Release Date: September 23, 2022

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Last Updated: September 23, 2022


Description Issue No.
When configuring datasets for outbound packages, Vault may fail to display the correct filters and available columns for a parent object.   DEV-505659*
Users cannot import templates containing rich text field reference tokens via VPK.   DEV-511445
During VPK import, the system may silently ignore static permission entries.   DEV-511448
When including Permission Sets in a Vault compare, in some cases, the compare shows a difference even though the permission sets look the same in the UI and function the same.   DEV-512101
In some cases, Vault raises a server error when S3 buckets are set up for scheduled data exports.   DEV-515110*


Description Issue No.
When trying to add more than 25 users as delegates, Vault dispalys a Server Error.   DEV-508906*

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
In some cases, distribution tasks may fail with a "Version Already Defined for Document" error.   DEV-495103
When updating the related document field on quality issues referencing deleted documents, users receive a "server having problems" error.   DEV-501545
In some cases, running an Update and Return document action results in the incorrect version of the document being returned to the Clinical Operations Vault.   DEV-502120*
In some cases, a Subject deleted in the CDMS Vault is not correctly deleted in the Clinical Operations Vault, though the visits for the Subject are correctly deleted in the Clinical Operations Vault.   DEV-503860*
In very rare cases, Vault calculates payment request amounts incorrectly.   DEV-505141
When sending to RIM, the connection does not create major versions if the previous version is Superseded and restricted through QOR.   DEV-505321*
In some cases, Sites cannot send documents to connected Clinical Operations Vaults.   DEV-508278*
In some cases, Vault displays an error when attempting to send an agreement using the Clinicial Operations to CDMS Vault Connection.   DEV-508286*
After running the Generate Payment Request action, users are unable to download or review the resulting file.   DEV-508408*
Users cannot create a new Study Person record from a Study Site when the Study Site is archived.   DEV-508600*
In some cases, Vault fails to create Document Checks for documents transferred via Site Connect.   DEV-508801
In cases with both Simple and Complex rulesets, Vault displays "Cannot contact initiating Vault" when attempting to accept a TMF Transfer agreement.   DEV-509617*
When generating a CTN Document, the Remarks field is cut off in the document if it includes more than 250 characters.   DEV-509784
In some cases, the Agreement wizard generates an error when users try to accept a new agreement.   DEV-510443*
If an email address in the list of recipients is longer than 50 characters, the entire safety distribution fails.   DEV-510991*
Users without permission to the Reference Site field on the site__v object are unable to create Site records.   DEV-511441
When training TMF Bot, CSV validation fails for CSVs that contain newlines in any of the entries.   DEV-511483
Crosslinks are included in document processing batches which slows down processing and may cause users to receive errors.   DEV-515131
Users are unable to use the Create Subsequent CTN action to copy the remarks field on CTN Combination Product field.   DEV-515761*


Description Issue No.
While the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, scrollbars in the Search: Case Contact dialog do not function as expected.   DEV-490970*
Filters in the Search: Case Contact dialog are not sorted alphabetically.   DEV-491244*
While the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault incorrectly displays inactive Case Contacts in the Case Contact drop-down.   DEV-495568*
OpenData connection users experience an error when creating a case with Case Contact records imported from Veeva CRM.   DEV-499402*
OpenData connection users may experience an error when searching for Case Contact records using a date filter.   DEV-502190*
In some cases, Vault incorrectly displays case contacts imported from OpenData.   DEV-504300*
While the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault clears filter values after users collapse the Vault Filters section of the Search: Case Contact dialog.   DEV-505388*
Vault may not display an OpenData column while using the connection to search for Case Contact records.   DEV-506235*
Users are unable to create a connection authorization record for OpenData on a cloned Vault.   DEV-506581*
In some cases, OpenData connection users see errors while searching Case Contact records.   DEV-508710*
Users are unable to generate eCTD Compliance Packages containing one or more documents with a document type that does not have subtypes when the Include Linked References field is set to Yes on the binder.   DEV-509965

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
In some cases, video and audio renditions will fail when users upload documents using the API.   DEV-499555*
Vault REST API users are unable to add cross domain users through the legacy /users API.   DEV-512067

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
Running a RECREATE on the Objecttype component has poor performance.   DEV-493777*

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
When creating a record action, specifying the `user_input_object` parameter but not the `object` parameter prevents the action from appearing in the record Actions menu in the Vault UI.   DEV-489459*
When a user deploys a VPK containing an invalid document type, the deployment log shows an "Unexpected Error" message instead of an "Invalid Doctype" message.   DEV-501847*


