Pre-Release Date: October 31, 2022 | Release Date: November 18, 2022 & December 2, 2022

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases.

Last Updated: December 5, 2022


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Admins are unable to collapse or expand all sections when viewing binder templates.   DEV-527004

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
When users create a new site record via API, Vault does not create an APPEND change log for the site.   DEV-514798
In some cases, when users perform the "Create Site Budget Records" action, Vault fails to create Country Budget records when Site Budgets already exist.   DEV-520267
When users update the # Expected field, Vault incorrectly updates the audit trail log with the message "Record saved with no changes" instead of "# Expected changed from A to B".   DEV-521061
If the Datetime field on a CTN record is blank, Vault does not correctly generate site change logs for those CTNs.   DEV-524342
When users send an updated and classified version of a document that was previously unclassified from Site Vault to Clinical, the newly-received document in Clinical remains unclassified.   DEV-524546
In some cases, Vault fails to properly generate new payable items when users change a site fee date to fall into a different fee schedule.   DEV-524996
In some cases, when attempting to bulk update Study Personnel records, users encounter an error.   DEV-525743
In some cases, non-Vault users are unable to view checklists.   DEV-528117
Users cannot enable the Update Requiredness, # Expected Based on EDL Matching setting from Vault's General Settings because Vault reverts the status once users save their changes.   DEV-528286

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
The Retrieve Email Notification Histories API returns a maximum of 1,000 entries when format_result=csv. This maximum should only apply to JSON format, and not CSV format.   DEV-518475

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
Users may recieve an error when report type names are inconsistent between Vaults during a configuration migration.   DEV-526782


Description Issue No.
In some cases, viewable renditions display an error when opened in Adobe Acrobat.   DEV-505732
In some cases, Vault fails to OCR Spanish language text in documents.   DEV-506042
Vault fails to extract Thai language characters.   DEV-507153
In rare cases, a Vault job fails to delete crosslinks between two connected Vaults.   DEV-510806
The Creation Date field may be missing from exported annotations and downloaded renditions.   DEV-515098
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to generate 2253 forms.   DEV-515867
In rare cases, link annotations on documents may disappear after a user refreshes the page.   DEV-518242
In rare cases, Vault fails to generate a viewable rendition after receiving a Spark message via a Vault connection.   DEV-528435

Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
In some cases, the task dialog within multi-record workflows fails to display validation of blank required fields.   DEV-514910
In rare cases, Vault may fail to automatically create related records when their entry action requires a sibling record check before proceeding to the next lifecycle state.   DEV-516371
After users cancel a legacy workflow on documents in the Approved state, Vault fails to record state entry actions in the audit trail.   DEV-522795
When completing a task, if a user selects the controlling field in a field control and the field label contains quotation marks, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-522934
In some cases, the Start dialog for multi-record workflows fails to display instructions.   DEV-527479
In rare cases, users may see a server error when starting a multi-document approval workflow.   DEV-528137
In some cases, users may experience an error when attempting to start multi-record workflows with blank optional prompt values.   DEV-528308
In some cases, users see a server error when providing verdicts within a multi-record workflow.   DEV-529442


Description Issue No.
When there are several CRM Orgs, Vault incorrectly offers multiple jobs to configure for the push back to CRM.   DEV-522978


Description Issue No.
In certain scenarios, results do not match filters in the advanced search dialog.   DEV-513244
Users cannot complete a checklist with ad-hoc sections when Weights Enabled is set to No.   DEV-521732

Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
Users may see two error dialogs instead of one when cancelling out of a record creation flow involving page links. This occurs when there is a required field with a single option that auto-populates on creation.   DEV-503453
In some cases, Vault fails to block the deletion of web actions that are configured on document lifecycle user actions.   DEV-508722
Under certain conditions, attments listed in the Doc Info page have the wrong file size displayed.   DEV-510892
In Long Text fields, the external link icon overlaps with the scrollbar.   DEV-512107
When users receive an email from a person record with a configured outbound email address, the sender's email address appears truncated (...) rather than displayed.   DEV-514007
When on the Notifications page already, clicking an unread notification in the panel does not select the notification in the Notifications page.   DEV-517301
In rare cases, Vault incorrectly modifies object references within Text() and Id() functions upon saving formulas on fields set by object actions.   DEV-518648
Vault does not display a helpful error message when a user attempts to create an ad hoc checklist section while missing a required field.   DEV-522494
The Email Notification Status page does not correctly sort the Send Date.   DEV-523843
On the My Vaults grid view, hovering over the delegated user icon may show "Object Not Found".   DEV-524366
When a user has access to two Vaults, and one Vault is in configuration mode, navigating to the View My Vaults page causes a server error.   DEV-525057
When exporting the Full Notification History via UI or API, Account Emails will appear at the end of the CSV file for a given month regardless of the send_date of the Account Emails.   DEV-525164
The Permission Set Detail View Object Tab has decreased performance.   DEV-525479
Downloading a file from the notifications panel under the Bell icon opens a new page in addition to downloading the file.   DEV-525866
Users are unable to expand or collapse the Report Type section on the Create Report page.   DEV-526747
In some cases, users see a server error when Vault attempts to execute entry actions on specific documents.   DEV-527500
In some cases, users experience slow performance when viewing object record detail pages.   DEV-528132
In rare cases, users are unable to access documents in Vault due to document field security overrides.   DEV-530935


Description Issue No.
Under certain circumstances, an attachment on a Validation Management execution step may not display in the test execution interface.   DEV-519961
Users can create more than 20 sections per checklist.   DEV-520187
Changing a Learner's training eligibility while the Vault Training automation job is running may cause Training Assignments to be left in incorrect states.   DEV-521570
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to update exception flags on Sample and Batch Reviews.   DEV-523496
In certain cases, a Learner may incorrectly receive new Training Assignments even in cases where document revision has not occurred.   DEV-525917
Creating a Quality Team role with a Linked Field value which targets a base object type may result in Vault displaying a server error rather than a helpful error message.   DEV-525932
In some cases, after revising a result, users may need to refresh the page to see an updated exception summary.   DEV-525945
In cases where both a Revised and a Previously Out of Specification label apply to a Vault LIMS lab result, the result may lack the Previously Out of Specification icon in the interface.   DEV-526974
Vault fails to create intermediate batches if a batch is autonamed.   DEV-528698


Description Issue No.
When users attempt to upload PDF file types through automated COA email intake, users receive an error when Vault fails to analyze the COA file for the Inspection record.   DEV-530704
In some cases, there is an unexpected error when attempting to assign a Team Member to the corresponding object record.   DEV-531350
When attempting to save a Risk Analysis record after updating the Severity, Occurrence, or Detectability fields, a server error message appears if the Risk Level value of the Risk Matrix Set-up is blank.   DEV-531369
In some cases, there is an unexpected server error when attempting to populate or modify a Linked Field of a Team-Enabled object record.   DEV-533913


Description Issue No.
In some cases, publishing fails for Report Level Content Plans with a large number of bookmark links.   DEV-509511
In some cases, Vault performance is degraded when users set a reference leaf.   DEV-517836
Correspondence documents appear in the new Submissions Archive Viewer when Dossier Status is Publishing Active   DEV-520473
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 5110 as failed when a bookmark has associated actions.   DEV-521840
In some cases, users cannot create or update Content Plans in RIM Vaults with Submissions Archive.   DEV-522013
When Labeling Automation is disabled, Vault creates new Activity Labeling Concept records when a user splits Activities.   DEV-523013
When a document appears in multiple Submissions, the Reference Leaf hovercard displays details from a Submission other than the one selected in the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-523259
UDI submission data cannot be created when multiple Registered Packaging Characteristic or Registered Regulatory Text records are related to the same registration.   DEV-524548
Users cannot sort descendants A-Z in the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-524858
In some cases, users cannot view hyperlinks within documents in the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-524971
In some cases, UDI submission data cannot be generated when a Clinical Size record is related to a registration.   DEV-525106
Vault incorrectly reports Rule EU 15.10 as an internal error and EU 14.6 and 14.7 as failed if the Submission Subtype field is blank.   DEV-525516
In some cases, common RIM UI labels are not available in RIM Vaults without Submissions Archive.   DEV-526212
Users cannot export Submission records when the new Submissions Archive Viewer is enabled.   DEV-526568
Users cannot navigate to the new Submissions Archive Viewer from a binder.   DEV-527015
In some cases, when a user selects an Application in the new Submissions Archive Viewer, previously-selected Submissions are not cleared from the filter.   DEV-527903
In some cases, on-demand publishing does not up-version source documents and remove the Vault link when a target document is updated.   DEV-528177
Users without permission to view the Dossier Details object cannot view Submissions in the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-528249
In some cases, Vault displays an error message after successfully generating IDMP data.   DEV-530409


The RegulatoryOne pre-release is targeted for tentative availability on November 17.

