Release Date: November 17 2023 & December 1, 2023

The following applications may have different release dates: QualityOne client applications, RegulatoryOne, Safety, and Veeva Claims.

The issues listed below are fixed in the 23R3 release.

Last Updated: November 17, 2023

Brand & Medical Portal

Description Issue No.
Vault displays document thumbnails to users who do not have View Content permission on those documents.   DEV-592430
In some cases, Portal content viewed using Quick Look is not displayed correctly.   DEV-598778
Some users experience a server error when creating a new portal.   DEV-603236
Users experience a server error when loading the portal home page if they do not have View permission on the Product field of one or more documents in the carousel.   DEV-605914
Users may experience a "Server having problems" error on the Portal homepage if they do not have View permission for the Product field on one or more documents in the carousel.   DEV-605916
Users may experience an "unexpected error" message when editing a portal's Display Max field.   DEV-611592

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
Vault fails to properly recalculate the ESL when all Subjects are removed from a date-based Study and users initiate the Recalculate Enrollment Metrics action.   DEV-485669
In certain cases, the Safety Information widget is not aligned correctly on the Site User Homepage.   DEV-576845
In certain cases, when you archive a document in your Source Vault, it is not properly moved to the archived state in the Source Vault when it is transferred to the Source Vault.   DEV-585922
In some cases, when attempting to insert Metrics Over Time records via API, users encounter an "Operation Failed" error message and the records are not inserted.   DEV-586583
When an override EDL template applies to a Study, Vault does not properly create new milestone items for EDL items if a milestone item for that EDL item already exists.   DEV-591907
When running Document Reconciliation for a Sites monitoring event, it may delete all related Site Document Check records.   DEV-592217
In some cases, users receive an error message when attempting to test a Study Metadata Extraction model.   DEV-592373
In some cases, when users attempt to download ePro report files, Vault does not download the ZIP file and instead displays a text file in the browser window.   DEV-592667
In some cases, Vault fails to update a Payable Item as Inactive when the Fee Schedule is moved to Draft state and the Visit is moved to a different Fee Schedule.   DEV-592775
In certain cases, Vault fails to correctly generate Payable Items for a Study with a Fee Schedule Template applied.   DEV-593106
In some cases, Clinical Activity records created in CRM fail to transfer to Clinical Operations Vaults and users encounter a Connection Error.   DEV-593678
In some cases, Vault fails to generate Template Tasks associated with a Template Milestone even though the Milestone was generated successfully.   DEV-594608
Users may encounter a CDX issue when attempting to transfer a placeholder document with a simple ruleset.   DEV-594619
In some cases, the Rename Connection action is erroneously available on the Connection (`connection__sys`) object.   DEV-594971
In certain cases, an unexpected error during agreement message processing for TMF transfer can result in duplicate documents.   DEV-602647
When users attempt to complete a Trip Report with unresolved Review Comments, Vault displays an error message without any details about the error.   DEV-604364
In some cases, Vault may incorrectly change inactive lookup fields to active after object changes.   DEV-604869
In some cases, when the Yuzu Global Change Log Job is run, Vault fails to create the expected Join records for CTN and CTN Data Change Log.   DEV-605466
Users may receive an error when trying to add Document Types to Site Packages.   DEV-606178
Users are not able to create more than 5000 EDL Items at once when creating a milestone using milestone template automation.   DEV-607076
In cases where there is no user action configured on a study's country-level lifecycle, the study site lifecycle user action will fail.   DEV-607955
In some cases, Vault fails to update the Milestone Document when users change the EDL Item classification that the Milestone references.   DEV-608460
In some cases, running a report when the primary reporting object is Study Team Role and the related object is Team Roles results in a server error.   DEV-612893
When users attempt to Generate Risk Assessment for a Study using an existing Study as the source, Vault displays an error and does not copy the Study risks.   DEV-613793
In cases where over 250 records are referenced in an object reference field on a document, TMF Transfer may fail to populate the field properly on the target document.   DEV-615345
In some cases, when users attempt to create a Study Risk record, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-616808
In some cases, users may encounter an ambiguous error message regarding the Last Successful Run Date when running the Clinical Operations to CDMS Connection.   DEV-617281
In some cases, certain Distribution Tasks may display that they are still in the Sending state, despite having already been sent.   DEV-617489
The Clinical Operations to CDMS Vault Connection outbound message job may remain in the "Queued" state longer than expected.   DEV-618223
The Study Training to Clinical Operations Vault Connection job errors when the Document Version field in the Study Training Connection Event record (in Clinical Operations) is empty upon processing.   DEV-618857
Users may encounter a server error when attempting to view Trip Report Questions that include a Controlling Question with an empty Answer Set.   DEV-619847
Vault allows users to save a document draft even when there is no value in the required Additional Information field.   DEV-625809
Due to a regulatory requirement change, Dev Termination Notification output from YUZU must be updated.   DEV-626729
In some cases, users encounter an unexpected error when attempting to test a Study Metadata Extraction model.   DEV-627769
In some cases, the Milestone Item Deletion trigger deletes all milestone documents associated with a milestone on a milestone item that is being deleted instead of just deleting the milestone documents associated with the milestone item itself.   DEV-629393
Safety distribution emails that are blocked via Vault suppression list may become stuck as Sending, rather than correctly changed to Failed.   DEV-630063
In some cases, Vault does not populate the Content field on crosslink Documents created through the RIM to Clinical Operations Connection.   DEV-630405
In some cases, when the Expected Action for a document is None, the Expected Action field is blank.   DEV-632532
When users select a Study from the Document Exchange page and then clear the Study field, Vault continues to display the Site name from the previously-selected Study in the document grid.   DEV-632632
In some cases, when users generate a missing Milestone Document, Vault creates the new document, but fails to delete the old one.   DEV-633509
When users update the Actual Visit Date on a related Milestone, Vault fails to update the Monitoring Visit Method field on the Monitoring Event.   DEV-634336
If a user without permissions to view a document attempts to view a document exchange page, Vault incorrectly displays "Document Request" instead of "Insufficient Permissions" in the document Name field.   DEV-635882
When users create SiteVault inivitations that contain line breaks, an error occurs and the invites fail.   DEV-636290
If a Trip Report question requires a Monitoring Event if the answer is No and a user initally answers Yes, but later changes the answer to No, Vault does not correctly save the No answer or update the Monitoring Followup Item.   DEV-636884
If a Site Identifier (Name) is longer than 80 characters, Vault displays an error when attempting to run the CRM Connection and the job fails.   DEV-637084
In some cases, updating the Indication Code for a CTN Combination Product results in a server error.   DEV-638318
Under certain circumstances, the Auto-Train Models job fails to run.   DEV-644215
Users are able to edit the Audit data changes for this object field on the Unblinded Subject Visit Data object.   DEV-645044
In some cases, the Milestone workspace becomes populated with an extremely large number of records and the Milestone Document job cannot process them all.   DEV-645714


