Pre-Release Date: April 4 | Release Date: May 2

With every release, we update the data model to better support evolving needs and new feature functionality. With this release, we’ve added the following components to the RegulatoryOne & Veeva Claims data model. These data model updates are automatically included in all RegulatoryOne & Veeva Claims Vaults, but Admins must make configuration changes to make them available. For information on feature functionality, see What’s New in 23R1.

Data Model Updates - RegulatoryOne

Updated components to support the Turn On Audit Tracking for the Organization Object feature:

  • Enabled the Audit data changes in this object attribute for the Organization (organization__v) object.

Updated components to support the Enhanced Configurability for the Organization Object feature:

  • Added the ability to enable the Values must be unique attribute for the Name (name__v) field on the Organization (organization__v) object.

Data Model Updates - Veeva Claims

Added components to support the Reuse Element Translations for Different Locales feature:

  • Added the Usable Element Location (usable_element_location__v) object.
  • Added the Pack Copy Country (pack_copy_country__v) field to the Panel (panel__v) object.

Added and updated components to support the Bulk Add Local Adaptation Comments feature:

  • Added the following object types to the Comment (comment__v) object:
    • Local Adaptation Comment (local_adaptation_comment__v)
    • Local Adaptation Comment Thread (local_adaptation_comment_thread__v)
  • Added the following fields to the Comment (comment__v) and Comment Thread (comment_thread__v) objects:
    • Local Adaptation (local_adaptation__v)
    • Local Adaptation Claim (local_adaptation_claim__v)
  • Removed the ability to disable the Enable Object Types attribute from the following objects:
    • Comment (comment__v)
    • Comment Thread (comment_thread__v)

Added components to support the Product Line Extension Substantiation copy feature:

  • Added the Copy Related Substantiation Records (copy_substantiation_records__v) field to the Copy Claims To Another Product (copy_claims_user_input_object__v) object.

Removed components to support the 23R1 Veeva Claims Enhancements feature:

  • Removed the Localize Pack Copy (localize_pack_copy_user_input_object__v) object.
  • Removed the Select Countries (country__v) field from the Bulk Create Local Adaptations (local_adaptation_user_input_object__v) object.

Added components to support the Claims Study Object feature:

  • Added the Regulatory Study (regulatory_study__v) and Regulatory Study Formulation Join (regulatory_study_formulation_join__v) objects.