Pre-Release Date: July 11, 2022 | Release Date: July 29, 2022 & August 5, 2022

With every release, we update the data model to better support evolving needs and new feature functionality. With this release, we’ve added the following components to the SiteVault data model. These data model updates are automatically included in all SiteVault Vaults, but Admins must make configuration changes to make them available. For information on feature functionality, see What’s New in 22R2.

Data Model Updates

Added the following components to support the Connected Study Type on Study feature:

  • Added the Connected Study Type (connected_study_type__v) picklist to the Study (study__v) object
  • Added the Sponsor/CRO Global Study ID (sponsor_global_study_id__v) field to the Study (study__v) object 

Added the components below to support the Study Connect feature. The components are only available in vaults with the feature enabled.

  • Added the Connected Document (connected_document__v) document relationship type
  • Added the Connected Study Type (connected_study_type__v) picklist
  • Added the Study Connect (study_connect_lifecycle__v) document lifecycle

Updated the following components to support the User Admin Optimizations feature:

  • Updated the Research Organization (research_organization__v) field on the User Access Assignment (user_access_assignment__v) object to Research Organization (org__v)
  • Updated the User (user__v) field on the User Access Assignment (user_access_assignment__v) object to _User _(person__v)

In addition to the changes supporting new features, we added or updated the following components:

  • Added to the following values to the Language (translated_language__v) picklist:
    • English (Australia) (en_au__v)
    • English (United Kingdom) (en_gb__v)
    • English (United States) (en_us__v)
  • Added the Study Staff Delegations (study_staff_delegations__v) section to the Study Person Detail Page Layout (study_person_detail_page_layout__v)
  • Added new document type Source Data Agreement (source_agreement__v).
  • Added new role Other Non-investigator to the Study Team Role object (study_person_role__v). With this feature, users creating or editing Study Team Assignments will have the new role available for use.
  • Added new standard training workflows which can be configured for use.