Description Issue No.
In Vaults using the Enhanced Suggest Links functionality, Vault may fail to suggest links.   DEV-588437
Under certain circumstances, the Clear filter option does not appear in the filter menu on the Modular Content document panel.   DEV-591084
In some cases, Vault incorrectly orders Content Module Assets on generated Approval Documents.   DEV-592154
In Vaults using the RIM to PromoMats connection, PromoMats may incorrectly send spark messages to RIM, which results in Vault creating several User Exception Messages.   DEV-601183
In some cases, inbound RIM Application Integration jobs fail with an "Http response status code is not 200" error.   DEV-608371
Under certain circumstances, Vault displays invalid token error messages when users edit notification template message text.   DEV-616205
Users may be unable to add base object type Content Module Assets.   DEV-640803

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
Users may receive a METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED error when upserting object records using the idParam.   DEV-590722
Users receive a METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED error when using the Create Multiple Documents endpoint in API v19.3.   DEV-600610

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
RECREATE fails on a locked object with a document reference field.   DEV-584914
Users experience an error when creating Multipass reports that join views on an aggregate field.   DEV-588485
The RENAME command may not function as expected on an object lifecycle after the "Check sibling records before updating related record" entry action is added to the lifecycle.   DEV-592270
The Help Content field is not cleared after package deployment according to the RECREATE command.   DEV-598411
When an MDL operation both removes a controlled picklist's dependency on a controlling picklist and deletes the formerly controlling picklist, the delete portion of the operation fails.   DEV-608577
When a user retrieves Layoutrule component type metadata or component records as MDL, the response includes the following attributes that exit to support future functionality and cannot be used at this time: displayed_as_required_fields, hidden_pages, hide_layout, and focus_on_layout.   DEV-636721

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
Custom Vault Java SDK code using the deprecated method newLocalHttpRequest() may fail.   DEV-588174
Custom code using ObjectLifecycleStateUserActionMetadataService#getRecordLifecycleUserActions() incorrectly returns a "User does not have read permission for the record" error.   DEV-601625
In BEFORE triggers, developers are able to set invalid document IDs on dynamic document reference fields and do not receive an error.   DEV-610827
In some cases, records with an SDK update trigger fail to update correctly.   DEV-624026

Developer Features: VQL

Description Issue No.
For documents that have multiple steady state versions, criteria VQL expressions using status_v = STEADYSTATE() or minor_version_number_v = 0 return all steady state versions of the document instead of just the latest version.   DEV-609717


Description Issue No.
Executing a Recurring Account Pull job for one CRM Org may update the last successful run time for other CRM Orgs, causing CRM sync to fail for some records.   DEV-565368
Vault does not translate Medical Inquiry Push/Pull job names exceeding 60 characters.   DEV-576275
Vault continues to pull Inquiry records after their fulfillment status in CRM changes to Complete.   DEV-600815
Vault may create duplicate Associated Contact records after pulling Medical Inquiries.   DEV-600820
While using the Vault Medical OpenData connection, Vault may display an invalid query error when users search for Case Contacts.   DEV-604372
Under certain circumstances, users searching for Case Contact records using the MedComms OpenData connection may experience a server error.   DEV-606190
Under certain circumstances, the Set Std Resp Doc to Latest Steady State entry action results in an error.   DEV-631795
If a Medical Inquiry user without the appropriate permissions performs the Suggest FAQ user action, Vault incorrectly updates the FAQ.   DEV-632923


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault does not properly generate thumbnails for published Multichannel Presentations with images and Multichannel Slides with images.   DEV-620831

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
When creating a user, the Vault Object REST APIs and the Vault Users UI does not audit the application license field assignment.   DEV-530523
Users may receive a Server having problems error when attempting to save changes to a Login Message.   DEV-592273
The Package Component Comparison report may still display differences between package and Vault components following repeated successful deployments.   DEV-599657
Certain circumstances may cause the Vault Comparison Report to appear to be missing differences which are visible in Vault.   DEV-607928
The Vault Loader Command Line Tool does not abort upload sessions after an error occurs.   DEV-609999
When configuring Auto Managed groups, Admins encounter an error when selecting the Allow selection in configurations setting.   DEV-616280
The Vault ID filter does not apply when exporting the Login Audit Trail from the UI.   DEV-623299
When a field rule has a Target Field Lookup value and the Field Default value is null, Vault produces an error instead of evaluating the target field as null.   DEV-629595
Under certain conditions, the "Rollback on Error" field on Vault Queues may show different values in the Vault UI and Vault Compare.   DEV-631189
Under certain conditions, Admins cannot edit Field Rules.   DEV-632751
Users experience a server error when retrieving object record audit history logs for records created by a system-managed user prior to the 23R1 release.   DEV-636497
The Email Summaries drop-downs on the Email Settings page does not include an blank option for reordering.   DEV-638041
Users are unable to delete tabs that have previously been included in tab collections.   DEV-641328
Users are unable to reorder tabs within a tab collection.   DEV-641854

Platform: Authentication

Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, SSO users accessing are incorrectly asked to enter a password.   DEV-630221
In some cases, Vault redirects single sign-on users to the Vault login page.   DEV-633209

