Release Date: July 29, 2022 & August 5, 2022

The issues listed below are fixed in the 22R2 release.

Last Updated: August 5, 2022


Description Issue No.
For a brief period of time, one of the Vault Authentication servers went down, causing a global outage. This server went down due to unforeseen resource constraints. To prevent this type of outage from occurring again, Vault has decreased the resources required by this server by throttling audit log requests and moving internal activities, such as backups, to a different server. Additionally, we've implemented additional internal logging to alert us of this particular issue so we can take action before an outage occurs.   DEV-447993
In some cases, updating object records using Vault Loader results in a mismatch between Lifecycle State and Lifecycle Stage.   DEV-462943
Behavior when selecting Start and End dates for delegating users differs if you're on the User Profile page or Active Delegations page. To fix this issue, dates will always behave like the Active Delegations page and always appear in UTC.   DEV-467639
In some cases, users do not receive email notifications that should have been sent while the auth server was temporarily unavailable.   DEV-468996
When downloading a Config Report, the "Authorization Server Provider" field for SSO profiles may be incorrectly blank.   DEV-477121
Some users experience Doctype component discrepancies in Vault Comparison reports.   DEV-478319
In some cases, users receive a connection error when attempting to update a custom s3 bucket for Scheduled Data Exports.   DEV-478817
In some cases, permission sets do not appear in the dropdown list for adding to a VPK.   DEV-483993
Extracting documents with Vault Loader may contain duplicates.   DEV-484026
In some cases, Distribution Task Recipient records become stuck in the Pending Distribution and Sending email status.   DEV-484349
In some cases, Scheduled Data Exports with the full data export option fail to export some records.   DEV-486842
In some cases, Tracked Emails sent to Gmail addresses may be incorrectly reported as opened.   DEV-487299
In some cases, the System Audit UI displays the incorrect User Name for Email Burst Threshold and Outbound Email Domain entries.   DEV-488882
When exporting to Excel, Vault includes record values hidden via state based security if the user has read or edit permissions on the field.   DEV-489392
The Vault Loader Command Line Tool does not factor LIMIT and OFFSET parameters in properly.   DEV-490542
In some cases, Migration Packages fail to import during VPK deployment.   DEV-491167
Vault does not consistently evaluate the Workday() and NetWorkdays() functions in layout rules.   DEV-498986

Brand & Medical Portal

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users are unable to filter on documents when adding to a portal via the Portal UI.   DEV-486996

Clinical Operations

Description Issue No.
Vault does not generate a notification after the Recalculate Enrollment Metrics job completes.   DEV-332643
In some cases, a server error displays when a Monitoring Event has multiple Trip Report Question Responses that reference the same Question.   DEV-456260
In some cases, Vault shows a blank page in the Review Summary section of a Monitoring Event.   DEV-462947
In some cases, the Vault incorrectly logs the email address of external users viewing Safety Distributions as   DEV-463654
In some cases, the TMF Homepage Quality widget takes longer than expected to load.   DEV-465850
In some cases, updating crosslinks in Clinical Vaults creates duplicate crosslinks in connected Regulatory Vaults.   DEV-467662
In some cases, inbound documents integration with a RIM Vault will fail and users will be unable to receive inbound documents in the RIM Vault.   DEV-468382
In some cases, Site Connect fails to generate Agreements for correctly configured connections.   DEV-469980
In cases where Enable Deleted Records Transfer is enabled and the Last Successful Run Date for a given integration was more than 30 days ago, updating records on the Clinical Operations side of the CDMS & Clinical Operations Vault Connection fails.   DEV-470728
In some cases, when attempting to add a User to a Person record, Vault displays "Server having problems."   DEV-471205
Vault incorrectly reports during Document Reconciliation that the Clinical Operations Vault has not received the current Steady State document from SiteVault.   DEV-474996
Vault incorrectly requires the Indication Code / 薬効分類番号 on CTN Combination Product records when included in a Generated CTN Document.   DEV-475107
While Enable Timeliness Document Field Calculation is enabled, Vault fails to update the Timeliness field if the Start Date field or End Date field is empty.   DEV-475716
In some cases, Monitored Subject dates do not update as expected after the related Subject records are updated.   DEV-476641
After successfully retrying a TMF Transfer with over 200 Transfer Failure records, Vault fails to delete more than 200 Transfer Failure records.   DEV-479621
In cases where a Study Person record does not have an underlying User record, updates to the Study Person record fail.   DEV-479953
In some cases, Vault creates multiple Transfer Failure records after the user has taken the retry action.   DEV-480130
Drag & drop functionality does not work for expected documents in list view.   DEV-480403
Users receive a server error when attempting to deactivate an agreement that does not exist in the associated Vault.   DEV-480674
Vault shows an unneeded period (.) in the radio button cells of the USN selection dialog.   DEV-480782
When Site Connect is disabled, Vault displays "Server having problems" when loading a page layout containing the Site Document Exchange section.   DEV-482002
Vault may double fetch data and incorrectly generate Weekly MOT records.   DEV-482704
Checklist creation may fail if triggered indirectly via a different workflow.   DEV-483736
Users are unable to mark documents rescinded in cases where the site lifecycle stage is null and the documents have been sent to multiple sites.   DEV-484362
In some cases, documents are incorrectly marked as in bulk queue when they are not being processed.   DEV-485030
In some cases, users are able to create crosslink documents without the required Study field   DEV-486201
Users may receive Unexpected Errors when attempting to perform document reconciliation.   DEV-486473
In some cases involving high volume, CDX uploads fail.   DEV-487368
In some cases, users experience performance degradation when performing certain VQL queries on CDMS Vaults.   DEV-487985
In some cases, the EDL Matching job incorrectly updates EDLs that are Inactive.   DEV-488153
In cases where Actual Metrics have a value of Null, the Update Metrics Job fails.   DEV-488431
Users may receive "Server having problems" errors when completing tasks with entry actions that modify Study Hierarchy values.   DEV-488967
When users update the First and Last Name fields on the User object, Vault does not apply those changes to the Study Person Name field on the Study person object.   DEV-489487
In some cases, hovering over the Milestone progress icon results in "server having problems."   DEV-491305
Reports display groupings incorrectly.   DEV-495541
When users delete a metric at the Study Site level, Vault does not delete the metric after running the Update Metric Job and instead sets the value of the deleted metric to 0.   DEV-497262
Users may receive a server error when using some date filters on Site Activation Progress Reports.   DEV-497979
When the Enhanced Document Update flag is Off, users cannot add a Document from a Study.   DEV-499905
In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to accept an agreement invitation for a clinical Vault in the site Vault.   DEV-500981
In some cases, users without the Manage Archive permission are unable to perform the Send for Review & Approval action on non-Archived studies.   DEV-501111
Users may receive a connection error when attempting to transfer some document types using certain integrations.   DEV-501143
In some cases where the document field maximum value for Timeliness is smaller than the Timeless calculation, Vault does not display an error message.   DEV-501588
Line breaks and spacing are not showing up correctly in the Comment field of the Trip Report grid when viewed in Read-only/Review mode.   DEV-502878
In some cases, the Content field on a document appears blank when the document is approved.   DEV-504353


