Release Date: August 4, 2023 & August 11, 2023

The following applications may have different release dates: QualityOne client applications, RegulatoryOne, Safety, and Veeva Claims.

The issues listed below are fixed in the 23R2 release.

Last Updated: August 16, 2023

Brand & Medical Portal

Description Issue No.
While creating content filters for a Portal, users with more than 20 Saved Views only see the Views available on the Portal Library page.   DEV-586194
In some cases, users who should have the correct permissions are unable to access the portal.   DEV-599733
In some cases, Vault fails to remove expired content from Portals when Entry Actions are configured to clear the portal document field.   DEV-601366
In some cases, users cannot upload content to a binder while viewing a Portal.   DEV-601866
Vault may display inactive records on carousel and document in Portals.   DEV-604234

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
The Response picklist field on Trip Reports is shorter/smaller than other picklist fields on the Trip Report.   DEV-507680
When attempting to upload more than 1,000 milestone documents, Vault only creates the first 1,000 and the rest fail.   DEV-536674
In some cases, when users bulk upload documents, Vault does not correctly default the Product field.   DEV-544607
When users update a draft of a milestone document using the Create Draft action, Vault does not update the milestone document version accordingly.   DEV-547992
In some cases, Vault fails to recalculate the Expected vs Actual field when users upload a new EDL document.   DEV-548346
In certain cases, Vault does not correctly update the Requiredness, # Expected, or Expected Vs Actual fields when users upload a new EDL document.   DEV-548350
In certain cases, Vault does not create a new milestone document when users add an additional milestone to an existing expected document.   DEV-548858
Transfer failure records are not created for the Study Site when the the Study Country does not transfer successfully.   DEV-552235
In some cases, Vault does not correctly update the Missing and Overcount fields when expected documents are added or removed.   DEV-552451
Transfer failure records are not created when referencing a country__v record that only exists in the source Vault but not the target Vault.   DEV-552650
Users with documents that reference deleted milestone records receive an error and are unable to modify those documents.   DEV-558603
In some cases, when Payable Items generated for a single Fee with a Holdback are modified and the Generate Payable Items action is re-run, Vault fails to correctly update the Payable Items and their Related Holdback Items.   DEV-560951
In some cases, when users update the Study Hierarchy Fields on a document with tasks and navigate back to the document's tasks, the filters for Study Hierarchy are not updated accordingly.   DEV-561150
Documents created during email ingestion may fail to render if the TMF Bot is in use.   DEV-563719
In some cases, CTMS to CDMS Inbound jobs get stuck in a running state and do not complete.   DEV-565653
Vault fails to display an error message or other notification when the TMF transfer fails due to a corrupted source file.   DEV-566245
Under certain circumstances, Vault incorrectly allows multiple Study Organization records to be set as the primary payee for a Study Site when there are no existing Study Organizations for the site.   DEV-567840
Vault does not display the expected error message when a user attempts to create a new draft and the product linked to the document's study is no longer valid.   DEV-570869
In some cases, Vault does not create Monitoring Items as expected if there are multiple items of the same type.   DEV-573382
Under certain circumstances, site users may experience server errors after selecting a Study from the Tasks widget on the Site User homepage.   DEV-573882
Vault incorrectly displays the envelope icon in the Notifications section of the Home tab.   DEV-574813
Under certain circumstances, site users may experience server errors after selecting a Study from the Tasks widget on the Site User homepage.   DEV-577477
When creating new Object Types for an Object with Study Migration enabled, the field is provisioned as a Custom field and can therefore be excluded despite being required for Clinical Operations.   DEV-578638
TMF transfer fails if the document being transferred has an attachment with a long file name.   DEV-579170
In some cases in Study Training, users are unable to create Study Site records without licenses even though Study Training is not enabled and licenses should not be required.   DEV-579350
In some cases, the Study Migration field not provisioned on Object Types.   DEV-579371
If a user updates a non-lifecycle field on a CDMS protocol deviation, Vault updates the lifecycle state of the Clinical protocol deviation, triggering any entry actions on the record.   DEV-580603
Users may encounter an error when attempting to create a milestone with an object type of Sponsor Oversight Activity.   DEV-580827
In some cases, the Initiate Study Archival action is unavailable for Studies that are in the Closing lifecycle state.   DEV-582336
When moving a Study to Planning, Vault sometimes fails to create certain EDL items.   DEV-582361
In some cases, the TMF Transfer fails to send any documents and, instead, a CDX Issue is raised.   DEV-582550
At times, users receive an error message when attempting to test a Study Metadata Extraction model.   DEV-583923
In certain cases, the Site Activation Progress report is slow to load.   DEV-584371
At times, the Study Metadata Extraction model fails to populate the Study value on a document.   DEV-584908
Vault does not correctly link Country Override EDL Template items to the applicable Milestones.   DEV-585203
In languages other than English, the label for the 'success_rate__sys' field is translated as "Auto-classification success rate" instead of "Success Rate".   DEV-586544
In some cases, when Vault fails to create Prediction Metrics for one Trained Model, it causes the creation of Prediction Metrics for other Trained Models to fail, as well.   DEV-587253
In some cases, when users attempt to update the Assigned To field on a Quality Issue, Vault displays a server error.   DEV-587693
In some cases, documents fail to transfer and Vault does not display an error message.   DEV-587872
Users are unable to accept agreements for Simple TMF Transfer if the indication_v field in the Source's study record is populated and the Target Vault indication_v picklist is empty.   DEV-589707
Vault displays an error message without any relevant details when users attempt to complete a Trip Report workflow with unresolved Review Comments.   DEV-590416
Users experience a network error when navigating to an expected document from the Review Overcount page.   DEV-590449
In some cases, the CDMS to CTMS Connection fails to send Protocol Deviations, despite the job appearing to run successfully.   DEV-591057
In some non-English Vaults, the Prediction Metrics section of the Trained Model page layout is not translated.   DEV-591203
In some cases, when users move a Visit from one Fee Schedule to another, Vault creates new Payable Items instead of updating existing ones.   DEV-592763
In some cases, Vault applies the Override Teamplate Expected Document instead of the Standard Template Expected Document for some Study-level EDL item records.   DEV-594387
In some cases, Vault does not correctly record a Sent Date for a Signup Request when the request moves from Sending status directly to Signup Started status.   DEV-595056
In some cases, running the Document Reconciliation action does not create a new Site Document Check.   DEV-595242
In some cases, users encounter an error when attempting to test a Metadata Extraction model in production with a large number of studies in the document set.   DEV-595584
In cases where a study is set not to sync with Study Training but the document flag is set to Yes, the document is sent to Study Training with no study in the Study field.   DEV-596180
In some cases, running the Document Reconciliation action clears any closed and open Site Document Check and Document Check records associated with the Study Site.   DEV-596228
In some cases, Vault fails to delete user role setup records when “Grant Access” is changed from yes to No on Study Person records.   DEV-599939
In some cases, Vault fails to update the Milestone Document when users change the EDL Item classification that the Milestone references.   DEV-605222


Description Issue No.
Vault may fail to include material documents that use an outdated Material Type field when regenerating eCTD compliance packages.   DEV-558938
Under certain circumstances, configuration related to standard metrics document fields prevents workflows from starting.   DEV-559156
After enabling the new Portal interface, widget order in legacy Portals appear to shift.   DEV-559520
In some cases, Vault incorrectly populates Text Assets' (Claims and Reusable Text) Lifecycle Status fields on Approval Documents with the API name.   DEV-561131
In the new Portal UI, when editing a Portal Document widget, if the "+ Add Document" button is selected before all document cards load, only the newly selected documents persist.   DEV-575941
In rare cases, users experience a server error when navigating to the Modular Content document panel on documents with data and image modules.   DEV-576417
Relative PDF links may not correctly highlight the full claim text in annotated material.   DEV-591044
Users experience a server error while generating multiple eCTD Compliance Packages in Vaults using the Approved Email integration.   DEV-601021

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
Vault does not enforce limits on the number of decimal places allowed when a user updates a number field via API.   DEV-530603
Under certain conditions, some Vault API sessions may expire early.   DEV-540438
Using the API to match documents to EDL Items fails unexpectedly with a message that the resource is inactive or does not exist.   DEV-572105
When the filename of an uploaded file with a custom rendition type contains an underscore, the Retrieve Document Renditions and Retrieve Document Version Renditions endpoints return a truncated filename.   DEV-578854
In Clinical Operations Vaults with eTMF, the new Bulk Reclassify endpoint may result in an invalid data error due to unpopulated fields configured with default values.   DEV-599755

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
In some cases, RECREATE commands fail for multipass reports, and deployment does not complete for inbound migration packages containing multipass reports.   DEV-582331

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
When the Vault Java SDK Debugger is running, Vault throws an error when executing custom SDK code that uses the RecordService interface.   DEV-544018
When the Spark message URL is null, the message stays in the queue and retries. Instead, null messages should be removed without retry.   DEV-560744
When the Vault Java SDK Debugger is running, Vault throws an error when executing custom SDK code that uses the QueryExecutionRequest class.   DEV-594793