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
Following bulk deletion of documents, Vault does not update the total count of documents in the Cart.   DEV-502500
In some cases, annotations are missing from documents downloaded with the Export PDF with Annotations option.   DEV-503580
Re-rendering a document after deleting its viewable rendition may result in annotations from the deleted rendition reappearing.   DEV-554360
If a Rendition Status log with over 65,536 rows of data is exported to CSV, the resulting file will truncate the rows down to 65,536.   DEV-555301
If a secured PDF is re-rendered in PDF/A format, any security on the document is removed.   DEV-558124
Document renditions following Optical Character Recognition and PDF/A conversion may display overlapping text.   DEV-559778
f a user re-renders an encrypted PDF, the I want a rendition in PDF/A format option is available for selection in the Re-render Document dialog.   DEV-559831
In rare cases, Vault fails to apply overlays to all applicable pages in a document.   DEV-570298
When a document with link annotations is re-rendered with the Preserve Annotations setting enabled, the annotation remains visible but the link becomes missing.   DEV-574422
In some cases, users encounter an unexpected error when downloading Formatted Output documents.   DEV-578834
The navigation arrows within the Document Inbox may disappear once the document has reached a steady state.   DEV-582734
If a user re-renders a manual rendition immediately after it's uploaded, Vault overwrites the manual rendition.   DEV-584993
The Title field in the Doc Info panel does not update to the latest title when a merged document is used as the source with an event action.   DEV-587162
In some cases, when creating a Crosslink, the viewable rendition does not display for several hours.Vault creates the Crosslink as a placeholder until the rendition is available.   DEV-589285
In some cases, Vault fails to render PDF source files with PDF/A-1b selected in the File Rendition Settings.   DEV-589612
When the Rendition Profile is set to Generate compliant Viewable Rendition for Source PDFs, any bookmarks in the PDF disappear after the re-rendering process. The Navigation Tab field in the PDF’s properties will still show Bookmarks Panel and Page despite the missing bookmarks   DEV-590862
If a currency formula field on an object record is set to use Local Currency, and the object record is downloaded as a formatted output, the resulting document displays the Corporate Currency instead of the Local Currency.   DEV-591916
In some cases, Vault fails to update the File Created By and File Last Modified By fields in the Document Properties on uploaded PDFs with the user’s current date and timezone.   DEV-592464
The Edit Bookmarks button is available on unlocked Protected PDFs.   DEV-592679
Vault Owners receive a permissions error when attempting to download a Large Size Asset Rendition that is over 4GB.   DEV-594832
When Vault renders a document with table of contents titles longer than one line, text wrapping on the titles is lost in the viewable rendition.   DEV-595615
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render large Excel files.   DEV-595836
Merge Field tokens fail to merge if the token includes a special character, such as /, @, [, ], and #.   DEV-596823
PDF/A conversion fails if a document contains multiple fonts with the same names and subtypes.   DEV-599882
In some instances, generating a viewable rendition from a workflow causes a timeout with the error message: "Rendition generation is taking a while. Please refresh your page or try again later" or "Vault is unable to render this file".   DEV-602589
Users may experience a rendering delay when migrating large batches of customs renditions.   DEV-602603
When Vault renders a document with the Blue Link option selected, the sub-headings in the viewable rendition’s table of contents do not render as blue.   DEV-605629
Users are unable to access Link to Content mode directly from View mode on a document in the Library.   DEV-607455
In some cases, if an XML file is submitted for rendering, the render process becomes stuck for an indefinite amount of time and the file is never rendered.   DEV-607674
Vault may fail to regenerate a document's name after document type reclassification.   DEV-610078
Crosslinks may fail to generate a viewable rendition while successfully fetching document metadata from their source.   DEV-611017
Archived documents do not participate in expiry behavior.   DEV-611733
Vault is unable to render documents with a .xlsx file extension.   DEV-612125
Vault may fail to fix link annotations while converting PDF/A viewable renditions.   DEV-613374
When a classified document is reclassified, the Artifacts field updates to the new value in the Doc Info panel, but remains the previous value in other areas of Vault.   DEV-614303
Lifecycle stage colors may not display for old documents that don't have the Lifecycle State Stage ID and Lifecycle Stage fields populated.   DEV-617530
Vault may create an additional record when a crosslinked document is upversioned in the source Vault.   DEV-617933
In some cases, users may see additional characters in some bookmark names within Vault.   DEV-618250
When Create New Version is used on a document with an animated image source file, and new version created is not also an animated image, users encounter an “error transcoding video” error message.   DEV-620010
In some cases, the Export Annotation action does not initiate the download of the generated file.   DEV-621263
In some cases, Vault may fail to ignore superscripts when running Suggest Links on renditions.   DEV-623010
Vault displays unhelpful warning messages when users attempt to delete specific document versions.   DEV-623051
Users may encounter an error when downloading a viewable rendition with an attached signature page.   DEV-623523
Disabling or enabling visibility of one layer on a PDF rendition may disable or enable visibility for other layers as well.   DEV-625560
Vault may fail to display anchor previews in the Select Anchors dialog.   DEV-625596
Vault may fail to update document field security overrides after package deployment.   DEV-626893
In some cases, sandbox Vaults created from snapshots are missing field dependencies.   DEV-628284
Vault fails to identify text in documents using Enhanced Suggest Links when most words in the text contain numbers.   DEV-631976
When a user starts a workflow that validates entry criteria on a document with an invalid field value from a field dependency, Vault incorrectly clears the invalid value.   DEV-632227
Annotations with area placemarks extended to multiple pages if created from the Annotation SDK.   DEV-634419
Users without View Content permission on a specific version can gain access to that version’s content by performing the Send as Link action to send themselves a link to the inaccessible version from the version they have access to. For example, a user with View Content permission on the latest version but not on the latest steady state version can send themselves a link to the latest steady state version via their personal email. This would allow the user to view content that they do not have access to in Vault.   DEV-639542
Vault may return incorrect MD5 checksum values for encrypted files.   DEV-639910
When using non-Latin characters such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean within a RichText field that is used as a Merge Fields token, the data may be merged into the document as random characters.   DEV-640791
While in View mode, users may be unable to create annotations on video documents via the context menu.   DEV-642495
Vault may incorrectly update Tracked Changes on merge fields documents.   DEV-647123

Platform: Email & Notifications

Description Issue No.
In some cases, non-deliverable emails have their status incorrectly updated to Sent.   DEV-545347
In some cases, tracked emails that are bounced do not have their status updated from Sent to Failed in the UI.   DEV-583483
Some special characters do not render when sending an email in via Email Ingestion.   DEV-595191
When a .msg file is included as an attachment in an email sent to Vault, it may not be processed as an email attachment.   DEV-600081
When reassigning a document workflow task, the new assignee may not receive a push notification.   DEV-610354
When copying a Person record with a verified Outbound Email Address, the Outbound Email Status is incorrectly copied to the new record too.   DEV-631127

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
Certain circumstances may incorrectly allow a checked out document to have its state changed.   DEV-571636
Selecting options in one participant control may unexpectedly result in the selection of options for another participant control.   DEV-591858
In some cases, Vault may display a server error when checking object lifecycle state entry criteria configured to validate related record states, with the Conditions on Related Records checkbox selected, and no records are found.   DEV-593589
In rare cases, the Active Workflows screen may not show all active tasks, and the Show More link may not function as expected.   DEV-599362
In certain cases, Vault may display a server error when attempting to make edits to Atomic Security on fields.   DEV-602267
Vault may display an incorrectly-populated error message when a user attempts to complete a task in a workflow if the workflow owner was made inactive after the workflow started.   DEV-605380
Vault allows the deletion of object types that are currently associated with active lifecycles.   DEV-612199
Vault may take longer than expected to load the Override Rules page for a particular lifecycle.   DEV-616256
In some cases, users are unable to import VPKs that contain lifecycles with associated workflows.   DEV-622974
Adding a single record workflow to a Cancel Workflow entry action may convert it to a multi-record workflow.   DEV-623685
Clicking on the label for a participant control may incorrectly select checkboxes for a different control.   DEV-625859
Users may be unable to inactive lifecycle states that are not in use.   DEV-628550
In some cases, users may receive a server error when attempting to create user tasks.   DEV-633949
In some cases, adding a lifecycle to a custom object causes Vault to remove the lifecycle field from the object. In addition, users encounter a server error when they open the object or create and save a record on the object.   DEV-638149

Platform: Localization

Description Issue No.
In some cases, imported label translations may not be applied on new states, roles, and user actions.   DEV-592847

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
When editing a record from the More Actions menu in list view, the fields on the record may have incorrect values when compared with editing a record from the record details page.   DEV-581198
When entering a formula field on objects, if you've navigated to that formula field from a parent field, the formula passes the "Syntax Check" button but errors when clicking the "Save" button.   DEV-589989
When checking the syntax of a formula expression for a formula mask, Vault may not display accurate number padding.   DEV-590544
Under certain conditions, Vault throws a server error when trying to save a field default value that includes a space character.   DEV-592788
The "Allow create new reference record" setting may be incorrectly enabled for document reference fields on objects.   DEV-593467
Users encounter an error when attempting to enable the previously disabled "Values must be unique" setting on a simple join object field.   DEV-596584
When entering a formula field on objects, formulas that reference another formula field pass the "Syntax Check" button but error when clicking the "Save" button.   DEV-598565
Using the navigation page to view related records may result in a page not found error.   DEV-600026
Admins may encounter two error messages instead of one when checking the syntax of an invalid validation expression.   DEV-607685
Users are able to sort columns in a related object section while inline editing a field even if the field contains invalid input.   DEV-611942
Inline editing text fields on object records results in duplicate input for Chrome users with Japanese Mac keyboards.   DEV-612013
Under certain conditions, picklist fields on objects records are not copied when creating a copy of an object record.   DEV-616422
Users may receive a blank page when attempting to change a person type from External to Site Staff or Investigator.   DEV-621133
Vault may fail to apply the email link format mask when a user saves an object record after populating an email address.   DEV-624809
The cursor unexpectedly moves to the top of the screen when a user enters edit mode on an object record detail page.   DEV-626316
When a user locks a matched document version to an EDL Item, if the document has more than 9 versions eligible for locking, the default version in the Select Eligible Version drop-down is 9.0 instead of the latest eligible version.   DEV-630046
Controlled picklist values may fail to autopopulate in cases where the field is required and the controlling field is updated.   DEV-631419
Lifecycle Stage and Lifecycle State Stage ID field values do not update properly when an object record changes state.   DEV-642255