Description Issue No.
In some cases, the Production CDN URL link does not navigate to the latest document version.   DEV-467459
In some cases, case response packages open on a random document in the package, rather than the first document in the package.   DEV-481984
In some cases, exported Compliance Packages contain a previous, outdated version of the clean material.   DEV-483001
When the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault does not properly display an error when users fail to enter required Case Contact information.   DEV-485927
While performing the Create Presentation action, users are unable to click "Today" to set the CRM Expiration Date field.   DEV-487779
While using the MedComms OpenData connection, searching using only the search bar results in an error.   DEV-490195
While the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault displays incorrect labels in the Search: Case Contact dialog.   DEV-490971
When the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault fails to apply selected filters when searching Case Contact records.   DEV-490972
In some cases, Vault displays abbreviations instead of labels when searching for records using the OpenData MedComms connection.   DEV-491243
In some cases, Vault fails to return results when users filter Case Contacts while using the MedComms OpenData connection.   DEV-491273
In some cases, Vault fails to return results when users apply certain combinations of filters while using the MedComms OpenData connection.   DEV-491292
Users are unable to search Case Contact records with the MedComms OpenData connection using incomplete search terms.   DEV-491303
In some cases, when the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault fails to populate the Mobile field.   DEV-491323
While using the MedComms OpenData connection and searching for case contact information, searches are case sensitive.   DEV-491580
In some cases, while using the MedComms OpenData connection, Vault shows duplicate results when users search for Case Contacts.   DEV-491589
When the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, users experience an error after attempting to search before entering required Case Contact information.   DEV-492504
Fields in the OpenData search UI are locked when a different country is selected. In some cases, this can prevent the user from searching.   DEV-493484
While the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault does not properly display an error when the OpenData Connection Authorization record is inactive.   DEV-493590
While using the MedComms OpenData connection, Vault incorrectly calls the Network API twice when users select a dropdown with any HCP Country selected.   DEV-494632
Users searching Case Contact records using the MedComms OpenData search UI cannot apply date filters and see dates displayed in the wrong format.   DEV-495268
In the CRM Connection, when matching a Case Contact NULL values are not handled correctly.   DEV-495558
Vault may fail to escape special characters in fields pulled from Veeva CRM using the CRM Connection and may fail to map or create Case, Case Request, Case Contact, and Associated Contact records.   DEV-495566
Under certain circumstances, while the MedComms CRM connection is enabled, Vault fails to pull records from CRM.   DEV-497018
When the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, searching for Case Contact records does not work as expected.   DEV-499893

Developer Features: API

Description Issue No.
Creating an object record via the API may fail when X-VaultAPI-MigrationMode is set to 'true', the object has a dynamic reference constraint on an object reference field, and the import file is using reference lookup rather than a record ID.   DEV-469043
In rare cases, Vault fails to render documents after uploading documents via the Bulk Document Create API.   DEV-479087
When calling the Retrieve Document Classification endpoint, inactive classifications will not appear in the response.   DEV-492931
The "Veeva Site Connect: Safety Distribution API Update" Feature is not available in Pre-Release Vaults. Learn more about this feature on the Developer Portal.   DEV-498478

