Release Date: November 18, 2022 & December 2, 2022

The issues listed below are fixed in the 22R3 release.

Last Updated: March 17, 2023


Description Issue No.
Updating an active Domain User's Federated ID to the an inactive Domain User's Federated ID causes a server error.   DEV-492492
Document Periodic Review type jobs do not appear in the Vault Component dialog for users to add to outbound packages.   DEV-495089
Vault does not throw an invalid token error when users create tokens starting with numbers in notification templates.   DEV-498093
When an integration rule has more than 25 field rules, users are unable to navigate beyond the first page of field rules from the integration rule detail page.   DEV-500578
Vault Owners are unable to edit Connection Authorization records.   DEV-500896
When using the Workdays() function in an object record layout rule, if a user passes a negative number to this function as a field value, the Vault page freezes.   DEV-505058
When configuring datasets for outbound packages, Vault may fail to display the correct filters and available columns for a parent object.   DEV-505659
Users cannot import templates containing rich text field reference tokens via VPK.   DEV-511445
During VPK import, the system may silently ignore static permission entries.   DEV-511448
When including Permission Sets in a Vault compare, in some cases, the compare shows a difference even though the permission sets look the same in the UI and function the same.   DEV-512101
In some cases, Vault raises a server error when S3 buckets are set up for scheduled data exports.   DEV-515110
When used within a Create Record action, Vault may fail to set custom fields using the RecordByLabel function.   DEV-519084
In some cases, Admins may be unable to deploy some VPKs that requires provisioning new object actions during deployment.   DEV-525105
In some cases, Admins are unable to collapse or expand all sections when viewing binder templates.   DEV-527004
Under certain conditions, changing a Vault's Domain Name does not update all User's user names.   DEV-529452


Description Issue No.
When troubleshooting OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect Profiles configurations, selecting a User in the Troubleshoot tab causes a server error.   DEV-508523

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
In cases where EDL templates are configured to match on owning milestone, but the template record does not have an owning milestone type specified, Vault creates EDL items without an owning milestone specified.   DEV-409033
In some cases, users encounter an error when attempting to transfer documents from RIM to Clinical.   DEV-442938
Running the Send Document Package action can result in slow load times when large numbers of users have access to the selected documents.   DEV-471877
In some Vaults, the default Risk Score is blank instead of 0, leading to some inconsistencies when running study risk assessments.   DEV-481549
In some cases, users are unable to create eTMF binders in bulk.   DEV-483411
In some cases, the system incorrectly populates the Previous Monitoring Event field to the incorrect monitoring event.   DEV-483860
TMF documents that use a custom name format do not transfer correctly.   DEV-488070
Users receive an unexpected error when trying to create a checklist when the associated contact record includes an email address that is formatted incorrectly.   DEV-492414
Line breaks and spacing are not correctly displayed in the Review mode (read-only) of the Response and Comment fields on a Trip Report Question.   DEV-493898
The Distribution Task does not update the eReg document version to the Study Connect document version.   DEV-494195
In some cases, distribution tasks may fail with a "Version Already Defined for Document" error.   DEV-495103
Users experience slow transfer times for documents sent from SiteVault to their sandbox Vault.   DEV-495339
When users reject a Study Agreement, Vault displays an error.   DEV-495946
In some cases, users attempting to transfer documents from RIM to eTMF receive an error stating that the study__v object does not exist in the target Vault even though there are valid study records in the target Vault.   DEV-498529
Certain documents are unable to be transferred successfully.   DEV-499465
In certain cases, documents fail to update during a CDX document update.   DEV-500431
If CDX encounters an issue upon attempting to transfer documents, it reattempts the transfer but does not correctly identify the documents to send, leaving the documents from the first attempt untransferred.   DEV-500772
When updating the related document field on quality issues referencing deleted documents, users receive a "server having problems" error.   DEV-501545
The number of User Exception Messages and Failed Message Items do not match for the Clinical to RIM Connection.   DEV-502646
Vault disallows study archival due to associated documents being under legal hold, despite the fact that the legal hold has been removed.   DEV-502810
In some cases, a Subject deleted in the CDMS Vault is not correctly deleted in the Clinical Operations Vault, though the visits for the Subject are correctly deleted in the Clinical Operations Vault.   DEV-503860
In some cases, searching for a USN number when creating an Organization record causes server problems and is unsuccessful.   DEV-505118
In very rare cases, Vault calculates payment request amounts incorrectly.   DEV-505141
When sending to RIM, the connection does not create major versions if the previous version is Superseded and restricted through QOR.   DEV-505321
Running the Create Follow Up Letter action for a Monitoring Event sometimes results in an error.   DEV-505418
In rare circumstances, when the "Match EDL Items to Doucment" job runs, it updates the metadata of inactive Expected Document Lists.   DEV-508717
In some cases, Vault fails to create Document Checks for documents transferred via Site Connect.   DEV-508801
Users may encounter a server error when attempting to access the Study Site page if the Site Document Exchange section is configured on the Study Site page or if the user attempting to access the Study Site page does not have Read permission for the Distribution Task.   DEV-509554
In some cases, Baseline and Planned Study Milestone Dates do not roll up consistently.   DEV-509611
When generating a CTN Document, the Remarks field is cut off in the document if it includes more than 250 characters.   DEV-509784
If an email address in the list of recipients is longer than 50 characters, the entire safety distribution fails.   DEV-510991
For some Studies, the Actual Values for Metrics Over Time are not correctly updated at the Study and Study Country levels.   DEV-511054
Users without permission to the Reference Site field on the site__v object are unable to create Site records.   DEV-511441
When training TMF Bot, CSV validation fails for CSVs that contain newlines in any of the entries.   DEV-511483
Users are unable to create milestones using the Apply Milestone to Template user action when there is a large number of template milestones to be created/applied.   DEV-512059
Vault allows users to enter invalid date ranges for fee schedules.   DEV-514356
Crosslinks are included in document processing batches which slows down processing and may cause users to receive errors.   DEV-515131
Users are unable to use the Create Subsequent CTN action to copy the remarks field on CTN Combination Product field.   DEV-515761
In some cases, users are unable to transfer Studies and Sites from ClinOps to RIM Vaults using the RIM-Clinical connector.   DEV-516145
Budget creation may fail when the name field is system-managed.   DEV-516925
In certain cases, Vault displays "Server Having Problems" when running the Review Outcome action on Monitoring Events.   DEV-520133
In some cases, document transfer fails without generating user exception messages.   DEV-520714
When users update the # Expected field, Vault incorrectly updates the audit trail log with the message "Record saved with no changes" instead of "# Expected changed from A to B".   DEV-521061
In some cases, the same document or record may be erroneously transferred multiple times, creating duplicates in the Target Vault.   DEV-522960
In some cases, Vault recalculates payment requests incorrectly.   DEV-524049
Vault may clear controlled object reference fields unexpectedly, causing the appearance of data loss if the user then saves the record.   DEV-524245
If the Datetime field on a CTN record is blank, Vault does not correctly generate site change logs for those CTNs.   DEV-524342
When users send an updated and classified version of a document that was previously unclassified from Site Vault to Clinical, the newly-received document in Clinical remains unclassified.   DEV-524546
In some cases, Vault fails to properly generate new payable items when users change a site fee date to fall into a different fee schedule.   DEV-524996
When users enable SSU for the first time on a Vault, Seed Package Documents Job is not enabled with it, preventing Clinical Application management functionality from working.   DEV-525697
In some cases, when attempting to bulk update Study Personnel records, users encounter an error.   DEV-525743
Users cannot enable the Update Requiredness, # Expected Based on EDL Matching setting from Vault's General Settings because Vault reverts the status once users save their changes.   DEV-528286