Developer Features: VQL

Description Issue No.
Users with apostrophes in their email addresses do not receive email notifications from Vault jobs.   DEV-579663


Description Issue No.
Vault may continue to pull Medical Inquiries from Veeva CRM after an Admin inactivates the Sync Veeva CRM Inquiries with MedComms feature.   DEV-513691
In some cases, Vault fails to bulk delete Person object records.   DEV-558752
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to generate E2B(R3) reports.   DEV-564882
While creating Case using the OpenData connection, Vault may fail to display results while searching for a Case Contact record.   DEV-567113
Vault may fail to populate fields on a Case Response Email record after sending the email.   DEV-571705
In the new Portal UI, when editing a Portal Document widget, if the "+ Add Document" button is selected before all document cards load, only the newly selected documents persist.   DEV-576603
Vault may fail to update widget statuses in the new Portal UI when updating Document widgets.   DEV-576633
Users are unable to use special characters in case contact search.   DEV-578043
In some cases, users experience a server error when attempting to compose an email if the object reference field is blank.   DEV-582516
While using the Vault Medical OpenData connection, Vault may display an invalid query error when users search for Case Contacts.   DEV-584742
After enabling the new Portal interface, widget order in legacy Portals appear to shift.   DEV-584918
Under certain circumstances, the Recurring Inquiry Pull job incorrectly creates duplicate Case Request records and does not function as expected.   DEV-594010
In some cases, performing the Compose Email action results in a server error if the email references a custom field on the Case Response object.   DEV-594696


Description Issue No.
Users may see an error when attempting to expire binders manually or via entry action.   DEV-558129
In some cases, Vault does not extract the digital publishing log to the configured Logging Bucket.   DEV-568850
Vault fails to apply CRM Rendition Overrides after users create a draft version of a document.   DEV-585867
While automatically publishing email fragments, Vault creates fragments in the Approved state instead of the Draft state for related Medical Content documents that are not in the steady state.   DEV-597913
Vault incorrectly updates manually created email fragments when users perform the Update Email Fragment entry action to update automatically created email fragments.   DEV-597966
Vault incorrectly updates manually created email fragments when users update the source documents.   DEV-599663

Platform: Admin

Description Issue No.
Admins are able to upload email notification templates with invalid HTML tags and attributes.   DEV-521694
If a user deletes a document while it is queued for rendition, the document will remain visible with a status of Queued on the Rendition Status page in the Vault Admin UI.   DEV-535722
In some cases, Vault fails to apply sorting to the Job Definitions page after the first page.   DEV-536884
In some cases, when full data exports are enabled, Vault may perform an iterative scheduled data export after a full data export on the same day.   DEV-539486
Deployment fails for inbound packages containing reports configured with object type filters.   DEV-542916
In Vaults with more than 50 custom tabs, users experience a server error when trying to reorder tabs.   DEV-553375
Under certain conditions, system-owned users appear in the group membership edit page.   DEV-556329
Under certain conditions, users cannot delete Network Access Rules.   DEV-559367
Under certain conditions, Vault Loader Jobs fail when adding users with a 'username already exists' error, even when the username does not exist.   DEV-563237
In rare scenarios, sandbox provisioning fails.   DEV-564913
Vault does not display all applicable Controlled Vocabulary records on formula fields.   DEV-567530
In some cases, users receive an error and are unable to migrate configuration for custom tabs.   DEV-569230
Users experience a "Server having problems" error when saving edits to Vault Token records   DEV-570720
Vault may fail to generate configuration reports with atomic security components.   DEV-572419
Under certain circumstances, Vault may display conflicting success and error notifications after an admin inadvertently deployed the same configuration migration package.   DEV-572842
DAC refresh activities have poor performance.   DEV-573082
In some cases, non-Vault Owners may be able to enable “Audit data changes” in an object that contains records.   DEV-573738
In cases where email delivery to an email address temporarily fails, the email address may be erroneously added to the Vault email suppression list.   DEV-581606
Under certain circumstances, Vault incorrectly calculates fields including a durationInValue formula.   DEV-582074
Formulas using the PicklistValue data type with Text functions result in an error.   DEV-586707
Vault displays an error when users include null values in formulas.   DEV-586722

Platform: Checklists

Description Issue No.
Users are unable to export checklist designs when the checklist has multiple question and section dependencies.   DEV-529230
Users are unable to add related documents to ad hot question responses.   DEV-597904

Platform: Documents

Description Issue No.
Vault fails to populate metadata for PDF/A renditions while metadata population is enabled.   DEV-451606
Users may encounter an error when saving records after populating document reference fields configured with steady-state constraints.   DEV-495207
In some cases, Vault reports validation error 5057 (the document contains no text) for documents that do contain text.   DEV-496415
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render Microsoft Excel files.   DEV-515238
Annotations become misplaced during export, import, and linking if the pages where the annotations exist are rotated and cropped.   DEV-537229
Vault fails to identify text in documents using Enhanced Suggest Links.   DEV-540940
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to properly render and merge fields on documents.   DEV-542038
In some cases, user may see false validation results regarding FDA provided forms.   DEV-543097
In some cases, after applying a basic overlay to a viewable rendition, several pages are missing from the document and users see an error while attempting to open the document in a PDF viewer.   DEV-544754
Users cannot upload a document to the Library from the Google Drive Integration if a “/” exists in the file name.   DEV-545307
In some cases, Vault does not send PDF documents to the standardization queue.   DEV-547432
When viewing a Binder with sections of multiple unbound and bound documents, clicking Expand All displays the incorrect document version. This error also occurs when switching between Bound Documents, Unbound Documents, and All Documents views. This error only occurs if one document is displayed multiple times within the Binder.   DEV-547745
Vault fails to maintain references added to document link annotations before the OCR process is complete.   DEV-549298
When naming binder sections, Vault incorrectly escapes special characters, such as ampersands.   DEV-550839
Vault incorrectly re-renders documents and overwrites manual renditions after users update merged fields on source documents.   DEV-552729
If Prevent Merge Fields on Steady State is enabled, Vault does not update document version number merge tokens when moving a document to the Steady state.   DEV-553231
Vault Loader may fail to extract the document relationships for archived documents.   DEV-555766
In some cases, pdf renditions may appear stretched after downloading.   DEV-558470
In some cases, using the Google Drive integration results in server errors if the Vault's name includes special characters.   DEV-560171
In some cases, Vault fails to display certain document relationship types in the Entry Criteria dropdown menu during Document Lifecycle State configuration.   DEV-562022
In some cases, users are unable to open an embedded link when the URL ends in a comma.   DEV-563706
In some cases, MP3 audio files cause the page to reload continuously, which prevents users from listening to them fully.   DEV-566182
In cases where an unexpected error occurs while saving a Viewable Rendition, users are unable to view their annotations.   DEV-571486
In some cases, Vault may fail to display all annotations after a user re-renders a document.   DEV-572356
When a user creates a new version of a document, Vault does not properly index source file text extracted with Optical Character Recognition.   DEV-572551
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render large Adobe InDesign Packages.   DEV-572878
In some cases, users are unable to create a presentation on an uploaded document in the Library.   DEV-574298
When a document is reclassified, Vault sends an automatic rendition request that replaces the viewable rendition of the document with a version that removes electronic signatures through Adobe Sign integration.   DEV-574319
After users sign a document and it moves into the Steady State in which they do not have the View Document permission, Vault intermittently generates the eSignature page while updating the audit trail with the message "Signature page failed to generate." Vault will generate the eSignature Page the next time a user with the appropriate access views it.   DEV-576222
After users sign a document via workflow and it moves into the Steady State, Vault may not automatically generate the eSignature page. Vault will generate the eSignature Page upon the next request.   DEV-576718
Vault incorrectly reports a failure when validating the FDA Form 2253 with RIM Publishing.   DEV-577393
In some cases, as a user attempts to fill out a form in a downloaded PDF viewable rendition, the rendition automatically populates certain table fields and may overwrite user input.   DEV-577722
In cases where the 'model_v' and 'hierarchy_v' fields are the only values in a document approval, users may receive a server error when attempting to approve the document.   DEV-578120
Viewable renditions downloaded from Vault may duplicate table values when fields are populated by a user.   DEV-578180
In some cases, users are unable to download renditions with signature pages.   DEV-578772
In some cases, spaces in table names may appear as "&nbsp" in bookmarks.   DEV-579293
In previously archived studies, Sharing Settings may not have updated on all documents.   DEV-579366
In some cases, users receive a server error when attempting to delete documents and versions.   DEV-579473
In some cases, after universally applying a legal hold, Vault creates a duplicate Legal Hold record with the same name but a different record ID.   DEV-579487
In some cases, when a user reclassifies a document from a type with the Supporting Documents relationship to a type without the Supporting Documents relationship, Vault displays a "Server having problems" error.   DEV-579980
After a user modifies the object field value referenced by a lookup field on a document, some documents display outdated values.   DEV-580994
If certain characters are present in a document, the Suggest Links functionality is unable to find it.   DEV-581274
Viewable rendition of image files contain unexpected metadata in the PDF’s Title field (File > Properties > Description > Title).   DEV-581561
When attempting to edit labels for system lookup document fields, users may receive a Server having problems error.   DEV-581821
In cases where any documents exist without roles in their sharing settings, documents appear to be missing from users' Libraries after failed reindexing.   DEV-582041
If a bookmark label in a document's table of contents (TOC) contains whitespace before the label name, the bookmark disappears from the TOC.   DEV-582612
In some cases, after sending a PDF for standardization, it may be falsely reported as PDF/A compliant.   DEV-582793
In some cases, when a source document moves to a new steady state, Vault updates the CrossLink document even if the document is bound to a specific version.   DEV-583396
In some cases, Vault does not update controlled document templates to the document's new steady state version.   DEV-583411
In some cases, after sending a PDF for standardization, users may receive a Failed to parse metadata error due to a missing <?xpacket wrapper that should be optional.   DEV-584794
In some cases, large documents with many captions experience timeout errors during the document rendering process.   DEV-586093
Vault fails to render documents with invalid or inactive bookmarks.   DEV-586627
The Title value in the Doc Info pane does not update with changes if a merged document is used as the source.   DEV-586820
In some cases, the resizing process to fit Adobe Illustrator content within a PDF page can cause misalignment of text and images.   DEV-587154
If a PDF contains metadata not written in UTF-8, Vault fails to parse the metadata, which in turns causes the render process to fail.   DEV-587300
When performing the re-render action on a document that contained in-use anchor annotation, users could choose to remove annotations. This sometimes led to invalid inbound references. With this fix, users performing re-render will not have the option to remove annotations.   DEV-587388
Users may experience a connection error while configuring Collaborative Authoring.   DEV-588132
Documents containing invalid XML characters in their metadata fail to convert to PDF/A.   DEV-589571
If a non-Delegate user edits a document annotation created by a Delegate user, the author of the annotation changes from the Delegate user to the Delegator. Refreshing the page does not correct the issue.   DEV-590374
When users attempt to copy and paste a bookmark link with any of the following characters in the bookmark title (\ " ' ( ) * %), they receive the error message: “Error to generate perma link”.   DEV-590759
Vault fails to render PDF documents with XFA encoding.   DEV-590809
In some cases, crosslink documents may incorrectly have their link status set to deleted.   DEV-598556
If an Excel report is exported with over 500 tabular groups and the Collapse report groups option is selected, Vault encounters a server error.   DEV-599447