Description Issue No.
When multiple child Requirements with the same parent Requirement reference the same Token Label, Vault does not create the expected number of Registration Item Requirements when the Generate Requirements action runs on the associated record.   OLS-15117
Vault displays a server error when users try to edit custom types of Registration Item Requirements and that object type is not assigned the Source, Use Source, and Depth in Source Hierarchy fields.   OLS-15243
The Generate Requirements action fails when the EDL field on an associated Requirement is not a checkbox and has a null value.   OLS-15249
In some cases when users run the Run Global Impact Assessment action on an Event, Vault does not display the Search: Select Registration Item Records dialog.   OLS-15661
When configuring actions on object lifecycle states to create Dossier Binders, Vault does not save the action when an Admin enters a document subtype or classification in the Binder Type field.   OLS-16237
When Registration Item Requirement generation is configured to populate certain mapped object fields on generated EDLs and EDL Items based on Relational Token resolution, users may receive an error message when they try to run the Customize action.   OLS-16337
Vault does not prevent Admins from creating Relational Token hierarchies with infinite loops, resulting in unexpected job log errors when actions referencing those tokens fail.   OLS-16367
If a user runs the Generate Requirements action when another instance is already in progress for the same record, the action fails and the job status remains In Progress.   OLS-16413


Description Issue No.
After a user selects the Include previous document versions checkbox, Vault may fail to execute the report and display a server error.   DEV-508058
In some cases, Vault fails to save or execute reports with filters on Local Currency fields.   DEV-522439
Vault displays an incorrect error message when users attempt to execute a standard report that includes a complex join object.   DEV-524204
In some cases, users see a server error when executing reports with optional prompts and advanced logic.   DEV-524696
Vault may fail to execute Multi-Pass reports where Document is the primary reporting object.   DEV-526946

Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
In some cases, provisioning a document subtype tab using MDL does not show the Document Type of the tab.   DEV-499818
When viewing search collections that include objects they do not have permission to view, users may see empty sections where the objects would be.   DEV-507231
In some cases, Vault fails to apply text field search modifiers on dynamic tabs.   DEV-507867
In some cases, the Library page masks the incorrect user names for multi-value user references.   DEV-512527
If a user attempts to inline edit a field in a list view after reordering the field, the page scrolls and prevents the user from making changes.   DEV-512550
Inline editing may not be available on secured object reference fields when the name of the field has changed since being created.   DEV-513429
When searching for an exact or fuzzy match on a custom configurable field or some standard fields, the dialog does not show values for the field's column.   DEV-514411
When searching for an exact match on some fields, the duplicate dialog shows the incorrect label on the record to be created.   DEV-515428
Lookups to single value picklists do not appear in custom tab filter dropdowns.   DEV-518599
Users may receive a server error when searching for a report using the Global Search Bar.   DEV-518837
Refreshing the page on a dynamic tab results in a "Page Not Found" error.   DEV-520276
In the Mobile field, a phone number including dashes does not generate an exact match with the same number containing only digits or vice versa.   DEV-521276
When saving a view on a dynamic tab after making changes to the filters or columns, Vault may fail to save the changes to the view.   DEV-523557
When the setting Exact Match on First Name & Last Name is ON, the duplicate dialog does not appear when trying to create a similar record with trailing spaces.   DEV-529180

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims pre-release is targeted for tentative availability on November 17.

Description Issue No.
When a record has more than 200 root comments, users experience delays when typing text into new comments on that record.   OLS-13409
In some cases, users can edit but not save updates to the Element Text field in the Translator View section of Local Pack Copy records for Elements in states they do not have permission to edit based on Atomic Security or DAC.   OLS-14092