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
In rare cases, Vault Loader may execute a job twice, resulting in duplicate records.   DEV-561627
Users may encounter a server error instead of an error message when attempting to reorder picklist values.   DEV-567977
When a user switches between two saved views that have different filters, Vault sometimes applies the previous view's filters to the current view's data.   DEV-585719
Vault may fail to accurately display an object record's hovercard depending on a user's browser or the hovercard size.   DEV-590833
In cases where an object records detail page has multiple sections, Vault may compress the section names in the left Navigation Panel.   DEV-591693
The Save button is unavailable when saving new picklist values that were copied and pasted.   DEV-592537
When creating new user tasks, the attachments section is not automatically added to the page layout. This may cause the user task to appear as though it does not support attachments, even when attachments are configured as supported for this object.   DEV-593125
Under certain conditions, the sharing settings for a User object appears as a blank page.   DEV-594697
Vault does not append an ellipsis to the end of truncated bookmark titles.   DEV-599573
Video renditions fail to play in the Firefox browser.   DEV-606399
Extracting the list of domain users has poor performance.   DEV-618006
In some cases, the document_number__v field does not appear as an Object to CSV Mapping option in Vault Loader UI when Document Migration Mode is enabled.   DEV-619403
The scrollbar on the Filters section for a document does not appear when the browser zoom is 150%.   DEV-627747
In the Safari browser, inline error messages do not appear for object reference fields.   DEV-629315
Under certain conditions, an FTP site repoint would timeout and the audit trail record for that repoint would be missing.   DEV-638146
When delegating access to a user, Vaults with more than 1,000 user roles may have some users not appear in the list of available delegates.   DEV-640718
The Learn More link on the Outbound Email Domains page leads to the wrong Help page.   DEV-640887

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
In some cases, a pop-up window will display a validation error when running a report with a prompt on a filter field. Clicking OK the pop-up window causes an infinite loop between entering the filter field's value and the validation error.   DEV-572783
In rare cases, conditional field logic in multipass reporting may not function as expected.   DEV-573960
If a Union-all report type is created to combine Legacy User and User Reference fields, all user references related to non-legacy user references are displayed with a "[u:#]" in the report.   DEV-574133
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to execute Multi-Pass union reports.   DEV-576753
In some cases, users may receive a Server having problems error when attempting to export a report to Excel.   DEV-593542
Vault may fail to display the correct value if the same report but different aggregate fields are used in multiple charts in a dashboard.   DEV-593750
Users cannot click the Apply button when configuring optional run-time filter prompts on a dashboard.   DEV-595006
Users may receive a server having problems error when attempting to view a dashboard for a report with a blank Secondary grouping for the Date field.   DEV-595577
Dashboards secondly grouped by Number may incorrectly sort results in alphabetical order.   DEV-599857
In some cases, running a Flash report with Collapse report groups in email selected in the Schedule Flash Report window causes the report to fail.   DEV-605421
In some cases, when a user runs a report with User object reference fields, Vault encounters a server error.   DEV-612170
If a user copies and pastes a user name or object name into the Filters field on a report, they will receive an error after running the report.   DEV-615210
In some cases, users encounter a server error when running a MultiPass report that uses an object reference field to join multiple reports.   DEV-619312
In some cases, Vault fails to load some dashboard components when the Record Count metric is used or the Sort By field specifies a different field from the Group By field in the underlying report.   DEV-620855
In some cases, users who are not in the Admin role encounter server errors when attempting to run a Workflow with Object report.   DEV-623761
In some cases, if a user copies and pastes a value, such as a user name, within a dashboard, Vault will not recognize the pasted values and display an error.   DEV-624416
Aggregates are not calculated for non-primary object fields if the underlying report view of a Multi-Pass report contains aggregates.   DEV-628039
Users may be unable to create Workflow with Object reports for newly created objects.   DEV-637147
Vault may display duplicate task entries on workflow reports.   DEV-637343

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
When a user attempts to run Enhanced Suggest Links on a document that has multiple matching texts, the resulting annotation links may not cover the right text elements.   DEV-544705
In some cases, when migrating views, Shared Views are not properly migrated.   DEV-578749
Enhanced Suggested Links may match single words and return too many/unhelpful results.   DEV-592501
In some cases, users are unable to create or update tabs with object reference filters.   DEV-593501
In some cases, users are unnecessarily prompted to accept or reject suggested links for exact matches.   DEV-598177
In some cases, Enhanced Suggest Links may fail to find statements and highlighted search text may include extra words at the beginning of the phrase.   DEV-598189
When multiple search filters are applied, they do not appear in a predictable order.   DEV-600600
Users may be unable to edit search collections on smaller screens.   DEV-610773
In some cases, users may receive a server error when attempting to load a task page.   DEV-619742
After performing a search that returns no results, the Learn more link is incorrect and results in an error.   DEV-621381
Users may receive a server error when attempting to perform an advanced search from a record creation page.   DEV-626539
When a user triggers a milestone's View Expected Documents action, they may unexpectedly be shown a large green banner.   DEV-635069
Filters may appear in alphabetical order rather than in the order they were applied as expected.   DEV-636555

Platform: Security

Description Issue No.
During record creation, atomic security does not honor the owner role permissions on Object Controls.   DEV-612852
Under certain conditions, editing a user's security profile causes a server error.   DEV-613921