Platform: Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
In some cases, certain users may not appear in the list of approvers in the Start Workflow dialog.   DEV-515313
The workflow name and Workflow Owner's username may overlap in the Timeline View of a legacy document workflow.   DEV-547545
Vault does not display an error message for tasks that do not meet field validation when the validation expression applies to an object reference field.   DEV-553013
Available tasks for a multi-document workflow may not be displayed in the Show More section on the All Tasks view.   DEV-566874
Users experience errors when deploying inbound packages containing workflow participant rules that include rule criteria on document type groups that are missing in the target Vault.   DEV-572839
In some cases, users may receive a validation error when starting a single-object workflow and see a misleading error message.   DEV-575971
Users may encounter a validation error when attempting to start a workflow when participants aren't automatically added based on their role.   DEV-577160
Users may encounter a validation error when attempting to start a workflow with an allowed participant that isn't a member of a group.   DEV-577886
Vault may not show large groups as an option when selecting participants for a workflow with "Display users and groups allowed in role" enabled.   DEV-581220
Users experience an error when deploying inbound packages containing object workflow components with Action steps configured on related picklist object fields.   DEV-581600
In Legacy Workflows, Vault may fail to cancel tasks when the timer expires.   DEV-581754
Users may experience a Workflow Error message when clicking "Show More" within the All Tasks and My Tasks Views.    DEV-583586
In some cases, the page may freeze when users attempt to select Conditional User Actions.   DEV-586615
Under certain circumstances, users may experience a Server having problems error when attempting to cancel a task.   DEV-588872
In some cases, users may receive a network error when attempting to complete a task.   DEV-589240

Platform: Localization

Description Issue No.
In some instances, Vault fails to properly translate portions of error messages into the user's language.   DEV-557995
Some labels in the Quality Risk Builder tool may lack translations.   DEV-560781

Platform: Objects

Description Issue No.
In certain scenarios, results do not match filters in the advanced search dialog.   DEV-513244
When a user updates object records in bulk, Vault does not notify the user when the update fails because another transaction is already updating one or more records in the batch.   DEV-536380
If a custom record action is only available for certain states, Vault only blocks the page briefly as it executes the action and interrupts any subsequent user activity when the action completes.   DEV-540597
On documents with multi-value parent and child object reference fields, if there are two records in the parent field and a user creates a child record from the document, the child field label does not show the path from the parent. If a user adds a third parent record, Vault displays an error that the child's selected values are no longer applicable.   DEV-540723
Users experience an error when deploying inbound packages containing high volume objects with document reference fields.   DEV-543359
When a rich text field on an object enables Contains Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), users are unable to create new records with a value in the rich text field.   DEV-545732
In some cases, expanding a User Tasks related object section results in a server error.   DEV-557109
Deployment fails for inbound migration packages that add document reference fields to high volume objects.   DEV-563038
Users experience a server error when saving a read-only, system-managed field that references the User object on a custom object type.   DEV-566244
When records exist for a deleted User Task object, Vault displays a server error on the My Tasks and All Tasks pages.   DEV-570036
Vault may send emails to addresses on the Email Suppression List if the addresses are entered in a different case.   DEV-571250
When viewing search results in the Related Documents section of an object record detail page, Vault does not sort documents when a user clicks a column header.   DEV-573317
Vault clears default values for multi-value picklist object reference type fields if the field is updated in any way on the parent object.   DEV-574139
In some cases, Vault incorrectly displays an empty tab and a No Records Found message when a user clicks Show in Tab on an object record's related documents section.   DEV-578441
In rare cases, Vault may navigate users to the Business Admin menu upon attempting to open a related object record.   DEV-579673
When editing multi-select object reference fields on object records or documents, clicking Select All in the Advanced Search dialog clears any previously selected values.   DEV-581252
In some cases, Vault does not honor the "Set field to blank when related object record is deleted" setting for object reference fields on an object, and users experience a server error when trying to view related object records that have been deleted.   DEV-582001
In some cases, Vault displays the Email field on Person object records without an asterisk and highlight to indicate that it is required.   DEV-583513
Certain formula field expressions may be invalid in limited release Vaults.   DEV-594940

Platform: Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
When adding a user to a role, the audit trail entry for Vault Mobile states the user was added to the "field" rather than the "role".   DEV-449090
If a Tab Collection is deleted while a user is viewing it, Vault displays a "Server having problems" message.   DEV-516080
Signature pages may fail to display signature descriptions.   DEV-528080
In some instances, users may experience a server error when opening user audit trails.   DEV-534978
Under certain conditions, Query Field on an Integration Rule do not display properly.   DEV-535988
Vault may fail to process all rows in a CSV file in the Vault Loader job.   DEV-547403
In rare instances, Vault may add an extra character to the label of components within outbound configuration packages.   DEV-549429
For customers with many users, selection of users for delegation was slow.   DEV-549785
In some cases, Vault Loader does not log errors or display a failure notification when a CSV file is malformed.   DEV-553879
In rare cases, there may be incorrect event actions in an object's audit history.   DEV-554070
Extracting the full list of Vault Domain Users has decreased performance.   DEV-554379
In some cases, the document navigation arrows do not appear for archived documents in the Vault Clinical Archive Library.   DEV-555576
Users are able to input more than the maximum 750 characters into the search bar when adding object references.   DEV-556180
Under certain conditions, the Last Login field for a user does not update.   DEV-556776
Sorting object record audit trails by timestamp may include extra results when including related objects.   DEV-558740
Vault does not display the lock icon next to the names of locked tabs on the tab collection detail page.   DEV-559887
Audit trails may not accurately display delegate actions performed within multi-record workflows.   DEV-559983
Deleting document lifecycles may take longer than expected.   DEV-561002
Certain components present in the target Vault may be displayed as missing when deploying migration packages, resulting in blocked steps.   DEV-564567
Vault may fail to populate document subtype values after a successful VPK deployment.   DEV-564589
On the My Vaults page, if the list of Vaults is on page 2 or greater and a user applies a filter resulting in only one page, Vault shows "No items found."   DEV-565083
In some cases, users may experience performance issues when generating Narrative documents.   DEV-566588
In rare cases, Vault Loader jobs may be delayed or processed for more than 24 hours.   DEV-566815
In some cases, Vault does not display the correct Status and Error Message on the Email Notification Status page for bounced emails.   DEV-572150
Vault prevents users from deleting a nested binder if duplicate documents exist in the binder. The following error message displays: “Server having problems.”   DEV-572428
In some cases, users receive a network issue message when attempting to inline edit a field in the grid view.   DEV-573166
Binders created from a Content Plan are not searchable in the Document Library   DEV-574089
The Business Admin > Picklists drop-down menu does not include a tooltip with the picklist name (e.g., activity_type__c).   DEV-574393
Vault fails to resolve numeric field tokens in notification templates.   DEV-576070
When the Lifecycle Stages banner is displayed on the Doc Info page, users are unable to scroll to the bottom of a document.   DEV-577067
Only users with Full User licenses can see custom tab collections.   DEV-577965
In rare cases, Vault does not display the Business Admin tab collection to users with the External IIs User permission set or some custom permission sets.   DEV-580131
After a user uploads a file with a long filename and hovers over the thumbnail, the "Ready to save" tooltip overlaps the tooltip showing the full filename.   DEV-582682
In rare cases, Vault Owners may receive an "Unknown Client ID" error upon exporting VPK packages.   DEV-583903
Vault may fail to notify users "Your Vault Configuration Report is in the queue".   DEV-599235

