Pre-Release Date: March 27, 2023 | Release Date: April 14, 2023 & April 21, 2023

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases.

Last Updated: March 27, 2023


Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, system-owned users appear in the group membership edit page.   DEV-556329
Vault does not display the lock icon next to locked tabs on the tab collection detail page.   DEV-559887
In new sandbox Vaults created from snapshots, Vault Owners are unable to access Vault while it's in Configuration Mode.   DEV-560709
In some cases, Vault does not display breadcrumb navigation links on the tab collection detail page.   DEV-563800
When an Admin deletes a tab collection, Vault displays a blank dialog instead of one confirming that the user wants to delete the collection.   DEV-563819
Admins are unable to reorder picklist values on certain System-managed picklists.   DEV-566155


Description Issue No.
Unsupported password characters work via API Call but not through the UI.   DEV-559580

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
When Override Payee is enabled, Vault overrides the Override section and allows users to save Fees even if there is a mismatch between the Total Fee Amount and the sum of the override payees.   DEV-530563
In some cases, running the Save Object Record, Delete VOF Record, Update Study Person Record, or Delete Study Person Record action against the Study Person object takes longer than expected.   DEV-542639
Vault does not create CTN Change Log records when users change a field on a record tracked as part of a CTN and either the new or old field value is over 1,500 characters.   DEV-550971
Transfer failure records are not created for the Study Site when the the Study Country does not transfer successfully.   DEV-552235
Transfer failure records are not created when referencing a country__v record that only exists in the source Vault but not the target Vault.   DEV-552650
If users attempt to train a model using one or more documents for which they do not have permissions, the entire training job fails.   DEV-555304
In some cases, the CDMS to Clinical Operations connection job takes longer than expected to run, resulting in failure of related jobs.   DEV-555900
When running the training job for a model that has a Trained Model Type of Metadata Extraction, the resulting extracted document set is equal to the Maximum Documents in Set value, not 20% of the Maximum Documents in Set value as required.   DEV-558697
In some cases, when Payable Items generated for a single Fee with a Holdback are modified and the Generate Payable Items action is re-run, Vault fails to correctly update the Payable Items and their Related Holdback Items.   DEV-560951
If users attempt to create a new Study Migration object and save the record before filling the Object Name field, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-561052
In some cases, when users update the Study Hierarchy Fields on a document with tasks and navigate back to the document's tasks, the filters for Study Hierarchy are not updated accordingly.   DEV-561150
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to perform the Initiate Study Archival action on Study records with related Study Country records.   DEV-562444
In Vaults using the Study Training to Clinical Operations connection, target CrossLinks in the Study Training Vault may be up-versioned unintentionally if a Study Training Connection Event was re-processed.   DEV-563091
Users logged in as VMC users are unable to run the Generate Model action to train a model.   DEV-565625
Under certain circumstances, Vault incorrectly allows multiple Study Organization records to be set as the primary payee for a Study Site when there are no existing Study Organizations for the site.   DEV-567840


Description Issue No.
After enabling the new Portal interface, widget order in legacy Portals appear to shift.   DEV-559520
In some cases, Vault incorrectly populates Text Assets' (Claims and Reusable Text) Lifecycle Status fields on Approval Documents with the API name.   DEV-561131
Rather than failing the operation, Vault successfully generates Correspondence Letters where required fields are missing.   DEV-561269

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
Users experience an error when retrieving permissions for a security profile through the Retrieve Component Record endpoint.   DEV-558408
After legal hold has been lifted on a document, users without the Power Delete permission are able to delete the latest version of the document via the Delete Multiple Documents and Delete Multiple Document Versions endpoints.   DEV-559991

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
When the Vault Java SDK Debugger is running, Vault throws an error when executing custom SDK code that uses the RecordService interface.   DEV-544018
In some cases, when a user attempts to delete a document configured with a custom BEFORE_DELETE trigger, Vault returns an unexpected error rather than a more helpful "Unable to Delete Document" error.   DEV-558900
When the URL is null, the message stays in the queue and retries. Instead, null messages should be removed without retry.   DEV-560744


Description Issue No.
After creating crosslinks on a source document and changing the document's state, users are unable to view the crosslinks.   DEV-559102
In rare cases, Vault fails to render documents with merge fields.   DEV-559844
In some cases, using the Google Drive integration results in server errors if the Vault's name includes special characters.   DEV-560171

Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
Deleting document lifecycles may take longer than expected.   DEV-561002
In rare cases, users receive unexpected errors when updating steps in workflows.   DEV-566321


Description Issue No.
Vault fails to pull Medical Inquiries from Veeva CRM using a scheduled Pull job when the job owner is a user group.   DEV-558458


