Pre-Release Date: October 30, 2023 | Release Date: November 17 2023 & December 1, 2023

The following applications may have different release dates: RegulatoryOne, Safety, and Veeva Claims.

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases.

Last Updated: December 1, 2023

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
Users are unable to add multiple Study Country records to a Study.   DEV-598418
When users run the Regenerate Site Survey job, Vault sends an email before the job is completed.   DEV-621551
In some cases, even when an email has been configured, Vault sends reminder notification emails from a generic Vault email address.   DEV-623128
Vault allows users to save a document draft even when there is no value in the required Additional Information field.   DEV-625809
In some cases, users encounter an unexpected error when attempting to bulk reclassify documents via API.   DEV-627599
In some cases, the Create Milestones from Template job fails when the Template EDL Refactor setting is enabled.   DEV-631740
When the Enable Recurring Milestone setting is enabled, users with read and edit permissions for the Template Milestone App Control but without read and edit permissions for the VOF Template Milestone field encounter a server error when attempting to create or access the RMST record.   DEV-632139
In some cases, when the Expected Action for a document is None, the Expected Action field is blank.   DEV-632532
When users select a Study from the Document Exchange page and then clear the Study field, Vault continues to display the Site name from the previously-selected Study in the document grid.   DEV-632632
If the CRA person has no User ID value, Vault fails to create or send notifications when a milestone's Actual Finish Date is updated.   DEV-633056
In some cases, when users generate a missing Milestone Document, Vault creates the new document, but fails to delete the old one.   DEV-633509
When users update the Actual Visit Date on a related Milestone, Vault fails to update the Monitoring Visit Method field on the Monitoring Event.   DEV-634336
Users without edit permission for Document Criteria - VQL are able to edit the Document Criteria - VQL field without an error or warning, though Vault does not save the changes.   DEV-634751
Users without edit permission for Document Criteria - VQL are unable to create a Train Model record.   DEV-634764
In some cases, the originating user of a distribution task is unable to cancel an open site task.   DEV-635257
If a user without permissions to view a document attempts to view a document exchange page, Vault incorrectly displays "Document Request" instead of "Insufficient Permissions" in the document Name field.   DEV-635882
In some cases, updating the Indication Code for a CTN Combination Product results in a server error.   DEV-638318
In some cases, generating Payable Items takes longer than expected.   DEV-640984
In certain cases, Vault fails to send notification emails when a milestone is updated.   DEV-643899
Under certain circumstances, the Auto-Train Models job fails to run.   DEV-644215
In Clinical Vaults, system-trained models are failing to automatically train from production data. Customers can still manually train a model from production data.   DEV-644215


Description Issue No.
Downloading Content Modules may take longer than expected.   DEV-639391
In some cases, users see a File not found error when attempting to download Content Modules.   DEV-640432
Users may be unable to add base object type Content Module Assets.   DEV-640803

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
Users experience slow performance when creating parent or child objects.   DEV-630765
When a user retrieves Layoutrule component type metadata or component records as MDL, the response includes the following attributes that exit to support future functionality and cannot be used at this time: displayed_as_required_fields, hidden_pages, hide_layout, and focus_on_layout.   DEV-636721

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
In BEFORE triggers, developers are able to set invalid document IDs on dynamic document reference fields and do not receive an error.   DEV-610827
When the Vault Java SDK Debugger is running, Vault throws an error when executing custom SDK code that uses the EmailService class.   DEV-634523

Developer Features: VQL

Description Issue No.
In Vaults with target-specific attachment relationships, subqueries on Vault object attachments may return additional unexpected results.   DEV-643762


Description Issue No.
If a Medical Inquiry user without the appropriate permissions performs the Suggest FAQ user action, Vault incorrectly updates the FAQ.   DEV-632923


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault does not include distribution packages when exporting binders.   DEV-620526

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
Vault may incorrectly log events in the system audit trail when no initial changes are made to the General Settings page.   DEV-627737
When a field rule has a Target Field Lookup value and the Field Default value is null, Vault produces an error instead of evaluating the target field as null.   DEV-629595
Users experience a server error when retrieving object record audit history logs for records created by a system-managed user prior to the 23R1 release.   DEV-636497
The Email Summaries drop-downs on the Email Settings page does not include an blank option for reordering.   DEV-638041
Users are unable to reorder tabs within a tab collection.   DEV-641854
When an Admin attempts to delete a menu tab from a tab collection, Vault deletes all tabs within the menu.   DEV-642667
Users are unable to reorder tabs within a tab collection if the collection includes a menu tab.   DEV-644767

