Pre-Release Date: July 25, 2023 | Release Date: August 22, 2023

With every release, we update the data model to better support evolving needs and new feature functionality. With this release, we’ve added the following components to the RegulatoryOne & Veeva Claims data model. These data model updates are automatically included in all listed application Vaults, but Admins must make configuration changes to make them available. For information on feature functionality, see What’s New in 23R2.

Data Model Updates - Regulatory Documents

Added components to support the Export Binder as Merged PDF feature:

  • Added the File Download Result (file_download_result__v_) object.
  • Added the following notification templates:
    • C1: Merge Pdf Error Notification (merge_pdf_error_msg__v)
    • C1: Merge Pdf Success Notification (merge_pdf_success_msg__v)

Data Model Updates - Compliance Management

Added components to support the Bulk Create Formulation Questionnaires feature:

  • Added the Bulk Create FQ User Input (bulk_create_fq_user_input__v) object.

Data Model Updates - Veeva Claims

Updated components to support the Statement Prohibit Join Object Provisioning Update feature:

  • Updated the Value Format of the Name (name__v) field of the Statement Prohibit Join (statement_prohibit__v) object.