Pre-Release Date: July 17, 2023 | Release Date: August 4, 2023 & August 11, 2023

The following applications may have different release dates: RegulatoryOne, Safety, and Veeva Claims.

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases.

Last Updated: August 4, 2023

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
In some cases, when users attempt to send an email to both the Study Communications and Clinical Documents Email Processors, only one of the processors is successful, though Vault does not display any error message.   DEV-556099
Vault fails to delete CDX Overrides for Agreements via API when the Agreement is paused or deactivated.   DEV-564468
The Atomic Security: Fields and Atomic Security: Active Workflow Actions are editable on the Milestone Document Object Lifecycle.   DEV-584845
In certain cases, when you archive a document in your Source Vault, it is not properly moved to the archived state in the Source Vault when it is transferred to the Source Vault.   DEV-585922
In some cases, there is a slight lag between the time a user selects the Start Workflow action and when Vault displays the Start Workflow window. During this time the user can continue to select the action which causes Vault to eventually open multiple Start Workflow windows/dialogs.   DEV-586034
In languages other than English, the label for the 'success_rate__sys' field is translated as "Auto-classification success rate" instead of "Success Rate".   DEV-586544
In some cases, when Vault fails to create Prediction Metrics for one Trained Model, it causes the creation of Prediction Metrics for other Trained Models to fail, as well.   DEV-587253
In certain cases, Vault will process EDC item deletions via the Clinical Operationss to CDMS Connection even if the related connection job ended with errors.   DEV-588975
In some non-English Vaults, the Prediction Metrics section of the Trained Model page layout is not translated.   DEV-591203
In some cases, Vault fails to update the Milestone Document when users change the EDL Item classification that the Milestone references.   DEV-592468
In some cases, when users move a Visit from one Fee Schedule to another, Vault creates new Payable Items instead of updating existing ones.   DEV-592763
In some cases, Vault applies the Override Teamplate Expected Document instead of the Standard Template Expected Document for some Study-level EDL item records.   DEV-594387
In some cases, when users run the Retry Failures action for an active Study Agreement after correcting any invalid values, Vault creates an additional Transfer Failure record despite transferring the information successfully.   DEV-594645
In some cases, the Rename Connection action is erroneously available on the Connection (`connection__sys`) object.   DEV-594971
In some cases, Vault does not correctly record a Sent Date for a Signup Request when the request moves from Sending status directly to Signup Started status.   DEV-595056
In certain cases, Vault does not correctly apply the "ClinOps version not in Steady State" status to documents sent from Clinical Operations Vaults to Site Vaults.   DEV-595266
In rare cases, the ClinOps - CDMS Inbound Parent Job displays the inbound Vault ID as "null" in the Clinical Operations Vault.   DEV-595474
Users encounter errors when attempting to open videos sent from Clinical Operations Vaults to Site Vaults via CDX.   DEV-595505
Users encounter an error when attempting to update Study Person records in batches of 500.   DEV-601022
If users add a Milestone to a document and set the Actual Finish Date on the Milestone, Vault does not allow the corresponding Milestone Item to be deleted.   DEV-602344


Description Issue No.
In Vaults using the Enhanced Suggest Links functionality, Vault may fail to suggest links.   DEV-588437
Under certain circumstances, the Clear filter option does not appear in the filter menu on the Modular Content document panel.   DEV-591084

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
In Clinical Operations Vaults with eTMF, the new Bulk Reclassify endpoint may result in an invalid data error due to unpopulated fields configured with default values.   DEV-599755

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault updates the last modified date of a document after executing a document trigger that results in the document being saved with no updates.   DEV-571652
Custom Vault Java SDK code using the deprecated method newLocalHttpRequest() may fail.   DEV-588174

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
When a .msg file is included as an attachment in an email sent to Vault, it may not be processed as an email attachment.   DEV-591865
Creating a Limited Release/Pre-Release Sandbox from a General Release data Snapshot might fail in certain cases.   DEV-599717

Platform: Checklists

Description Issue No.
The Visual Designer action incorrectly appears in Atomic Security: Actions for non-draft states.   DEV-578395
If a user unlinks a dependent question with a nested dependent section, the Visual Designer page may not display sections in the correct order.   DEV-592457
Users are unable to add related documents to ad hot question responses.   DEV-597904

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
In rare cases, users experience a server error when uploading attachments.   DEV-581986
Vault renders transparent animated files as solid black images.   DEV-584840
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render large Excel files.   DEV-595836

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault may fail to display condition filters when enabled for entry criteria on an object with inbound relationships.   DEV-562306
When opening the Expressions Editor for an Event Action that updates an object reference to an object with a large number of records, users may experience slow performance.   DEV-590063
Object lifecycle pages with many user actions, entry criteria, and entry actions configured may load slower than expected.   DEV-590115