Platform: Authentication

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users experience an "Unexpected login failure" message when logging into Vault.   DEV-629173
In some cases, Vault redirects single sign-on users to the Vault login page.   DEV-633209

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
Users are able to submit non-viewable renditions for rendering.   DEV-601949
In some cases, Vault fails to render Microsoft Word documents with hidden text.   DEV-606625
In some cases, Vault may fail to render non-latin characters including CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and Arabic characters in Microsoft Excel comments and notes.   DEV-630715
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to generate PDF/A viewable renditions.   DEV-630794
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to generate PDF/A viewable renditions.   DEV-630795
Updates to the Display Section of the Lifecycle Stage field on the Lifecycle Stage object causes unintended updates to additional fields on the object.   DEV-633602
Annotations with area placemarks extended to multiple pages if created from the Annotation SDK.   DEV-634419
Users without View Content permission on a specific version can gain access to that version’s content by performing the Send as Link action to send themselves a link to the inaccessible version from the version they have access to. For example, a user with View Content permission on the latest version but not on the latest steady state version can send themselves a link to the latest steady state version via their personal email. This would allow the user to view content that they do not have access to in Vault.   DEV-639542
When a document is checked out for Collaborative Authoring through an entry action or workflow step, the page refreshes and displays the Collaborative Authoring icon but not the banner.   DEV-639891
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render merge fields documents with tracked changes.   DEV-641307
While in View mode, users may be unable to create annotations on video documents via the context menu.   DEV-642495
The Document Reference field does not update to the latest document version when the Generate Document from Report user action is used to update the document.   DEV-643021

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
The Prompt for Field in single record object workflows updates when the workflow fails to execute. The error occurs when the object is created from SDK and record action is executed on the SDK object record.   DEV-600643
When a multi-document workflow or task due date is updated from the Workflow Due Date, Cancel Workflow, Reassign Task, Update Task Due Date, or Replace Workflow Owner with Task Assigned to Workflow Owner dialog, the Task banner does not reflect the new date in the workflow's envelope view. The Task banner will reflect the new date if the user manually refreshes their browser.   DEV-625305
In some cases, adding a lifecycle to a custom object causes Vault to remove the lifecycle field from the object. In addition, users encounter a server error when they open the object or create and save a record on the object.   DEV-638149
Users may see a server error when completing Approval tasks on legacy workflows.   DEV-643736

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
Vault may fail to apply the email link format mask when a user saves an object record after populating an email address.   DEV-624809
The confirmation dialog does not appear when a user cancels the creation of a related object record.   DEV-632341

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
When a user visits a custom tab, Vault may open the Recents view instead of the All view.   DEV-602089
Veeva Vault emails may contain broken image links.  Internal issue published in error. DEV-632241
The Learn More link on the Outbound Email Domains page leads to the wrong Help page.   DEV-640887

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
While editing a report, the names of available and displayed columns in the Edit Columns to Display are cut off.   DEV-598405
Under certain circumstances, users see a validation error while adding a filter on a lookup field.   DEV-622423
Vault displays a server error when users run a Multipass report with a display format on the formula fields in the report's secondary object.   DEV-630055
Users may be unable to create Workflow with Object reports for newly created objects.   DEV-637147
Vault may display duplicate task entries on workflow reports.   DEV-637343
Some Multi-Pass reports may return "No records found" within the dashboard preview, even if matching records exist.   DEV-637963

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
Lookups to single value picklists do not appear in custom tab filter dropdowns.   DEV-518599
Users may receive a server error when they attempt to load the Tasks standard view if there is an object filter saved in their preferences but the object cannot be found.   DEV-557924
Attachments may appear in-line with documents rather than beneath them in Advanced Search results.   DEV-565239
After navigating forward in the pages of an object's list of record and opening a record's detail page view, users may no longer be able to navigate between pages in the record list.   DEV-572185
In some cases, superlatives, comparatives, and verb tense changes are not correctly highlighted in Advanced Search results.   DEV-581080
In some cases, users are unable to make fields appear as default filters.   DEV-582702
Searching for an attachment may return results in a language that is outside the user's preferred languages.   DEV-598648
Date and Number search filters always appear above other filters in Pill Section when they should appear in alphabetical order.   DEV-605618
In some cases, when a product name in a Medical Inquiry email includes special characters, it is not properly ingested in to the resulting case request.   DEV-608551
In some cases, users may experience slow performance when searching for documents on the Library tab.   DEV-610612
The My Tasks tab may fail to load for users with a large number of tasks.   DEV-618255
In some cases, similarity checks for long text fields may return 0.0 scores for all similar records rather than the correct scores.   DEV-624217
When global search integration is enabled for a tab, that tab should appear as an option in the global dropdown. However, after reordering the tabs, the tab option disappears.   DEV-624682
In some circumstances, users may receive errors and no results for all searches.   DEV-627706
When advanced search triggers the no results redirect, both updated and non-updated filters selected in the advanced search dialog should be included in the redirect search, but only updated filters are included.   DEV-632367
When a user triggers a milestone's View Expected Documents action, they may unexpectedly be shown a large green banner.   DEV-635069
Enhanced Suggested Links may fail to match text if the original text contains superscript.   DEV-635443
Filters may appear in alphabetical order rather than in the order they were applied as expected.   DEV-636555