Description Issue No.
While the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, scrollbars in the Search: Case Contact dialog do not function as expected.   DEV-490970
Filters in the Search: Case Contact dialog are not sorted alphabetically.   DEV-491244
While creating Case Contact records using the MedComms OpenData connection, Vault may create duplicate records.   DEV-491316
Vault fails to send failure notifications for automatically scheduled Medical Inquiry Recurring Inquiry Pull/Push and Recurring Account Pull jobs.   DEV-495093
While the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault incorrectly displays inactive Case Contacts in the Case Contact drop-down.   DEV-495568
Vault does not display the Save View As button on Brand Portals when users are accessing Brand Portals via delegate access.   DEV-502086
While the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault clears filter values after users collapse the Vault Filters section of the Search: Case Contact dialog.   DEV-505388
Users are unable to create a connection authorization record for OpenData on a cloned Vault.   DEV-506581
In some cases, OpenData connection users see errors while searching Case Contact records.   DEV-508710
Users are unable to generate eCTD Compliance Packages containing one or more documents with a document type that does not have subtypes when the Include Linked References field is set to Yes on the binder.   DEV-509965
Users experience a server error when editing or inactivating Event Reporter Qualification records.   DEV-516660
In some cases, users are unable to activate or inactivate the Reusable Text Type field on the Text Asset object.   DEV-519833
When a user creates a Case Intake record with fields that are not properly mapped to matching fields on a Case Request, Vault displays a generic server error rather than a more helpful mapping error message.   DEV-519861

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
In some cases, video and audio renditions will fail when users upload documents using the API.   DEV-499555
In some cases, integrations fail due to API login issues.   DEV-509427
Vault REST API users are unable to add cross domain users through the legacy /users API.   DEV-512067
The Retrieve Email Notification Histories API returns a maximum of 1,000 entries when format_result=csv. This maximum should only apply to JSON format, and not CSV format.   DEV-518475

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
Running a RECREATE on the Objecttype component has poor performance.   DEV-493777

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
When creating a record action, specifying the `user_input_object` parameter but not the `object` parameter prevents the action from appearing in the record Actions menu in the Vault UI.   DEV-489459

Developer Features: VQL

Description Issue No.
When building a query from an integration rule, if any of the active field rules on the integration rule do not have a query object or query field specified, the builder fails with a "Null elements in selected parameter" error. With this fix, this condition now displays a more informative error message: "Include at least one active Field Rule on this Integration Rule which has Query Object and Query Field values"   DEV-486194
After updating the both the Group and Owner roles for a group, querying for owner__v returns the group ID rather than owner ID. The Vault UI shows the correct value.   DEV-495137
The ORDER BY, FIND, and WHERE clauses allow alias names even if they don't support the aliased function.   DEV-520345