Description Issue No.
In Vault LIMS, the system may display inconsistent error messages in cases where the user is updating text result and numeric result fields of a Result record in the Complete state at the same time.   DEV-569428
Certain circumstances may cause Vault to display an error when attempting to execute the Update Periodic Review State action.   DEV-570517
Vault may display an error while transferring data from a Clinical Operations Vault to a Study Training Vault if an object reference field rule is inactive.   DEV-579343
In Vault LIMS, when a user attempts to hierarchical copy a test definition record, the copy may not contain child records as expected.   DEV-590345
In some cases, the Study Training to Clinical Operations Vault Connection job transfers object records which do not fulfill the conditions for transfer.   DEV-590630
In some cases in Vault LIMS, the system may display an error when a user attempts to create a new version of a sample plan or specification record.   DEV-591244
In some cases in Vault LIMS, the system may display a server error when the Generate Lab Tests action executes as a user or event action.   DEV-591636
Vault may display an incomplete error message when the Activate External Collaborators action executes and detects a duplicate external username.   DEV-594107
In some cases in Vault QMS, scrolling within the Risk Builder interface may cause the interface to shift up and down unexpectedly.   DEV-594302
Vault may display an error when attempting to execute the Activate External Collaborators document lifecycle entry action when the Quality External User Template includes certain token combinations including the ${PersonEmailPrefix} token.   DEV-594566
In Validation Management, when a user navigates to a requirement record detail page from the Requirements Burndown View, Vault may not display a navigation breadcrumb in the top left of the detail page.   DEV-594833
For Quality Teams with duplicate team member assignments, the Manage Invalid Team Members dialog may not behave as expected.   DEV-601945
In Vault LIMS test execution, the Actual amount field may be incorrectly required for Consumable inputs which don't specify an amount.   DEV-609720
In some cases in Training, Vault may display an error when a user attempts to click the Filter icon on the Learner homepage.   DEV-614904
Vault Validation Management displays a server error when a user attempts to delete or replace an attachment on a completed Execution Step during the test step change process when both action security is enabled for attachments and atomic security permissions to delete and upload attachments are not configured to execute in the lifecycle state.   DEV-615360
In Validation Management, the Delete Record dialog may display multiple times after repeatedly clicking on the delete icon in a test step in the Test Authoring Interface.   DEV-615999
In Validation Management, the Test Protocol review interface may not properly display the counts of Test Steps.   DEV-619621
In Vaults with the "VPS: Change state of related documents" action configured as an entry action on the "XML Generated" state type, generating multiple XML forms with the same document number may cause the entry action to fail.   DEV-620182
In some cases in Vault LIMS, calculations including datetime values may not resolve as expected.   DEV-623792
In some cases, the Supersede All and Supersede Latest options do not work when running a Recurrence Check.   DEV-625996
Vault may fail to send Issue Escalation Notifications if recipients are defined by custom-configured application roles populated by Custom Sharing Rules.

Additionally, when the Cascade Document Roles system action is used in the Document Change Control workflow, the Users/Groups in the Document Change Control Roles that are cascaded down to the associated documents are not audited on the Document Change Control records. This occurs if the Users/Groups in the Document Change Control received their roles via Custom Sharing Rules.
In some cases, Vault fails to delete Related Events that should be deleted when a Recurrence Check is superseded.   DEV-627589
When a user tries to load multiple standalone object records of the same type at once, they may encounter an unexpected error if the records are created in the Cycle Time Start state type.   DEV-629557
In some cases, when the VeevaID Invitation Management job encounters an error after sending an invitation, users receive additional invitations each time the job runs.   DEV-630625
Vault may display an error on the Auditor Profile record detail page after populating the Qualification Completion Date field on a related Role Qualification Criteria Status record.   DEV-639960
In Vault LIMS, in some cases the Reopen icon is not displayed in the test execution interface.   DEV-641264
In some cases in Vault LIMS, complex input and calculated result configurations may result in Vault being unable to resolve all results as expected.   DEV-641319
In some cases in Vault LIMS, a calculated result may fail to calculate as expected if the calculated result relies on the value of another calculated result.   DEV-641323
In Vault LIMS, Vault may display an error when attempting to execute a completion action on a Change Analysis record with duplicate Change Analysis Items.   DEV-641464
In Vault LIMS, the Lab Result History dialog may incorrectly display a change reason for an initial value.   DEV-641699
In Vault LIMS, the Lab Result History dialog may incorrectly display ID values instead of the new and previous values.   DEV-641701
When making a Spec Data effective, Vault incorrectly does not check that the Spec Data Criteria's result to evaluate is a child of the Spec Data Criteria's Test Definition.   DEV-641858
In Validation Management, Vault may not display a warning when users attempt to delete a default prompt.   DEV-642380


Description Issue No.
Tapping the "ESC" key while displaying the "Manage Team" dialog returns a blank page.   DEV-590094
In some cases, COA Inspection files submitted externally through email intake display unexpected information in the Created By field.   DEV-594045
In some cases, generating a document from a formatted output may return an inaccurate error message.   DEV-595003

QualityOne Client Applications

The QualityOne Client Applications release is targeted for tentative availability on December 12, 2023.

Description Issue No.
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile: When users attempt to download an audit checklist onto a mobile device without a network connection, the Cancel Download button on the resulting error screen is not responsive in light mode, and does not display properly in dark mode.   OLS-16678
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile: There is no sign out confirmation when users attempt to sign out of the application.   OLS-16890
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile: When creating a new Audit Finding record, switching to landscape mode does not jump to display the new record.   OLS-19322
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile: Missing "Day" Chinese character.   OLS-19908
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile: In some cases, the application may crash when switching Vaults.   OLS-20004