Developer Features: MDL

Description Issue No.
MODIFY, ALTER, RECREATE, and CREATE commands fail for Object components with Fields where `required = true`, `no_copy = true`, and `default_value` is not null. Additionally, deployment fails for migration packages containing object records with required fields where Do not copy this field in Copy Record is selected and a default value exists.   DEV-474142
When a user executes an MDL RENAME command on a Doctype, Vault does not verify that new type, subtype, and classification names are unique.   DEV-494254

Developer Features: SDK

Description Issue No.
Vault throws an exception when a lifecycle lookup field returns a null value.   DEV-447841
The audit trail entry is missing after a user creates a document or document version using the Java SDK.   DEV-470195
In some cases, Vault to Vault Spark integrations create placeholders instead of documents with content in target Vaults.   DEV-486475

Developer Features: VQL

Description Issue No.
The doc_roles__sysr subquery does not return results if it includes a multivalue subquery.   DEV-437806
After using the REST API to execute a query that contains a subquery on doc_roles__sysr, the next_page and previous_page URLs return an error that the query does not exist.   DEV-486471


Description Issue No.
Vault fails to render protected Microsoft Word files.   DEV-428489
While "Allow download without overlays" is disabled, Vault gets stuck after failing to apply overlays when users attempt to download the rendition.   DEV-452942
Windows users cannot open controlled copy documents containing Japanese fonts.   DEV-453436
In rare cases, Vault fails to render Microsoft Word files.   DEV-454057
In some cases, Vault fails to render .TIFF files.   DEV-458844
Vault returns different MD5 checksum values on Merge Fields documents depending on the retrieval method.   DEV-459011
In some cases, Vault displays multiple file sizes for the same viewable rendition.   DEV-465637
After a user approves a manual rendition of a non-renderable source file, the manual rendition no longer appears in the Renditions list.   DEV-466681
In some cases, Vault displays an incorrect value for the Pages field on new document versions.   DEV-466968
In some cases, the Remove icon may be missing from the Upload New Version dialog box.   DEV-467381
Vault fails to display viewable renditions for documents created using the Make a Copy action.   DEV-467924
After performing the Merge Anchors action, Vault does not update merged references to remaining anchors.   DEV-468130
Vault displays an incorrect error message when users upload attachments larger than the maximum file size.   DEV-468197
After updating document fields via Vault Loader, Vault incorrectly clears lookup fields.   DEV-468717
In rare cases, Vault fails to create a controlled document template when multiple state changes occur in quick succession.   DEV-470337
In some cases, users cannot perform the Download Notes action on unsupported mime type documents.   DEV-471486
Vault returns incorrect MD5 checksum values after Merge Fields updates.   DEV-472149
A rendition profile called "Custom" is available for selection when the Rendition Profile field is a dependent field in a field dependency rule.   DEV-472582
In some cases, users are unable to move pending (or unsaved) arrow annotations after resizing the browser window.   DEV-472690
In some cases, tokens incorrectly appear on documents.   DEV-473831
Vault incorrectly allows users to delete references on read-only Approved Claim records.   DEV-474173
In some cases, Vault displays an incorrect number of attachments.   DEV-474531
After checking in a document edited in Google Drive, the document in Vault does not display the edits.   DEV-475943
In some cases, asset renditions are not copied over to the file system for newly approved versions.   DEV-476010
The browser may freeze after a user creates a link annotation on a document with over 400 Linked Document relationships.   DEV-477122
In some cases, after a user searches for and selects certain documents in the Library, the "Document Not Found" page displays.   DEV-479112
The Learn More link on the document upload page redirects to the wrong page.   DEV-480308
In some cases, fonts in viewable renditions appear differently than in the source document.   DEV-480905
Under certain conditions, users are unable to update Major Version Number document field using a VPK.   DEV-482151
Find in Document fails to return results if the first word in the search is a single character.   DEV-482344
In some cases, Vault removes source document relationships.   DEV-482854
Under certain conditions, attempts to reclassify documents result in a server error.   DEV-484203
If users use a doc field containing '#' as an auto name, the '#' is replaced with @veevaEscapeCharacter.   DEV-484207
In some cases, document updates take much longer than they should, especially in Vaults with a high number of document annotations.   DEV-485027
Field dependency components that begin with "dep" have a Modified Date field value, but audit logs show no changes.   DEV-485186
In some cases, users are unable to update document fields, receiving an Unexpected Error.   DEV-485302
After regenerating a trip report, the status for Prior Version may be incorrect in the report and other places where the value is used.   DEV-485548
When a Delete Minor Version Entry Action fails, users may observe unexpected errors or documents with an incorrect version.   DEV-485863
In some cases, users receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to view a document within a nested binder.   DEV-485930
Running the Create Presentation action on the same document fails if the values of the Lifecycle Stage and Lifecycle State Stage ID fields have changed.   DEV-486213
In some cases, the Review & Approve Monitoring Event workflow generates Trip Reports documents without a viewable rendition.   DEV-486224
When classifying or reclassifying documents, lookup fields may not populate.   DEV-486772
When indexing a document, Vault may index the Website field incorrectly.   DEV-486882
After updating a document with previously populated inactive fields, Vault sets the fields to blank.   DEV-487193
In some cases, certain approval workflows that update a document field do not re-render merge fields.   DEV-487798
After bulk updating document fields, Vault incorrectly attributes the update to a user rather than the system on the audit trail.   DEV-488373
In some cases, some binders may become inaccessible due to corrupted data.   DEV-489695
In some cases, OCR renditions show "There was an error during document processing" until a user refreshes the page.   DEV-490188
If users use a doc field containing '#' as an auto name and the auto name exceeds its character limit, the '#' is replaced with @veevaEscapeCharacter.   DEV-490554
After document creation, OCR may update shared fields, which updates the Last Modified By field, even though the shared field values have not changed and there are no audit entries.   DEV-490720
In some cases, users receive internal server errors when attempting to upload documents.   DEV-493991
With Vault File Manager enabled, when uploading a file larger than 4 GB via Create Draft or Upload New Version, users may incorrectly be allowed to use the Create button.   DEV-495015
After inactivating a shared document field that contains multiple values, updating the document results in duplicate values on the inactive field.   DEV-495275
In some cases, font processing fails for Type 3 fonts that do not have a font name, and this may result in unexpected validation errors.   DEV-495579
With Vault File Manager disabled, attempting to upload a file larger than 4GB may result in Vault incorrectly displaying the load screen rather than displaying an error.   DEV-495825
At times, documents disappear from a binder, even when previously visible.   DEV-496169
In some cases, Vault File Manager fails to list documents in the Checked Out tab.   DEV-496759
When using Vault’s File Staging Server, after classification from staged to specific document type, a large size asset file may incorrectly remain in the inbox.   DEV-496954
When a user selects the Today option next to a document Date field, the Apply button remains disabled until the user manually selects the date from the calendar.   DEV-502066

