A “maintenance release” is a release that contains fixes for issues that are affecting customers in production environments. We typically communicate 24 hours prior to the release that we will be applying a maintenance release and that there will be a short service disruption. This list only covers fixes to General Release versions.

The list of fixed issues is not finalized until just before the release occurs. When we identify issues to fix in a maintenance release, we attempt to get them into the earliest release possible. Sometimes, we target a specific release but are not able to deliver a fix early enough for full testing. In situations like this, we postpone the fix for a later release and strike out the description in this list.

We number maintenance releases by appending the number of the maintenance release to the General Release number. Vault uses even-numbered releases, while CDMS uses odd-numbered releases. The most recent Vault General Release is 22R2.0, so our maintenance releases for this version are 22R2.0.2, 22R2.0.4, and so on.

Last Updated: September 30, 2022

October 2, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.40 | Build Number: 10662

This release was originally scheduled for September 29.

Category Description Issue No.
Performance & UI Users may experience performance issues on pages with many object controls.   DEV-520953
Performance & UI Users may experience performance issues when accessing the record action menu and action bar.   DEV-521493

September 28, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.38 | Build Number: 10656

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations Budget creation may fail when the name field is system-managed.   DEV-516925
Clinical Operations Users receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to complete the Review Outcome user action on a Monitoring Event.   DEV-520133
Lifecycle & Workflow The public API for workflow tasks may show incorrect verdicts and comments in responses when the workflow has a looping task with different verdicts.   DEV-509801
Quality In some cases, assets served from e-learning courses are not cached which can cause some courses to appear choppy or load slowly.   DEV-518581
Regulatory In rare cases, continuous publishing fails to be enabled.   DEV-514032
Regulatory The Submission Archive Viewer's migration jobs incorrectly skip inactive submissions.   DEV-516863
Regulatory In some cases, during bulk publishing, overlays may show incorrect values in some fields.   DEV-520367
Search & Filter Users cannot use a search term to filter the values of a passthrough join object property in the advanced search dialog on documents.   DEV-514778

September 22, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.32 | Build Number: 22.2.0-4fb9e51

This release only affects PDF Renditions and contains no customer-facing fixes.

September 21, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.36 | Build Number: 11

This release only affects TMF Transfer and contains no customer-facing fixes.

Release Number: 22R2.0.30 | Build Number: 10586

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations In some cases, users are unable to remove legal holds from studies correctly.   DEV-508927
Clinical Operations When attempting to perform a USN search that includes a special character, users may receive a Server having problems error.   DEV-508936
Clinical Operations In some cases, when a user attempts to use the Delete and Cleanse Associated Documents action, the deleted item is not correctly cleansed from associated documents.   DEV-514047
Clinical Operations In some cases, users are unable to transfer Studies and Sites from ClinOps to RIM Vaults using the RIM-Clinical connector.   DEV-516145
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, notification message tokens referring to document or workflow links appear blank in sent emails.   DEV-518547
Regulatory In some cases, users may experience false positive validation failures on Submissions.   DEV-511442
Regulatory In some cases, users may see an indentation in the name cells of Content Plan, Content Plan Item, and Matched Document in their grid after navigating from Library tab.   DEV-518283
Reporting Multi-Pass reports with Report Formula Field or VOF Formula Field as a filter and a corresponding Report View that has advanced filter logic may fail with a server error.   DEV-513928
Search & Filter In some cases, after favoriting a document, then moving to another page in the Library, users may see that the document in the same position on the next page appears to be favorited.   DEV-514015

September 19, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.34 | Mobile Release: 222.0.34

This release only affects Vault Mobile for iOS.