Description Issue No.
When users drag and drop Active Dossier records into the viewer and do not populate the Product field with the Inactive Ingredient field, Vault does not display the created records in the viewer.   DEV-544331
When a matched source document includes Vault annotations to permalinks to multiple targets, on-demand publishing does not up-version source documents and resolve the link if a target document is updated.   DEV-552009
In some cases, Vault does not publish links when the target document does not have a Viewable Rendition.   DEV-558009
Permalinks to named destinations within a target document published as a viewable rendition resolve to the first page of the document rather than the named destination.   DEV-577927
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 5040 as failed if Vault annotation links are added during continuous publishing.   DEV-579772
The Copied From field value is not set on inactive Content Plan records created from the Dispatch/Copy and From/Into Content Plan Actions.   DEV-580578
RIM submissions encounter an error where the output generates a PDF all pages are missing after the first page. The second page includes an error: ERROR: syntaxerror OFFENDING COMMAND: –nostringval–.   DEV-589023
Users cannot lock a Content Plan (perform a hierarchical state change) when the plan contains a Content Plan Item without a published document and its XML Operation field set to “Delete”.   DEV-589325
Vault does not update the Published by Vault field when publishing a reference leaf via continuous publishing.   DEV-589751
When a Submission has multiple Clinical Study or Nonclinical Study relationship records, the Set Leaf Operation dialog does not auto-expand to the section containing both records.   DEV-592800
When a user clicks the Apply button in the Managing Registered Details wizard, the lifecycle state is not applied for the Registration.   DEV-593089
In some cases, filtering for Matched Documents within the Content Plan Viewer may return incomplete data.   DEV-593171
When the “Show inactive Applications and Submissions in Viewer” Submissions Archive Application Setting is disabled, users cannot filter by inactive Submissions, however Vault still displays inactive Submission data in the viewer grid.   DEV-594285
Vault link annotations to multiple lines of target document resolve incorrectly during publishing.   DEV-594956
When managing registered details, the Summary page “Finish” button is disabled when the request exceeds the number of records allowed for creation or update.   DEV-595772
Admins may encounter a deployment failure when migrating Impact Assessment Report records.   DEV-595936
When copying into a Content Plan, the success and failure counts in the resulting notification do not include the total number of matched documents.   DEV-596193
When a user expands a content plan section at the bottom of the tree within the Active Dossier and Content Plan viewers, the view jumps back to the first expanded section in the tree.   DEV-598627
During continuous publishing triggered by updating the Source for Published Document or Published Output Location, Vault up-versions matched documents which are not Ready for Publishing.   DEV-598716
Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 1085 as passed when an Content Plan Item's full source file path is greater than 230 characters.   DEV-598738
In some cases, small submission binders may end up in an inconsistent state where index.xml exists, but the md5 file is left as a placeholder.   DEV-599564
When an Active Dossier Item Detail record references a common country (EU, GCC), users attempting to clear the Active Dossier Status receive an error.   DEV-600775
In some cases, users may see an empty section warning in the Submissions Archive Viewer when it does not apply.   DEV-601177
Vault may fail to populate Acknowledgements on the Product Data Message for Investigational Medicinal Products.   DEV-601805
When a user without Read permission for the Submission Metadata object selects Where Used in Archive, the Submissions Archive Viewer does not load. For users with Read permission, the viewer loads but does not automatically expand to the selected location.   DEV-601968
Users without Read permission on the Submission object and object types are able to view them in the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-602110
In some cases, when a Content Plan Item’s XML Operation is set to Delete, the item is not updated accordingly in the Submissions Archive Viewer during publishing.   DEV-602154
Hovercards in the Active Dossier Viewer display an error for Common (GCC) Active Dossier Item Detail records.   DEV-602299
The Active Dossier Viewer does not display the submitted icon and hovercard for Common (EU) Active Dossier Item Detail records.   DEV-602304
In some cases, the Create from Document user action fails to generate a matched document for the related Report-type Content Plan Item.   DEV-602341
Depending on a user’s browser zoom level, longer leaf and section titles overlap and are not readable within the Set Reference Leaf dialog.   DEV-603244
In some cases, when a user attempts to access the Viewer tab, it appears blank.   DEV-603271
When setting a leaf operation for multiple Submissions, users must apply filters for a specific Submission in order to view STF XML files in the dialog.   DEV-603493
Vault does not apply overlays to viewable renditions downloaded from the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-604498
Vault executes (instead of skips) validation checks of FDA Forms against US Rules 5005, 5020, and 5040.   DEV-605047
When a user sets a reference leaf and clicks Save, they must refresh the page in order to view the updated Published Output Location and Node Type.   DEV-605064
When transferring Content Plan data from a PromoMats Vault to a connected RIM Vault where the Content Plan does not exist, Vault does not create a corresponding User Exception Message record with the described error.   DEV-605288
For China (CN) eCTD submission records, there are typographical errors in the labels of sections 1.4, 1.4.6, and 1.8.1.   DEV-606182
In some cases, an error occurs and the Update Content Plan job does not complete when Content Plan Item unique name is enabled,   DEV-607511
When a user splitting Activities navigates back from the Summary page to the Define Relationships page and de-selects a record, Vault directs them to a blank Define Relationships page instead of the Summary page.   DEV-608164
Under certain circumstances, users receive a Page Not Found error when accessing the Viewer tab.   DEV-608234
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 7 as failed.   DEV-608930
In some cases, the RIM to Promomats Vault Connection creates and deletes Submission records without generating a User Exception Message.   DEV-609026
Users without Read permission for the Application object are able to view but not execute the Create Registrations action.   DEV-610772
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 5202 as failed if a merged document contains Vault annotation or embedded links.   DEV-610882
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 5205 as failed if a merged document contains Vault annotation or embedded links.   DEV-611099
Vault does not report Rule 2002 as failed when STF XML includes errors which should fail.   DEV-611754
The Submissions Archive Viewer displays inactive Content Plan Items where a document was previously matched.   DEV-612982
Vault converts STF XML with HF tags to lowercase and does not execute Rule 2002.   DEV-613257
During continuous publishing, Vault does not report Rule 1323 as failed when there is a published placeholder.   DEV-613342
Vault incorrectly reports GCC Rule 12.9 as passed when a Labeling or Cover Letter Content Plan Item contains an incorrect xlink:href value.   DEV-613762
Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 1255 as failed for ANDA submissions when items in sections M1-14 and M1-16 are Microsoft Word documents, reflected in the Published Output Location as .doc.   DEV-613765
Vault exports Application-level Correspondence documents when they are hidden from the Export view and the Dossier Status is Publishing Active.   DEV-614082
Vault does not report Rule 11.12 as failed when a leaf is deleted or replaced by more than one node.   DEV-614169
Vault does not update the Published by Vault field when publishing a reference leaf via continuous publishing.   DEV-614526
The Learn More link from the Training Summary Results field within Trained Model records incorrectly resolves to the Clinical Vault Help page for the TMF Bot (page ID: 72739). The link should resolve to the Regulatory Vault Help page, Evaluating RIM Bot Auto-Classification Models (ID: 518092).   DEV-615638
The Active Dossier Viewer and Editor do not respect field-level atomic security configured for the Active Dossier Item and Active Dossier Item Detail objects.   DEV-615808
Users cannot edit bookmarks in merged Report Level Content Plans when an overlay is applied.   DEV-618251
In some cases, the the incorrect submission folder name displays in the email notification users receive after importing using Vault File Manager drag and drop functionality.   DEV-618380
In some cases, Vault displays a server error when users initiate the Direct Approval Workflow for Binder VV-SUB-00007.   DEV-618557
When a user navigates to another Application from the Submissions Archive Viewer, the viewer does not respect applied column filters.   DEV-619062
In some cases, the page may appear blank when a user attempts to scroll through a document within the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-620245
When Vault creates a Validation Result for an invalid backslash (\) character, the Detailed Publishing Results do not include the character.   DEV-620247
In some cases, previously matched documents that should be filtered out are incorrectly auto-matched to EDL items.   DEV-620646
When users select Update Administrative Information on an EU Submission, Vault does not display all Related Submissions.   DEV-620748
In some cases, Vault does not execute Rule 1737.   DEV-623708
In some cases, the IDMP Data Viewer shows obsolete data.   DEV-624240
Vault incorrectly reports Rule US 1850 as failed when the Published Output Location includes uppercase letters.   DEV-624719
Vault does not populate IDMP Manufacturing Site records with the Finished Product Manufacturer referenced on the related Registered Packaging record.   DEV-624875
When Global to Local Submission Type Mapping is enabled, users are able to navigate to the bulk creation wizard’s Additional Details page without selecting a Submission Type.   DEV-625069
The filter UI in the Submissions Archive Viewer may become unstable and difficult to use when there is a large number of selections.   DEV-625079
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1738 as failed.   DEV-626996
Vault does not report Rule US 1850 as failed when a non-STF leaf is appended to an STF leaf.   DEV-627280
When the Quality to RIM Vault Connection encounters a state change error in RIM, the connection creates and immediately inactivates the related User Exception Message.   DEV-627296
On-demand publishing fails when an embedded relative path link resolves to an active Content Plan Item which shares a matched document with an Inactive Content Plan Item.   DEV-627977
When bundling Activities or Regulatory Objectives, users without Read or Create permission for the Submission Authorization object receive a nonspecific error message.   DEV-629479
Users may be unable to update fields for a Registration/Registered join object through the Edit and Verify page when there are populated specific version Document fields included in that object's page layout.   DEV-630692
Users are incorrectly able to modify or delete Active Dossier Template records, which can cause issues.   DEV-632849
Users may be unable to apply filters to the Related Manufacturer fields on the Registered Active Substance and Registered Inactive Ingredient grids in the Manage Registered Details wizard.   DEV-633075
When a given Content Plan Item has more than 2,000 potential documents for auto-matching, Vault matches only 1,000 documents via the daily job, and does not match the remaining documents when the Match Documents action is run.   DEV-633836
Bulk imports fail when users import four (4) or more submissions via UI.   DEV-634626
When a given binder section contains documents with the same name, Submissions Archive creates duplicate subsections upon import.   DEV-635884
In some cases, the Submission wizard does not create Submission Authorization records when users select only Regulatory Authorization relationships.   DEV-641402
Custom (__c) picklist values do not display for selection in Health Authority object picklist fields.   DEV-641499
When creating registrations in bulk, the “Create separate Registrations for any selected Complex Products and their selected component Products” checkbox does not appear if the “Use regulatory objective data as object source when bulk creating registrations” Application Setting is enabled.   DEV-642387
When a source document using the PDF Compliance rendition profile contains a broken page link, publishing jobs fail instead of reporting a validation error.   DEV-645080


The RegulatoryOne release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on December 12, 2023.