Lifecycle & Workflow

Description Issue No.
When editing a Team, the expand and collapse icon on the "Workflow Timeline" reverses after saving the modification.   DEV-434219
Under certain circumstances in workflow configuration, Vault may not fully revert workflow changes upon executing the Revert to Last Active Configuration action.   DEV-435669
The workflow timeline view does not correctly show the user assigned as a delegate for a delagated user when starting a workflow.   DEV-468783
Vault may display a blank error dialog instead of server error banner when an error occurs while canceling an object workflow.   DEV-476142
In some cases, error logs for action failures may include excessive error statements.   DEV-476496
When a document lifecycle entry action is configured to update a date field to Today('user'), the state change and field update may fail for non-English user   DEV-477039
After changing State Name or State Label of an object lifecycle state, users experience errors when editing object records that use the lifecycle.   DEV-481496
In certain cases, the document lifecycle tab Allowed Users may not correctly display users who have been added as an Owner on the General Lifecycle.   DEV-483458
When clicking into a multi-user picklist in a legacy workflow, users receive a "Server having problems" error.   DEV-484278
In some cases, users are unable to finish Withdrawal workflow tasks.   DEV-486793
In some cases in legacy workflows, Vault may incorrectly display a workflow due date instead of a task due date.   DEV-488085
In certain cases where the document workflow viewer contains more than 10 documents, the All Documents option may incorrectly be grey and unclickable.   DEV-490853
In rare cases, Vault fails to cancel tasks after the workflow timer expires in a legacy workflow.   DEV-492547
Vault may display an error when attempting to start a workflow on documents when there are a large number of view filters applied.   DEV-493694
In some cases, Vault may not display an eSignature in the Doc Info as expected.   DEV-497959
In some cases, Vault sets the owner of a quality issue record as "System" instead of the person who created the record.   DEV-498245
When adding a participant to an active workflow, some eligible users may not appear in the list to add.   DEV-498721
After configuring an object workflow with an Update Sharing Settings step or task step, and then associating its object lifecycle with a high volume object, Vault may display a server error when loading the object workflow.   DEV-499012
For workflow tasks with dependent fields set as verdict-level fields, users may not always be able to select values for the depended field, which can prevent the task from being completed.   DEV-503173


Description Issue No.
When exporting User Activity History, "Successful" is sometimes misspelled as "Succesful".   DEV-461827
French Vaults may see some messages in English.   DEV-465401
When viewing a Group, the Included Security Profiles may be displayed as null if the correct label translations are not available for the Group label.   DEV-485905


Description Issue No.
In some cases, users experience an error when attempting to update a source document after deleting a related Master Email fragment.   DEV-498352