Platform: Reporting

Description Issue No.
In some cases, exporting a report as a Formatted Excel file results in a server error.   DEV-554539
Under certain conditions, reports for Document Owners throw a server error.   DEV-556867
Some users may experience validation errors when skipping report filters with advanced logic.   DEV-559876
An error message does not display when the maximum number of characters allowed in the Advanced Logic field is exceeded. This error causes confusion for customers when they can't save or run a report after exceeding the maximum allowed characters.   DEV-563232
In some cases, Vault fails to populate document reference fields for related objects in reports.   DEV-568235
Vault allows users to create more than the maximum number of flash reports.   DEV-568598
Under certain circumstances, users may receive a 'Server having problems' error when attempting to run a report with a formula field as a column and filter.   DEV-571156
Users with a RIM Business Admin security profile receive a “Server having problems” error instead of a syntax error when checking the syntax on a report’s Formula Expression field. This error occurs only if the syntax is already invalid.   DEV-576225
Vault may display a server error when users execute a Multi-Pass report that includes advanced logic on one or more views.   DEV-579287
In rare cases, reports may take longer than expected to run.   DEV-582421
Attempting to export a report with a distinct count results in an error.   DEV-586551

Platform: Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
In some cases, when navigating from a dynamic tab to an object record detail page, Vault may show a 'Page not found' error.   DEV-556917
When Users select (Undefined) as a search filter, no results are displayed.   DEV-557567
When performing a bulk action from grid view with Study, Study Country, or Site as column, users may receive a server error.   DEV-558581
When deleting a single favorited document on grid layout, users may receive a server error.   DEV-560022
In some cases, users who have Study filters on their Home tab may be unable to remove them.   DEV-560194
If a user exports a saved view that has Study, Study Country, or Site columns, those columns may appear empty.   DEV-560228
Users may receive a server error when changing a Saved View Task Type filter from Document to All, when a sort on document field is saved and Envelope tasks are included.   DEV-561400
In some cases, users are able to create saved views that include outdated study field names.   DEV-562239
In some cases, document placeholder tasks are included in filtered results and result counts when they should not be.   DEV-566219
After navigating to a saved view from a saved or bookmarked URL, users are unable to update or remove Study filters from the view.   DEV-566229
In some cases, users may see highlight symbols in search results on old data grids.   DEV-568260
In cases where Study Hierarchies are broken, saved views with multiple studies applied as filters may incorrectly appear blank.   DEV-569147
Vault displays unexpected characters in the long and rich text fields of objects which are part of an expanded search collection.   DEV-574332
In cases where placeholder tasks are present, Task Type filters on the Home page may display incorrect counts.   DEV-576110
When clicking "Show in Tab" on a related list for a High Volume Object, some filter types will remove all results until the filters are cleared on the Tab.   DEV-576387
Study metadata extraction is case-sensitive, which can cause searches to return fewer results than expected.   DEV-577245
Vault may incorrectly show and hide the advanced search icon in the search bar.   DEV-579087
In some cases, Enhanced Suggest Links may fail to find statements.   DEV-581555
In some cases, users are able to save tabs before loading the filters which may result in bad data.   DEV-582666
In some cases, users are able to save tabs before loading the filters which may result in bad data.   DEV-582669
Searches for "All of these words" may contain unexpected results.   DEV-584669
Users may receive a server error when exporting the related records of an expanded search to Excel.   DEV-586580
Users may observe discrepancies in document count between detail, compact, and thumbnail views.   DEV-586593
Advanced searches using Include Attachments may return unexpected results.   DEV-587853
Custom views are not accessible in Vault Mobile when the Library tab is nested within another tab.   DEV-588202
When using the top search box, multiple wildcard items in the same search criteria do not match as expected.   DEV-590593
In some cases, users can save filters without any selected values.   DEV-590859
In some cases, users are unable to inline edit certain fields.   DEV-595213
In cases where a saved view contains bad data, the view appears completely blank rather than correctly showing an error.   DEV-595219
Enhanced Suggested Links may match single words and return too many/unhelpful results.   DEV-596346
Search results fail to display correctly for search terms that contain a '%.'   DEV-598702

Platform: Security

Description Issue No.
In certain scenarios, there is a conflict between configured DAC security and application security (security implimented by certain applications).   DEV-584413
Under certain conditions, deleting the latest version of a document can cause sharing settings to become out of date.   DEV-586604
Under certain conditions, unexpected roles appear to Sharing Settings.   DEV-588293
When adding a user to a new Vault in a domain they already have access to, Vault may replace the user's existing security profile with the Cross-Domain profile. If the user's existing securoty profile was SSO, this may affect the user's access to existing Vaults.   DEV-590843
In certain scenarios, there is a conflict between configured DAC security and application security (security implemented by certain applications).   DEV-594257

Platform: Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users cannot cancel file uploads in Vault File Manager.   DEV-576748
In some cases, users may see a Vault File Manager error when Vault File Manager is not enabled.   DEV-577862


Description Issue No.
In some cases, an inactive Quality Relationship Automation component may incorrectly continue creating relationships.   DEV-508944
When a user starts or resumes a test in Vault LIMS, the system may not properly display a loading page before displaying the test execution page.   DEV-532606
In certain circumstances in Validation Management, Vault may not display an error message when a user attempts to save a step in the Test Authoring interface without all required fields populated.   DEV-534696
In Vault LIMS, inputs may incorrectly be cleared when adding a sample to a test.   DEV-556479
Some state types may incorrectly be duplicated or share the same label.   DEV-556664
In some cases, the Application Role or Security Profile field may incorrectly display as required but incomplete when attempting to save a QMS User Template.   DEV-557037
Users are unable to manually unenroll from a self-enrolled Classroom Training Requirement due to a missing Unenroll button on the Explore tab.   DEV-557175
Users are able to generate multiple training assignments by clicking the Begin Training button multiple times in quick succession.   DEV-557400
In Vaults using the QMS-RIM connection, in some cases, the system may create duplicate Impacted Country records after performing the Update QMS Details action.   DEV-557601
In some cases, when a Learner attempts to self-register for a class which has already closed, Vault incorrectly creates a Class Roster record.   DEV-557769
In some cases, Vault incorrectly displays the loading animation when no records are present in the Assessment Risk section of an FMEA Risk Assessment Record.   DEV-558650
In some cases in the Risk Builder, navigating to All in the Process Step selector does not correctly switch the interface to View mode.   DEV-559177
Choosing certain items from the Risk Response dropdown in the Risk Builder may result in Vault displaying an error.   DEV-559790
The Risk Builder may display an incorrect Process Step under certain circumstances.   DEV-560217
When errors occur while attempting to save an Assessment Risk in the Risk Builder, the user may incorrectly be navigated out of editing mode.   DEV-560244
In the Risk Builder, an input box may incorrectly remain after switching to View mode.   DEV-560698
When using the QRM Risk Builder, Vault may incorrectly display an error when a user without Admin permissions attempts to copy or save a Risk.   DEV-561968
Notifications sent using the External Notifications feature using large Text or Long text fields may be formatted incorrectly.   DEV-563459
The Related Root Cause Analysis Item field may incorrectly be editable on manually-created Root Cause records.   DEV-564495
Vault may incorrectly display errors when a user without permissions to update the Risk Matrix field attempts to make changes in the RIsk Builder.   DEV-564662
In cases where a Learner has failed a class, then been added to a new class, the Learner Homepage may fail to display properly.   DEV-566744
In Validation Management, Vault may display an error when a user types "All" or "Not Challenged" into the Filter Requirements dialog.   DEV-570708
In Vaults using the QMS to RIM connection, transactions may be marked with an incorrect status when certain combinations of failures and successes are processed together.   DEV-570715
In some cases, the Study Training to Clinical Operations Vault Connection job encounters unexpected errors when creating a large number of Study Person records (~15K).   DEV-572874
In some cases, lab tests are completed without corresponding Result Evaluations, which causes the Specification Criteria Evaluation Section to display a label of "0-NaN of undefined" and become stuck in a loading loop.   DEV-575811
Under certain configurations on custom Risk object types, Vault may incorrectly display an error when a user populates the Severity, Occurrence, and Detectability values.   DEV-576377
In some cases, curricula on the Learner Role Details page may have an incorrectly-applied overdue alert icon.   DEV-578190
In Surveillance, selecting multiple values on certain fields in EU MIR or eMDR forms may incorrectly result in a data validation error.   DEV-579094
In some cases, a Class page may incorrectly display the 'Submit Result' button after the Class has been completed.   DEV-580413
When using the QRM Risk Builder, Vault may incorrectly display an error when a user without Admin permissions attempts to copy or save a Risk.   DEV-580691
In Surveillance, if multiple values are selected for classification of incident or gender, the resulting eMDR or EU MIR may not correctly resolve to the correct values.   DEV-581851
Vault LIMS always executed the Create Related Batch Records job even if no related Materials were present.   DEV-583975
In Validation Management, the Delete Record dialog in the Test Authoring interface may contain an incorrectly placed question mark.   DEV-584249
Attempting to run a Quality Record Check may fail if the Vault does not have the required label translations for the user's selected language.   DEV-584395
Attempting to evaluate Vault LIMS test results which depend on results from other tests may cause Vault to display an error.   DEV-585868
In Validation Management, content in the Actual Results and Expected Results in the Test Execution interface may incorrectly display without line breaks.   DEV-588274
In Validation Management, the Unsaved Changes warning dialog may incorrectly render multiple times, obscuring the rest of the interface.   DEV-588506
In Vault LIMS, the Review button incorrectly remains available while editing a field in a Lab Test.   DEV-594821
In Vault LIMS, the system may incorrectly set the Additions field value on the Batch record to "False" after a Sample has been added to the Batch.   DEV-594949
In some cases in Vault LIMS, the Intermediate Batch Job may fail when multiple related materials are found for a Material in the Batch.   DEV-595278
If adding a Test to a Sample in Vault LIMS, but that Test is not part of the Batch's Protocol, in some cases there is an error that prevents the Test from being successfully added.   DEV-598515
In cases where the ClinOps < > Study Training connection performs consecutive operations on CrossLink documents that result in Vault attempting to create a new document rendition, CrossLink documents may not properly display a viewable rendition.   DEV-598763
In some cases attachment downloads for test steps shall appear in the audit trail although users do not actually download them. If a test step contains at least 1 attachment and the test step is edited from the Test Execution UI (e.g. actual results modified, verdict selected, completed), an audit trail entry will be added to download the attachment even though the user did not actually download the test step file attachment.   DEV-599912
In some cases in Vault LIMS, the Results Grid may not resize correctly with multiple Inputs displayed.   DEV-601129