Description Issue No.
In some cases, icon images don't display as expected in the Registration Item Requirement Viewer.   OLS-22124


The Safety release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on November 27, 2023 & December 8, 2023.

Description Issue No.
After submitting a report to the PMDA and receiving an ACK message, the Destination Case ID field on the Transmission and Local Reporting Details objects is not updated to include the PMDA receipt number.   SAF-26962
In some instances, merging Inbox Items to domestic Follow-up Cases through the Case Compare page fails.   SAF-34349
When values in an E2B file map to inactive records, E2B import fails.   SAF-36203
When Follow-Up Cases are created from blinded studies with open-label or unblinded Standard of Care products, the Blinded field on Case Products is incorrectly set to Yes.   SAF-39149
When creating Follow-Up Cases, Expectedness values from initial Cases are changed on the Assessments and Case Assessment Expectedness sections of Follow-Up Cases.   SAF-40548
After merging a Localized Inbox Item to an In-flight Localized Case, the updated Case includes two (2) Narrative documents.   SAF-41971
When an Inbox Item is saved immediately after updating its New Info Date, the date does not appear in the New Info Date column of the Inbox Item Inbox, although the date has been saved.   SAF-42184
The audit trail on inbox items created from E2B files displays picklist names instead of labels.   SAF-42631
For unblinded Cases, changing the Study Report Type to a custom value breaks the blind on Product Names.   SAF-42695
Users with the Case Processing security profile are unable to view data in the Medical Review Timeline of an inbox item that has been promoted to a Case.   SAF-42713
After E2B import, when multiple countries in Vault Safety match the country code on the file, the system maps the code on the Case inconsistently instead of mapping to the first code in alphabetical order.   SAF-42855
Inbox items cannot be created from JSON files if the values entered in Controlled Vocabulary fields are invalid.   SAF-42899
When Case Access Group Security is turned on, if Case Assessment Result records do not have a value in the Case field, users may receive a 'Server having problems' error when attempting to run a report.   SAF-43033
When creating a Follow-up Case or merging to an In-flight Case, the Case-level Reporter Country field is not updated.   SAF-43369
During External Product coding, if the Country Obtained field is populated with "United Kindom (Northern Ireland)" or "United Kingdom (Great Britain)", when the WHODrug Browser is opened the country filter is set incorrectly.   SAF-43648
When Study Cases have postmarketing PMDA Reporting Categories, Localized Study Names are not exported to the C.5.2 Study Name data element on PMDA E2B(R3) reports.   SAF-43653
In rare instances during E2B Import, when notification messages about successful E2B imports are not sent, the successfully imported Inbox Items remain stuck in the "Import Error" state.   SAF-43737
In some instances, the system times out when running Multi-Pass Reports for Non-Vault Owners.   SAF-44044
For E2B-imported Inbox Items, the primary Case Product is not included in Case names.   SAF-44090
When an E2B file does not include both values and units for First Dose Latency and Last Dose Latency, none of the data elements are imported and the related Case Assessments are not generated.   SAF-44214
Reporting Rules are not evaluated correctly for Reporting Families with Product Registrations.   SAF-44332
When the primary Product is changed on a Study Case for an open-label Study with Unspecified Products, the Case name is not updated.   SAF-44392
In some instances, a server error occurs when Non-Vault Owner users try to view the Medical Review Timeline section of Cases.   SAF-44404
The system automatically voids Cases when they have no Primary Products or the "Generate Assessments for both Serious and Non-Serious Adverse Events" setting is turned off.   SAF-44406
In some instances, WHODrug-coded Substance Names for External Products are missing parentheses, leading to incorrect population in the B.4.k.2.2 Substance / Specified Substance Name data element of E2B(R2) reports.   SAF-44531
When a PMDA Case has multiple LRDs, the values entered in some J2 fields and Localized Case Comments are mapped from the wrong LRD upon export.   SAF-44906
After promoting a Domestic Case created from an E2B(R3) file, some Localized Assessment Result records are not created.   SAF-45007
Warnings don't appear when the Case Product Dosage Frequency field is missing either a unit or number value.   SAF-45081
The system does not correctly identify whether Company-Product Combination Products have Device-type Product Constituents or other types of Product Constituents when generating FDA MedWatch 3500A, FDA E2B (R2) and E2B (R3), and EMA E2B (R3) files.   SAF-45308
When generating E2B files, Dose Forms from the Controlled Vocabulary are not truncated to 50 characters.   SAF-45515
When the Generate Assessments user action completes, system notifications do not appear.   SAF-45796
When a foreign Localized Study Case includes Substance records but no Transmissions, changing the Case Study Product on Follow-up Cases is prevented.   SAF-45867
Case Access Group security rules are not applied to the Local Reporting Details and Local Reporting Details/Product Join objects.   SAF-45868
When Pregnancy Cases are locked, the lock is not extended to related Child Information or Parent Information Cases.   SAF-45870
When using Case Access Group security, manually created Parent Cases do not inherit Access Groups from Child Cases.   SAF-46052
When using Case Access Group security, Case role assignment does not consider the Localization set on the User Access Group Assignment record.   SAF-46088
When a case narrative is updated, the narrative preview and generated XML file do not reflect these changes.   SAF-46100
The "Product" Reporting Rule Parameter does not evaluate whether Cases contain Company Products.   SAF-46175
When generating E2B(R2) files for Cases with multiple indications, B.4 Drug(s) Information blocks can now be generated for each indication. Previously, indications other than the first one on the Case were exported to the B.4.k.19 Additional Information on Drug (free text) data element. For more information or to enable this behavior in your Vault, contact Veeva Support.   SAF-46205
The system automatically voids Cases when there are no Primary Products or Assessments in their source E2B files, and the resulting error message does not reflect the real issue.   SAF-46260
When generating Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs), exporting multiple Device Follow-Up Type values for a single device is supported. On FDA MedWatch 3500A reports, multiple checkboxes can be selected in the H2 If Follow Up, What Type? field. On VAERS E2B(R3) reports, the FDA.G.k.12.r.2.r If follow-up, what type? data element repeats for each selected follow-up type. On FDA E2B(R2) reports, multiple B.4.k.20.FDA.18.1 data elements can be set to 1. Support for this feature requires configuring the new Device Follow-Up Type field. For more information, contact Veeva Support.   SAF-46262
The Due Date field on Localized Cases is not set to the earliest due date from their Localized Case Assessments.   SAF-46301
When generating PMDA E2B(R3) reports, if the Case Product Dosage Route of Administration field is set to Unknown, the G.k.4.r.10.1 Route of Administration data element tag is incomplete and the G.k.4.r.10.2a Route of Administration TermID Version Date / Number and G.k.4.r.10.2b Route of Administration TermID data elements are exported although they should not be.   SAF-46318
When using Case Access Group security, users with access to a Pregnancy Case cannot see the Case Child Information and do not have the expected assigned roles based on their Case Access Group Assignment roles.   SAF-46385