Category Description Issue No.
Vault Mobile: iOS In some cases, on devices running iOS 16, Vault Mobile deletes search terms when searching the Library.   DEV-518928

September 14, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.28 | Build Number: 10584

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations In some cases, users may experience inconsistent milestone rollup behavior between sandbox environments.   DEV-499447
Clinical Operations If an email address in the list of recipients is longer than 50 characters, the entire safety distribution fails.   DEV-510991
Clinical Operations Crosslinks are included in document processing batches which slows down processing and may cause users to receive errors.   DEV-515131
Clinical Operations Users are unable to use the Create Subsequent CTN action to copy the remarks field on CTN Combination Product field.   DEV-517710
Localization In some cases, users cannot revert back to Veeva delivered translations if they have updated a translation.   DEV-510830
Regulatory In cases where a user uploads a bad util file, all future STF XMLs fail to render.   DEV-511937
Regulatory Users may receive server errors when attempting to edit the Organization object record without specifying the Gateway Profile field value.   DEV-512809
Regulatory GCC submissions may include single quotes instead of double quotes, resulting in the submissions being rejected.   DEV-516627
Site Vault In some cases, users receive a Server having problems error when attempting to rescind a document.   DEV-504177
Site Vault In some cases, it is possible to create duplicate signatory records with the participant role which causes an error when sending econsent.   DEV-510110
Site Vault Users may experience slow performance in areas of the application where person records are queried when selecting a site.   DEV-516336

September 7, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.26 | Build Number: 22.20.4

This release only affects Vault File Manager, and contains no customer-facing fixes.

Release Number: 22R2.0.24 | Build Number: 10561

Category Description Issue No.
Admin Users cannot import templates containing rich text field reference tokens via VPK.   DEV-511445
Admin During VPK import, the system may silently ignore static permission entries.   DEV-511448
Admin Users are unable to add cross domain users through legacy API.   DEV-512067
Admin When including Permission Sets in a Vault compare, in some cases, the compare shows a difference even though the permission sets look the same in the UI and function the same.   DEV-512101
Commercial While the MedComms OpenData connection is enabled, Vault incorrectly displays inactive Case Contacts in the Case Contact drop-down.   DEV-495568
Commercial Users are unable to create a connection authorization record for OpenData on a cloned Vault.   DEV-506581
Documents Users with the "Enhanced PSD Images" feature flag enabled receive a server error when attempting to add attachments to a document.   DEV-512988
Quality Document Change Control workflows do not populate sharing settings on some documents.   DEV-514953
Regulatory In some cases, references are not published in the correct order.   DEV-509418
Regulatory When attempting to transmit a submission, users may incorrectly receive a "Number of Published files doesn't match" message.   DEV-511542
Regulatory In some cases, US Rule 1697 may report a false positive.   DEV-512393
Regulatory Bulk updating tokens on Content Plan Sections using the Update Tokens in Field action does not work correctly.   DEV-514966
Regulatory Health Canada submissions containing file paths longer than 100 characters are rejected.   DEV-515540
Search & Filter Users receive a Server Having Problems error when attempting to export View Admin.   DEV-512412
Search & Filter Users are unable to save new views in the tabular layout.   DEV-513158

August 31, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.22 | Build Number: 10538

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations When sending to RIM, the connection does not create major versions if the previous version is Superseded and restricted through QOR.   DEV-505321
Clinical Operations When training TMF Bot, CSV validation fails for CSVs that contain newlines in any of the entries.   DEV-511483
Documents In some cases, users are unable to migrate documents due to unexpected errors.   DEV-513120
Performance & UI The "Enhanced PSD Images" feature flag label is inaccurate and being changed to "Enable enhanced PSD file image conversion."   DEV-508803
Regulatory When transferring from QMS to RIM, richtext fields are being processed as regular text and are being truncated.   DEV-496284
Regulatory In some cases, Compliance Packages are set to Submitted even while some crosslinks are not created in RIM due to a UEM, which will cause these documents to never be transferred.   DEV-509919
Regulatory In some cases, users are unable to save data on the Edit and Verify page when there is a non editable dependent field.   DEV-510153
Regulatory Users are unable to reorder matched documents correctly when all the matched documents have blank order values.   DEV-510935
Regulatory US 1374 and EU 15.8 do not report different checksums with the same POL.   DEV-511475
Regulatory Users are unable to transfer documents from PM to RIM that have doc types containing an "Applications" field.   DEV-512283
Regulatory In some cases, the Copy from Content Plan action results in target join records having custom matching fields set to the wrong value.   DEV-512832
Regulatory In some cases, regional leaf may have a placeholder checksum value in index.xml instead of the correct value.   DEV-513315
Search & Filter The truncate cell text and wrap cell text options are not saved when creating saved views on object tabs.   DEV-510444
Search & Filter Users are unable to save views in grid layout with a search scope applied.   DEV-511531
Search & Filter In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to edit a document.   DEV-512475