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users receive a server error when Vault generates a Formatted Output with long text fields.   DEV-450060
Vault fails to render Microsoft Word files stuck in Draft view.   DEV-457277
After document creation, OCR may incorrectly update the Last Modified By field in the document info section.   DEV-465062
In some cases, Vault fails to render documents with bookmarks while the Auto generate bookmarks for captions setting is enabled.   DEV-465124
In some cases, Excel source files with merge fields are corrupted after rendering.   DEV-470802
When using the Send As Link To External Users feature, Vault does not allow email addresses to exceed 50 characters.   DEV-473592
Users with names more than 100 characters are unable to save pending annotations on documents.   DEV-475106
Source files with merge fields are corrupted and display a different file size after rendering.   DEV-479705
In some cases, DAC roles are not applied for some document classifications.   DEV-480973
Vault may fail to render Microsoft Word files with multiple INCLUDEPICTURE fields.   DEV-484455
Token merge failures for the document_number__v field are incorrectly reported in rendition status logs.   DEV-486230
Vault incorrectly reports validation errors for published documents when a source PDF contains certain zoom settings.   DEV-489797
In some cases when the server is under heavy load, PDF validation may incorrectly fail.   DEV-491570
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render documents with page section breaks.   DEV-492205
In certain cases, when applying a legal hold on a document and deleting multiple versions through the API, some versions are successfully deleted and others are stopped due to the legal hold.   DEV-493897
Vault fails to render .XML files when the file path contains special characters.   DEV-494925
Vault fails to escape special characters within Binder section names.   DEV-494956
In rare cases, Vault incorrectly renders characters within XML files.   DEV-495317
In some cases, generated Signature Pages may display numeric characters instead of step names and verdicts.   DEV-496464
In some cases, when uploading a document to Vault through the Google Drive Integration, the document is shown as a zipped file.   DEV-496501
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to render .XML files in .ZIP files.   DEV-496668
The rupee symbol does not display in PDFs downloaded using the PDF with Annotations action.   DEV-497078
In some cases, Vault fails to publish a merged PDF from a Report Level Content Plan.   DEV-498183
Within a multi-document workflow, the page number does not reset upon choosing a new document to view.   DEV-500650
When exporting archived documents in bulk, document fields fail to be exported.   DEV-502817
In some cases, Vault fails to navigate to the document inbox when multiple unclassified documents are uploaded by the Google Drive integration.   DEV-504016
Documents successfully converted to PDF/A may display errors in the Adobe Preflight tool.   DEV-504313
When the EDL batch matching job is configured to exclude inactive document types and unmatches documents with these types, the Match Documents user action will still match these documents.   DEV-505727
In some cases, viewable renditions display an error when opened in Adobe Acrobat.   DEV-505732
In rare cases, a server error may be encountered when a user creates document drafts.   DEV-506788
After re-rendering a document, the annotation count is incorrect while annotations are preserved.   DEV-507263
In some cases, Vault fails to display an empty translation of a label in non-English languages.   DEV-507849
In some cases, Vault generates non-compliant PDF/A documents when the source document contains transparent objects.   DEV-509116
In some cases, detecting duplicates in the document inbox results in documents that the user does not have access to.   DEV-510852
In some cases, a bulk action on all documents in a binder will yield a server error.   DEV-513076
When uploading minor versions of a document in different batches, Vault may repeat migrations and slow the migration process.   DEV-513467
Some document user actions are translated incorrectly in Spanish.   DEV-514447
Users may see the incorrect values in workflow dialogs and thus may update the values by mistake.   DEV-514940
When setting filing rules for a binder section using the "Selected document type" option, users are able to select document types that are missing associated filing fields.   DEV-515497
After creating a document from a related documents section on a User record, Vault displays a server error, and the page URL may be invalid.   DEV-515525
Vault incorrectly reports validation errors for published PDFs when PDF Standardization cannot process certain zoom settings.   DEV-516124
Users are unable to view attachments in the mobile document viewer.   DEV-520516
In some cases, hyperlinks on document renditions may appear distorted.   DEV-520522
Users are unable to edit CrossLink documents if the source Vault is deleted.   DEV-522363
In cases where multiple sharing rules use different lookup fields, Vault may apply sharing rules incorrectly.   DEV-523401
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to display the Remove All Suggested Links button.   DEV-523686
In some cases, the Check In dialog incorrectly pre-populates with files from Google Drive.   DEV-526236
In some cases, text within the source file of uploaded documents is not searchable when OCR is enabled.   DEV-528367

Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
Admins can delete document lifecycle roles used in sharing settings.   DEV-374947
Canceling a legacy workflow from the timeline view may result in the browser's dev console displaying an error.   DEV-478430
An object workflow step that is configured to update a text field may replace the string "Object" with the object's name field value.   DEV-491985
On a user's second attempt after failing to complete a workflow task, DateTime fields are not populated with the previously entered values.   DEV-492116
Users may experience performance lag or be unable to select certain users if using legacy workflows with roles whose allowed groups include a group with over 10,000 users.   DEV-492900
After workflow task reassignment, the original task owner receives a notification but the new task owner does not.   DEV-496508
MDL RECREATE and inbound package deployment fail for document lifecycles with Send a notification entry actions that reference inactive users.   DEV-497201
When a user starts the next workflow upon workflow completion, the new tasks and states do not display until they manually refresh the page.   DEV-498757
When the user language is German, the workflow Completion Status incorrectly uses the word "öffnen" as a translation for "open".   DEV-499252
Users are unable to start a document workflow when only System-owned users are assigned to a role configured in the Participants control.   DEV-504142
In some cases, the order of verdicts in the workflow task dialog is different from the order in the workflow configuration.   DEV-504298
In some cases, after a user completes a workflow task, previously populated shared fields may be blank.   DEV-508920
On the document page, the lifecycle chevron panel overlaps any web action iframes on the page, preventing users from interacting with the iframe.   DEV-509633
The public API for workflow tasks may show incorrect verdicts and comments in responses when the workflow has a looping task with different verdicts.   DEV-509801
The `${taskName}` token does not populate with the name of the task in the Multi-document Workflow Task Cancellation and Multi-document Workflow Task Reassignment notification templates.   DEV-509973
In some cases, notification message tokens that reference document or workflow links appear blank in sent emails.   DEV-514008
In rare cases, users with the correct permissions are unable to see tasks or options from a document's Lifecycle Stages Chevron panel.   DEV-514913
The document timeline incorrectly shows that a document has been removed from a completed workflow after a user upversions it.   DEV-521077
In rare cases, Vault resets relationship atomic security on objects that have actions defaulted to Hide.   DEV-522226
In some cases, the Start dialog for multi-record workflows fails to display instructions.   DEV-527479
In some cases, users my encounter slow performance when accessing the Actions menu of certain records.   DEV-527598
In rare cases, users may see a server error when starting a multi-document approval workflow.   DEV-528137
Object lifecycle user actions on object records now appear in their configured order.   DEV-537186


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users cannot revert back to Veeva-delivered translations if they have updated a translation.   DEV-510830


Description Issue No.
When there are several CRM Orgs, Vault incorrectly offers multiple jobs to configure for the push back to CRM.   DEV-522978


Description Issue No.
When a user uploads portrait-oriented image file as a multichannel slide with a CRM Media Type of HTML, Vault stretches the image out of its original aspect ratio in distribution packages.   DEV-467769
In some cases, Vault fails to create and update presentation slides due to missing document fields.   DEV-492182
After setting an email fragment to the Deleted state and creating a new fragment using the Auto Publish to CRM Email Fragment feature, Vault may incorrectly set both the deleted and new draft fragment to Approved.   DEV-517437


Description Issue No.
When a controlled field is the first field in a page layout, its populated values may not appear until the user deselects and reselects the field.   DEV-413981
When deploying a migration package that contains a layout rule that hides a control, Vault does not validate that the control exists on the page layout in the target Vault.   DEV-476252
In some cases, object reference fields do not update as expected during Vault pre-release.   DEV-483169
In some cases, migrating multiple objects in a multi-task Vault Loader job results in an unexpected error.   DEV-487407
Vault clears object reference field default values from object record pages when a user enters edit mode.   DEV-490214
When a user adds a formula field that references a high volume object picklist to the columns on an object record list page, Vault fails to display object records.   DEV-495854
Object records with a field pointing to the latest version of a document may show an incorrect value if the latest version of that document is deleted.   DEV-498095
Vault displays a confusing error message when a user attempts to cascade delete 1000 or more object records.   DEV-499274
After migrating a child object to HVO, the object record list may take a long time to load or may time out.   DEV-501226
After creating a related object record and then returning to the previous page to create a new related object record, Admins are able to click the Save button more than once, which produces duplicate records.   DEV-502053
After a user's name is updated in their User record, Vault displays the old name in the Last Modified By and Created By fields of object records.   DEV-505140
When a picklist field has a dependency such that only one option exists, Vault does not autopopulate the controlled field.   DEV-505576
In some cases, a document name referenced in a lookup field may unexpectedly contain special characters.   DEV-508225
Users experience a server error when viewing object records immediately after a change to the name of the object.   DEV-513151
In some cases in sandbox Vaults, when creating an object type, the Name field shows "false" instead of the field name suffix `__c`.   DEV-514171
Users cannot complete a checklist with ad-hoc sections when Weights Enabled is set to No.   DEV-521732
Jobs containing condittions that evaluate boolean fields fail on High Volume objects.   DEV-527084

Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
In some cases, cloned Vaults display document type, subtype, and classification in the incorrect order on Renditions Settings pages.   DEV-492718
In rare cases, field mapping of the object type field cannot be applied with Vault Loader.   DEV-495257
In some cases, record labels are hidden after a user accepts a workflow task.   DEV-500719
In rare cases, Vault fails to raise a validation error when a formatted output template is uploaded with incorrect information.   DEV-501080
In rare cases, unexpected errors due to reference constraint validation occur upon creating documents in bulk with Vault Loader.   DEV-504720
In rare cases, users with delegated access are able to edit the user profile of the account they are accessing.   DEV-506098
In rare cases, cross-domain users may be unable to view the My Vaults header.   DEV-508338
Users are unable to reorder list items (for example, fields in object record list pages) using keyboard arrow keys.   DEV-510807
In some cases, Layout Rules do not apply correctly after saving a record.   DEV-513663
In some cases, if a controlled section comes before its controlling section in a checklist design, the Export Checklist Design action fails with no results.   DEV-515620
In rare cases, a user's membership status may be inconsistent between what is displayed on the Vault Users page and the Domain Users page.   DEV-516545
When on the Notifications page already, clicking an unread notification in the panel does not select the notification in the Notifications page.   DEV-517301
Users may experience performance issues on pages with many object controls.   DEV-520953
Users may experience performance issues when accessing the record action menu and action bar.   DEV-521493
In cases involving certain VQL queries, users may experience slow performance.   DEV-521587
Users may experience performance issues when sending notifications with tokens to many users.   DEV-521784
Users may see very high page counts when attempting to print certain pages.   DEV-521963
In some cases, Vault runs redundant queries on records, which may cause performance issues for users.   DEV-522122
In some cases, users experience performance issues during inline editing.   DEV-522442
Vault does not display a helpful error message when a user attempts to create an ad hoc checklist section while missing a required field.   DEV-522494
The Email Notification Status page does not correctly sort the Send Date.   DEV-523843
In some cases, Vault may take longer than expected to generate document renditions containing Merge Fields.   DEV-524096
On the My Vaults grid view, hovering over the delegated user icon may show "Object Not Found".   DEV-524366
When a user has access to two Vaults, and one Vault is in configuration mode, navigating to the View My Vaults page causes a server error.   DEV-525057
When exporting the Full Notification History via UI or API, Account Emails will appear at the end of the CSV file for a given month regardless of the send_date of the Account Emails.   DEV-525164
Downloading a file from the notifications panel under the Bell icon opens a new page in addition to downloading the file.   DEV-525866
Users are unable to expand or collapse the Report Type section on the Create Report page.   DEV-526747
In some cases, users see a server error when Vault attempts to execute entry actions on specific documents.   DEV-527500