Quality & QualityOne

Description Issue No.
Some users experience an error when attempting to create a related Sample record on a Batch record.   DEV-553133


Description Issue No.
Loading the Test Result control field has decreased in performance.   DEV-552881
In some cases, Vault displays a server error when attempting to create a checklist assignment.   DEV-559138
In some cases, users receive an unclear error message when triggering the "Delete Finding for Disabled Response" entry action on the Audit Checklist record   DEV-565290
In some cases, users receive an inaccurate error message when attempting to create a HACCP Plan Process Step Connection object record with an empty Input Step or Output Step field.   DEV-565488
In some cases, Vault displays a server error when attempting to run the "Delete Inspection" action on an Inspection record with no related child records.   DEV-566722
In some cases, the filter on custom date fields in the document grid of the Visual Hierarchy process details page displays inaccurate results.   DEV-570573
In some cases, Vault displays the Control Chart briefly before displaying a blank page when attempting to view a Control Chart from a Material record.   DEV-574456
In some cases, the display on the Create HACCP Plan Design from Design action dialog does not update properly if a user’s permissions change while they are entering information into the dialog.   DEV-574599
Users receive a batch error when loading a VPK package in Vault to create multiple COA Matching Rule Variant records for the same COA Matching Rule record.   DEV-586383
In some cases, the QualityOne to Training Connection fails to update CrossLink documents to the Training Vault.   DEV-591659
In some cases, COA Inspections initiated externally through email intake are not created.   DEV-594062
Training Vault fails to retrieve the rendition of the source document for the CrossLink document when attempting to upversion a CrossLink document from the QualityOne Vault.   DEV-599147