Description Issue No.
The QMS Risk Builder tool may not display initial and final risk levels or scores in the risk builder grid for HAZARD-HARM and HACCP objects.   DEV-618004
In some cases, when the VeevaID Invitation Management job encounters errors, it does not transition the related Registration Tracking record state from Invitation Queued to Obsolete.   DEV-620145
In some cases, when the VeevaID Invitation Management job encounters an error after sending an invitation, users receive additional invitations each time the job runs.   DEV-630625
Some action labels, application section labels and lifecycle states related to Auditor Profiles and Qualifications may not be translated.   DEV-634466
When updating a Study Team Role to use VeevaID and the role has 15,000 associated Study Persons, users receive a Server Having Problems error message.   DEV-635964
In some cases, the Create Related Record action may not execute successfully if the target object inherits a Quality Team member from the source object.   DEV-637311
In Vaults using the Quality to Clinical Operations connection, attempting to transfer a large number of protocol deviations from the Clinical Operations Vault to the Quality Vault may result in the job being unable to complete.   DEV-639886
Vault may display an error on the Auditor Profile record detail page after populating the Qualification Completion Date field on a related Role Qualification Criteria Status record.   DEV-639960
In Vault LIMS, in some cases the Reopen icon is not displayed in the test execution interface.   DEV-641264
In some cases in Vault LIMS, complex input and calculated result configurations may result in Vault being unable to resolve all results as expected.   DEV-641319
In some cases in Vault LIMS, a calculated result may fail to calculate as expected if the calculated result relies on the value of another calculated result.   DEV-641323
In Vault LIMS, Vault may display an error when attempting to execute a completion action on a Change Analysis record with duplicate Change Analysis Items.   DEV-641464
In Vault LIMS, the Lab Result History dialog may incorrectly display a change reason for an initial value.   DEV-641699
In Vault LIMS, the Lab Result History dialog may incorrectly display ID values instead of the new and previous values.   DEV-641701
When making a Spec Data effective, Vault incorrectly does not check that the Spec Data Criteria's result to evaluate is a child of the Spec Data Criteria's Test Definition.   DEV-641858
In Validation Management, Vault may not display a warning when users attempt to delete a default prompt.   DEV-642380


Description Issue No.
The RIM to PromoMats Compliance Package Outbound Job re-runs after a Content Plan is baselined.   DEV-618348
In Active Dossier exports (Excel tree with all descendants), Module 2 appears before Module 1.   DEV-620823
The dispatch comparison viewer displays Content Plan and Content Plan Item fields to which the user does not have Read permission.  Further investigation found this is working as expected. DEV-623325
When users add a cover letter to a PromoMats Compliance Package after it has been set to Submission Ready, entry actions in the RIM Vault incorrectly set and update the Content Plan Item’s Match Document field.   DEV-623343
When the Enable Application Relationships setting is enabled, Vault does not populate the Product field on Regulatory Inactive Ingredient records created in bulk for preview.   DEV-625202
In some cases, Vault does not properly refresh the Content Plan viewer grid while in match document mode.   DEV-629020
When a user retargets a link in a document matched to multiple Content Plan Items with the same Source for Published Document and Published Output Location, Vault does not trigger continuous publishing   DEV-631836
The Submissions Archive Viewer displays empty Correspondence document sections when users do not have permission to view the Correspondence document type.   DEV-631894
In some cases, when users access a dispatch comparison via URL and select an action (e.g., Accept, Reject), Vault navigates back to the blank browser tab.   DEV-632832
When users open the Submissions Archive Viewer from an import notification or from the Viewer tab (with an an Application pre-selected), the viewer flickers while loading.   DEV-634266
When users filter a dossier by a Submission related object, the Submissions Archive Viewer calculates the current view by including all Submissions, including those outside the range of the Submission related object grouping.   DEV-634561
Bulk imports fail when users import four (4) or more submissions via UI.   DEV-634626
Grids within the Activity bundling and registered details wizards do not respect the list layout configuration for the Registration object.   DEV-638888
In some cases, the Submissions Archive Viewer displays an incorrect banner message for JP submissions in an application.   DEV-639216
The Submissions Archive Viewer’s Submission filter dialog displays with the incorrect size for JP submissions.   DEV-639878
In some cases, the Submission wizard does not create Submission Authorization records when users select only Regulatory Authorization relationships.   DEV-641402
When creating registrations in bulk, the “Create separate Registrations for any selected Complex Products and their selected component Products” checkbox does not appear if the “Use regulatory objective data as object source when bulk creating registrations” Application Setting is enabled.   DEV-642387
In some cases, Vault fails to render XFA PDF files in the Submissions Archive viewer.   DEV-642862
When a published document matched to two reference leaf Content Plan Items is up-versioned, continuous publishing up-versions only one instance of the matched document.   DEV-643908
When the XML Manufacturer field includes a value with two blank spaces (e.g., 'All_ _Manufacturers', where underscores are spaces), the Submissions Archive Viewer grid displays the value with one space ('All Manufacturers').   DEV-647016


