable to edit some fields inline despite having access to edit them.   DEV-513429
In some cases, users may experience unexpected behavior when searching for text.   DEV-513500*
Users cannot use a search term to filter the values of a passthrough join object property in the advanced search dialog on documents.   DEV-514778
When performing an Object Text Similarity request, the system may fail to recognize synonyms from imported thesaurus files.   DEV-516241*
Text Similarity Records requests fail to take related object filters into account.   DEV-517753*
In some cases, users are able to begin inline editing read-only fields and then receive an error.   DEV-518919*
When using Enhanced Suggest Links, stemming does not work when searching for phrases.   DEV-519029*
In some cases, picklist values appear out of order and only the matched values of a multi-valued picklist are displayed.   DEV-519566*
When users add an HVO lookup field to a list view's columns, Vault may hide all of the records in the list view.   DEV-519922*
In some cases, Admins are unable to save their changes to views.   DEV-521222
In some cases, users are unable to select a case in Advanced Search.   DEV-521879

Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
In some cases, file uploads using Vault File Manager fail with upload status "Upload interrupted" and an error that the job cannot be found.   DEV-519013*

Veeva Claims

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault creates Claim Thread records when the user was unable to add a comment reply due to a configuration error.   OLS-14384*
In some cases, users cannot edit Elements using the Translator Viewer in Pack Copy records.   OLS-14599