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
Users may encounter a server error when creating records for a child object with redefined parent-child relationships.   DEV-570848
Creating relationship criteria at the same time as object reference fields on high volume objects may result in blocked deployment.   DEV-578264
Users may experience a server error when attempting to edit an object reference field with no Read permission.   DEV-590307
When checking the syntax of a formula expression for a formula mask, Vault may not display accurate number padding.   DEV-590544
In cases where an object records detail page has multiple sections, Vault may compress the section names in the left Navigation Panel.   DEV-591693
Vault may not accurately apply a format mask to a field whose formula references a default controlling field removed from the object's page layout.   DEV-592938
Certain formula field expressions may be invalid in limited release Vaults.   DEV-594940

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, navigating to the Troubleshoot tab of an OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect Profile causes a blank page.   DEV-581990
When a user switches between two saved views that have different filters, Vault sometimes applies the previous view's filters to the current view's data.   DEV-585719
VPKs may fail to deploy steps to recreate deleted document fields.   DEV-590586
Vault may fail to accurately display an object record's hovercard depending on a user's browser or the hovercard size.   DEV-590833
Under certain conditions, the sharing settings for a User object appears as a blank page.   DEV-594697

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to execute Multi-Pass union reports.   DEV-576753
Vault may fail to execute Multi-Pass reports that include fields with formatted masks.   DEV-587997
In some cases, Vault fails to apply format masks to fields in EDL reports.   DEV-588295
Users cannot click the Apply button when configuring optional run-time filter prompts on a dashboard.   DEV-595006

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
Users may receive a server error when changing a Saved View Task Type filter from All to Envelope, when a sort on document field is saved and Envelope tasks are included.   DEV-567367
In some cases, when migrating views, Shared Views are not properly migrated.   DEV-578749
Enhanced Suggest Links does not work when "Enable multilingual document handling" and "Enable Text Asset Country Join Object Record Creation SDK" are enabled.   DEV-584739
Users receive an error when searching for a phrase with more than 250 characters.   DEV-586554
In Validation Management, Vault may display a server error when a user navigates to their My tasks page when the user has a task but has not had a Validation Team Assignment.   DEV-590303

Platform: Security

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, assigning object field permissions on the label field do not work as expected for newly created objects.   DEV-583058

Platform: Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
A user who starts the login process with Vault File Manager will be unable to log into Vault until the Vault File Manager login has completed.   DEV-592731
After a session times out, Vault File Manager fails to prompt users to login and displays an incorrect and unhelpful error message.   DEV-594229


Description Issue No.
In Vault Surveillance, when a Complaint is created missing contact information, the notification email regarding the missing information may incorrectly state "Record ID must not be null" instead of a helpful error message.   DEV-566441
Attempting to evaluate Vault LIMS test results which depend on results from other tests may cause Vault to display an error.   DEV-585868
Vault may display a server error when a user attempts to search within a Process Navigator hierarchy with a string longer than 250 characters.   DEV-587054
In Vault LIMS, when a user attempts to hierarchical copy a test definition record, the copy may not contain child records as expected.   DEV-590345
In some cases in Vault LIMS, the system may display an error when a user attempts to create a new version of a sample plan or specification record.   DEV-591244
In some cases in Vault LIMS, the system may display a server error when the Generate Lab Tests action executes as a user or event action.   DEV-591636
Vault may display an incomplete error message when the Activate External Collaborators action executes and detects a duplicate external username.   DEV-594107
Vault may display an error when attempting to execute the Activate External Collaborators document lifecycle entry action when the Quality External User Template includes certain token combinations including the ${PersonEmailPrefix} token.   DEV-594566
In Validation Management, when a user navigates to a requirement record detail page from the Requirements Burndown View, Vault may not display a navigation breadcrumb in the top left of the detail page.   DEV-594833
If adding a Test to a Sample in Vault LIMS, but that Test is not part of the Batch's Protocol, in some cases there is an error that prevents the Test from being successfully added.   DEV-598515


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users cannot load the Configuration page in the Admin area.   DEV-565959
In some cases, the HACCP Flow Diagram displays and allows users to create HACCP Plan Process Steps using custom object types that should not be allowed on the diagram.   DEV-576920
In some cases, the HACCP Flow Diagram displays and allows users to create HACCP Plan Process Step Connections using custom object types that should not be allowed on the diagram.   DEV-576922
If users lose repositioning permissions while moving process steps on a HACCP Flow Diagram, the timestamp updates but the action fails and no error message displays.   DEV-577146
In some cases, users are not able to select the closest connection between two process steps on a HACCP Flow Diagram if they are overlapping or close together.   DEV-582622
When a user selects a picklist value that has no corresponding value on the target document’s field while syncing a document from QualityOne to a Training Vault, the error message in the job log contains incorrect information.   DEV-583804
In some cases, users are able to view the HACCP Flow Diagram even if they do not have the necessary field permissions.   DEV-586876
In some cases, users can enter Edit mode on a HACCP Flow Diagram even if they do not have the required permissions to create or view elements on the diagram.   DEV-586885
In some cases, the action fails and an unexpected error message displays when attempting to delete a process step from the HACCP Flow Diagram.   DEV-587202
In some cases, an error message displays and no edit option is available when users attempt to launch a HACCP Flow Diagram with a large number of process steps and connections.   DEV-589643
When attempting to launch the HACCP Flow Diagram, users that do not have Read permissions for the Diagram Locked (diagram_locked__v) field see an error message and the action fails.   DEV-590125
Some of the HACCP Flow Diagram's functionality does not work properly in the Safari™ browser.   DEV-590863
In some cases, after dismissing an error dialog the process step nodes on a HACCP Flow Diagram all shift to the left, but their position values do not change.   DEV-590894
In some cases, load times for the HACCP Flow Diagram are longer than expected.   DEV-592682
In some cases, users are seeing an unexpected error message when attempting to view information for an element of the HACCP Flow Diagram for which they do not have the required permissions.   DEV-593224
In some cases, COA Inspection files submitted externally through email intake display unexpected information in the Created By field.   DEV-594045
In some cases, COA Inspections initiated externally through email intake are not created.   DEV-594062
In some cases, the Below Detectable Limit Variant is not behaving as expected when users run COA Analysis.   DEV-599797
In some cases, when users attempt to delete a Comment Type, a server error displays but the action still completes.   DEV-600372
In some cases, Comment Type creation fails with an unexpected error.   DEV-602438