Description Issue No.
When an Admin deletes a valid value from a picklist on an object configuration page and then edits the original record, the record does not show the deleted value as expected.   DEV-467469
Users are unable to edit object page layout rules that reference deleted sections.   DEV-471499
For EDLs and EDL Items created from a template that has inactive EDLs, Vault displays EDL Items in the wrong order in the list view.   DEV-478887
When a user tries to delete a an EDL record while one or more of its child EDL items is in a workflow, Vault displays an empty error message.   DEV-481513
Users experience an error when creating high volume object records with multi-value picklist fields in newly cloned Vaults.   DEV-486203
In some scenarios, users with read-only access to a field on a record through atomic security may be unable to view the record.   DEV-488074
When a query in a formatted output template selects a formula field on a standard Vault object that references a high volume object, the formatted output job fails to run.   DEV-493327
Vault displays in incorrect error message when an Admin exceeds the maximum number of custom fields on an object.   DEV-494339
In some cases, users editing object records see a confusing validation message on document reference fields when a corresponding version reference field is empty.   DEV-496070
At times, when users make changes to the First and Last Name fields of the User object, Vault updates the Study person name field with incorrect characters.   DEV-498090
In rare cases, the Document Type field value may appear with the document hierarchy out of order.   DEV-499444

Performance & UI

Description Issue No.
Users with slow network connections are able to create duplicate records due to Vault failing to disable the Save button.   DEV-437384
In some cases, users are unable to move annotations after resizing the browser window.   DEV-445076
Users are unable to close the Bookmarks panel if the Annotate toolbar is collapsed.   DEV-460699
Users are unable to close the Destinations panel if the Annotate toolbar is collapsed.   DEV-460735
Drag and drop upload fails when attempting to to create a draft.   DEV-466981
In some cases, when opening the application or submission record details page from the Submissions Archive Viewer, the Back to Previous Page breadcrumb is not displayed on the object record details page.   DEV-469574
In some cases, Vault fails to properly process special HTML entities entered for name__v fields.   DEV-470010
In some cases, Vault autofills the incorrect value when users attempt to edit dates.   DEV-472453
In some cases, after creating a single object record, Vault fails to display the breadcrumb trail.   DEV-473094
Users may be incorrectly redirected to a Quality Event creation page from a different Quality Event's overview page.   DEV-473262
The Review Summary section link scrolls to and expands the incorrect section when one of the sections in a given page layout is hidden due to not having any fields associated with it.   DEV-473763
The Learn More link on the Scheduled Data Export Settings page redirects to the wrong page.   DEV-475524
When a user enters an invalid value when inline editing a date field in a related objects section of an object record, Vault incorrectly displays the date picker over the error message.   DEV-476017
When inline editing in a Complex Join section, Vault refreshes the entire section rather than only refreshing the edited grid box.   DEV-476751
After a user cancels an edit on a record detail page, Date and Datetime fields may be incorrectly formatted.   DEV-477290
In some cases, users are able to create new records on tabs where they should not be able to do so.   DEV-478744
In some cases, Vault displays a blank page when a user tries to inline edit a picklist field from the object record list page.   DEV-479000
When cancelling a task, the Korean warning message lists the assigned user as 'undefined.'   DEV-479971
In the tabular layout, the binder icon does not appear correctly.   DEV-492648
In some cases, certain date formats cause workflows to fail.   DEV-494136
The pagination component of the Library page may not display properly when users attempt to enter text in the pagination box, hiding text entered into the box.   DEV-494224
In some cases, checklist creation via an entry action may fail.   DEV-498247
Certain transfers are slow to complete.   DEV-500455
In some cases, Vault does not correctly render some HTML entities, for example, >, after a user searches on an object record list page.   DEV-501112
At times, transfer of documents from Site Vault to Clinical Operations Vault is unsuccessful and results in an unexpected error.   DEV-501787
In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to update records using Vault Loader.   DEV-502580
The "RIM to Clinops Connection: Transfer steady and superseded state document versions" setting label is blank.   DEV-502644


Description Issue No.
Under certain circumstances in Vaults with the Enable TRIA for all Training Requirements setting disabled, Vault may not correctly update the Training Content Set of a Training Assignment when it is appropriate to do so.   DEV-453054
When deploying packages, Vault interprets the "Lifecycle" field as a custom field instead of a standard field.   DEV-466448
In some cases in Training Vaults using the Assign Effective Training or Initial Due Date features, users may incorrectly receive additional assignments.   DEV-475368
Vault includes inactive external notification templates and distribution groups when calculating whether their number has exceeded the maximum.   DEV-477040
Vault does not disable the "Complete Training" button after a user clicks it and the dialog appears.   DEV-478907
In some cases, the Power Delete Training Assignments action may fail on a Training Assignment which is configured as a prerequisite of another.   DEV-479587
Using certain special characters in a search of Visual Hierarchy records may cause Vault to display an error.   DEV-481684
Using certain special characters in a search of the Explore tab or Curriculums on the Learning homepage may cause Vault to display an error.   DEV-481757
Vault may display an error when a user attempts to change the Quality Relationship Automation field value in a Quality Record Check configuration.   DEV-483488
In some cases in Vaults using the Quality Record Check feature, the system may incorrectly create a match record when no matches are present.   DEV-483498
Users are unable to successfully run the Generate Merged PDF action when the Final Report doctype is associated with any lifecycle other than APQR Lifecycle.   DEV-484013
In Vaults using the External Notifications feature, the Add Distribution Groups dialog does not correctly display the Name of the distribution group.   DEV-484110
Under certain circumstances, Vault may generate an incorrect due date for a Training Assignment after unlocking its quiz.   DEV-485741
Users may see a new document type that should be inactive, APQR, and two new document subtypes available for selection when creating a new document.   DEV-486143
In rare circumstances, a Quality Team role assignment may be duplicated on an object record.   DEV-487631
In some cases, training fails to load for users due to a stale cookie.   DEV-489498
An unexpected error occurs when attempting to Power Delete Training Assignments.   DEV-489801
Vault raises the incorrect error message when workflows are started with External Collaborators that do not have object-level read permissions.   DEV-490187
In rare cases, a server error will appear when adding training material to a training requirement.   DEV-491298
Vault incorrectly allows the Direct Assignment action on a Training Requirement with an empty Content Set.   DEV-492645
While performing a Recurrence Check, Vault may return matches that are not the same object type.   DEV-493317
Under certain conditions, Vault fails to update a Training Requirement's content set when a cancelled TRIA exists.   DEV-494503
Vault raises a server error when the Notification Recipients section is added to the page layout of objects that do not have External Notifications enabled.   DEV-495043