August 25, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.18 | Build Number: 10501

This release only affects PDF renditions.

Category Description Issue No.
Documents In some cases when the server is under heavy load, PDF validation may incorrectly fail.   DEV-491570

August 24, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.20 | Build Number: 11

This release only affects TMF Transfer.

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations In some cases when a document has custom stable state deleted versions, document transfer fails.   DEV-503417
Clinical Operations In some cases, TMF transfer fails to transfer some documents.   DEV-506205
Clinical Operations In some cases, distribution tasks may fail with a "Version Already Defined for Document" error.   DEV-511563

August 24, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.16 | Build Number: 10501

This release was originally scheduled for August 22.

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations Users without permissions to the Reference Site field on the site__v object are unable to create Site records.   DEV-511441
Clinical Operations In some cases, Vault fails to display some User Exception Items for failed ClinOps-RIM Crosslink documents.   DEV-512112
Quality Users whose language setting differs from the Vault's language may receive a "Server having problems" error when attempting to complete a Quality Event task if the task includes picklist fields without translations for their language.   DEV-511444
Regulatory In cases where users have custom lookup/formula fields configured on both an application and a submission/ro join with the same field name, they are unable to edit or create new submission/ro joins.   DEV-510026
Regulatory Users experience constant task failure when adding annotation links to a target while the target is locked to a lower version.   DEV-510507
Regulatory Lookup/formula custom matching fields are extracted as part of extracted application relationships. When this occurs, the user receives an error if they try to load application joins using the extracted ones with custom matching fields populated.   DEV-510970
Search & Filter In rare cases where users have made specific changes to fields, they receive a "Server having problems" error and are unable to see the related section data.   DEV-510158

August 17, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.14 | Build Number: 10472

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations When updating the related document field on quality issues referencing deleted documents, users receive a "server having problems" error.   DEV-501545
Clinical Operations In very rare cases, Vault calculates payment request amounts incorrectly.   DEV-505141
Clinical Operations In some cases, milestone autocomplete schedules multiple extraneous jobs.   DEV-507415
Clinical Operations After running the Generate Payment Request action, users are unable to download or review the result file.   DEV-508408
Clinical Operations When generating a CTN Document, the Remarks field is cut off in the document if it includes more than 250 characters.   DEV-509784
Documents In rare cases, very old signature pages have garbled text instead of verdicts and task names.   DEV-497977
Documents Vault incorrectly updates document count fields on expected documents when batch matching and the EDL are inactive.   DEV-498909
Performance & UI When opening a create record dialog, nothing appears in the dialog if the containing page does not have breadcrumbs.   DEV-510542

August 13, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.12 | Build Number: 10454

Category Description Issue No.
Commercial Users are unable to generate eCTD Compliance Packages containing one or more documents with a document type that does not have subtypes when the Include Linked References field is set to Yes on the binder.   DEV-509965
QualityOne Audit Checklist users are unable to view checklist question help text.   DEV-510519
Regulatory In some cases, Vault builds CN Submission binders incorrectly.   DEV-508953
Regulatory In some cases, Submission Archive imports fail due to checksum issues.   DEV-509160
Regulatory In some cases, Vault reports that CN rule 4.2.6/4.2.10 fails when it should pass.   DEV-509225
Regulatory In some cases, bulk Publishing jobs may fail.   DEV-510289
Regulatory Users are unable to generate Registration History Reports.   DEV-510429

August 10, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.10 | Build Number: 10438

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations In some cases, Vault fails to create Document Checks for documents transferred via Site Connect.   DEV-508801
Developer Features: API In some cases, integrations fail due to API login issues.   DEV-509427
Regulatory In some cases, Vault shows an incorrect breadcrumb trail when viewing Submission Binders.   DEV-508595
Regulatory Under certain circumstances, split regulatory objectives display warnings and fail to specify fields for some records with multiple matching records.   DEV-509121

August 7, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.6 | Build Number: 10419

This release only affects Authentication.