Description Issue No.
In some configurations, changes to Training Requirements marked as substitute training requirements, which also do not have any Training Rules defined, may fail to trigger a Training Requirement Impact assessment.   DEV-481491
In some cases, Vault fails to translate the Process Navigator dropdown into the proper language when viewing documents.   DEV-484389
In some cases, Vault restricts users without Objects: Lab Test Set: Edit permission from adding Lab Tests to a Test Set.   DEV-488450
While attempting to execute a test in Vault LIMS, Vault fails to prevent user from editing test results.   DEV-488725
Vault may display a server error instead of a useful error message when a user attempts to save a Study Learner Role-Person record without filling in the required fields.   DEV-492696
When attempting to save a Related Record Configuration, certain Outbound Reference Field and Field Value Mapping combinations may cause Vault to display an error.   DEV-494031
In rare cases, Vault fails to evaluate test results on behalf of users without a Vault Owner security profile.   DEV-496141
Users whose language setting differs from the Vault's language may receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to complete a Quality Event task if the task includes picklist fields without translations for their language.   DEV-511444
Vault may add incorrect system audit history entries upon an Admin changing entry criteria or event action configurations on an object lifecycle.   DEV-513760
In some cases, in the Process Navigator's Documents section, filter drop-down menus may not correctly display filtering options.   DEV-514410
Document Change Control workflows do not populate sharing settings on some documents.   DEV-514953
In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to remove documents from a DCC.   DEV-516117
For eMDR, Date Received by Manufacturer - G3 is displayed on the AER as a custom section. This means users may see this field and assume that populating it results in generating XML and PDF documents with G3 filled out. However, document generation does not fill out G3.   DEV-517784
In some cases, assets served from e-learning courses are not cached which can cause some courses to appear choppy or load slowly.   DEV-518581
Users can create more than 20 sections per checklist.   DEV-520187
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to update exception flags on Sample and Batch Reviews.   DEV-523496
When submitting XML to the health authority's gateway with Vault Product Surveillance, Vault may receive an ACK3 Rejected response with a "Health Effect Clinical Code is missing or invalid" message.   DEV-523503
In certain cases, a Learner may incorrectly receive new Training Assignments even in cases where document revision has not occurred.   DEV-525917
In some cases, after revising a result, users may need to refresh the page to see an updated exception summary.   DEV-525945
In cases where both a Revised and a Previously Out of Specification label apply to a Vault LIMS lab result, the result may lack the Previously Out of Specification icon in the interface.   DEV-526974
Vault fails to complete automated intermediate batch creation.   DEV-528698


Description Issue No.
When an external user fails to upload a COA file by email intake, the error message received is partially translated according to the user's non-English profile language.   DEV-495828
When users attempt to view a 5 Whys diagram in Vaults with Supplier Portal enabled, Vault displays a blank page.   DEV-501231
When closing out the Hazard Create dialog with the ESC key, the page is no longer accessible and displays error messages.   DEV-503915
When adding a Why item to a 5 Whys diagram, the "Why" text color is not displayed as expected.   DEV-504808
In some cases after deleting a Why item from a 5 Whys diagram, users cannot click into any other items in the digram.   DEV-504987
When Admins add a Question Help Text to a Question in an Audit Checklist, it is visible during preview but does not display after saving.   DEV-505580
In some cases, users see an error when attempting to create a new Related Child Record Setup component between two Quality Event object types.   DEV-505753
When saving an NCR record with errors in Supplier Portal, the error messages appear to be incorrectly formatted.   DEV-514640
In some cases, Vault fails to generate Inspection Samples for an Inspection record.   DEV-521473
When attempting to delete an Audit Checklist ad hoc Question with an Audit Finding record associated, users receive an unclear server error.   DEV-522521
In some cases, users may experience slowness when completing Risk Management Workflow tasks.   DEV-526500

QualityOne Client Applications

QualityOne Client Applications fixed issues are targeted for tentative availability on December 13.