Description Issue No.
When using the Send As Link To External Users feature, Vault does not allow email addresses to exceed 50 characters.   DEV-473592*
In some cases when the server is under heavy load, PDF validation may incorrectly fail.   DEV-491570
In rare cases, Vault incorrectly renders characters within XML files.   DEV-495317
In some cases, permalink destinations change when Vault upversions a document.   DEV-501583
In some cases, Vault fails to navigate to the document inbox when multiple unclassified documents are uploaded by the Google Drive integration.   DEV-504016*
Documents successfully converted to PDF/A may display errors in the Adobe Preflight tool.   DEV-504313*
When the EDL batch matching job is configured to exclude inactive document types and unmatches documents with these types, the Match Documents user action will still match these documents.   DEV-505727*
In rare cases, a server error may be encountered when a user creates document drafts.   DEV-506788
In some cases, Vault fails to display an empty translation of a label in non-English languages.   DEV-507849*
In some cases, Vault generates non-compliant PDF/A documents when the source document contains transparent objects.   DEV-509116*
Under certain conditions, Vault fails to show the option to create from template when creating relating documents on an object.   DEV-509305*
In some cases, detecting duplicates in the document inbox results in documents that the user does not have access to.   DEV-510852
In some cases, a bulk action on all documents in a binder will yield a server error.   DEV-513076
Some document user actions are translated incorrectly in Spanish.   DEV-514447

Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
On a user's second attempt after failing to complete a workflow task, DateTime fields are not populated with the previously entered values.   DEV-492116*
When the second field on a User Input object is a text field and a user leaves it blank on the second run of a bulk action, the text field shows the value from the first run.   DEV-506685*
In some cases, after a user completes a workflow task, previously populated shared fields may be blank.   DEV-508920
On the document page, the lifecycle chevron panel overlaps any web action iframes on the page, preventing users from interacting with the iframe.   DEV-509633
The `${taskName}` token does not populate with the name of the task in the Multi-document Workflow Task Cancellation and Multi-document Workflow Task Reassignment notification templates.   DEV-509973
In some cases, notification message tokens that reference document or workflow links appear blank in sent emails.   DEV-514008


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users cannot revert back to Veeva-delivered translations if they have updated a translation.   DEV-510830


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault fails to create email fragments for each document in a bulk upload.   DEV-516964*


Description Issue No.
When a controlled field is the first field in a page layout, its populated values may not appear until the user deselects and reselects the field.   DEV-413981*
In some cases, migrating multiple objects in a multi-task Vault Loader job results in an unexpected error.   DEV-487407
In some cases, a document name referenced in a lookup field may unexpectedly contain special characters.   DEV-508225
In some cases in sandbox Vaults, when creating an object type, the Name field shows "false" instead of the field name suffix `__c`.   DEV-514171*

Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
In rare cases, Vault fails to raise a validation error when a formatted output template is uploaded with incorrect information.   DEV-501080
Vaults in maintenance mode still appear in the Vault selector.   DEV-508280*
In some cases, Vault navigates to the create record page instead of the object record list page after a user deletes an object record.   DEV-509090*
Users are unable to reorder list items (for example, fields in object record list pages) using keyboard arrow keys.   DEV-510807*
Users experience slow performance and a "No Items Found" message between pages when viewing All Notifications on the Notifications page.   DEV-514136*
Under certain conditions, the User Profile page does not load after editing Email Preferences.   DEV-518068*


Description Issue No.
Vault may display a server error instead of a useful error message when a user attempts to save a Study Learner Role-Person record without filling in the required fields.   DEV-492696*
Vault may display a server error when an Admin attempts to inactivate the Completed Complaint field on the Complaint object.   DEV-508095*
In some cases, users may be unable to upload proof of completion for external training assignments.   DEV-510134*
Users whose language setting differs from the Vault's language may receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to complete a Quality Event task if the task includes picklist fields without translations for their language.   DEV-511444
Validation Management users with appropriate permissions for the Test Script and Test Step objects may incorrectly be unable to perform the Execute Test user action.   DEV-513375*
Document Change Control workflows do not populate sharing settings on some documents.   DEV-514953
In some cases, Admins may not be able to configure the External Notifications feature for the MedTech Complaint object type of the Quality Event object.   DEV-515167*


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users see an error when attempting to create a new Related Child Record Setup component between two Quality Event object types.   DEV-505753
When saving an NCR record with errors in Supplier Portal, the error messages appear to be incorrectly formatted.   DEV-514640*