Description Issue No.
During continuous publishing, Vault incorrectly reports Rule B35 as failed on source documents when a target document linked within is up-versioned.   DEV-264058
In some cases, Vault is unable to resolve links in STF XML during initial and continuous publishing.   DEV-481557
When a user sets a reference leaf and clicks Save, they must refresh the page in order to view the updated Published Output Location and Node Type.   DEV-515323
Vault incorrectly reports JO Rule 12.9 as passed when a Labeling or Cover Letter Content Plan Item contains an incorrect xlink:href value.   DEV-518135
When users quickly expand and collapse (double-click) a node in the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer, the node enters inline editing mode.   DEV-530789
In some cases, the notifications for the Update Content Plan and Update Global Content Plan actions do not specify the constraints excluded during the update.   DEV-538745
When generating IDMP elements for products without devices, Vault incorrectly reports errors for device-specific fields.   DEV-542227
When a user selects a cross-application Reference Leaf, Vault does not include the Application folder name in the Published Output Location.   DEV-548109
Permalinks are not published if the link target’s Published Output Location is shared by other Content Plan Items with a DELETE operation.   DEV-549868
Embedded permalinks with broken links may cause publishing to fail.   DEV-550569
When a leaf fails validation for EU Rules 11.9 and 11.BP1 and a user subsequently updates its XML Operation field to New, Vault does not clear the previous validation results and incorrectly fails the rules again.   DEV-550873
The Submission Archive Viewer displays leaves and empty section styling for sections which should be empty.   DEV-552778
Vault incorrectly orders Content Plan Items in the new Submissions Archive Viewer after on-demand or continuous publishing.   DEV-553061
When managing registered details, users receive a network issue error on the Summary page when attempting to submit updates to ~17K Registered object records.   DEV-553502
Some RIM Submissions Application Settings appear in RIM Vaults where the Submissions application is not enabled.   DEV-554190
Users with incomplete permissions receive a nonspecific error message when setting a Reference Leaf.   DEV-554282
In some cases, RIM Admins receive a nonspecific job error message when a connected Clinical Operations Vault is not responsive.   DEV-555139
When transferring a document from a RIM Vault to a Clinical Vault, the User Exception Message does not show all document transfer errors when the RIM to Clinops Connection: Transfer steady and superseded state document versions Application Setting is enabled.   DEV-555305
When users apply a saved view in the Active Dossier viewer, Vault does not populate the Product Family filter, and the Product Family picklist is blank.   DEV-555308
Publishing jobs fail when a published placeholder contains a source reference.   DEV-556461
When users expand a section in the new Submissions Archive Viewer, Vault does not display the loading icon.   DEV-556946
Vault may report false validation results against US Rule 1519.   DEV-558050
In Vaults with the QMS to RIM connection, under certain conditions the data update action may fail to create Impacted Countries as expected.   DEV-559004
When a Submission Metadata record references a document that does not exist, Rule 1697 fails with a nonspecific error message.   DEV-559259
Vault does not revalidate the STF XML when the index XML is published after continuous publishing is enabled.   DEV-559866
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports Rules 16.BP2, 16.BP3, 20.BP2, 20.BP3, and 19.1 as failed.   DEV-560135
When a user with insufficient permissions generates a Table of Contents, the related job encounters errors but does not notify the user or include error details in the log.   DEV-560456
Users are unable to view some older submissions in the new Submission Archive viewer.   DEV-562151
When an Admin re-labels any field appearing in the Submissions Archive Viewer, the Submission column disappears from the grid, and users cannot select it to display in the viewer.   DEV-562317
Vault incorrectly reports validation results for Rule AP.APFs.BR.2 (for the Authorised Pharmaceutical Form) when a submission includes a co-packaged medicinal product.   DEV-562372
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1323 as failed when a previously-published Reference Leaf Content Plan Item’s Enable Continuous Publishing field is disabled and re-enabled.   DEV-562945
The Global Version ID is inconsistent between the document field and the value populated on the Viewable Rendition of merged documents with overlays.   DEV-563241
Vault inconsistently displays section labels in the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-564494
When splitting Activities, Vault does not Regulatory Objective Product Characteristic and Regulatory Objective Packaging Characteristic records if the Enable Application Relationships and Exclude Submission Lifecycle States application settings are enabled.   DEV-564870
After creating an Application record with the Medicinal Application type, users may see a notification that Vault failed to create an Application Country join record, even though the record was created successfully.   DEV-565359
When the Active Dossier Viewer grid is not displaying any records, users cannot export the Excel tree.   DEV-565509
When Vault is processing a large volume of transactions, updates to the Published Document Reference field can be delayed, resulting in Rule 1425 validation failure.   DEV-565590
When pulling Regulatory Objective data to a Submission, Vault does not create Product Characteristic join records.   DEV-566421
Within the M5 STF section, running On-Demand Publishing can result in binder leafs in a different order than the Content Plan Items are displayed.   DEV-566749
After selecting and clearing an application in the Submissions Archive Viewer and then opening and closing the advanced search dialog, the previously selected application appears in the selector.   DEV-566787
Users without read access to the Submission Metadata object are unable to apply filters in the new Submissions Archive Viewer, and the viewer displays but does not allow users to select Submission related objects in the Submission filter.   DEV-567129
When the Published Output Location is updated on a linked target document, continuous publishing fails to properly update inbound permalinks to named destinations when locking the target document.   DEV-567588
Vault displays lists of related objects to users without Read permission on the object.   DEV-568273
Users cannot drag and drop to match documents from a document tab within a Tab Collection into the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer.   DEV-568477
When creating Submission records in bulk from an Event, Vault does not create records if there are Constraints configured for the selected Submission Type.   DEV-568536
In some cases, Submissions loaded via Vault File Manager cannot move past the Transmission Initiated lifecycle state.   DEV-570171
In some cases, duplicate Submission Contact Records can be created with the RIM-PromoMats Connector.   DEV-570323
Users cannot navigate the UDI Submission Viewer using the Next button.   DEV-572142
On-demand publishing fails with a nonspecific error when a Table of Contents is edited after publishing and merging.   DEV-572311
Users are able to unmatch documents from inactive Content Plan Items in the Content Plan viewer, resulting in inaccurate document counts.   DEV-572503
When managing registered details, Vault does not include all updated fields in the CSV results file.   DEV-572969
In some cases, Vault does not provide details in the User Exception Message and the job log when a RIM to PromoMats Vault Connection remote query fails.   DEV-573109
For AU submissions with a blank ARTG Number, Vault generates the ARTG Number in the XML.   DEV-573588
If a user sets a Global Content Plan to an unrelated event, the Global Content Plan becomes invalid and the user will need to re-create the Global Content Plan.   DEV-573768
When object lifecycle entry criteria fail, the Quality to RIM Vault Connection does not create a User Exception Item for troubleshooting.   DEV-573780
Document and leaf hovercards may show incorrect results when users scroll up and down in the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-573866
The Submission Wizard is unable to load the Application Relationship page when there is at least one relationship with a populated number field.   DEV-574489
In some cases, Vault cannot execute the Content Plan Hierarchy State Change job when other non-conflicting jobs are in progress.   DEV-574705
Vault does not execute Rule 1734 on content plans missing the ts.xpt file.   DEV-574973
When dragging and dropping documents to the Active Dossier Editor, the Add to Active Dossier dialog’s Save button is disabled if the user selects a different Section from the drop-down.   DEV-575350
Users cannot create Registered Regulatory Text records using the Manage Registered Details wizard.   DEV-575732
When the RIM to PromoMats Vault Connection’s RIM Crosslinks Post Processing job encounters errors, the related User Exception Item’s error message is nonspecific and potentially misleading.   DEV-575737
In some cases, the RIM to PromoMats Vault Connection job errors when attempting to update the Related Submission record's object_type__v field.   DEV-575954
The Generate UDI Submission job confirmation CSV file incorrectly counts the number of UDI Submission DI records Vault created during the job run.   DEV-575981
UDI Submission XSD validation results are not logged correctly when the UDI Submission Viewer setting is disabled.   DEV-575988
Under certain circumstances, users may experience errors while migrating Activity Registration records.   DEV-575990
When dragging and dropping a document with a Source Reference to the Active Dossier Editor, Vault does not populate it as the Submissions Archive Document in the resulting Active Dossier Item and Active Dossier Item Detail records.   DEV-575993
The Submissions Archive Viewer incorrectly displays the XML Element Name as the folder name.   DEV-576216
Users receive a Page Not Found error when attempting to view FHIR messages in the IDMP Viewer if the XML does not include an <id value="mpid"/> tag under <MedicinalProductDefinition>.   DEV-576250
When users bulk update STF Content Plan Item file tags and continuous publishing is enabled, Vault intermittently does not maintain their ordering in the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-576363
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 14.BP3 as failed if the file name begins with “specifications-”.   DEV-576693
New users created without the old Submission Archive Viewer tab permission cannot view or export submissions even if the new Submission Archive Viewer is enabled.   DEV-576710
Vault fails to show more than 100 users or groups when sharing a view in the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-577877
In the cases of some large Applications, the Submissions Archive Viewer may fail to load Correspondence Documents.   DEV-578241
In some cases, users may incorrectly see 'No Items Found' when attempting to view Applications with orphaned Correspondence sections or documents.   DEV-578271
Users may experience performance issues with Crosslink Postmatch jobs.   DEV-578353
Users experience slow performance in the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer when document reference columns are included.   DEV-578396
When bundling Regulatory Objectives using the Safari browser, the bundling wizard skips the Define Regulatory Objectives page.   DEV-578867
When the href is updated after initial publishing, Vault does not update the Published Output Location during continuous publishing.   DEV-578909
In some cases, users may receive a server error when attempting to load a checklist.   DEV-579074
When creating related records in bulk from an Impact Assessment Report containing more than 10K records, Vault creates fewer Activity records than expected for the number of Applications.   DEV-579295
If a user does not have permissions to certain fields, Vault prevents navigation to some steps in the UDI viewer.   DEV-580221
Vault incorrectly reports validation failures in section 3.2.P.5.6 for certain regions if a file name begins with “specifications-”.   DEV-580572
The Submissions Archive Viewer displays Correspondence documents tagged with only an Application at the top of the Correspondence section instead of the bottom.   DEV-580835
Vault incorrectly reports CA Rule A03a as failed when a file is smaller than 150MB.   DEV-581290
Vault incorrectly reports CA Rule A03a as passed when a file is larger than 200MB.   DEV-581291
Permalinks on approved documents are not properly embedded on PDFs in archives.   DEV-581388
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1734 in section M5 when the Submission’s Application Type is IND.   DEV-582593
In some cases, users are unable to select a Reference Leaf if the target leaf has already been replaced in the Content Plan Item.   DEV-582721
Vault cannot create a Submission when the XML STF DTD/XSD Version and Create Note Extension fields are both populated for certain lead markets and regions.   DEV-583129
Active Dossier records are not created for documents with special characters in their Type.   DEV-583951
Vault does not render regional XML when the XML file does not have a stylesheet attribute.   DEV-584420
Publishing fails when Vault detects an inconsistent number of source documents and bookmarks found for a published document.   DEV-584944
Vault sends the notification and link to download exported Submissions before updating the export job status, resulting in an error when a user clicks the download link.   DEV-584945
When Rule G08 fails, the detailed validation results file does not specify which section is missing an attribute.   DEV-585090
In some cases, users may see a max row limit warning in the new Submissions Archive Viewer when it does not apply.   DEV-585283
The Activity splitting wizard does not load for users without read and edit permissions for the Related Application and Regulatory Objective fields.   DEV-586213
When a Submission has multiple Active Substance relationship records, the Set Leaf Operation dialog does not auto-expand to the section containing both records.   DEV-586619
In some cases, the Submissions Archive Viewer does not load when the Submissions Archive application is enabled in an existing RIM Vault.   DEV-586715
Users with a saved view and no Submissions Metadata permissions may be unable to see anything in the Viewer tab.   DEV-587134
In some cases, Vault receives XEVMPD acknowledgements but does not update the Product Data Message record accordingly.   DEV-587575
When a user selects Where Used in Archive for Index XML, the Submissions Archive viewer does not load and displays a console error.   DEV-587629
Content plan records are not created for a Global Content Plan when Lead Market or Region are populated on the Content Plan Template.   DEV-587946
In some cases, Vault does not allow users to lock Report Level Content Plans.   DEV-588096
Users are unable to access the Archive Viewer from any application if they do not have Submissions Metadata permissions.   DEV-588339
US 5040 executes on FDA forms when it should skip them.   DEV-588477
Object page layouts do not display configured Help Text for the Publishing Status field.   DEV-588756
When bundling Activities, the wizard’s summary page incorrectly displays Regulatory Objective records the wizard does not eventually create.   DEV-589511
When creating Active Dossier Item Detail records during publishing, Vault incorrectly sets the “Is eCTD” field to Yes for non-eCTD dossier formats with blank UUIDs.   DEV-589613
The Submissions Archive Viewer displays duplicate Correspondence document sections for some imported Submissions.   DEV-589959
When bundling Activities, the wizard's summary page does not show information for Regulatory Objectives that will be set to Inactive.   DEV-590754
Users experience slow performance in the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer when document reference columns are included.   DEV-592284
For published Ukraine (UA) submissions, the Submissions Archive Viewer displays binder nodes as “specific” (rather than with the country information), and leaf hovercards do not include the Country field.   DEV-593465
When the Enable Dispatch Comparison Application Setting is disabled, Vault attaches content plan dispatch failure files to the Submission record and success files to the Dispatch Message record, rather than adding both to the Dispatch Message only.   DEV-595214
In rare cases, users cannot filter matched documents by Lifecycle State in the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer.   DEV-596692
During content plan dispatch, Vault does not populate the Dispatch Date when the Last Dispatch Date is not configured on the Submission object type.   DEV-597523
Vault incorrectly reports EU Rule 15.6 and CA C05 as passed when the Published Output Location includes invalid characters.   DEV-598614
When synchronizing content plans with more than 500 new Content Plan and Content Plan Item records, the related job encounters errors.   DEV-599128
Some submission validation rules are not reported as they should be.   DEV-599655
When a user opens a Submission from an Application via Show in Tab, the View Content Plan button opens to the root Content Plan record detail page.   DEV-600312
Vault executes (instead of skips) validation checks of FDA Forms against US Rules 5005, 5020, and 5040.   DEV-601911
Users without Read permission on the Submission object and object types are able to view them in the Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-606427


The RegulatoryOne release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on August 22, 2023.