Description Issue No.
QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile: After submitting an audit checklist and removing the local copy from the device, the Comment response content stays visible in the newly-checked out checklist when resubmitting the checklist with the Comment response deleted.   OLS-14343
QualityOne Mobile: In some cases, the header background colour changes after clicking on the picklist field from the record creation page.   OLS-14596


Description Issue No.
When generating or exporting FHIR messages, the Lifecycle State column is missing a filter selection for undefined/blank values.   DEV-438190
Vault may fail to report F4 and G12 validation errors.   DEV-443861
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1154 when validating grouped submissions.   DEV-461472
Vault incorrectly reports Rules 2002 and 2012 as Not Executed for some grouped submissions.   DEV-469448
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1901 as failed when there is Site Tagging File section published under m5-3-6.   DEV-474955
When importing submissions, Vault creates documents in the Published (instead of Final) state.   DEV-475941
In some cases, publishing job progress percentages appear to drop while the job is running.   DEV-479841
In some cases, Submissions Archive users are unable to access the Submission Archive Viewer.   DEV-482334
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports Rule 5215 as failed when a target document is published and locked to a different version.   DEV-483773
When a user adds columns to the Submissions Archive Viewer, only the Name and Submission columns are preserved if the page is refreshed.   DEV-485765
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 2025 as passed for some submissions.   DEV-485946
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1789 as failed when the Continuous Validation field on a Content Plan Item is set to “No”.   DEV-486451
Continuous publishing tasks fail when Vault attempts to add annotation links to a target document while it is locked to a lower version.   DEV-490647
When one document is matched to different Content Plan Items and the Published Output Location (POL) is updated during publishing, Vault reverts the POL to its previous value.   DEV-490910
Validation fails with a nonspecific error if duplicate Leaf IDs are detected during validation.   DEV-492027
In some cases, Vault incorrectly populates Product Data Message Level 1 and Level 2 Acknowledgement receipt dates.   DEV-494627
In some cases, Vault incorrectly passes rules 5030 and 5 when blank and unedited PDF forms are matched to a Content Plan Item.   DEV-495006
In some cases, users cannot download Submission exports from the Notifications menu when the Submissions Archive Viewer tab is open.   DEV-495818
Vault publishes stylesheet references in GCC Submission regional.xml in single (instead of double) quotes.   DEV-495920
When transferring from QMS to RIM, richtext fields are being processed as regular text and are being truncated.   DEV-496284
In some cases, users cannot complete a Submissions Archive Bulk Export.   DEV-496352
In some cases, Vault builds CN Submission binders incorrectly.   DEV-496423
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports CN Rules 4.2.6 and 4.2.10 as failed.   DEV-496431
The compliance_package_v and compliance_package_documents_v integration rules do not support query object relationships.   DEV-496887
Continuous publishing does not publish permalinks to Approved matched documents which were previously marked as not Ready for Publishing.   DEV-499306
On-demand publishing fails when Vault re-generates a merged Submission Content Plan’s updated Table of Contents.   DEV-500900
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to publish submissions documents while Continuous Publishing is enabled.   DEV-501117
The compliance_package_v and compliance_package_documents_v integration rules do not support query object relationships.   DEV-501286
In some cases, Vault shows an incorrect breadcrumb trail when viewing Submission Binders.   DEV-501699
In rare cases, submission imports result in an internal system error.   DEV-502526
When submitting via the gateway to the EMA, if publishing has not yet completed, the system does not prevent the transmission.   DEV-504020
After clicking Edit in the Action menu, users are unable to edit job fields.   DEV-504784
Vault incorrectly reports Rule 5117 as failed when validating some matched PDF documents.   DEV-505295
Under certain circumstances, split regulatory objectives display warnings and fail to specify fields for some records with multiple matching records.   DEV-505439
When editing some standard notification templates, users receive invalid token warnings for pre-configured tokens.   DEV-505459
Vault fails to publish Study Tagging Files during Continuous Publishing while EDL is active.   DEV-505565
The Content Plan Viewer indicator is not updated with asynchronous state changes in Vaults where the Copy Into Content Plan feature is not enabled.   DEV-505898
Users are unable to generate Registration History Reports.   DEV-507739
In some cases, XML renditions of submissions fail when unicode characters are included in the application's folder name.   DEV-507788
When saving a Content Plan View, Vault inconsistently displays some UI elements.   DEV-509187
In some cases, references are not published in the correct order.   DEV-509418
In some cases, users cannot complete a Submissions Archive Bulk Export.   DEV-509482
In some cases, Compliance Packages are set to Submitted even while some crosslinks are not created in RIM due to a UEM, which will cause these documents to never be transferred.   DEV-509919
In cases where users have custom lookup/formula fields configured on both an application and a submission/ro join with the same field name, they are unable to edit or create new submission/ro joins.   DEV-510026
In some cases, users are unable to save data on the Edit and Verify page when there is a non editable dependent field.   DEV-510153
When a Submission join record fails to copy, Vault includes duplicate rows in the downloaded CSV.   DEV-510378