Description Issue No.
When changing the Person assigned on the External Collaborator field of the CAR record, the previous Person record is not inactivated; two Person records are active.   DEV-462259
When an error message appears during a Material Verification Checklist configuration, the word "Error" displays in non-English error messages.   DEV-469663
Vault fails to analyze a COA file when there is an unexpected date format.   DEV-470030
When running the "Direct Assignment" action or the "Update Training Assignment" job, an unexpected error occurs when attempting to reference a document on Training Requirement and Training Assignment for a custom object.   DEV-472863
When hovering over a Why? item in a 5 Whys Diagram, the hovercard text is not readable.   DEV-473088
When running the Update Training Assignments job to create a Training Assignment for a new Learner, the Training Dashboard does not populate the new hours for the new Training Assignment and new Learner.   DEV-476258
When hovering over the Upload button in an External Training Requirement record, the tool tip displays in the middle of the record section.   DEV-477298
For users with no Read permission on the MV Response-Hazard object, Vault does not load questions in the Checklist sections.   DEV-477737
When running the Control Chart for more than 500 Inspection Sample Test Result (ISTR) records, the chart displays the latest 500 ISTR records incorrectly.   DEV-480734
An unexpected error message displays in the CSV result file when trying to upload a CSV question file in the Introduction section of a Quiz.   DEV-481733
In some cases, users encounter a delay while typing in the Comment field after adding a user mention.   DEV-486668
In some cases, users receive an unexpected error message when loading a training assignment task to which the user does not have the correct field permissions to.   DEV-489010
In some cases, the Vault notification and email for the "Sync Related Records" user action and "Sync values from related records" job does not display a translated message according to the user's non-English profile language.   DEV-491429
In some cases, changing the user profile language causes the configured Ingredient Template Matching field and Process Step Template Matching field to contain a blank field.   DEV-495710
The Create Related Record feature does not fully copy LongText or Rich Text if the field has more than 250 characters, truncating everything after 250 characters.   DEV-496600
In some cases when adding a Why item to a 5 Whys Analysis, content added to the Because text box is not saved.   DEV-500411


