Release Date: April 8, 2022 & April 22, 2022

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases.

Last Updated: June 7, 2022


Description Issue No.
In some cases, after a job fails, Vault fails to update the job status.   DEV-474343
After assigning responsibilities on a user profile, if an Admin edits the profile and then clicks Cancel, the previously selected responsibilities no longer show in the Assigned Responsibilities section.   DEV-475631
In some cases, users are unable to create document picklists and edit or create object picklists.   DEV-477530
Vault Loader Extract requests using the Vault Loader Command Line Tool (CLI) versions 20R2.0 and lower fail to extract data.   DEV-477568
Vault displays an Inactive status on the Job Status page for completed jobs.   DEV-481576

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault fails to complete distribution tasks to sites with active agreements.   DEV-475526
Vault displays an incorrect error message after users attempt to resend documents to multiple sites.   DEV-477440
In some cases, Vault creates multiple Transfer Failure records after the user has taken the retry action.   DEV-480130
When Site Connect is disabled, Vault displays "Server having problems" when loading a page layout containing the Site Document Exchange section.   DEV-482002
In cases where a related contact record contains an invalid email address, Vault fails to create site checklists or outreach checklists.   DEV-492414

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
When a user creates a document using the Vault API, the last_modified_by__v field value is 1, for the System user.   DEV-466988
Creating an object record via the API may fail when X-VaultAPI-MigrationMode is set to 'true', the object has a dynamic reference constraint on an object reference field, and the import file is using reference lookup rather than a record ID.   DEV-469043

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
Vault throws an exception when a lifecycle lookup field returns a null value.   DEV-447841


Description Issue No.
When an IE user has not signed in for an hour or more and attempts to upload a Google Drive file to a placeholder document, Vault fails to authenticate.   DEV-449129
When IE users perform Google Drive actions that should prompt for sign-in, Vault fails to prompt them.   DEV-449259
Vault fails to populate metadata for PDF/A renditions while metadata population is enabled.   DEV-451606
While "Allow download without overlays" is disabled, Vault gets stuck after failing to apply overlays when users attempt to download the rendition.   DEV-452942
In some cases, Vault generates XFA forms with missing pages.   DEV-464500
In some cases, the Remove icon may be missing from the Upload New Version dialog box.   DEV-467381
In some cases, applying overlays takes longer than expected.   DEV-467536
The .ZIP file downloaded from Cart is sometimes empty.   DEV-467849
In some cases, Vault fails to render .MP4 files.   DEV-470622
While Enable Timeliness Document Field Calculation is enabled, Vault fails to update the Timeliness field if the Start Date field or End Date field is empty.   DEV-475716
In some cases, Vault does not automatically assign DAC roles when users classify documents.   DEV-477131
The Learn More link on the document upload page redirects to the wrong page.   DEV-480308
In some cases, Vault fails to complete Formatted Output jobs.   DEV-481780
In some cases, users cannot download Formatted Outputs of audit records.   DEV-482292

Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
When a document lifecycle entry action is configured to update a date field to Today('user'), the state change and field update may fail for non-English users.   DEV-477039
When completing a task with esign, SSO users may receive a server error.   DEV-482769


Description Issue No.
French Vaults may see some messages in English.   DEV-465401


Description Issue No.
While Public Content Distribution is enabled, Vault does not update the Number of Views on documents.   DEV-479021


Description Issue No.
When an Admin deletes a valid value from a picklist on an object configuration page and then edits the original record, the record does not show the deleted value as expected.   DEV-467469
Users are unable to edit object page layout rules that reference deleted sections.   DEV-471499
When a user inline edits in a related object section for a complex join relationship with an object with lifecycles enabled, it will refresh the entire section.   DEV-476751

Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
In some cases, when attempting to view a page to which they do not have access, users may receive an internal error message instead of an access denied error message.   DEV-454196
In some cases, clicking on the the document panel after initiating a document workflow hides the side panel.   DEV-457329
Drag and drop upload fails when attempting to to create a draft.   DEV-466981
In some cases, when opening the application or submission record details page from the Submissions Archive Viewer, the Back to Previous Page breadcrumb is not displayed on the object record details page.   DEV-469574
In some cases, after creating a single object record, Vault fails to display the breadcrumb trail.   DEV-473094
When adding a new new user to sharing settings, the sharing settings UI does not update until the page is manually refreshed.   DEV-474763
In some cases, loading Record Detail Views for Monitoring Events takes longer than expected.   DEV-474928
The Learn More link on the Scheduled Data Export Settings page redirects to the wrong page.   DEV-475524
The Undo Acceptance action is unavailable on the Tasks page.   DEV-478821


Description Issue No.
Under certain circumstances in Vaults with the Enable TRIA for all Training Requirements setting disabled, Vault may not correctly update the Training Content Set of a Training Assignment when it is appropriate to do so.   DEV-453054
In some cases, creating a new version of a document on a Training Requirement with active Training Assignments may cause Vault to incorrectly display an Impact Alert dialog rather than the appropriate error message.   DEV-464654
Learners without View permission on a document in a Training Assignment may incorrectly be able to complete the assignment.   DEV-469863
After initially running the Update Training Assignments job to create a Training Assignment for a new Learner, Vault does not update the Learner Role in the Training Dashboard.   DEV-476590
Vault includes inactive external notification templates and distribution groups when calculating whether their number has exceeded the maximum.   DEV-477040
Vault does not disable the "Complete Training" button after a user clicks it and the dialog appears.   DEV-478907
Vault displays an error when a user cancels a direct assignment that references an evaluation checklist design that is not an approved state.   DEV-480101
Vault may display an error when a user attempts to change the Quality Relationship Automation field value in a Quality Record Check configuration.   DEV-483488


Description Issue No.
When changing the Person assigned on the External Collaborator field of the CAR record, the previous Person record is not inactivated; two Person records are active.   DEV-462259
When an error message appears during a Material Verification Checklist configuration, the word "Error" displays in non-English error messages.   DEV-469663
Vault fails to analyze a COA file when there is an unexpected date format.   DEV-470030
When hovering over a Why? item in a 5 Whys Diagram, the hovercard text is not readable.   DEV-473088
When running the Update Training Assignments job to create a Training Assignment for a new Learner, the Training Dashboard does not populate the new hours for the new Training Assignment and new Learner.   DEV-476258
When hovering over the Upload button in an External Training Requirement record, the tool tip displays in the middle of the record section.   DEV-477298
For users with no Read permission on the MV Response-Hazard object, Vault does not load questions in the Checklist sections.   DEV-477737
When running the Control Chart for more than 500 Inspection Sample Test Result (ISTR) records, the chart displays the latest 500 ISTR records incorrectly.   DEV-480734
An unexpected error message displays in the CSV result file when trying to upload a CSV question file in the Introduction section of a Quiz.   DEV-481733

QualityOne Mobile

Description Issue No.
When tapping the search, "No Matches Found" or "Label" displays in the search field before it disappears.   OLS-8611
When viewing the application in landscape, documents in the "All Documents" page is shifted to the top after reopening the application from the background.   OLS-8983
In some cases, the application may crash when users with no relevant permission attempts to reopen the closed application.   OLS-9291