Users may experience performance issues when executing Set Leaf Operation on an EDL item whose corresponding application has a large sequence of submissions.   DEV-510599
Users encounter a server error when updating custom matched formula fields on Submission relationship records.   DEV-510643
Users are unable to reorder matched documents correctly when all the matched documents have blank order values.   DEV-510935
Lookup/formula custom matching fields are extracted as part of extracted application relationships. When this occurs, the user receives an error if they try to load application joins using the extracted ones with custom matching fields populated.   DEV-510970
Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 1500 as passed when a Content Plan Item’s Title contains a line break.   DEV-511403
In some cases, users may experience false positive validation failures on Submissions.   DEV-511442
When attempting to transmit a submission, users may incorrectly receive a "Number of Published files doesn't match" message.   DEV-511542
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports Rule 1734 as failed due to a missing ts.xpt file.   DEV-511924
In rare cases, users may encounter inconsistent submission validation results.   DEV-511987
Users are unable to transfer documents from PM to RIM that have doc types containing an "Applications" field.   DEV-512283
In some cases, US Rule 1697 may report a false positive.   DEV-512393
In some cases, Content Plan record Names are vertically misaligned in the Content Plan Viewer.   DEV-512472
Vault does not deep copy records if a source Submission or Regulatory Objective relationship record has values populated for the Application Source and custom matching fields.   DEV-512482
When creating Submission and Regulatory Objective relationship records without an Application Source, Vault allows users to populate custom matching field values.   DEV-512500
Users may receive server errors when attempting to edit the Organization object record without specifying the Gateway Profile field value.   DEV-512809
In some cases, regional leaf may have a placeholder checksum value in index.xml instead of the correct value.   DEV-513315
In some cases, Vault publishes documents with an uppercase file extension (e.g., testfile.XPT), resulting in Rule 1255 failure.   DEV-514032
When a document is matched to two or more Content Plan Items, Vault intermittently sets mismatching checksum values during publishing and validation.   DEV-514771
Vault incorrectly reports Rules 1306 and 1323 as passed when a Content Plan Item’s Published Output Location (xml_xlinkhref__v) begins with “/”.   DEV-514929
Bulk updating tokens on Content Plan Sections using the Update Tokens in Field action does not work correctly.   DEV-514966
Vault resolves all values in a multi-value matched document token instead of only the first token.   DEV-515181
In some cases, Vault cannot publish and merge Report Level Content Plans if the related Publishing Element Page Numbering field is set to “Overall Page Number”.   DEV-515523
Health Canada submissions containing file paths longer than 100 characters are rejected.   DEV-515540
Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 7 as passed when Form 1571 is missing.   DEV-515616
Vault incorrectly reports Rule F07 as failed when a Content Plan’s m1 section is not the first child in the tree.   DEV-515973
In some cases, applications with a lot of submissions take a long time to validate XMLs.   DEV-516105
In some cases, Vault incorrectly reports US Rule 1119 as passed when the STF DTD is missing.   DEV-516507
The Submission Archive Viewer's migration jobs incorrectly skip inactive submissions.   DEV-516863
In some cases, Vault performance is degraded when users set a reference leaf.   DEV-517836
Vault incorrectly reports Rule C06 as passed when an item’s Published Output Location begins with a space (e.g., “ m1-leaf.pdf”).   DEV-520112
In some cases, during bulk publishing, overlays may show incorrect values in some fields.   DEV-520367
Correspondence documents appear in the new Submissions Archive Viewer when Dossier Status is Publishing Active   DEV-520473
In some cases, users are unable to execute the Calculate Status Workflow action on Regulatory Objective records if the prefix doesn't start with the previously hardcoded value.   DEV-521661
Admins cannot select more than 12 Submission Types for the Restrict Submission copying for worksharing RIM application setting.   DEV-521983
In some cases, users cannot create or update Content Plans in RIM Vaults with Submissions Archive.   DEV-522013
In some cases, the 50-character limit to the Sponsor Email Address field in a gateway profile prevents xEVMPD gateway submissions.   DEV-523367
UDI submission data cannot be created when multiple Registered Packaging Characteristic or Registered Regulatory Text records are related to the same registration.   DEV-524548
Users cannot sort descendants A-Z in the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-524858
In some cases, users cannot view hyperlinks within documents in the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-524971
In some cases, UDI submission data cannot be generated when a Clinical Size record is related to a registration.   DEV-525106
Vault incorrectly reports Rule EU 15.10 as an internal error and EU 14.6 and 14.7 as failed if the Submission Subtype field is blank.   DEV-525516
Multi-line annotations link to the first page of the target document instead of the named destination.   DEV-525900
In some cases, common RIM UI labels are not available in RIM Vaults without Submissions Archive.   DEV-526212
Users cannot export Submission records when the new Submissions Archive Viewer is enabled.   DEV-526568
Users cannot navigate to the new Submissions Archive Viewer from a binder.   DEV-527015
Users cannot submit attachment-only xEVMPD submissions if a document is associated with more than one application.   DEV-527413
Inactive Submissions are not displayed in the new Submissions Archive Viewer.   DEV-527716
In some cases, when a user selects an Application in the new Submissions Archive Viewer, previously-selected Submissions are not cleared from the filter.   DEV-527903