Description Issue No.
After continuous publishing, when a source document is matched across multiple submissions, some source documents are missing from submission exports or the XML, and link navigation doesn't always work.   DEV-340560
In some cases, when a user includes a hyperlink's source and target documents in multiple in-progress submissions, publishing only updates one of the submissions.   DEV-350627
When a user inputs duplicate values into Content Plan fields with the “Values must be unique” configuration, the Content Plan hierarchy viewer does not display an error message.   DEV-380580
The RIM Submission Publishing job clears and re-populates Submission and Application document fields, which can intermittently prevent some users from accessing documents via Dynamic Access Control.   DEV-385330
In some cases, Vault falsely reports warnings when validating Rule 1153 in a grouped submission.   DEV-415503
In some cases, Vault does not remove open validation results after a Content Plan section is inactivated.   DEV-430359
Vault fails to report Rule 1306 when a Content Plan Item's Published Output Location contains multiple consecutive forward slashes ("/").   DEV-442686
In some cases, while using the RIM-PromoMats connection, Vault does not automatically trigger the RIM to PromoMats Compliance Package Outbound job.   DEV-442712
If the Content Plan contains an inactive and active Module 1, the Regional XML does not ignore the inactive status, resulting in an incorrect xlink:href value.   DEV-455599
The Report Level Content Plan publishing job intermittently fails to run concurrently with scheduled jobs.   DEV-456564
When a document matches both an active and inactive Content Plan Item, Vault changes the Published Output Location of the active Content Plan Item to the value of the inactive Content Plan Item after continuous publication.   DEV-457968
In some cases, Submission Administrative Information may not appear when two Module 1 sections have the same XML Element Name and the user inactivates one Module 1 section.   DEV-458211
In some cases, regional XML files fail to render as expected.   DEV-461062
In some cases, Vault fails to publish ZA Regional XML when Submission Type and Efficacy are excluded from Submission Administrative Information.   DEV-461385
When a source and target document are matched to multiple submissions and a user publishes the submissions at the same time, some source file paths stored in Vault may be incorrect.   DEV-461739
In some cases, Vault includes internal Vault error classes in external Vault Java SDK logs.   DEV-462474
When dispatching a Global Content Plan, Vault fails to copy Content Plan sections which contain tokens for a Pharmaceutical Form relationship object.   DEV-464830
When dispatching a Global Content Plan for a US Submission, Vault copies Switzerland-only Event Pharmaceutical Form records.   DEV-464953
When there is a large load of concurrent content plan creation, users may see a delay between the completion of the creation and viewing of the hierarchy in the content plan viewer.   DEV-465554
In some cases, the Create Content Plan job fails for previously-published Report Level Content Plans if the plan’s object type is changed.   DEV-467445
When the same document is matched to different Content Plan Items with different Product Variants, Vault fails to populate Active Dossier section 3.2.P with the matched documents for both Product Variants.   DEV-468854
Vault displays fewer records in the Global Content Plan creation notification than were created during the operation.   DEV-468995
When users create a Regulatory Objective or Submission within the Submission Wizard, the resulting record does not appear in the respective object record drop-down.   DEV-470251
Vault fails job run time and extract performance requirements when extracting Application relationships.   DEV-470561
In some cases, on-demand publishing of a single Content Plan Item in a given study triggers Vault to re-publish unchanged Content Plan Items in the same study.   DEV-472380
When attempting to run bulk submission archive export from a report, some submission information is not generated if the exportedSubmissionIds are null or empty.   DEV-472515
Under certain conditions, the "Submissions Bulk Export Confirmation" dialog does not allow a user to cancel.   DEV-474410
In some cases, the Submissions Archive Viewer icon appears even if the submission has not been published or archived.   DEV-475124
While using the Submission Wizard, Vault only pre-selects applicable records on the pages that the user explicitly visits.   DEV-475892
In some cases, a subsequent continuous publishing job run can overwrite previously-generated validation results of US rules 2002 and 2012 and EU rules 7.4 and 9.4.   DEV-476524
In some cases, the submission validation result shows US 1255 CDER and CBER as failed when the submission includes a Lot Distribution Report in XML format.   DEV-477532
After users update a Report Level Content Plan, created records do not inherit join field values from parent records.   DEV-477591
In some cases, Submissions Publishing is rejected due to XML being generated with lower case HA tags.   DEV-478429
After a user clicks Cancel on the Regulatory Objective change warning dialog, Vault incorrectly clears selections on records.   DEV-478847
When an Application folder name includes square brackets (“[“ or “]”), the related Index.xml does not render.   DEV-478932
When a user selects ‘Commit’ in the IDMP Viewer, the resulting dialog reads “click Commit to save changes” instead of “click Continue to save changes”.   DEV-479460
There is a minor typo in the IDMP record generation results: “The confidentiality indicator field must be populated on the registered rite [site] role record."   DEV-479467
The Manage Registered Details wizard fails to load when a selected Regulatory Objective Name is an integer.   DEV-479983
Vault does not export files with special characters correctly, resulting in inconsistencies between the contents in the ZIP file and the XML backbone and causing validation errors.   DEV-480887
Vault fails to automatically populate the Application and Submission fields when importing grouped submissions.   DEV-480917
Users in Vaults without a configured Content Plan or Content Plan Item object lifecycle encounter a server error when applying a Type filter in the Content Plan hierarchy viewer.   DEV-481343
The RIM Harmonization Job ends with errors encountered when a placeholder has an invalid xlink:href path.   DEV-481348
The RIM harmonization job does not correct the placeholders created for some grouped Submissions.   DEV-481499
The Extract Application Relationships job fails if the user who initiates the action does not have permission to Read matching Submission relationship object fields.   DEV-482506
Under certain cirumstances, continous publishing is able to clear a user's XML Modified File.   DEV-483771
When Active Dossiers are populated from a Submission Content Plan, sections may be duplicated or missing.   DEV-484399
Vault may inaccurately return Rule 1735 failures.   DEV-485533
Japan submissions fail PMDA validation if the xlink:href field is blank.   DEV-486057
When a target document for a link is updated and Continuous Publishing is set to No, the source document is not up-versioned and the link is broken.   DEV-486202
Users are unable to modify notification templates that include the ${gatewayFailure} token.   DEV-486223
Users are unable to make changes to unverified Registration join record lifecycle states.   DEV-486229
When pre-selecting Application relationship records in the Submission Wizard, Vault displays only 1,000 records (instead of 2,000).   DEV-487018
Vault does not include the Application folder within the zip file for AS2 transmissions to Health Canada.   DEV-487680
When navigating back to the SA viewer from a breadcrumb on a document's detail page, documents that should be visible are hidden under a section.   DEV-488647
In some cases, the Manage Registered Details wizard displays a generic error message in the validation results file.   DEV-488881
When users open links in the Content Plan Viewer grid in a new tab, the breadcrumb trail is not displayed on the object record details page.   DEV-489809
In some cases, Vault creates (instead of merges) duplicate study folders in the Submissions Archive Application view.   DEV-490603
Vault may inaccurately return F09 errors.   DEV-491818
Users receive runtime errors if they have submission join records under inactive applications.   DEV-492201
Concurrent batch updates on the same binder cause Publishing jobs to fail.   DEV-495136
In some cases, a current Japanese Submission fails to publish when a previous Japanese Submission does not have a regional leaf node in the index.xml.   DEV-495162
In some cases, when a user navigates to and from an Active Dossier object record detail page, Vault records each instance within the breadcrumb trail.   DEV-496022
When creating records in bulk, Vault incorrectly reports Application join records as not created in the results file when there are multiple matching records.   DEV-496042
The UDI Submission Viewer grid fails to properly display search results or filtering options if the included records contain empty field values.   DEV-496166
When updating a Global Content Plan, Vault creates duplicate Content Plan Item records if the related Content Plan Item Template record is set to Repeat Submission Groupings.   DEV-497074
When the Vault RIM UUID value is blank within a Provenance Controlled Vocabulary record, Vault displays an error and prevents the Generate IDMP Elements and Generate FHIR Message actions from running.   DEV-497197
Submission import fails for Applications tagged with Correspondence documents.   DEV-498926
In some cases, users without read access to the Submission object are unable to view Content Plans and Content Plan Items via the root Content Plan record tree layout.   DEV-500735
When updating registered details, Vault displays object field names instead of labels on the Edit & Verify page.   DEV-502472
The compliance_package_v and compliance_package_documents_v integration rules do not support query object relationships.   DEV-502656
Users are unable to add columns for the European Medical Agency (EMA) and European Directorate to the Active Dossier Viewer.   DEV-502832