Description Issue No.
Vault may fail to report F4 and G12 validation errors.   DEV-443861
When a user adds columns to the Submissions Archive Viewer, only the Name and Submission columns are preserved if the page is refreshed.   DEV-485765*
When one document is matched to different Content Plan Items and the Published Output Location (POL) is updated during publishing, Vault reverts the POL to its previous value.   DEV-490910
When transferring from QMS to RIM, richtext fields are being processed as regular text and are being truncated.   DEV-496284
Users are unable to search with special characters in the Content Plan Viewer.   DEV-499082*
When the same document is matched to multiple Content Plan Items, but the Published Output Location is different, and the Source for Published Document is different, one of the documents is not published.   DEV-505504*
In some cases, annotations to permalinks in source documents are not updated during publishing if the target document’s Source of Published Document is updated.   DEV-505604*
Vault fails to create Submission Validation Result records for EU 9.4 or US 2002 and 2012 on regional EDL items while continuous publishing is set to No.   DEV-505888*
In some cases, XML renditions of submissions fail when unicode characters are included in the application's folder name.   DEV-507788*
In some cases, Vault incorrectly executes Rules 1735 and 1736 when Rule 1734 fails, and incorrectly reports Rule 1737 as failed when a submission includes duplicate datasets with different names.   DEV-508064
Breadcrumbs do not display when viewing Global Content Plans and Report Level Content Plans in Business Admin.   DEV-509072*
In some cases, users encounter a server error when running an Impact Assessment Report from Reports.   DEV-509148*
When saving a Content Plan View, Vault inconsistently displays some UI elements.   DEV-509187*
In some cases, references are not published in the correct order.   DEV-509418
In some cases, users cannot complete a Submissions Archive Bulk Export.   DEV-509482
In some cases, Compliance Packages are set to Submitted even while some crosslinks are not created in RIM due to a UEM, which will cause these documents to never be transferred.   DEV-509919
In cases where users have custom lookup/formula fields configured on both an application and a submission/ro join with the same field name, they are unable to edit or create new submission/ro joins.   DEV-510026
In some cases, users are unable to save data on the Edit and Verify page when there is a non editable dependent field.   DEV-510153
When a Submission join record fails to copy, Vault includes duplicate rows in the downloaded CSV.   DEV-510378*
Users encounter a server error when updating custom matched formula fields on Submission relationship records.   DEV-510643*
Users are unable to reorder matched documents correctly when all the matched documents have blank order values.   DEV-510935*
Lookup/formula custom matching fields are extracted as part of extracted application relationships. When this occurs, the user receives an error if they try to load application joins using the extracted ones with custom matching fields populated.   DEV-510970*
When attempting to transmit a submission, users may incorrectly receive a "Number of Published files doesn't match" message.   DEV-511542
In cases where a user uploads a bad util file, all future STF XMLs fail to render.   DEV-511937
Users are unable to transfer documents from PM to RIM that have doc types containing an "Applications" field.   DEV-512283
In some cases, US Rule 1697 may report a false positive.   DEV-512393
Vault does not deep copy records if a source Submission or Regulatory Objective relationship record has values populated for the Application Source and custom matching fields.   DEV-512482*
When creating Submission and Regulatory Objective relationship records without an Application Source, Vault allows users to populate custom matching field values.   DEV-512500*
Users may receive server errors when attempting to edit the Organization object record without specifying the Gateway Profile field value.   DEV-512809
In some cases, regional leaf may have a placeholder checksum value in index.xml instead of the correct value.   DEV-513315*
When a document is matched to two or more Content Plan Items, Vault intermittently sets mismatching checksum values during publishing and validation.   DEV-514771*
Bulk updating tokens on Content Plan Sections using the Update Tokens in Field action does not work correctly.   DEV-514966
Vault resolves all values in a multi-value matched document token instead of only the first token.   DEV-515181*
Health Canada submissions containing file paths longer than 100 characters are rejected.   DEV-515540


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users may receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to create a Location.   OLS-13603
In some cases, running the Create Registration and Objective action sets the Registration to a newly-created Registration Objective.   OLS-14036*
Users see a blank page when they click Create on the Object Mappings tab or open an existing Object Mapping.   OLS-14314*


Description Issue No.
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to execute Multi-Pass reports with advanced logic.   DEV-495552*
In some cases, Vault fails to execute reports containing hidden fields.   DEV-506046*
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to execute Multi-Pass chain reports with groupings on fields.   DEV-506766*
Multi-Pass reports with a formula field as a filter and a corresponding report view with advanced filter logic may fail with a server error.   DEV-518678*

Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
In rare cases where users have made specific changes to fields, they receive a "Server having problems" error and are unable to see the related section data.   DEV-510158
The truncate cell text and wrap cell text options are not saved when creating saved views on object tabs.   DEV-510444
Users are unable to save views in grid layout with a search scope applied.   DEV-511531
When performing a document search, users may observe visual issues with the Status label.   DEV-511567
Users receive a Server Having Problems error when attempting to export View Admin.   DEV-512412
In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to edit a document.   DEV-512475*
Users are unable to save new views in the tabular layout.   DEV-513158*
In some cases, after favoriting a document, then moving to another page in the Library, users may see that the document in the same position on the next page appears to be favorited.   DEV-518674
In some cases, users may see terms incorrectly highlighted in global search bar searches on object tabs.   DEV-518675*


Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, some inactivated users may remain in the "All Internal Users" group.   DEV-509293

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to upload a document via Setup Assistant and Source Upload.   DEV-495447*
When switching between side tabs in Study Connect, the side tabs do not display any information unless users double-click the empty grids.   DEV-506208*
The Send Documents dialog window does not include a vertical scrollbar, preventing users from viewing all available documents.   DEV-508300*

Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
Users who authenticate with OAuth (Okta, PingFederate, ADFS) are unable to connect to Vault File Manager.   DEV-517456, DEV-518046*

Veeva Claims

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users may receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to run the Localize Pack Copy action.   OLS-13703*
In some cases, users may receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to add user mentions in a Project Comment.   OLS-13823*
In some cases, users cannot edit fields in the Translator View of Pack Copy.   OLS-13873
Users see a "Server having problems" error when they open a Pack Copy record if they don't have Read permission for the Element object.   OLS-14051*