Description Issue No.
In some cases, the email log does not show translated exception details.   DEV-528825
If an email to Vault has two attachments with the same name but different contents, Vault may upload only one version of the attachment.   DEV-537288
If a custom record action is only available for certain states, Vault only blocks the page briefly as it executes the action and interrupts any subsequent user activity when the action completes.   DEV-540597
When a high volume object has a related object section for another high volume object, Criteria VQL filters are not applied to the corresponding dynamic tab.   DEV-551179
Users cannot delete EDL records with 100 or more outbound fields.   DEV-554975
In rare cases, certain types of object records do not appear in some Vaults.   DEV-558360
If a user creates a record through the Copy Record action, the inline error message "This email already exists" does not show unless the user clicks on the Email field.   DEV-558543

Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, Query Field on an Integration Rule do not display properly.   DEV-535988
When users filter on lookup fields in custom tabs, Vault fails to display matching records.   DEV-532221
Deployment of migration packages may fail to create lifecycles for high volume objects that exist in the target Vault.   DEV-555009
Users are able to input more than the maximum 750 characters into the search bar when adding object references.   DEV-556180
Audit trails may not accurately display delegate actions performed within multi-record workflows.   DEV-559983
Users using Firefox as their browser may not receive the "Some filters are no longer available" warning.   DEV-559985
Certain components present in the target Vault may be displayed as missing when deploying migration packages, resulting in blocked steps.   DEV-564567
On the My Vaults page, if the list of Vaults is on page 2 or greater and a user applies a filter resulting in only one page, Vault shows "No items found."   DEV-565083


Description Issue No.
Vault may display an error when a user attempts to create a Duplicated Record Check with an Inactive status and defined object match criteria.   DEV-544291
Vault may display a blank page when attempting to remove a user from a Quality Team role membership with the backspace key in the "Manage Invalid Team Members" dialog.   DEV-550767
In Vault LIMS, in some cases the system may display an error after clicking Evaluate after entering test results.   DEV-555924
In Vault LIMS, inputs may incorrectly be cleared when adding a sample to a test.   DEV-556479
Some state types may incorrectly be duplicated or share the same label.   DEV-556664
In some cases, the Application Role or Security Profile field may incorrectly display as required but incomplete when attempting to save a QMS User Template.   DEV-557037
In Vaults using the QMS-RIM connection, in some cases, updates may fail in the QMS Vault after the Update QMS Details action is performed in the RIM Vault.   DEV-557321
In Vaults using the QMS-RIM connection, in some cases, the system may create duplicate Impacted Country records after performing the Update QMS Details action.   DEV-557601
In Vault LIMS, under certain circumstances the system may allow edits to a test result after the test is in an Approved state.   DEV-558268
In Vault LIMS, rejected Result Evaluation records may not be moved to a superseded state, and may incorrectly appear in the Specification Criteria Evaluation section.   DEV-559312
In Vault LIMS, when Tests are added to a Test Set, Vault may not appropriately move their Sample and Batch records to an In Progress state.   DEV-559856
The Quality/RIM Product Inbound job fails and the Quality/RIM Product Inbound Worker job is not initiated in the Quality Vault when an Integration Rule does not have an assigned Integration Point.   DEV-560192
In Vault LIMS, calculated results in ad-hoc tests may not populate as expected.   DEV-560265
In Vault LIMS, the Retested state may not function as expected for cross-method variables.   DEV-560272
In the Risk Builder, an input box may incorrectly remain after switching to View mode.   DEV-560698
In some cases in Vault LIMS, a reactivated Lab Sample or Lab Test may move to the incorrect lifecycle state.   DEV-560710
In Vaults using the QMS-RIM connection, in some cases, the system may incorrectly inactivate previously-created Impacted Country records after performing the Update QMS Details action.   DEV-560725
In some cases, the Risk Builder may incorrectly display no steps when using the "All" steps view option.   DEV-560805
Vault may display an error when a user attempts to edit Category and Sub-Category fields on a manually-created Root Cause record.   DEV-560889
In Vault LIMS, a result which fails only one of multiple criteria may not be displayed as out-of-specification.   DEV-561534
In Vault LIMS, in some cases a result may incorrectly display with an Out of Specification or Outside of Criteria icon.   DEV-562154
In Vaults using the QMS-RIM connection, in some cases, updates in QMS may fail if Change Control or Impact Assessment records linked to a an Event in the RIM Vault are deleted.   DEV-563114
The Related Root Cause Analysis Item field may incorrectly be editable on manually-created Root Cause records.   DEV-564495
When a Quality to RIM Vault Connection transaction fails, the inbound job does not update the transaction’s Pending status to Failed, preventing the job from processing the remaining transactions.   DEV-565095

Quality & QualityOne

Description Issue No.
Some users experience an error when attempting to create a related Sample record on a Batch record.   DEV-553133

Quality: Station Manager

Description Issue No.
Attempting to sync without the necessary permissions on a Station Document may result in a server error.   DEV-559447


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users receive an unclear error message when attempting to create a related record for a Supplier NCR record.   DEV-559584
In some cases, users receive an unclear error message when triggering the "Delete Finding for Disabled Response" entry action on the Audit Checklist record.   DEV-565290
In some cases, the "Generate Document From Record" job executes infinitely.   DEV-565717
In some cases, Vault displays a server error when attempting to run the "Delete Inspection" action on an Inspection record with no related child records.   DEV-566722