Description Issue No.
If the GenerateRequirementForRo action is not linked to a Root Relational Token but VQL Criteria is defined, when users trigger the Generate Requirements action, Vault lists all root requirements in the Select Requirement dialog.   OLS-10708
In some cases when users trigger the Deep Delete Split Registration Items action on a Registration Item, Vault deletes the record and related child records but displays a "Server having problems" error.   OLS-10715
When Admins click Save multiple times when creating an Object Mapping, Vault does not save the Object Mapping and displays a server error.   OLS-10746
When Admins click Save multiple times when creating a Relational Token, Vault does not save the Relational Token and displays a server error.   OLS-10757
When users trigger the Create Binder action and a related EDL Item has a Steady State Document Count of zero (0), Vault completes the action but provides users with a warning notification rather than a success notification.   OLS-11114
When users trigger the Generate Requirements action on a Registration Objective with Select Root Requirement set to Yes to reveal the Select Requirement dialog, clicking the X icon in the search bar does not clear the search results.   OLS-9450


Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault does not filter Multi-Pass reports with advanced logic as expected.   DEV-419599
In some cases, Vault fails to exclude certain records in reports with filters.   DEV-466950
In some cases, users are unable to validate multipass formula fields that include a picklist field on a document entity.   DEV-484232
Report filters return unexpected values when a field label begins with a number.   DEV-489810
Vault incorrectly shows matched document fields on EDL Item with Matched Documents type reports.   DEV-493737
In some cases, Vault fails to execute reports including document reference fields.   DEV-495798
Merged cells in Formatted Excel reports have repeated values instead of blanks.   DEV-497302
Formatted Excel reports display Number, Date, and DateTime fields in text format.   DEV-499493

Search & Filter

Description Issue No.
In some cases, users are unable to delete views they own.   DEV-435263
Users experience an error when setting grouped multi-value picklist filters when searching high volume objects.   DEV-458220
In some cases, Turkish language users receive a server error when using Advanced Search.   DEV-461495
In some cases, Vault incorrectly displays document object type as an available search modifier. Selecting it results in a server error.   DEV-469835
In some cases, users experience a "Server having problems" error when attempting to open some object pages.   DEV-488827
In some cases, users with a specific security profile cannot load Vault pages.   DEV-494746
In some cases, when a user creates or updates a saved view, Vault fails to save changes made to columns.   DEV-495187
In some cases, customers are able to edit fields that should be locked for a specific object type, then receive an error message when they attempt to save their changes.   DEV-497251
After saving an object tab view initially, subsequent saves do not update column width and order.   DEV-500428

Vault File Manager

Description Issue No.
Vault File Manager users are unable to log into new authentication profiles.   DEV-496406

Veeva Claims

Description Issue No.
When users try to create Local Adaptations for a Claim without related Statement and Product records, Vault displays a server error rather than the expected error message.   OLS-10833
Loading more than 500 Country records via Vault Loader takes longer than expected, and in some cases, records fail to load.   OLS-11009
When users generate localized pack copy on a Pack Copy record with a Title format of "[LPC- {Country Name} -#]", Vault displays a server error rather than the expected error message when they click Continue in the Localize Pack Copy dialog.   OLS-9798

Veeva Snap

Description Issue No.
Veeva Snap switches latitude and longitude values when displaying them.   DEV-501944