When creating CIOMS II reports, if a Study in the Reporting Family includes a Case where the primary Product has a Drug Role other than Suspect or Interacting, an error occurs and the report does not generate.   SAF-46498
Entering multiple values in the Device Follow-Up Type field is now supported. For more information, contact Veeva Support.   SAF-46546
When voiding a migrated Case and submitting one last time, if the Case includes a completed Transmission that references an inactive Transmission Profile, the Case does not move into the Voided state.   SAF-46625
In some instances, there is no break between paragraphs when viewing Company Comments and Reporter's Comments in the Show More Text window.   SAF-46699
During Case promotion, merging to an In-flight Case does not complete when there are more than 500 Case Assessment Expectedness records, and the Inbox Item remains unprocessed in the system.   SAF-46707
PMDA.J2.2.2 fails and causes a validation error even in Follow-up Cases.   SAF-46710
When a non-Admin user clears the Country field on an Inbox Item, the field is not automatically cleared in the Case Validity and Source section.   SAF-46737
Submissions are prevented when a single Reporting Rule is overridden by multiple Rules within another Rule Set.   SAF-46771
Values entered in the Source field are mapped to the Localized Source field upon Case promotion even when the "Enable Localization-based Mapping on Import" setting is turned off.   SAF-46772
When generating E2B(R2) files, the Case Product Expiration Date is not exported to the B.4.k.19 data element.   SAF-46894
When processing a Pregnancy Case, if the Gestation field includes a zero (0) in the numeric field and a unit of measurement is selected, clicking Save does not save the Case details.   SAF-46962
When generating PMDA E2B(R3) files for a Study Case where there is no Localized Study child record for Japan, the C.5.2 data element is not included in the file.   SAF-47001
Safety Rule Configuration Reports do not correctly apply more than two levels of inheritance.   SAF-47048
During Domestic Case promotion, when merging Inbox Item data into an existing Case, global Case data is not displayed on the Case Compare page.   SAF-47061
When generating FDA 3500A files for Cases with Devices or Combination Products with Devices, multiple checkboxes are not selected in the H.1 Type of Reportable Event field when they should be.   SAF-47066
When generating PMDA E2B(R3) reports, the N.1.5, N.2.R.4, C.1.2, C.1.4, and C.1.5 data elements are not converted to Japanese Standard Time (JST) and do not use the 24-hour format.   SAF-47077
After importing Cases received through version 23.2 of the Intake JSON API to Inbox Items, the Reasons Omitted fields are not populated.   SAF-47079
Safety Rule Set Configuration Reports do not include Rule Set Parameters for inherited Rules.   SAF-47082
When importing E2B files through an AS2 gateway, ACK2 messages are not sent.   SAF-47099
When Case Access Group security is enabled, a server error occurs when attempting to view Cases if the user does not have Read permission on hidden fields in the Drug History section.   SAF-47130
Localized Reason Omitted records are not included in cloned Vaults.   SAF-47184
In some cases, users may experience performance issues when viewing Cases.   SAF-47205
In some instances, system performance is slower than expected when loading individual Inbox Items.   SAF-47239
One Last Time (OLT) reporting is prevented if a previous Case version includes an inactive Transmission Profile or Organization.   SAF-47329
After successful import of a multi-Case CSV file, automated Case promotion fails.   SAF-47330
When generating Transmissions for Company Product Case Products, the Transmission Product Type set up on the Product Registration is not used to match to the Product Types set up on the Transmission Profile Scope.   SAF-47443
When Narrative document templates have merge tokens formatted in a table, after updating the Narrative on a blinded Case using that template, in some instances the Narrative preview and generated XML files do not reflect the changes.   SAF-47546
For imported Inbox Items, in some instances, the Source Data panel overlaps with Inbox Item fields when in Edit mode.   SAF-47609
In Vaults cloned from a Vault with a link to the gateway service, the Sync the Connection to Gateway action is prevented for AS2 Gateways.   SAF-47634
Errors occur when refreshing a sandbox from a snapshot of a Vault with AS2 Connections.   SAF-47803
When importing an E2B file received through API transmission, if the Inbound Transmission specifies an Origin Organization where the PV Agreement field is set to Agent, the New Info Date field on the Inbox Item is set to the Transmission Generated date.   SAF-47959
In some instances, although a Case passes Validation, unexpected Validation Result issues appear on the Submission and result in a Validation Error state.   SAF-47971
When opening a Study Case for the Open Label arm of a Study with both Blinded and Open Label arms, the system generates the Case Product record name with the Study Product Placeholder name instead of the Product (Coded) or Product (Reported) name.   SAF-47973
Headers from Narrative documents are appearing in generated ICSRs, resulting in non-compliant Transmissions.   SAF-48093
One Last Time reports are generated for destinations that do not have back reporting configured on the Transmission Profile.   SAF-48204
When voiding a Case with a Transmission in the E2B ACK Accepted lifecycle state, the Case does not move to the Nullified state.   SAF-48225
When generating Transmissions for imported Cases, validation failures related to MedDRA version and dates occur when the data is valid.   SAF-48339
The system-managed Route of Administration record for "Occlusive dressing technique" does not include the E2B Version.   SAF-48487
After importing a high volume of Cases, if indexing of migrated cases for duplicate search is initiated, in some instances the process fails.   SAF-48974
On Inbox Items created from imported E2B(R2) files, the Patient RoA TermID Version is always set to 2.0 regardless of the version in the Route of Administration record.   SAF-49006
During cross reporting, expected back reporting Transmissions are not generated when back reporting is configured on related agency Transmission Profiles.   SAF-49061
When creating AERs from E2B-import through Vault AS2 Gateway, ACK2 messages are not sent.   SAF-49159
When Inbox Item Medical Events or Product Indications include trailing white spaces, after Case promotion the system creates duplicate MedDRA records.   SAF-49850
When generating FDA 3500A forms for Cases with Company Product-type products with a Product Registration record set to the Transmission Product Type of Device, sections D and H of the form are not populated.   SAF-49931
When generating FDA E2B(R2) Combination Product reports for Cases where the Device Report Type field includes Public Health Risk, the A.1.9 data element is not populated with code 4 unless the Case Product is a Device.   SAF-49959
When using Case Access Group Security, Access Group assignment does not consider the Origin field correctly.   SAF-50070
When generating PSMF Logbooks, text that exceeds the maximum Excel row height is truncated instead of split across two rows.   SAF-50546

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
In some cases, when users send a document from Site Vault to a Clinical Operations Vault, edit the document in the Clinical Operations Vault, and then send it back to Site Vault, the document status is not updated correctly.   DEV-641413

Veeva Claims

The Veeva Claims release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on December 12, 2023.

Description Issue No.
Notifications sent to users tagged in a Project Comment include HTML code.   OLS-21377
In some cases, Vault does not save new Substantiation records when users do not populate the Related Reference field.   OLS-23326