Description Issue No.
In some cases, the notifications for the Update Content Plan and Update Global Content Plan actions do not specify the constraints excluded during the update.   DEV-538745
When users drag and drop Active Dossier records into the viewer and do not populate the Product field with the Inactive Ingredient field, Vault does not display the created records in the viewer.   DEV-544331
In some cases, Vault does not execute Rule 5200 on incoming links during continuous publishing.   DEV-550919
The Quality to RIM Vault Connection does not create Event records in RIM when the QMS-RIM Integration and associated integration points are inactive.   DEV-551858
When a matched source document includes Vault annotations to permalinks to multiple targets, on-demand publishing does not up-version source documents and resolve the link if a target document is updated.   DEV-552009
If the Submissions Archive application is disabled and re-enabled by Veeva in a RIM Vault, the Submissions Archive Application Settings are disabled but not re-enabled.   DEV-554437
When users apply a saved view in the Active Dossier viewer, Vault does not populate the Product Family filter, and the Product Family picklist is blank.   DEV-555308
Vault does not fail Rule CA C05 when a Content Plan Item’s Published Output Location contains an uppercase letter.   DEV-556177
When users expand a section in the new Submissions Archive Viewer, Vault does not display the loading icon.   DEV-556946
Notifications for Registered Site Role Vault Loader files are generated in English only.   DEV-560699
When splitting Activities, Vault does not Regulatory Objective Product Characteristic and Regulatory Objective Packaging Characteristic records if the Enable Application Relationships and Exclude Submission Lifecycle States application settings are enabled.   DEV-564870
Users attempting to create a Global Content Plan receive an error when the Event record’s Name includes single quotation marks (‘).   DEV-565008
When a Quality to RIM Vault Connection transaction fails, the inbound job does not update the transaction’s Pending status to Failed, preventing the job from processing the remaining transactions.   DEV-565103
When pulling Regulatory Objective data to a Submission, Vault does not create Product Characteristic join records.   DEV-566421
Within the M5 STF section   running On-Demand Publishing can result in binder leafs in a different order than the Content Plan Items are displayed.
In some cases, users are unable to delete Activity records created using the Quality to RIM Vault Connection.   DEV-567364
Vault displays lists of related objects to users without Read permission on the object.   DEV-568273


The RegulatoryOne pre-release is targeted for tentative availability on April 4.

Description Issue No.
If Admins create Object Mappings on the Object Mapping tab instead of on the All Object Mappings page (Admin > Configuration > Object Mapping) Vault may not display error messages when new mappings cannot be created due to validation issues.   OLS-17870
If Admins create Relational Tokens on the Relational Tokens tab instead of on the All Relational Tokens page (Admin > Configuration > Relational Token) Vault may display a server error when new tokens cannot be created due to validation issues.   OLS-17961

Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
Precision highlighting does not work when rich or long text columns appear in an object data grid.   DEV-535225
In some cases, some Person records that should appear in the Learner field for Curriculum Completion objects are not visible.   DEV-549461
Excel exports on dynamic object/document tabs fail when the "Include search criteria when exporting results to Excel" option is selected in the search settings.   DEV-554204
In some cases, users may see unavailable filters included in pill text, sidebars, and export search criteria.   DEV-558941
In some cases, users may receive a "The documents for filtering and display have been limited because there are too many tasks." warning banner when it does not apply.   DEV-559253
Users with saved views on tasks that are sorted by document fields may experience performance issues.   DEV-559369
In some cases, users may not be able to see some legacy workflow document tasks that they have permission to see.   DEV-560018
Users with older versions of Chrome as their browser may observe that the Library fails to load after applying filters.   DEV-560702
In some cases, users are unable to update or remove Study filters from saved views.   DEV-560766
Users may receive a server error when changing a Saved View Task Type filter from Document to All, when a sort on document field is saved and Envelope tasks are included.   DEV-561400
In some cases, users are able to create saved views that include outdated study field names.   DEV-562239
Clinical Vault users may observe empty ID filters on the Site Activation Progress page that should not be there.   DEV-562265
Clinical Vault users may see the "Some filters are no longer available" warning on the Site Activation Progress page, where it does not apply.   DEV-562275
In some cases, document placeholder tasks are included in filtered results and result counts when they should not be.   DEV-566219

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
Vault fails to display the progress banner for actions on Person records.   DEV-545541

Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
Vault File Manager displays an incorrect date in the Updated column on checked out documents.   DEV-562866
Vault File Manager re-downloads previously checked out documents after users update the application.   DEV-562930

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims pre-release is targeted for tentative availability on April 4.

Description Issue No.
In some cases, the Create Local Adaptations via User Input action fails if the action settings are defined for both the user action and in a Claim Admin Setting, and the specified Claim Lifecycle States do not match.   OLS-17881