Description Issue No.
When Admins update the Name of an Object Mapping or Relational Token to a unique value, Vault displays an error that the Label must be unique and does not save the change.   OLS-19357
The Generates Requirements action fails when triggered by a user without Read permission on the record's Generate Requirements Job Status field.   OLS-19586


The Safety release, including all Platform fixed issues, is targeted for tentative availability on August 17, 2023 & August 25, 2023.

Description Issue No.
Fixed an issue where an Inbox Item could be promoted by multiple users at the same time, which resulted in duplicate Cases.   SAF-34840
Fixed an issue where Follow-up Case creation for Inbox Items created from E2B-imported files failed if the Inbox Item had Assessments without an Adverse Event.   SAF-35437
Fixed an issue with generating Transmissions for Combination Products where Partner Distributions were generated for constituent Products.   SAF-38036
Fixed an issue with E2B export where nullFlavors for Case Product Dosage Batch/Lot Number Reason Omitted field values were incorrectly populated in the G.k.4.r.7 - Batch / Lot Number data element. Now, Reason Omitted field nullFlavors are exported as follows:
  • EMA E2B(R3): Blank or Unknown = UNK, Masked = MSK, Asked But Unknown = ASKU
  • ICH E2B(R3), FDA VAERS E2B(R3), and PMDA E2B(R3): Blank, Masked, Asked But Unknown = no nullFlavor exported