RegulatoryOne fixed issues are targeted for tentative availability on December 13.

Description Issue No.
When Admins try to create a Relational Token in Vault with a label containing an underscore (_) as the first or last character, Vault displays a server error and does not create the Relational Token.   OLS-12500
When Admins try to create a Relational Token in Vault with a label containing more than 40 characters, Vault displays a server error and does not create the Relational Token.   OLS-12554
In some cases, users may receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to create a Location.   OLS-13603
In some cases, running the Create Registration and Objective action sets the Registration to a newly-created Registration Objective.   OLS-14036
When multiple child Requirements with the same parent Requirement reference the same Token Label, Vault does not create the expected number of Registration Item Requirements when the Generate Requirements action runs on the associated record.   OLS-15117
Vault displays a server error when users try to edit custom types of Registration Item Requirements and that object type is not assigned the Source, Use Source, and Depth in Source Hierarchy fields.   OLS-15243
The Generate Requirements action fails when the EDL field on an associated Requirement is not a checkbox and has a null value.   OLS-15249
In some cases when users run the Run Global Impact Assessment action on an Event, Vault does not display the Search: Select Registration Item Records dialog.   OLS-15661


Description Issue No.
Vault fails to deploy configuration migration packages that include document relationship reports.   DEV-432942
In some cases, certain document reference field values from Regulatory Objective records do not appear in reports.   DEV-477539
Under certain circumstances, Vault fails to execute Multi-Pass reports with advanced logic.   DEV-495552
In some cases, Vault duplicates the Favorite (star) icon next to the Report Types component name after users delete a report type.   DEV-499049
Multi-Pass reports with a formula field as a filter and a corresponding report view with advanced filter logic may fail with a server error.   DEV-518678
Vault may fail to execute Multi-Pass reports where Document is the primary reporting object.   DEV-526946

Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
When validating uniqueness of the name field for a new HVO object, users may receive an error.   DEV-454531
Non-mandatory savedview component records are not in the component directory and cannot be migrated with VPKs.   DEV-473760
In some cases, documents that have had a checkout undone can appear to be checked out from the library page, but not the document information page.   DEV-479736
The Suggest Links document action creates suggested links for single words rather than correctly matching the entire sentence.   DEV-489215
After performing a bulk action on a document section on the expanded search page, the user is redirected to the 'All' view instead of back to the expanded search results.   DEV-490734
In rare cases, users may receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to open any tabs in a Vault.   DEV-496254
In some cases, users are unable to edit some fields in-line on the Expanded Search Page.   DEV-497960
If a user doesn't have read permission on an object in a search collection, attempting to navigate to the expanded search page results in a "Page not found" server error.   DEV-498921
When a user clicks through views too quickly in the tabular layout, Vault switches back and forth between views indefinitely rather than eventually stopping on the last clicked view.   DEV-500251
In some cases, field values containing special characters may not display properly.   DEV-502938
In some cases, users receive a "These search results were truncated because there were too many matches" message when it does not apply.   DEV-506389
Vault fails to export document metadata while in grid view.   DEV-509417
In rare cases where users have made specific changes to fields, they receive a "Server having problems" error and are unable to see the related section data.   DEV-510158
The truncate cell text and wrap cell text options are not saved when creating saved views on object tabs.   DEV-510444
In some cases, when trying to configure a Custom Tab, the Lifecycle State filter does not have any values as options in the dropdown despite applicable values existing.   DEV-511505
Users are unable to save views in grid layout with a search scope applied.   DEV-511531
When performing a document search, users may observe visual issues with the Status label.   DEV-511567
Users receive a Server Having Problems error when attempting to export View Admin.   DEV-512412
In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to edit a document.   DEV-512475
Users are unable to save new views in the tabular layout.   DEV-513158
In some cases, users may experience unexpected behavior when searching for text.   DEV-513500
In cases where there are too many related records, filters do not return any results and no error message is shown to inform the user.   DEV-514271
When searching for an exact or fuzzy match on a custom configurable field or some standard fields, the dialog does not show values for the field's column.   DEV-514411
Users cannot use a search term to filter the values of a passthrough join object property in the advanced search dialog on documents.   DEV-514778
When searching for an exact match on some fields, the duplicate dialog shows the incorrect label on the record to be created.   DEV-515428
When performing an Object Text Similarity request, the system may fail to recognize synonyms from imported thesaurus files.   DEV-516241
In some cases, after favoriting a document, then moving to another page in the Library, users may see that the document in the same position on the next page appears to be favorited.   DEV-518674
In some cases, users may see terms incorrectly highlighted in global search bar searches on object tabs.   DEV-518675
In some cases, users are able to begin inline editing read-only fields and then receive an error.   DEV-518919
When using Enhanced Suggest Links, stemming does not work when searching for phrases.   DEV-519029
Refreshing the page on a dynamic tab results in a "Page Not Found" error.   DEV-520276
In some cases, Admins are unable to save their changes to views.   DEV-521222
In some cases, users are unable to select a case in Advanced Search.   DEV-521879
In some cases, search dialogs may fail to appear for relationship types with picklist filters.   DEV-523325
When saving a view on a dynamic tab after making changes to the filters or columns, Vault may fail to save the changes to the view.   DEV-523557


Description Issue No.
Under certain conditions, users retain access to tabs after an Admin removes access.   DEV-488100
Under certain conditions, documents sharing settings do not match groups.   DEV-494100
Under certain conditions, some inactivated users may remain in the "All Internal Users" group.   DEV-509293

Site Vault

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to upload a document via Setup Assistant and Source Upload.   DEV-495447

Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
In some cases, file uploads using Vault File Manager fail with upload status "Upload interrupted" and an error that the job cannot be found.   DEV-519013

Veeva Claims

Veeva Claims fixed issues are targeted for tentative availability on December 13.

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users may receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to add user mentions in a Project Comment.   OLS-13823
In some cases, users cannot edit fields in the Translator View of Pack Copy.   OLS-13873
Users see a "Server having problems" error when they open a Pack Copy record if they don't have Read permission for the Element object.   OLS-14051
In some cases, users cannot edit Elements using the Translator Viewer in Pack Copy records.   OLS-14599