Pre-Release Date: March 27, 2023 | Release Date: April 14, 2023 & April 21, 2023

With every release, we update the data model to better support evolving needs and new feature functionality. With this release, we’ve added the following components to the Commercial data model. These data model updates are automatically included in all Commercial Vaults, but Admins must make configuration changes to make them available. For information on feature functionality, see What’s New in 23R1.

The following changes were made to PromoMats Vaults to support the CRM Events Management Integration Fields feature:

  • Added the CRM EM Catalog Type (crm_em_catalog_type__v) and CRM EM Presentation Type (crm_em_presentation_type__v) picklists
  • Added the CRM EM Catalog Type (crm_em_catalog_type__v) and CRM EM Presentation Type (crm_em_presentation_type__v) shared document fields

The following changes were also made to PromoMats Vaults:

  • To create a many-to-many relationship between the Product (product__v) and Application (pm_application__v) objects, we’ve added the new join object Application Product (application_product__v) with the following fields:
    • Name (​​name__v)
    • Application (application__v)
    • Product (product__v)
    • Created By (created_by__v)
    • Created Date (created_date__v)
    • Last Modified By (modified_by__v)
    • Last Modified Date (modified_date__v)
    • Status (status__v)
    • Global ID (global_id__sys)
    • ID (id)
    • Link (link_sys)
  • Added the following fields to the Application (pm_application__v) object:
    • Responsible Official (responsible_official__v)
    • CBER BLA Supplement Number (cber_bla_supplement_number__v)
  • Added the Application (application__v) field to the Submission (submission__v) object
  • Updated the Submission (submission__v) object to be a child of the Application (pm_application__v) object
  • Converted the Product (product__v) and Country (country__v) document fields to shared fields
  • Values for the Application Number (application_number__v) field on the Application (pm_application__v) object are no longer required to be unique by default.
  • Added the following document fields: 
    • CRM Web Link Include ISI and PI (crm_web_link_include_isi_and_pi__v)
    • CRM Content Group (crm_content_group__v
  • Added the CRM Content Group (crm_content_group__v) object