Validation Criteria updates are as follows:
  • FDA.G.k.4.r.7 Batch/Lot Number is no longer mandatory.
  • PMDA.G.k.4.r.7 Batch/Lot Number is now mandatory only if PMDA Reporting Category (J2.1a) is 'AA' or 'DA'.
Fixed an issue where EDQM terms were not included for some Dose Forms and Routes of Administration.   SAF-38698
Fixed an issue with E2B import where, if Inbox Items were opened while in the Importing state, some fields were not imported.   SAF-39092
Fixed an issue with Cases that included constituent Products of a Combination Product where, when the Combination Product field was set on one constituent, the Combination Product and Drug Role fields were not updated on any related remaining Case Product constituents.   SAF-39344
Fixed an issue with E2B import where, when the two-letter ISO country code in the source file matched multiple Country records, the system mapped the country code inconsistently. Now, the system matches the country code to the first Country record in alphabetical order based on country name.   SAF-39400
Fixed an issue where, in some cases, performance issues occurred when generating Narrative documents.   SAF-39515
Fixed an issue where, when Inbox Items were promoted to Follow-up Cases or merged to In-flight Cases, Case-level Seriousness was not updated.   SAF-39584
Fixed an issue with the Intake API where an error occurred when E2B files included a Transmission Profile parameter.   SAF-39625
Fixed an issue where it was possible to set up the Case Validation Status field so it was copied from the original Case when creating a Follow-up Case.   SAF-39685
Fixed an issue where, when merging an Inbox Item into an In-flight Case with no changes on the Case Compare page, duplicate Expectedness records were created.   SAF-39709
Fixed an issue with Transmission generation for unblinded Study Cases where, when a Partner Distribution Rule had Study Content Protection set to "Mask Unblinded Content", blinded Transmission documents were generated with the Blind Protection set to "On", instead of "Null".   SAF-39741
Fixed an issue with creating AERs from E2B files where document import failed if the "Always: Set new major version" entry action was added to the Imported state for AERs.   SAF-39796
Fixed an issue where Submissions were generated for inactive FDA Product Registrations.   SAF-39985
Fixed an issue with PBRER generation where, if a Case had multiple versions with different Report Types within a reporting interval, the Case was overcounted on the Summary Tabulation of Adverse Drug Reactions from Postmarketing Sources.   SAF-40009
Fixed an issue where, when Inbox Items were created from ZIP or E2B files with multiple cases, values entered in the Origin field of the Case Information section were not imported.   SAF-40033
Fixed an issue with E2B import where, when Cases included some parent information but did not include Parent Medical History or Parent Drug History information, parent Cases were not created.   SAF-40063
Fixed an issue with general reporting and Investigational –> X cross reporting where reporting rules generated Transmissions for Non-Study Case Products instead of just for Study Case Products with Suspect or Interacting drug roles in Clinical Trial Study Cases.   SAF-40180
Fixed an issue with setting a Product or Study Registration to Inactive where, when the registration included a MAH/Reporting Organization, the registration was not removed from the corresponding Reporting Family.   SAF-40229
Fixed an issue with E2B(R3) import of a single Case where, when the Study in the source file did not match a Study in the Business Admin library, the system incorrectly populated the ACK.A.4 Transmission Acknowledgement Code with "AE—E2B Import with Warnings" instead of "AA—E2B Import Success".   SAF-40258
Fixed an issue with Cases that included one constituent Product of a Combination Product where, when the Combination Product field was set, Combination Product constituents of the Company Product type were added with the Base Product type.   SAF-40303
Fixed an issue with Case promotion where the Potential Matches page did not include Cases with different Report Types. Now, the Potential Matches page matches across Report Types with the exception of Clinical Trial Study Cases, which will match only to other Clinical Trial Study Cases.   SAF-40328
Fixed an issue with E2B(R2) import where the system performed a case-sensitive search for matching Study names, resulting in missed matches.   SAF-40330
Fixed an issue with conducting deep duplicate detection on Inbox Items with custom lifecycle states where the Potential Matches page did not display the lifecycle states of the matching Inbox Items.   SAF-40594
Fixed an issue where, when a user's language was set to French, the Event Reported field on Cases and Adverse Events displayed the French translation of the LLT code.   SAF-40656
Fixed an issue where, when Localization-based Mapping on Import was enabled for Domestic Cases, populating the English values for the Patient RoA and Dose Form fields caused the local text values for these fields to disappear.   SAF-40710
Fixed an issue where users with the Case Processing security profile received a job error notification when they performed actions such as "Create New Case" or "Promote to Follow-Up" on the Case Compare page.   SAF-40827
Fixed an issue with deep duplicate detection where, on the Potential Matches page, some cases with matching Gender and Country fields were ranked higher than expected, while some with matching Patient Initials were ranked lower than expected.   SAF-40847
Fixed an issue with the system-provided FDA ICSR Reporting Rule Set where the Rule Parameter for the Reporting Scenario "General Reporting, Investigational to Marketing (same agency)" was not included in the One Last Time rules.   SAF-41008
Fixed an issue where, when a suspected and unexpected assessment was added to a Case created from a Clinical Trial study, the Assessment Tag did not change from SAE to SUSAR.   SAF-41079
Fixed an issue where, when voiding a Case and submitting one last time, the Previously Submitted Reporting Rule Parameter specified that Transmissions in only the "E2B ACK Accepted" or "Completed" states were evaluated. Now, a new option, All Transmission States, supports evaluating Transmissions in any lifecycle state, unless the Transmission is inactive or deleted.   SAF-41082
Fixed an issue where email questionnaires were not generated for Blinded Study Cases although questionnaire templates without specified Products existed.   SAF-41139
Fixed an issue where, when a Case contained no eligible Products for a specific agency, custom SDK Reporting Rule Parameters for that agency’s Rule Set resulted in an error.   SAF-41144
Fixed an issue with cross reporting for Follow-up Cases created from Imported Study Cases where, when the Eligible Products Based on Cross Reporting feature was turned on, all expected Submissions were not generated.   SAF-41145
Fixed an issue with E2B import where, in some instances, an error occurred on the Inbound Transmission due to the EMA DTD being unavailable.   SAF-41210
Fixed an issue where, when users did not have Read permission for Product Dose Form, a system error occurred and Inbox Items would not load.   SAF-41292
Fixed an issue where, during deep duplicate detection, Study and Study Number matching was completed within Reporter matching and was also assigned the same priority as Reporter matching.   SAF-41329
Fixed an issue with creating Follow-up Cases from the Case Compare page for Japan Localized Cases where, when Primary Case Product Registration records and Local Reporting Details were included, a system error occurred.   SAF-41372 & SAF-46207
Fixed an issue with Case Access Group Security where, in some instances, roles with access to personally identifiable information (PII) received system errors when processing Cases.   SAF-41423
Fixed an issue where, when adding Product records through Vault Loader, import was prevented if the file included multiple Products with the same generic name.   SAF-41433
Fixed an issue where the information entered in the Parent Medical History Text field was incorrectly mapped to the Patient Medical History Text field on Cases imported from E2B files with the Localization Type set to "Local".   SAF-41540
Fixed an issue with coding Japanese MedDRA terms where terms with English characters were not auto-coded.   SAF-41665
Fixed an issue where the Translation Connection Languages and Translation Settings records were not included in the Vault Safety template.   SAF-41671
Fixed an issue where, when the Enable Smart MedDRA Autocoding and Enable Smart MedDRA Coding Predictions settings were not turned on, the Coding Method fields for Indication and Event were populated on Inbox Items.   SAF-41674
Fixed an issue with local language intake for Russian (Russia) where, when a local language value was entered in the Inbox Item Product Indication field, the local value appeared in the English Indication field upon saving.   SAF-41726
Fixed an issue with calculating Age Groups for Infants and Children where the definition was out of date. Now, to align with the latest EMA and FDA definitions, Infant is defined as "1 month to less than 24 months" and Child is defined as "2 years to less than 12 years".   SAF-41781
Fixed an issue with Pregnancy Cases imported from E2B files where, when Follow-up Cases were created, Child records were not created.   SAF-41789
Fixed an issue where, in some instances, Case Adverse Events were not displayed and a system error occurred when the event included a MedDRA term that had undergone a hierarchy change and was in a Closed state.   SAF-41825
Fixed an issue with promoting manually created Inbox Items to Follow-up Study Cases where, when the Study Product was open-label, an additional blinded instance of the same Study Product appeared on the Follow-up Case and had to be manually deleted.   SAF-41860
Fixed an issue with Case Access Group Security where, in some instances, roles with access to personally identifiable information (PII) received system errors when expanding the Products section on Cases.   SAF-41871
Fixed an issue with promoting AERs to Cases where, if the AER included special characters, during duplicate detection the system displayed error messages and prevented promotion.   SAF-41888
Fixed an issue where PSMF Logbook comments did not upgrade to the latest document version, making the comment unavailable on the latest PSMF Logbook.   SAF-41942
Fixed an issue with manual Inbox Item creation where, when Enable Auto-Set Inbox Item Localization by Reporter Country was turned on, the system allowed selecting inactive Localizations, which caused Inbox Item creation to fail.   SAF-41949
Fixed a caching issue that, in some instances, prevented users with the Case Processing security profile from viewing the Drug page on Study Cases.   SAF-42003
Fixed an issue with E2B import where, after the import acknowledgement was received, the Body and Code fields on the Transmission Message of the Inbound Transmission record were not updated.   SAF-42016
Fixed an issue where, in some cases, users may have experienced performance issues when processing Cases.   SAF-42023
Fixed an issue with limits on the number of users allowed in a single role within a Case Access Group. This fix affects only POD VV1-1150.   SAF-42068
Fixed an issue with importing E2B files with blank Localization where, when the Enable Localization-based Mapping on Import feature was turned on, Product (Reported) and Patient RoA were mapped incorrectly on the Inbox Item and then did not appear on Cases after promotion.   SAF-42198
Fixed an issue where promoting Pregnancy Inbox Items to Cases was prevented when the Organization field was set to Required on the Child Information object type.   SAF-42299
Fixed an issue with the Products section on Inbox Items for Studies where an Unsaved Changes error message was displayed when viewing Products, and the Add button was disabled.   SAF-42303
Fixed an issue where, when Case Processors did not have Read permission for the Dose Unit of the Case Product Dosage field, a server error occurred when trying to view the Medical Review Timeline.   SAF-42415
Fixed an issue where, when some E2B XML files encoded as UTF-16 were received through an AS2 gateway, the Transmissions were not imported as Inbox Items.   SAF-42519
Fixed an issue where, when the MedDRA dictionary language was set to two languages and the Update to Latest Version action was run, an error appeared. This was due to duplicate Localized MedDRA records being created.   SAF-42520
Fixed an issue on Inbox Items where, if Case Access Group Security was enabled, custom-type Action Item records could not be displayed.   SAF-42567
Fixed an issue where the Anatomical Site field did not appear in the Case Product Dosage section for Company Product product types.   SAF-42569
Fixed an issue with merging Inbox Items to In-flight Cases where, if the primary Adverse Event was not the same on the Inbox Item and Case, the Assessment Ranks were not updated to reflect the new Adverse Event Ranking.   SAF-42578
Fixed an issue with Pregnancy Cases where, when the Linked Cases section included a Non-Child information Case, Follow-up Case creation was prevented.   SAF-42579
Fixed an issue with downloading the latest MedDRA version where, when there were duplicate Localized MedDRA records, the Update to Latest Version action could not be completed.   SAF-42686
Currently, sharing rules and user roles are used to send notifications and emails. If using Case Access Group Security instead, sharing rules must be deleted for the object. Fixed an issue where, when Case Access Group Security was enabled, notifications were not received by the respective users. Now, if Case Access Group Security is enabled, user IDs can be obtained through User Access Group Assignments.   SAF-42788
Fixed an issue with Vaults cloned from the 23R1 template where EDQM mappings were not created.   SAF-42937
Fixed an issue where, when the Async Submit to Gateway action was used, Submissions with a Transmission Profile Type of Manual that were created on a Case moved to the Queued state.   SAF-42997
Fixed an issue with Inbox Items for Domestic Cases where the Case Contact State/Province field allowed entry of more than 40 characters, which caused errors after Case promotion.   SAF-43000
Fixed an issue with PMDA E2B(R3) export where, when Localized Cases for Japan included PMDA Rank 1 Product Registrations for both the INV and PMK Registration Categories, the following data elements were not exported to the Investigational report:
  • J2.12 Clinical Compound Number (CCN)
  • All data elements in section J2.13.r
  • C.5.2 Study Name
Fixed an issue with indexing newly migrated Cases where, if Cases were created and then deleted from the Vault, the system considered the deleted Cases to be missing and indexing was not turned off.   SAF-43136
Fixed an issue with evaluating the Transmission Reason reporting rule parameter for Imported Cases where, when the previous imported Case version did not have Transmissions to same reporting destination, Transmission Reason was set to Follow-up.   SAF-43146
Fixed an issue where, when evaluating Distributions for a destination, only the first-created Partner Distribution List was evaluated.   SAF-43182
Fixed an issue with creating Inbox Items received through the Intake API where, when Case Access Group Security was enabled, the Intake user was not given access to source documents they imported.   SAF-43360
Fixed an issue where the Case Access Group assigned to an Inbox Item or Case was not applied to generated Correspondence records, resulting in users in that Case Access Group not being able to view the correspondence.   SAF-43519
Fixed an issue where a system error occurred when manually creating an Inbox Item.   SAF-43709
Fixed an issue with voiding a Case and submitting one last time where, when any previous Case version had a Transmission in an incomplete state, the Case entered the Voiding state and never entered the Voided state. Now, the Case moves to the Voided state when all Transmissions on the latest Case version move to a completed state.   SAF-43739
Fixed an issue with attaching documents to Transmissions where, if an attachment had no text in the Description field but had text in the Description(continue) field, the word "null" appeared before the text in the Documents Held by Sender data element—C.1.6.1.r.1 on E2B(R3) reports and A.1.8.2 on E2B(R2) reports.   SAF-43760
Fixed an issue with creating a Follow-up of an Inbox Item with Study Arms where, although the Study Products were manually specified, the system added all of the configured Study Products from the Study.   SAF-43775
Fixed an issue with PMDA E2B(R3) export where, when a Japan Localized Case included multiple Local Reporting Details records with unique Report UIDs, the Report UID from the first-created Local Reporting Details record was populated in the N.2.r.1 Message Identifier and C.1.1 Sender's (case) Safety Report Unique Identifier data elements of all Submissions.   SAF-43866
Fixed an issue where, when Strict Case Locking was enabled, a system error occurred when non-Vault Owners tried to promote a Pregnancy Inbox Item.   SAF-43955
Fixed an issue with Gateway E2B import where Case details were stored in the Body field of the Inbound Transmission record. This created the potential for personally identifiable information (PII) to appear in the log.   SAF-44032
Fixed an issue where generated Transmissions were not correctly identified as initial or follow-up due to previous Transmissions to the same destination.   SAF-44063
Fixed an issue with device-type Cases where the Lot Number field supported only 25 characters, although the B.4.k.20.FDA.16 Device Lot Number data element on FDA E2B(R2) reports supports 35 characters. Now, the Lot Number field supports 35 characters.   SAF-44064
Fixed an issue with generating FDA VAERS E2B(R3) reports where the FDA.D.1a Patient Name Prefix data element was not exported when nullFlavours were selected and the ICH E2B(R3) D.1 Patient (name or initials) data element was included.   SAF-44317
Fixed an issue with sending follow-up questionnaires to Case Reporters where, when an invalid email address was entered on the Inbox Item and an error occurred during send, after fixing the email address the questionnaire still could not be sent.   SAF-44451
Fixed an issue where, during cross reporting for Marketing to Marketing scenarios, reporting obligations for Cases with multiple products with different cross-reporting eligibility were not evaluated correctly.   SAF-44943
Fixed an issue where, when a Case Product Dosage record included a Parent RoA value but no Patient RoA value, custom E2B files failed to generate.   SAF-45777
Fixed an issue where, when a user was assigned to the All Access Case Access Group, they could not see Case tasks.   SAF-45911
Fixed an issue with E2B import where the ACK.A.4 Transmission Acknowledgement Code in the Body did not match the code in the E2B file.   SAF-46604

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
In certain cases, Vault fails to transfer documents from Site Vault to a Clinical Operations Vault.   DEV-582183

Vault Mobile: Android

Description Issue No.
In some cases, while performing an eSign task, the app may crash when users attempt to bypass biometrics.   DEV-594564