Description Issue No.
While using the RIM-PromoMats connection, Vault may fail to create Crosslinks due to insufficient access.   DEV-442674
In some cases, while using the RIM-PromoMats connection, Vault does not automatically trigger the RIM to PromoMats Compliance Package Outbound job.   DEV-442712
In some cases, Vault incorrectly enables Continuous Publishing when the submission contains an active User Exception Message.   DEV-443529
In some cases, Vault reports an unexpected SDK error when creating a Submission via the Create Related Records wizard.   DEV-450960
When displaying a Global Content Plan from an Activity, Vault fails to apply the Activity filter.   DEV-456807
During Submission deep/hierarchical copy, Vault fails to copy Submission Language when the source Submission Language record references a join object of the same parent object.   DEV-459554
In some cases, Vault includes internal Vault error classes in external Vault Java SDK logs.   DEV-462474
When Content Plan records fail to create during Global Content Plan dispatch, the dispatch summary file incorrectly reports them as successes.   DEV-464165
When a user splits a Content Plan Item, the resulting audit trail indicates the event as system-generated.   DEV-464416
When dispatching a Global Content Plan, Vault fails to copy Content Plan sections which contain tokens for a Pharmaceutical Form relationship object.   DEV-464830
When dispatching a Global Content Plan for a US Submission, Vault copies Switzerland-only Event Pharmaceutical Form records.   DEV-464953
Vault falsely errors when updating Global Content Plans from an Event.   DEV-465574
In some cases, Vault performance is degraded when importing larger Submissions.   DEV-468023
Vault displays fewer records in the Global Content Plan creation notification than were created during the operation.   DEV-468995
When users create a Regulatory Objective or Submission within the Submission Wizard, the resulting record does not appear in the respective object record drop-down.   DEV-470251
Vault fails job run time and extract performance requirements when extracting Application relationships.   DEV-470561
Vault includes unsolicited “Record saved with no changes” audit trail entries for some Content Plan actions, including Split Content Plan Item.   DEV-472624
In some cases, the Submissions Archive Viewer icon appears even if the submission has not been published or archived.   DEV-475124
While using the Submission Wizard, Vault only pre-selects applicable records on the pages that the user explicitly visits.   DEV-475892
After users update a Report Level Content Plan, created records do not inherit join field values from parent records.   DEV-477591
After a user clicks Cancel on the Regulatory Objective change warning dialog, Vault incorrectly clears selections on records.   DEV-478847
In some cases, users are unable to save edits made to gateway profiles.   DEV-478947
When a user selects ‘Commit’ in the IDMP Viewer, the resulting dialog reads “click Commit to save changes” instead of “click Continue to save changes”.   DEV-479460
There is a minor typo in the IDMP record generation results: “The confidentiality indicator field must be populated on the registered rite [site] role record."   DEV-479467
The Extract Application Relationships job fails if the user who initiates the action does not have permission to Read matching Submission relationship object fields.   DEV-482506
While using the Submission Wizard, Vault only pre-selects applicable records on the pages that the user explicitly visits.   DEV-482549


Description Issue No.
If the GenerateRequirementForRo action is not linked to a Root Relational Token but VQL Criteria is defined, when users trigger the Generate Requirements action, Vault lists all root requirements in the Select Requirement dialog.   OLS-10708
In some cases when users trigger the Deep Delete Split Registration Items action on a Registration Item, Vault deletes the record and related child records but displays a "Server having problems" error.   OLS-10715
When Admins click Save multiple times when creating an Object Mapping, Vault does not save the Object Mapping and displays a server error.   OLS-10746
When Admins click Save multiple times when creating a Relational Token, Vault does not save the Relational Token and displays a server error.   OLS-10757
When users trigger the Generate Requirements action on a Registration Objective with Select Root Requirement set to Yes to reveal the Select Requirement dialog, clicking the X icon in the search bar does not clear the search results.   OLS-9450


Description Issue No.
Running a report that includes a reference field with an object component results in an error.   DEV-460310
When exporting a report, Vault fails to include filters and prompts on the coverpage.   DEV-464273

Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
When validating uniqueness of the name field for a new HVO object, users may receive an error.   DEV-454531
Users experience an error when setting grouped multi-value picklist filters when searching high volume objects.   DEV-458220
When attempting to filter the Document Inbox by editing the fcah value in the URL, users may receive a server error.   DEV-462539
In some cases, users are unable to select options in the Search drop-down.   DEV-473077
Non-mandatory savedview component records are not in the component directory and cannot be migrated with VPKs.   DEV-473760

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
Links in email notifications for rescinded documents are incorrect.   DEV-473983
In some cases, distribution tasks do not trigger configured state changes on documents.   DEV-477619

Veeva Claims

Description Issue No.
When users try to create Local Adaptations for a Claim without related Statement and Product records, Vault displays a server error rather than the expected error message.   OLS-10833
Loading more than 500 Country records via Vault Loader takes longer than expected, and in some cases, records fail to load.   OLS-11009
In Vaults that do not use the Statement Library and have more than 1001 Flagged Words or Phrases records, the number of related Claim records listed in the corresponding notification may be incorrect   OLS-11420