The RegulatoryOne pre-release, including all Platform known issues, is targeted for tentative availability on November 14, 2023.

Description Issue No.
Users can run the Reorder action on the Registration Item Requirement Hierarchy Viewer after an Admin removes that user's Execute permission.   OLS-23022
Users encounter an error when trying to reorder requirements in the Registration Item Requirement Hierarchy Viewer when those requirements have siblings belonging to another parent record.   OLS-24247
When users run the Generate Requirements action on Registration Item Requirement with a child Registration Item Requirement with the same Relational Token as the parent record, Vault creates some unexpected records.   OLS-24441


The Safety pre-release, Platform known issues, is targeted for tentative availability on October 30, 2023.

Description Issue No.
Names of Standard of Care products that exceed the column width are cut off rather than wrapped on PBRER Summary Tabulation of ADRs aggregate reports.   SAF-46146
The names of Acknowledgement (ACK) response files sent after E2B files are imported do not match the names of the E2B files.   SAF-47859
When the New Case - Copy Patient Info option is selected on the Potential Matches page, the system copies over an old version of the Case Narrative from the previous Case.   SAF-47860
In some cases, users encounter an error when creating a non-Japanese Localized Inbox Item as a Follow-up Case for a Japanese Localized Case.   SAF-48377
When the Case Adverse Event object on a Localized Case has more than 500 records, and an Inbox Item is merged into this Case or created as a Follow-up for this Case, the generated Case Assessment Results are not carried over.   SAF-48429
When Localization changes from a non-Japanese to Japanese value upon using the Create Follow-up or Merge to In-flight actions, previously overridden Assessments are re-calculated from the Japanese datasheet.   SAF-48494
In Vaults where the Case Volume Metrics tab is configured and activated, users encounter an error when navigating to it.   SAF-48740
When creating an Inbox Item from an email source, the system displays an error in the Products section indicating that the user must select a Product to assign a ranking. When trying to exit the page, users also receive an incorrect warning that the page has unsaved changes.   SAF-48967
A Submission is not generated when the Re-evaluate Submissions/Distributions action is run on a Case where the Product parameter is being used and it contains a Product that matches the parameter and has a Drug Role of Drug Not Administered.   SAF-49021
When using the Run Bulk Recode action, users do not receive a notification once the bulk recoding is complete.   SAF-49170
When the Localization value is defined, the Comments field on Case Medical History records and the Comments and Result (Text) fields on Case Test Result records are cleared upon saving.   SAF-50288
When Strict Case Locking is enabled on a Case, users cannot create a Child Information Case from it even if the Case is locked to them.   SAF-50525
When the Mask Reporter for PM Non-Literature Case setting is enabled, FDA VAERS E2B(R3) reports with the Reporter Country set to USA end up in the Validation Error state.   SAF-50674
The J2.15.r (Country of publication) and J2.17.r (Classification of trial/research) values of a PMDA E2B(R3) file are not exported when the Retransmit field is set to No or Literature Documents are set to be excluded from the Transmission.   SAF-50676

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
In some cases, when users send a document from Site Vault to a Clinical Operations Vault, edit the document in the Clinical Operations Vault, and then send it back to Site Vault, the document status is not updated correctly.   DEV-641413

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims pre-release, including all Platform known issues, is targeted for tentative availability on November 14, 2023.

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault does not save new Substantiation records when users do not populate the Related Reference field.   OLS-23326
After a user uploads a document in the Related Reference field to a Substantiation record, the Create Substantiation dialog layout does not appear as expected.   OLS-23656
In some cases, Vault does not send the expected notification to users tagged in comments on Local Adaptation and Pack Copy records.  Further investigation found this is working as expected. OLS-24206