Description Issue No.
When a user attempts to select an unpublished Submission, the Submission Archive Viewer displays the warning message in English only.   DEV-566668
In some cases, the RIM Email Processor fails to detect duplicate documents in email attachments.   DEV-574914
When a dispatched content plan’s Content Plan field is blank, users encounter an error when navigating to the Review Comparison page from a link.   DEV-576443
Vault cannot automatically create Labeling Deviations when there are more than ten (10) related Country Dependency records.   DEV-576899
Permalinks to named destinations within a target document published as a viewable rendition resolve to the first page of the document rather than the named destination.   DEV-577927
In some cases, when two published documents contain embedded permalinks to the same named destination within a source document, the links resolve to the first page of the document rather than the named destination.   DEV-580715
When a user refreshes the Submissions Archive Viewer page, Vault displays the viewer tab in the default style, rather than in orange text.   DEV-581168
When Submission metadata is updated, the related hovercard message informing the user to refresh the browser appears in English only.   DEV-582805
When a document is published using a custom rendition, permalinks are not resolved.   DEV-587204
When the Published Output Location is updated on a linked target document, continuous publishing fails to properly update inbound permalinks to named destinations when locking the target document.   DEV-587599
When a Submission has multiple Clinical Study or Nonclinical Study relationship records, the Set Leaf Operation dialog does not auto-expand to the section containing both records.   DEV-592800
For published Ukraine (UA) submissions, the Submissions Archive Viewer displays binder nodes as “specific” (rather than with the country information), and leaf hovercards do not include the Country field.   DEV-593465
When the “Show inactive Applications and Submissions in Viewer” Submissions Archive Application Setting is disabled, users cannot filter by inactive Submissions, however Vault still displays inactive Submission data in the viewer grid.   DEV-594285
The Submission column filter in the Submissions Archive Viewer displays values for all Submissions under the Application, rather than only those visible in the viewer.   DEV-594453
When the Enable Dispatch Comparison Application Setting is disabled, Vault attaches content plan dispatch failure files to the Submission record and success files to the Dispatch Message record, rather than adding both to the Dispatch Message only.   DEV-595214
When managing registered details, the Summary page “Finish” button is disabled when the request exceeds the number of records allowed for creation or update.   DEV-595772
When copying into a Content Plan, the success and failure counts in the resulting notification do not include the total number of matched documents.   DEV-596193
During content plan dispatch, Vault does not populate the Dispatch Date when the Last Dispatch Date is not configured on the Submission object type.   DEV-597523
When a user expands a content plan section at the bottom of the tree within the Active Dossier and Content Plan viewers, the view jumps back to the first expanded section in the tree.   DEV-598627
When synchronizing content plans with more than 500 new Content Plan and Content Plan Item records, the related job encounters errors.   DEV-599128
The Submissions Archive Viewer does not load when the index.xml file is archived.   DEV-599736
When a user without Read permission for the Submission Metadata object selects Where Used in Archive, the Submissions Archive Viewer does not load. For users with Read permission, the viewer loads but does not automatically expand to the selected location.   DEV-601968


The RegulatoryOne pre-release, including all Platform known issues, is targeted for tentative availability on July 25, 2023.

Description Issue No.
In some cases when users change the state of a record for which an Admin has configured two (2) or more entry actions, the associated job status fields do not update as expected.   OLS-19686
In some cases, icon images don't display as expected in the Registration Item Requirement Viewer.   OLS-22124

Vault Mobile

Description Issue No.
The Remove Devices confirmation message in the Devices UI contains inaccurate text.  Internal issue published in error. DEV-586062
In some cases, the filter configuration for the selected Saved View on the Vault Mobile Library do not display all filters.   DEV-591617

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims pre-release, including all Platform known issues, is targeted for tentative availability on July 25, 2023.

Description Issue No.
When expanding and collapsing the Project Hierarchy Viewer section of a Project record, the section may not appear as the active section on the record.   OLS-8507