Category Description Issue No.
Objects In some cases, users experience slow performance and timeouts when updating user__sys records in bulk.   DEV-507839

August 6, 2022

This release was originally scheduled for August 7.

Release Number: 22R2.0.4 | Build Number: 10422

Category Description Issue No.
Localization In some cases, users cannot update a translation to an empty value.   DEV-507849

August 4, 2022

Release Number: 22R2.0.2 | Build Number: 10415

Category Description Issue No.
Clinical Operations Due to a Japanese pharmaceutical law change, validation checks should be removed from Combination Product object content as a prerequisite for CTN generation.   DEV-499331
Clinical Operations Users are unable to use the sync Principle Investigator field with Study Person feature when they create a Site with a Principal Investigator pre-populated.   DEV-505922
Commercial Vault clears filter values after users search for case contacts using the OpenData MedComms connection and click Back.   DEV-496066
Documents In some cases, Vault fails to create a Controlled Document Template when it should.   DEV-488685
Documents In rare cases, signature pages may be generated with missing signatures.   DEV-500769
Documents When attempting to perform certain actions with Google Drive documents, users will receive an error if the document is not in their "My Drive."   DEV-504386
Documents In some cases, documents with inactive document types are unmatched from completed milestones.   DEV-505522
Lifecycle & Workflow In cases where a workflow task is configured with multi-verdict field prompts and the verdict's corresponding document does not contain any of the fields that are prompted for, users are unable to provide a verdict and complete the task.   DEV-507524
Objects In some cases when a user attempts to create a new record, the Create Object Record dialog opens in a new tab when it should open in a pop-up.   DEV-504049
Performance & UI In some cases, when scrolling through record detail view headers in Delegate Access or VMC View Mode, the breadcrumb/list traversal navigation may incorrectly become hidden.   DEV-505508
Quality The Update Training Assignment job uses the wrong cutoff timestamp when calculating whether it failed to process any paths, which may cause the job to fail for no reason.   DEV-479485
Quality In some cases, trainings are incorrectly reassigned to learners who have already completed them.   DEV-500516
Quality Users may encounter performance issues when playing e-learning courses.   DEV-505004
Regulatory In some cases, users are not warned if non-ASCII characters were included in the Published Output Location.   DEV-480319
Regulatory When the Brand Name or Generic Name field values in a Japanese Submission are edited after initial publishing, Vault fails to sort them lexiographically in the Submission Administrative Information UI and regional XML.   DEV-481558
Regulatory In some cases, users may experience performance issues when importing submission archives for large applications.   DEV-500525
Regulatory When publishing, if a permalink targets a document where the Published Document field becomes empty after the target is published, the hyperlink is not resolved.   DEV-500793
Regulatory When submitting via the gateway to the EMA, if publishing has not yet completed, the system does not prevent the transmission.   DEV-504020
Regulatory When bundling Regulatory Objectives, Vault does not create Inactive Ingredient or Clinical Study join records when the existing Regulatory Objective is selected and already has Product or Indication joins present.   DEV-504859
Regulatory In some cases, sections appear in the incorrect order.   DEV-506452
Search & Filter In some cases, users are unable to perform inline edits on records.   DEV-501635
Search & Filter In some cases, document record actions may download the incorrect viewable rendition.   DEV-501843
Search & Filter When a user attempts to perform a bulk action from the All Archive page, the Refine Selection page opens with the incorrect documents.   DEV-503068